A Lysk is a rare being found mostly in Novunstrarta. They can also be found in other realms, but you're not likely to know it.


Some traits of a Lysk appear as follows:

  • Lysks frequently appear as a Human like any other.
  • The average lifespan of a Lysk is 250-300 years of age, without any potion or magical advantages. The oldest known Lysk who has died was a male by the name of Ebnzary Kiux, who died at 428.

Breeds of a Lysk

There are five breeds of a Lysk in correspondence with the five elements. They appear as follows:

  • Marlysk, the Aquatic Lysk ("marine" and "Lysk")
  • Ignilysk, the Fiery Lysk ("ignite" and "Lysk")
  • Terralysk, the Earthen Lysk ("terra firma" and "Lysk")
  • Templysk, the Air Lysk ("tempest" and "Lysk")
  • Wrailysk, the Spiritual Lysk ("wraith" and "Lysk")
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