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Mammothz, also known as the Fallen Crusader, is a 34 year old human character. He is trained with the skills of a warrior.


Grand Crusader Paladin Sun came across the likes of Mammothz while on a missionary mission to Burgh de Rott. He was cowering in fear in one of the run down shacks. All he knows is what he had been told by Sun and what haunts him in his nightmares. All he remembers is fire; many men dressed in red, and those eyes, those horrible glowing eyes. Apparently Sun had found him, when he was drifting in and out of lucidness. Mammothz appeared to be arguing with some one who wasn't there. He was furious and his eyes began to glow red, then fade and do so again. Sun immediately knew what had happened, he starting communing with the powers of the light. All he remembers is seeing such a glorious light, so bright and pure. When he awoke he was alone in a room. Sun walked in glad to see that Mammothz was awake and asked him some questions. Sun showed him the belongings he had on him. He asked if Mammothz wanted them burned. He said, "No these will be a reminder to me of what I was and what I shall never be again." Sun began to train him in what ways he could, but he soon realized that the corruption of the demon had tainted him to his very core. Each time he would cast heal the only thing he could do was injure further. Sun allowed him into the order for Sun could see that even though he was once the evil he sought to purge, his heart was pure. From this day forth he fights for Sun in any way possible, until the day he dies.

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