Maquitus the Mad

Maquitus the Mad, Age 67

Maquitus the Mad is the deceased father of the protagonist Dovahn the Grey as well as two other children. Maquitus is in fact an Aren, though never truly met his fellow Arens, nor was considered as one, created by Emyris Bayne for roleplay purposes.
Maquitus the Mad

True Name

Maquitus Aren







Eye and Hair Color

Dark Grey Eyes and Hair




Worshiped the Fremmenik Gods




Chaotic-Neutral, fights for his own personal gain and pleasure


Died twenty years ago at age 84

The Aren Curse

The Aren Curse is something every Aren has. An Aren may have one, even two curses. It is uncertain how many curses an Aren can actually have. Maquitus did not ever see his curse as a curse, but he has one curse:

  • Lust; If anyone stood in between Maquitus and whatever Maquitus wanted, there would be no escape for them



An unknown Aren gave birth to Maquitus. Legend says that he strangled his father when he tried to pick him out of his cradle as a baby. His mother abandoned him at what is now known as Gunnarsgrunn, where he was raised as a barbarian. Thus, he grew up and became known as Maquitus the Mad, a force not to be trifled with.

"Love" Life

Whenever Maquitus raided a town, he would always capture a woman of his choosing and force her to marry him, as he did with all twelve of his wives.Years before that, however, he unknowingly had a child, Dovahn, with Eawynn after he invaded a small elfish outpost near Relleka.


Maquitus the Mad was killed by the warriors of Relleka, upon his threat to invade Relleka with his men at age 84. His twenty legitimate children are now warriors, seeking to find their half-brother, Dovahn, and slay him in battle.

Family other than the Arens


  • Demetria (Human, Deceased)
  • Versana (Human, Whereabouts Unknown)
  • Pyrilia (Human, Whereabouts Unknown)
  • Sparcellia (Human, Alive)
  • Ghandria (Human, Deceased)
  • Allogaladria (Human, Whereabouts Unknown)
  • Astrid (Human, Alive)
  • Rhanzha (Human, Whereabouts Unknown)
  • Ellenara (Human, Whereabouts Unknown)
  • Jhallasandra (Human, Deceased)
  • Hannosha (Human, Alive)
  • Ghartha (Human, Deceased)


  1. Dovahn (Half-Elf), bastard son of Eawynn
  2. Skaal'rak (Human), son of Ghartha
Artemis Entreri by aditya777

Dovahn, better known as Dovahn the Grey, Maquitus's first born, yet illegitimate, son.

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