Marius Lionel Solsinn


Human (Icyene descent)




Current Residence

Varrock, Misthalin



Eye Color:

Charcoal Grey

Hair Color:

Raven Black






Alive and Active

 Marius Solsinn is a young human male that currently resides in Varrock. Hailing from the newly restored noble House Solsinn, Marius sets himself apart from his relatives by his strong religious views and his outlook on life. Establishing himself within Misthalin's military from a young age, he grew quickly in body and mind. The events of Morytania took a great toll on his mental well-being and despite his best efforts to settle into day-to-day life, he suffers from PTSD.

Marius is played by Jim.



Marius bears a strong, oval shaped face, his sharp features highlighting a permanent sense of stoic seriousness to his demeanour. With charcoal grey eyes often narrowed, thin brows, a thin straight nose and and thin lips etched into a frown or grimace, adding onto this with hollowed cheeks and a chiselled somewhat prominent jaw, Marius could be considered comely if it were not for the long scar stretching down the side of his face, from his left eyebrow, down over his nose and ending just above the right corner of his lip. Marius keeps his raven black hair ever short, his bangs reaching down his forehead, slicked back or styled out of his face.


Marius stands to a ever proud height of 6'4", taller than average due to what Icyenic blood he possesses. Always physically active from a young age, this continued as Marius grew, regularly engaging in moderate and then heavy physical exercise into his teens. As a result, Marius has a well-built form, stream-lined and toned for an archer or athlete, more so than a body-builder. His complexion is pale, and the long years spent under the Morytanian fog did not change that. Small cut and graze scars line much of his torso and upper arms, though those on his torso are usually covered by his clothing.

Attire wise, Marius hasn't truly gotten out of the habit of dressing in dark colours, which he wore to blend into the dull dreary atmosphere of the Morytanian mires. His leathers and plates are occasionally replaced by either simple cotton and wool clothes or fine and fancy silk garments and suits.


Quiet to strangers and social to loved ones is the best to way is describe Marius. Being alone and gone from his family (and civilisation) for so long has caused him to appreciate what family he has left, even if they don't always see eye-to-eye.

Naturally quiet and abrasive, he can be considered rude and harsh in his words, seeing little humour in things that he has no interest in. He finds humour at the expense of others to be a peeve of his and is quick to slip in a comment scorning the one who said it. Though, there is a lighter side of Marius that can be found. Working your way into his good books will reveal a kind-hearted young man with a desire to change the world and emotionally wrecked from such experiences so early in his life.

Marius is prideful, often overbearingly so that he won't turn down a challenge or dare, to the point of often endangering himself.

Command and leadership are natural parts of Marius' persona and it is often he will find himself speaking up and taking charge, even if he was not in the position to do so. His years of service and working under the name of Saradomin have not only given him a sense of duty and strong set of ethics but a desire to help those unable to help themselves.

A disdain of the undead, Marius has been into the very heart of Darkmeyer and lived to tell the tale, this only further resolved his hatred of anything undead or unnatural (in his eyes).

The stronger the drink, the better. Dwarven stouts, whiskeys, rums - Marius loves them all. More so than the average person. The only thing he loves more is sitting in a library or study with a tome in front of him, or left to his own thoughts - lest he engage in a discussion or conversation which catches his interest.


Birth and Childhood

Marius' early history was identical to his siblings. Though being the oldest and active from a young age, it often fell upon Marius (at his own joy) to help his father with loading and unloading of their wares where Lionel travelled around the Kingdoms to sell them. Marius often tagged along when permitted, fascinated by the world outside of Draynor. Marius received a nobles education and was intrigued and captivated by the heroes of the Fourth Age, especially myths and legends surrounding Morytania itself. With Elina, his mother being a former Court Mage of Misthalin, Marius was taught the basics of magic, leaning more towards an academic side of learning over practical use. Archery and sword-play were his forté over magic.

At the age of Fifteen, after a routine visit to Varrock with his father, Marius was caught off-guard by the green hue of the sunrise over Misthalin, as the sun rose through the fog of Morytania, it inspired him. Upon the return home, he gathered his belongings and big farewell to his parents. Despite the protest, Marius left to Varrock. 

Morytania: Part 1

He spent only two years in the Varrockian Military, his size and skill impressing his superior officers allowing him to be selected to traverse to before heading off on a scouting party to Morytania. Excited as he was, he couldn't help but show panic, as his love interest and commanding officer, Lieutenant Charlotte Temple was fortune enough to be chosen too.

This soon proved to be a disaster in the making. The unit of men (and women) had made their way to the northern banks of Morytania, raking refuge in the abandoned Viggora's Folly. In their sleep, many of their lives were lost.

Waking up to the screams, Marius found several of the men (including Charlotte) being dragged out, some already slain, by werewolves. In blinded rage, Marius charged for the beast holding his beloved, only for the beast to overwhelm in a single strike, clawing his face as Marius was knocked against the wall. 

Marius was knocked unconscious.

He awoke hours later, to find that their number of fifteen, had dropped to just four. His face ached, despite it being cared for.

The scouting party hadn't the man-power nor want to continue their mission and opted to retreat. Yet, Marius couldn't. He couldn't leave Charlotte behind, in the hopes she was still alive. It took him days, but using what rough maps he had stolen and supplies, he stumbled upon the werewolf town of Canifis. 

The time hadn't helped his wound, the rotten, deathly air of Morytania only worsened it and caused it to become infected. Through the fever and illness, Marius persevered. From the edge, he watched the remaining men, other human survivors and slaves, women and children... and Charlotte. All of them brought before the vyrewatch themselves and taken away.

His tears welled, and Marius screamed. The echoing caught the wolves and attentions and they swarmed. He was barely fast enough to react, able to hide away in the sliming pools which masked his scent from them.

Ill, tired and heartbroken, Marius made his way back to Varrock, nearly dying from the infection.

He recovered, and he healed fully. Back to training he went and he became stronger and more determined than ever. Not only did he reach the rank of lieutenant, by twenty one, but his experience of Morytania and drive to destroy them ended up with his involvement in the secret Varrockian Society of Owl.

His new position meant that ventures in Morytania were common. He acted as a smuggler for the Myreque when he could, aiding them with food, basic weapons and armour to defend themselves.

Morytania: Part 2

After the death of his parents (presumably due to Count Draynor). Marius' return home was short-lived. He left his two younger sisters in Varrock, bidding them farewell as he went back to Morytania. This time, he had a debt to settle. 

He became less of a smuggler and more of a guerilla war-fighter for the Myreque. He brought the fight to the citizens of Morytania. Be they werewolf, ghoul, vampyre (weakened kind), juvenile or juvenate. His actions became noted, not only as a symbol of hope among the Meiyerditch-held humans, but amongst the upper-echelons of Vampyric society.

Captured by Mathrilda, a high-ranking vyrelady and member of the vyrewatch, Marius was brought to the capital of the vampyres, Darkmeyer and kept prisoner. Broken and beaten, Marius was subject to regular torture and tithes from Mathrilda, whom sought to use the opportunity of getting information from him to seek out the base of the Myreque and destroy them personally; an act which would have seen Mathrilda rise to one of the most powerful vyres.

It was not to be, however!

Centuries of luxury had seen Mathrilda get cocky with her abilities. One day, she brought Marius to the northern wall of Darkmeyer, hanging him over the edge as she often did, to drop him, and then to fly down and catch him before he hit the ground. She failed to even notice the mental and physical changes that Marius' Awakening had granted him, or the piece of silver he'd taken from her possession, from another prisoner. 

On the wall, as she was about to push him off, Marius took the sliver of silver, activated his awakening and caught the vyrelady off guard, moving at a speed she didn't expect and slammed it into her shoulder. With that, he dived off the side of the wall, disappearing into the fog below. By the time Mathrilda gained sense of the situation, he was gone. Presumed dead she left, angered and returned to the city.

Marius held on by a tree branch, having been lucky to catch. He climbed down... and feasting on snails, he made his way back to Misthalin. Weeks passed, Marius healed. He didn't yet seek out to resume his position in the Military, but took the time to sort himself out with normal life. It was only upon looking to the North of the city, he discovered the Solsinn Estate. The ruins of which he often looked upon over the years. Was no longer ruins..


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