Lysia Elysian.

Full Name.

Lysia Elysian- Tyrelen



Height Weight

Five feet, two inches. Ninety-Six pounds


Animals, sleep, fruits, messing around, running, sneaking.


Authority, hard asses, spiders, Tyrzi,her mother.


Danielle Elysian.


Tiberious Elysian.

Other Family.

Lucas Elysian(Brother) Lan(Nearly adoptive daughter) Kane(Husband) Julio(Bromance) Vinnie(Father figure) Steele Vincent Tyrelen(Son) Ella May Tyrelen (Daughter)Scout Marshall Tyrelen(Son) Marshall Scout Tyrelen(Son)

Any trolls she might know.


Lysia Elysian is the daughter of a well known White Knight Commander, Sir Tiberious Elysians. She's a character of Tessy Cus. She's a young, unambitious girl, whom at the moment, has two young children. She's twenty-five years old, and has a deep love for animals.


Like father, like daughter.

In six years, the hope for a child had died along with Sir Tiberious Elysian’s love for his wife. At first, they’d been a happy couple, newly wed at the prime age of twenty, and before long, she’d been impregnated. In a high of joy of their soon to be child, Tiberious took an extended leave of absence from the forces of the White Knights, nine months, to spend them together, waiting and preparing for their firstborn. All was well for the couple, they were always in each others company, smiling, hugging, a passion was shared between them, admiration of their better half. Tiberious often humored ideas, and fantasies of a son of his own, to carry on in his footsteps as a knight, as his father had done, and his father, and so on. For two months, they awaited their child, growing closer as her stomach grew in size.

Then, one night they’d both awoken, his wife in a terrible pain, horrible cramping from her stomach, and found each of them were covered in blood, too much for it to not of been their unborn child’s. Not a word was shared between the two, both grieved to themselves. Tiberious returned to duty the following morning, and not a single soul asked what had happened, they just all assumed that the child was lost. They were right, and the couple tried again, and again, and again. Each time, failure, never making it past the first trimester. Six years past, they’d given up by then, as it dawned on them, they’d never have a child to call their own. They grew apart, after each failure, each desperate attempt that perhaps if they tried one more time. It was heartache by then, they couldn’t look at each other without thinking of their inabilities.

Tiberious blamed it on her, she had to be the infertile one, for no one in his family, that he knew of, was plagued with infertility. She swore that no one in hers had either, but she was the one losing them, it wasn’t that they were unable to get her pregnant, it was that they could never keep it when it was within her. So they each kept apart then, living in the same house, but truthfully their lives were polar opposites. It truly upset Tiberious so much not because he wished for a child of his own, but he didn’t want to disappoint those before him, in being the first in his line unable to contribute to the knights with his own son.

Though they were so apart in mind, it did not stop them from occasional interacting, snip bits of their once wondrous lives relieving briefly in the evenings, when their closeness was measured in centimeters, not tens of miles. There passion sparking for a night, to be forgotten by dawn. And by accident, she had found herself pregnant again. This time, Tiberious did not take leave from the knights, he visited her when he could, or felt he should, barely ever did they acknowledge her pregnancy, she never did tell him. Tiberious found out four months in, when he made a comment about her size. She turned to him, an enraged spark, and spit acid at him, her words foul as she told him about the child she was sure was going to die. Though, they’d never made it this far, it still was only a slight glimmer of hope, she didn’t dwell on it, being a sensible woman. The seven miscarriages she had had before, had changed her mindset to dread for this impending loss. More months passed, her stomach growing, a false hope she told herself, she was going to lose the child.

Eight months, her stomach budging, but her hopes still as low as before. Tiberious, thought this to be miraculous, finding himself surprisingly more hopeful for the child then his wife. So he decided to take the last month off, and wait, watch, and pray, that perhaps he wouldn’t be disappointed. The month past, three weeks, two weeks, one week. And in her last week, four days early, she went into labor. Tiberious fetched a midwife, and it was a long, drawn out, birth. Lysia Elysian was born at 4:23 in the morning, her mother so exhausted, she just about passed out as soon as the child was delivered. This left Tiberious alone with his daughter, small, bright skinned, and fragile in his rough, worked hands.

After she was cleaned up, and wrapped in a small blanket, the midwife decided the child was fine alone with her father, left. Tiberious had never been alone with a young child, the birth itself was a first, and for a few minutes, he stood still, cradling the bundle to his chest. As he stood there, he thought, over how this was going to change his life, how he finally had a child of his own, to keep his line going in the white knights. As he thought, it dawned on him, his child was a girl, a girl couldn’t become a knight, it was unheard of. They weren’t strong enough, big enough, smart enough, he would still fail himself. Except now, he’d have her to blame it for. For a second, those dark thoughts plagued him, but he pushed them back, his own confidence and arrogance assuring him that his daughter could become a knight. So he held his daughter, awaiting her mother to wake up. Hours passed, he kept his sleeping daughter close to him, his mind on how he finally had a child, pushing away the dark thoughts that his child wouldn’t be enough.

Tiberious wasn’t her mother though, and when she woke up, crying for food, he was forced to awaken her mother, to feed the child. His wife took the child, but never looked at her as she fed her, she sobbed the entire time, mumbling something about how they’d lost her. Tiberious pleaded with her about how she held the child right there, but the mother stared down at the spot where her infant lay, she looked, but did not see. Soon, their argument grew from simple pleading, to yelling, Tiberious screamed at her, pointing to the child, and she screamed back, calling him crazy, and saying she watched as the child come out blue, and unmoving. She’d dwelled so much on that image during her pregnancy, expected it so thoroughly, that she convinced herself it would, and wouldn’t accept that it didn’t, her mind not registering the warm little body tucked in her arms, even as the child cried as they yelled, she didn’t sooth her. Unable to just let their not even a day old child sit their screaming, Tiberious calmed, but took the baby from her, trying his hardest to calm her himself. He spent that extra three days with his child, taking care of her when her mother wouldn’t. But it dawned on him he couldn’t stay with her forever, he had to return to work, his knight ship still called.

The first day of work, his mind was elsewhere, his superiors, knowing of his newborn child, didn’t give him much grief when he asked to return home early. He walked into his house, finding his wife holding his child, feeding her. Immediately, he calmed, thinking she had finally come out of her cold-shoulder to his daughter, because each time she had fed her before, Tiberious had handed the child over. When he asked if he could see her after she was done feeding her, his wife looked at him, tears coming to her eyes, and replied with, “..Tiberious..she’s dead, you accepted it before..” All he could do was stare at his wife, lost for words, before he turned, and walked out, returning to work. Their life when on like this for many years, his wife ignorant that she was taking care of their infant daughter, her mind blocking out ever seeing the child. Tiberious bought a house closer to the castle, a smaller one on the square, so he could be closer to is growing daughter, to make sure her mother took care of her, even if she didn’t acknowledge she was doing it.

Soon, she was growing, walking, speaking, none of this her mother saw, or father, so she was alone in each occasion. Tiberious thought perhaps if she spoke to her mother, her mother would be forced to respond, but no. She’d just scream out for her mother, and eventually, she’d just scream and cry for her, being weeded off milk by then, her mother would make lunch, giving half of her own to her daughter, something subconscious reminding her that she needed to take care of the child she didn’t see. The woman never remembered doing these things ever, her mind blocking it out like she blocked out all those other children she lost. Lysia looked forward to when her father got home, she’d talk to him, at least he’d acknowledge her, with a grunt, or occasionally a sigh. She was a social child, spending much of her days playing around the house, making imaginary friends up. Her mother went about keeping the house clean, paying the child no mind.

One evening, Tiberious returned from duty, oddly enough, his daughter hadn’t greeted him at the door, he searched around their small house for her, finding her no where. He didn’t waste time questioning his wife, immediately going out, yelling out her name, trying to find the child. Nearly overcome with panic, he thought about going out to the castle to order out a search party to find her, when he found her in the park behind his house. She was playing with a little boy just under her age, of four, talking feverishly and excitedly as he rattled on back. He marched up, taking both the children by the arms, which ended up making them both burst out into tears. His fear had turned into anger, but he slowly calmed himself, knowing this wasn’t going to make things any better, and talked to them in an even tone. Sitting on a bench, not far off, was Vinnie Hanson, an undercover Temple Knight Tiberious knew well from work, stepped forward, admitting what happened. He’d know that Tiberious had a daughter the same age as his own, and had asked her mother if the two of them could play. Her mother, explaining her daughter had died as a stillborn. Vinnie apologized, staring at the little girl that waved at him, with a frown, he decided that it’d be fine to let her come anyway. He didn’t tell Tiberious about that part though, he explained that he’d gotten permission from his wife. With a sigh of relief, Tiberious calmed, nodded to Vinnie, and brought his daughter home. Not long after that, he decided to get her a pet dog, perhaps then she’d be less prone to wander off, if she had a pet. He’d grown paranoid, his wives complete ignorance of their child fueling his dislike for her further, a vile woman she was.

His daughter grew to admire him, following him around when ever she could, marveling over the idea of white knight castle, which she always stood in the shadow of. She idolized the idea of becoming a knight, to be like him, her only true parent figure. This made Sir Elysian’s belief that his daughter was going to be knighted stronger, choosing to enroll her in becoming a squire as soon as she was old enough. He could already tell she wasn’t going to have his hulking bone build, her petite frame much like her mothers. The girl shared most of her features with her mother, her hair, shape, face. The only thing she had in common with her father was her bright green eyes, and soon to develop, attitude. Lysia once found his helmet sitting atop a chair, being six, her young imagination just beginning to blossom, she slipped it over her head, the helmet heavy, and much to big for her, caused the child to teeter around, as she was plunged into darkness. Tiberious’s helmet was passed down for many generations of White Knights above him. He walked in, finding his daughter stumbling about the room, with his helmet on. Marching up to her, his hands reached out, and plucked the helmet straight from her head, holding it high above her as he glared down at the child. His scolding immediately made her burst into tears as she tried to explain herself, but he didn’t pause from yelling to listen, which just left her crying, and he walked away, sure now that she was sure she wasn’t allowed to wear his helmet.

On her tenth birthday, she was finally of age to try to pass the squire test, with all the other squires. Tiberious requested that when she passed it, that she’d be his squire, that way he could teach her. Expecting his daughter to pass, he watched as she stood with fifteen other boys, and men, going to pass the same tests. She stood at barely 4’10”, a slender built child. Every single one of them were bigger, older, and more able then the little girl. She struggled at each test, climbing, jumping, physical labor. She even fell over when they put her in plate legs and a chain body, handing her a sword, which she barely knew how to use, and with her fathers brief instruction, wasn’t very good with. They expected the girl to spar against men, and she was easily beaten every time. It killed the trainers to have to deny his daughter, watching as she walked home, a disappointment in her own mind. Tiberious wasn’t let down to easily, once he was off duty, he went to her room, and explained she could try again another time.

The girl tried, harder, and harder, in a year, she tried three times, failing each and every time for the fact she was just too small, and weak. He kept pushing her though, setting her up for defeat, in a hope that she could always try again, when she was eleven, she joined the knights as a carrier, her feet light and nimble, and the girl easily ran messages throughout the white knights. She spent three years as a carrier, as the white knights rose to power in Asgarnia, the dreaded Kinshra portrayed as evil monsters in her mind. Perhaps because she was present in the Siege of Falador, or all the dark stories her father shared with her about the Black Knights, stubbornly, she knows that they are the true force of evil, and the white knights are good. As a carrier, her father had gotten her a bird, an egg of a falcon she helped hatch in Talvery, and raised it to be a carrier bird, as well as being able to intercept messages from other carriers. This bird, Hyperion, became one of her closest, friends.

Her best friend being Julio, the boy whom she’d played with in the park so many years ago. The two of them went through tensions, being opposite genders, but mainly stayed true to their friendship, most of the awkwardness laying in Julio, not the shameless Lysia. Each year, she tried her hardest to become a white knight squire, disappointment each time. She disappointed her father, as well as herself, and him pushing her slowly began to backfire on him, and she sullenly began to dread becoming a white knight at all, finding herself inadequate, and unable to pass that stupid test. Him forcing her, as she edged into adolescence, would be his downfall, for she was a complete mimick of him, the second coming, hard headed and stubborn. She’d strive to choose her own path instead, one he was intent on not letting her take. At home, she faced solitude left alone with her mother, at dinner she’d be talking to her father, just to be interrupted by her mother, who though she talked rarely to Tiberious, often decided to do it whenever Lysia was trying to talk to her.

She spent hours at home, talking to her, asking for her compassion, trying to be enough for her to even acknowledge her existence. She’d cry, beg, plead, anything she could to try to force her mother into looking at her, a hug, even a glance. Lysia would have been fine if she had just looked at her, not in her direction for once. But she never did, leaving Lysia to slowly grow sullen of compassion, her mother wouldn’t give it, and her father rarely ever did. She eventually broke, and began screaming at her mother, yelling anything she could to her, trying to get her to look at her. The woman just continued humming, not even looking up from washing her dishes as Lysia yelled out the foulest things she could, before storming off to her room, to cry. She was twelve years old, and Tiberious was off duty at the time, watching helplessly as his only daughter screamed her heart out, then burst into tears, to hide away in his room.

He told himself she’d be okay for so long, he didn’t need to help the girl, she’d be able to figure it out on her own, but now he realized she needed someone to talk to, and hesitantly walked toward her door, knocking lightly, before entering. Placing himself on the edge of her bed, he talked soothingly to her, needing to sooth her much like he did when she was just a baby, when her mother wouldn’t do anything to help her either. This time though, it was the mothers fault she needed help, and as he slowly calmed his daughter, hugging her for a second, he marched out, and decided having her there caused more trouble for him and his daughter then it was worth. Nearly all night they fought, she screaming fouling at him how he was crazy, and their daughter had died twelve years ago, and him screaming back for her to go look at her, to see her child. It ended up with Tiberious kicking her out, it was his house, and he didn’t want her in it anymore, perhaps Lysia could find console if she didn’t have to stare that wench in the face each day, and not see a glimmer that meant she was looking back.

So the father and daughter lived together, tension growing Lysia grew in age, beginning to strive more for freedom then to try to make her father happy. She’d given up on trying to make him happy, rather she’d strive to make herself happy, convinced that that’s all that mattered when she really thought about it. At fourteen, she took the test to become a scout, which some thought was even more challenging when it came to agility and speed, then a squires. She passed it easily, and enrolled herself into the ranks of a scout, each time her father tried to convince her to become a squire, to become what he wanted her to be, she shot him down, and now, if she ever took the squire tests, she’d fail them on purpose, convinced with the skills she learned becoming a scout, passing it would be easy. Her rebellious side flared up constantly, sullen with her father, she would disobey orders, and show how she could never become a knight in front of him. While, when he was gone, and it was just her, and other scout leaders, she’d listen perfectly, and she was actually quite good at becoming a scout, but was shot down each time is hoped for a scouting mission. Tiberious knew how dangerous scouting missions could be, they needed to sneak into Kinshra lairs, and out, without being caught. More often then not, young scouts would sneak in, and never return, thought to have died while they caught lurking inside the caves, and bases of the Black Knights.

He had grown in rank, to become the Commander of the White Knights, so any missions she went on, went through him, and he often made up ones about guarding the city, or around it, in a hope to keep her safe. Even though he didn’t act like it, truthfully he loved his daughter, and if anything was to happen to her, he’d be heartbroken. All he could think about was how fragile she was, his protective nature coming out over all as he thought about her. She took it as he doubted her abilities, and sullen tensions grew between the pair even more, now a full fledged adult, still fighting on whether or not she could be alone, to leave. He had her though, threats to kick her out onto the street, to abandon her to be completely alone were one of the only things she’d respond to. She hated being alone, she couldn’t stand being in a room alone, striving for human interaction, let it be with someone she was so sullen with. Lysia had never had a chance to think of what she wanted to be, what she could be, him forcing her into the order of knights left her with little idea of what else in the world she’d do. The only plan she’d ever had ahead of her, was to never be knighted, the idea of becoming a knight would mean she’d have to give in to him, and that, she would never do. Her pride kept her from doing it, and so she planned to stay a scout forever, maybe perhaps to advance to a scout leader when she was older.

The story continues.

Then, as she grew older, and mixed feelings boiled within her, having long abandoned any hope of sharing all of her compassion. Her father was not the type for hugs and kisses, being a stern man, bent on trying to get his daughter worthy of Knighthood. While Lysia struggled to try to make him happy, in a desperate attempt that if she’d pleased him, instead of disappointing him, he may share his compassion back with her. This put a major road block in her when she began having mixed feelings toward the Marshall within the order. She didn’t realize her feelings at first, simple teasing and prodding changing into a bit more of flirting, enjoying each others company though they’d sworn to each other to be enemies.

It wasn’t until they were alone that they’d start to open up to each other, sit together and Lysia would tell him about her life, and likewise for him. They’d drop being “Marshall” and “Scout” and rather became friends, both looking for an output, and someone to listen to them. There feelings for each other were only deniable to themselves, it was obvious to most of the other Knights that they’d shared a bond, though it’d just been friendship to them, even if they wouldn’t admit it.

It wasn’t until the day before a war, one which both Kane and Lysia knew she was nervous for. Lysia was not ready to die, she was still young at 19, and felt like she wasn’t even close to having filled her life to the fullest.In that fear, she decided to enter the bar, and numb her mind, as well as perhaps meeting a new person or two. She’d made the mistake of telling the knights, jokingly, that she planned to partake in something more.

They prodded Kane, his own feelings for her welling up until jealously, though he’d hide it for her own safety, he went to go find her and drag her back. As it so happened, she was talking to a barbarian, whom was more then twice her age. Immediately, Kane had marched over, and took a good blow to the head for her, convincing her to return back to the Haven with him. Once they were back, Kane finally built up the courage to tell her that he felt something between them, and she admitted she felt the same.

And so they began to date, an awkward almost teenage one, both equally confused on how they were suppose to address this. Lysia had never really gotten the chance to not horde her emotions like that, and while she normally would release them in the long screaming ‘chats’ she had with her father, now she’d release them in compassion, Kane having poked a hole that would tear into a flood once it made it’s way out. With this well of emotions, she’d felt like she was finally worth something in her life, that someone cared for her truly, and didn’t expect her to be more then who she was.

As soon as she thought her life was perfect, disaster struck. Her father, after hearing about this ‘love’(’love’ that did not happen!) /his/ Marshall, and /his/ daughter had, he disowned his only child, being the only human connection he really had. He had no friends, no family, all he’d held onto was his one girl, though she’d never know how much he cared for her deep down. In his depression, and the spark of the moment, his anger overriding real thought, he decided it’d be fit for him to resign.

Without his rank, he thought he was truthfully alone, complete disregarding his daughter, stubbornly stating he had no daughter even as he argued with the Scout himself beforehand. When Kane tried to reason with him, he gave Kane two choices, He could either run away with Lysia, and lose his job, or punish her how he saw fit. His last words to Kane were “I expect you to fail.”

Those were his last spoke words to anyone, though he wrote a detailed letter saying where he expected his belongings to go. Then, caught up in his own sorrows, he drunk a slow acting poison, and closed his eyes forever. He left Lysia with nothing but her name, the young girl having never been out on her own, and his protective ways never allowing her the chance to try. The lose of her father tore Lysia apart, every fiber of her being was tossed upside down into a depression, and shock, like nothing she had felt before.

She’d never been truthfully alone, never had she felt like such a disappointment, like a murderer. She blamed his death on herself, she’d caused him to do it, if she hadn’t been so stubborn and made him happy, he would of still been alive. Kane was there to comfort her, being all she had left now, despite him taking part in her fathers demise, she’d never blame him for it, only herself, feeling as if the Kane incident was just his breaking point, the rest was all her. She’d sink into a depression of not eating or sleeping, Kane eventually coaxing her into sleep, where she was plagued with nightmares, her mind unease. To cope with this, much like the way her mother coped with the lose of her own children, she distracted herself, convinced herself her father was still alive, on a business trip of sorts.

It didn’t help that her boyfriend would be filling the very position her father left vacant with his untimely death. The word ‘Commander’ shook her, and at first, she couldn’t hear it without welling up with tears. But with help from Kane, she was able to push down her sorrows below the service, to function almost normally, with little kinks here and there, but she’d was a lot more normal then she could have been.

Before her fathers death had even begun to slip from her mind, another death of a Commander came to her ears, an assassin having murdered Sir Vyvin. She and Kane were present within the castle during his death, and ran outside to find him with a axe plunged into his back. Kane instructed her to stay there, as he moved in hopes of catching the killer, but Lysia followed anyway, not wanting to be alone, and fearing for Kane’s safety. They found the killer, Kane standing in the doorway, his hulking frame fitting it, while her petite frame stood behind him. Perched on her shoulder, her carrier Falcon was, who’d often make cawing noises. The Assassin, being cornered, would teleport from the room, his magicks able to disarm Kane, before he did so.

This left the two confused, Lysia scared for Kane’s well being, invited him to stay with her. Technically, the house was her mothers, who was no where to be found, so Lysia claimed it for herself. The following morning, Kane had returned to work, Lysia still a bit shaken up, but her act of normality not faltering much. She was leaning against her house, watching the square boredly, not noticing the same man beside her, though he was blind, he recognized the falcons same noise, and the noise of the girl. He decided she’d be perfect to extract information from, and after bringing his heel to her temple, and then knocking his fists over her head, kidnapped her, and took her to an odd island.

Her bird though, in times of danger, was trained to find Sir Elysian, her dead father. Instead, he went to the castle, and made a lot of noise, in search of her father, but also attracting the attention of Vinnie Hanson. Knowing her bird, he ordered a search party, being lead immediately by Kane, to find the girl. Vinnie, was more of a father to Lysia then her actual father was, being the father of her best friend, Julio, they’d grown close, and he was just as worried for her as Kane was as they went in search of the girl.

The assassin bound Lysia’s hands, and went through a slow process of trying to extract information from the girl, information she wasn’t able, or willing, to share. He hadn’t heard of Sir Elysian’s death, and didn’t believe her as she pleaded that he was dead. It took much convincing, and failed torture for him, to accept his death. Lysia herself hadn’t fully accepted it until she pleaded with him, screaming, and slowly coming to terms with the idea that, though she hated the idea that her father was dead, he was, and nothing could bring him back.

The Assassin was in search of the next Commander then, Being Kane, and Lysia took a vicious beating to the face and body until she’d finally tell him who Kane was. She’d only done it with a dagger slowly digging into her side, a wrist broken, and bruises riddling her tiny frame. Immediately after though, she regretted it, compromising Kane’s safety for her own. She also now knew he had not reason to keep her alive, but was surprised when he didn’t bring his dagger more into her, rather, removed it. After a bit more taunting, he left the girl on the ground to freeze, she laid there in her own blood, trapped on this island with her hands bound, and the fog slowly beginning to break her moral.

Kane was in search of her though, her falcon flying off into the fog and circling over the unconscious girl many times, in attempt to lead Kane. Kane couldn’t see, or follow into the freezing waters, but the ‘masked man’, the Assassin, lead him to the dungeon, which he was only allowed to bring the clothes on his back into. Kane made his way through it, fighting monsters of sorts. Until he’d finally found Lysia, half starved to death, half frozen, and horribly beaten, but alive.

Kane would then help her back through the dungeon, and take her to Ashcan, the medic. Lysia, now, currently, is terrified of this assassin, feeling he left her alive for some reason, and wishes to taunt her more. All the while, she feels that things can’t get better, for as soon as they get better, they get much, much worse. All she’s been holding onto is Kane, her mind telling her he would slip from her weak grasps soon enough.

Her entire world has been shifted, and she feels lost within it, still trying to dig herself out of the ruins of her life, which had never been perfect. She’d gone from a character I’d never intended to be this deep in an emotional standpoint, to this girl, who’s mindset and feelings were just completely destroyed, and she’s lost as of now, feeling a need from something sturdy to hold onto, and hoping with all her heart that Kane is that pillar of hope she needs.

Running away.

With the help of Kane, she slowly recovered, pushing all thoughts away, and focusing on the tasks ahead of them. As they did this, the knightforce was slowly crumbling away, Kane was stressed with leading it, having not been carved yet to fit this position, it was forced upon him, and he hadn't a clue what to do. Stress grew with the both of them, each harboring ideas of running away. Lysia didn't need to be a knight anymore, no one was going to make her and Kane was slowly growing to hate the idea himself, liking the idea of having a family with Lysia much more.

So they planned it, and when Kane was gone to bring home some things, he brought with him a young orphan by the name of Lan. Lysia was quick to accept her, deciding it would be a good begining for their soon to be family. And so they moved away, to Hemester, where they lived happily for a few months, before Corus Bolton came, and stole the girl they'd grown to love away.

Kane may of lied when he said he'd see her again, but Lysia was sure to make him see through to it, planning to take the girl back, but before she could go through with these plans, she found out that she was pregnant, and was unwilling to endanger her baby, knowing Kane wouldn't allow her to anyway. So they waited for their child, Lysia worried as well as bored at home as Kane searched for his new job.


But before Lysia was married, and a few times through her pregnancy, she was visited in a dream from the form of her father. This wasn't uncommon for the girl, nightmares of her father often plagued her, and she struggled to find ways around them. But one night, one was more vivid, more real, more chilling then all the rest. It started with her, bursting with pregnancy, sitting within a chair, idle within her own house, a fine mist surrounding it, and darkness engulfing it. She heard a knock against the door, and rose lazily to get it, mechanically, as if she was a wind up doll, and simply doing something in harmless repetition.

As she opened the door, the armored figure of her father stood before her. He'd always been bigger then her, in his armor, he was massive. She stared up at him, fear striking through her as she clutched her pregnant stomach, then relief. Her father was alive. "D-dad?" She whimpered out, feeling weak, her voice barely audible. Tiberious didn't spare the girl a glance, gesturing to be let in. She did, stepping back, the hulking knight stepped in, and at the table, a letter appeared. Lysia tore it open, reading the words, his cold voice echoing within her head. "I have no Daughter." it taunted. Suddenly, enraged, she turned around, and screeched.

"NO! Dad, no! I am your daughter...I'm right here dad! Look at me!" It was like screaming at her mother all over again, the horror was relived as he didn't look, the ink dark in the page, a menacing curl to the letters, that spoke out again "I have no daughter." The woman was drove to tears, by the end of her fit, and this just strengthened the sobs within her chest. She pleaded, she began to beg for her father's forgiveness, maddeningly whispering her apologies, just praying, and hoping he could forgive her. There was no forgiveness meant for the girl, as she was taunted once more, the room shifting, Tiberious now formed in a corner, bent over a crib, his helmet off, a tired look on his face as he reached down, smiling down at something.

Lysia slowly walked over, the image fading as she peered down into the empty crib, another letter there. This one

3 Doors Down When Im Gone Lyrics

3 Doors Down When Im Gone Lyrics

Lysia's Song

was much the same, the same lines, the ones written within her father's last words. "I have no daughter." Again, she found herself crying, the man tearing what sanity she had manage to keep from her, until she was just a blubbering mess. Behind her, Tiberious sat, within the same chair he died in, poisoned. Lysia turned, the man was bent over the table, writing furiously, he didn't notice his daughter coming from behind. "Dad?" She asked once more, the man didn't look up, but sat back in his chair, sighing with relief, as if a pain had been lifted from his shoulders.

Lysia knew this scene well, her eyes went wide as an empty vial fell from his grasp, she screamed once more, it exploded against the ground into a million shards, flooding the floor. She climbed into the man's lap, trying to shake him to life, to keep him from dying. Even as he sat before her, he began to whither and rot away, the girl cried, feeling small, as if she was still young enough to be crying over something silly, for some silly reason, and looking for comfort from the man. The corpse gave no comfort, it's body turning to bone, but Lysia stayed long after the warmth, the ticking of the clock the only sound except for a sob.

The room faded, into mist, all but the table, and the letter, even as she sat their, out of tears, just shaking, Tiberious was gone as well, she hadn't been able to stop him. She waited for the taunts, hands coming out for the letter, tearing it open with deliberation, waiting for the pain to follow. This time, it read "We are one." She nodded, her throat ached to much to speak, the letter dissolved in mist once more, and she was within her home, looking around blindly for her father. Laying on the floor, he was, eyes closed, as if resting, Lysia crept forward, to disturb him, as she stood over him, he stood, his body transforming from the hulking knight, to an average sized man, the armor turning into long purple robes, a mocking mask of a smile upon his face.

Though, she interrupted this to be her dad, perhaps within another form. The man thrust out a note, this one read. "Do you trust me?" Underneath, was a line for the girl to sign. She whispered yes, eyes brimming with tears once more. The line darkened, and Lysia lifted the quill of the table, giving the man a parting glance, before signing in a shaking hand "Yes". The paper was gone as soon as she finished, but the man remained, smiling. All around the room faded, and when it came back into focus, he was gone. Lysia opened her eyes, hot sweat pouring from her body as she sat up in her bed, looking around, her heart pounding, her mind half joyful it was over, and half regretful that it was fake. But standing at the edge of her bed, was the man with the mask, smiling, he watched her. Lysia screamed loudly, caught off guard, her mind thinking he was just an imagination. Lurching back, she smacked her head, and the man beside her sat up, catching a parting glimpse of the robed figure, before he was gone.

Kane jumped up, stumbling over something hard rolled up in a rug on the floor, and running to the window. Outside, the figure stood, within a boat out on the lake, waving at Kane as he departed. Lysia stood, tripping too over the lumping object within the rug, and out rolled the Elysian Helmet, rusted from it's time spent within the ground. She pressed her back away from it, sliding down the wall, to sit, and grabbed the helmet, cradling it against her chest. Kane turned, muttering, and noticed the helmet, then the body shaped lump. He leaned down, Lysia closed her eyes, as he tore the rug open, armor plates fell to pieces, Tiberious armor, but no body was to be found, much to the couples relief.

Even before they were back to bed, Kane was beginning to doubt Lysia's tales of ghosts, saying that it could be mages playing tricks on them, rather believing that then the alternative. The creature visited Lysia once more when she was alone with Steele, this time it spoke, she thought it to be Tiberious by his words, his voice, Kane didn't believe her as she spoke, saying she was just tired, and her imagination was playing tricks on her. But Lysia was sure this was her father, and not her insanity sparkling out. God, she hoped so.

The Wedding and After

The Wedding had been briefly planned out, most of it picked out by Betrix(Kane's Mother) instead of the couple, she seemed just as excited, if not more, then them. They held it outside the Tyrelen house, it's long lawn trimmed nicely, and servants milled around. Lysia wore everything for good luck, the idea of wedding making her head spin. Something Old; Her Saradomin Pedant. Something New: Her veil. Something borrowed: Betrix gifted her a cape, with the Wings of Armadyl upon it. Something Blue: Her dress was sewn with fabrics of blue, beautifully crafted, and flowing around her.

The two had been bullied once again into sending out invitations to their 'friends' except, they lived a fairly isolated life, most of their friends far away, or each other. So Betrix force teleported the both of them to Falador, assuming their old home would hold dear friends that could come to the party. It didn't. So instead, Lysia scampered off to Julio's house, to find him gone, and the house empty. Leaving a dozen letters, the two went back to the square, to maybe find anyone they might of been pleasant with.

Grinning, Lysia spoke with Kane, her voice stopping, and eyes falling upon the shadow within the window of her old house. It had been one of a woman, and Lysia felt her heart skipping a beat as she numbly strode toward the door. She hadn't seen the woman since she was twelve, the woman hadn't seen her ever, and as she opened the door, Lysia felt tears forming in her eyes. It was her mother, an older, different looking woman from the woman she new as a child, but indeed, it was her. Thrusting out the invitation, Lysia let the woman take it, who sharply asked who she was, but didn't get a reply from the girl.

Instead, Lysia turned, and walked away, letting her tears disappear, settling numbly. That point in her life, when her family had mattered to her, at least her old family, a mockery of what a family was, was over. The time for tears was over, She would soon be Lysia Tyrelen, and the Name Elysian would die with her marriage. With the rest of the invitations, they handed out randomly. Giving them to strangers, figuring no one would make the trek all the way across the world, to go to a wedding of complete strangers. They were wrong.

The Wedding was nice at first, made wonderful for Lysia when Vinnie showed up, to escort her down the isle, and hand her off to Kane. Everything went perfectly, a few guests burst into tears, most of which Lysia didn't know, and it left found memories in both of their minds. During the wedding, Kane was offered a position from a woman whom he hadn't seen in years. She was a highranking Noble within Varrockain Society, and spoke of plans to claim the unstable throne for herself and her husband. She knew Kane had been trained as a White Knight, and offered him a position he couldn't deny.

He would be First Knight to the Crown, head of their Royal Body guard, and wealth, and a good education for his children would follow. He found himself eagerly accepting, the unflattering role of a Guard, with little pay, blown away at the offer for him to regain his honor, and return to the ranks of Knights. After a few months him and Lysia packed up, and road off to Varrock, settling down in a grand house. By this time, she was pregnant with their second child, a girl of the name of Ella May Tyrelen.

The Family lived in Varrock, Noblity, across from the church, with two children. Lysia seems intent that four is a grand family, but Kane thinks that a few more children couldn't hurt. Ella and Steele are handfuls in their own, but the family was doing fairly well for the most part, though the enclosing winter and famine would change that rapidly.


Varrock was a good town, Lysia had visited it once briefly with Kane, though that hadn't been an alltogether great experience for either of them. She found herself attracted to the city, in Falador, there had been poor, but not to such a massive scale as Varrock. Lysia had never seen such wide spread suffering since the war, and she'd been very young, and sheltered, during that. Kane would of liked to keep her sheltered within their home now, safely tucked away with their two children in tow. Lysia however, being a curious being, found herself prone to try and explore the vast, and dangerous Ghetto whenever she could. One unfortunate time, She'd come home to Kane sitting at the table, waiting for her. There'd been alot of bickering over Lysia's boundaries, Kane thinking her selfish for putting herself in danger when her children needed her. Reluctantly, Lysia agreed, having fully decided the slums weren't a good place for herself, or her children.

Though the couped up life of a house mother bored her. Not that Steele and Ella didn't give her plenty to fuss about, she normally fell into bed more exhausted then Kane. It's just that the woman had never been one to like being restricted, feeling almost lonely stuck in her house, having no real relationships outside her children, and her husband, who rarely was home himself. It really began to suck when the children spent most of their weekends with their grandparents, it wouldn't be half as bad if Kane spent the weekends with her, but alas, First Knight to the Crown was a demanding job. She tried to consume herself with womanly things, sewing, cooking, cleaning. She'd been okay at Sewing, but when she'd sewn her own shirtsleeve to Steele's holey pants, she'd given it up. Cooking, she'd always been god-awful at, having been raised by her father, and getting most meals through the castle. Cleaning, got repeative, the house was normally kept tidy, though the children had a knack for messing it up. Even her oldest friend, Hyperion, her trusty carrier Falcon had mysteriously disappeared, Kane claimed "He was old, and probably flew of to die, or something." Lysia didn't know how much she believed that, Kane had always hated that bird.

Lysia found out late that being Noble blood, she was promitted on castle grounds. Kane probably didn't tell her because she thought it funny to harress him during work. Once she did, her lonely weekends were often spent around the castle grounds, snooping through Kane's office, though, she'd never admit to it.

Kane often complained when he was home, of the bother of babysitting the crowned Princes, or King, the job not having nearly as much glamour as the Queen had made it sound. Lysia bitterly thought of how he was complaining, she had to sit home all day bored out of her mind, atleast he had people to talk to. Never did she opening bring this in. Though Lysia loves her children, she'd never wanted to be a mother to be honest, her opinion was quickly changed through pregnancy, but as a girl, and teenager, she was paranoid that she'd turn out like her own mother.

One afternoon, while snooping through Kane's office, she found two letters,one with the broken seal of Falador, 'hm'ing softly, she found herself peering about, as if checking for her husband, before pulling it open. Why would she marry him if she wasn't allowed to go through his stuff? To her shock and horror, she found the letter to be dated weeks ago, from an unnamed Temple Knight. Kane and Lysia both had connections throughout the order, and they'd called for Kane, asking if he'd join them on a mission to 'far and dangerous' places. This left a sickly feeling in her stomach as she peered at the next letter, closed, Kane's blocky scrawl on the outside. With sweat trickling down her neck, the woman reached for that one, using her nail to pry it open, unable to bare the thought that Kane would be leaving her too.

On the letter, she skimmed him accepting, and thanking them for their offer. What hurt her more, was the fact he'd yet to ask her-..or tell her, anything of this offer, or that he'd be leaving. Her head felt light, she wanted to cry. Instead, she turned the hurt into anger, slamming the door, which startled a few guards outside, and stalked from the castle grounds, to their own home, where she'd meet Kane up about it.

Her Ginger Brute of a husband was met with a frightening surprise, his tiny, and very angry, wife, just as he walked into the door. She questioned him of when he planned to tell her, and not shortly after, their arguement turned into a 'who-could-yell-louder' contest. Lysia could never win that, Kane had boiled into a fit of his own rage, and slammed the door, yelling out 'Know what? Damn the letter! I'll accept in person.' When Lysia yelled after him where the hell he thought he was going, he replied shortly with "It's a long ride to Falador." And with that, he was gone.

Lysia, all the rage disolving back into pain, and hurt, spent the rest of the night crying. When her mother-in-law brought her grandchildren back the next day, Lysia didn't tell her of Kane's departure, she kept a strong face until Ella asked where her father was. With plenty of tears, Lysia explained the situation the best she could. She couldn't go off telling Ella the truth, it could endanger them all, if people knew that Kane was working with the Temple Knights. Lysia herself probably shouldn't of known, but that hardly mattered to her. She replied that 'Daddy had gone off to help train some knights.' Bitterly, overtime, in her anger at Kane, she'd twisted that into "Kane's off training the Autistic division of Varrock's army, he'll probably come home with another wife'. Comparing it to New Haven.

The woman adjusted over time to life without her husband, though she'd spent nineteen years without him, through the seven years together, she found herself closer to him then she'd even been with her father, and anyone else. He was her best friend, and her husband. Just as life had grown back to a bitter normal, forever awaiting word from her husband, Seige was laid upon the City.

Lysia, still holding onto hopes that Kane should be back by then, it'd been over a month since she'd heard from him, stuck to the city longer then she should. As they began to break through the wall, she gathered anything of value she could, and her children, and hid away in the museum, which was serving as a safe haven for woman and children alike. In the weeks of seige, Varrock had deteriated, to a war within, and outside it's walls. Rich men and poor men were now equal, as starvation began to settle it's cold grip even tighter around the already starving city. People, mad with their passion to protect and feed their family, on several occations, were reported in eating housepets like dogs and cats, aswell, in a few instances, cannibalism. As the seige turned into street fighting, as the two armys spread across, many buildings were alit, and a madness settled over Varrock. Lysia shook with her children within the basement of the huge museum, hearing cannons, and the screams of men outside the city. Never in her life had she been so scared, not for herself, but for her children. Though they'd agreed on the museum being a safe haven, could it only be a curtesy gesture? Would any moment thousands of armed men break through the heavy oak doors and begin murdering every woman and child they saw? Though the doors stayed sealed, as the great army of Varrock beat back the rebels, the invaders. Lysia, the city still in flames, people in panick and commiting unpunished crimes, took her children, and as quickly as she could, fled the city. She'd stole an unmanned horse from it's stall, packed her few possessions, her daughter sitting infront of her, and Steele behind her. And she rode. Lysia had only rode a horse once, with the careful guidance of Kane, and at a slow canter at it's fastest. Knowing basic commands, the woman rode hard, bent low over her daughter, with her sung hanging tightly to her. She wanted to leave the burning, war-striken city behind her.

And so she rode, as long as she could, tiring herself, and the horse out as she broke past barbarian village, into the forests beyond. You'd think she'd fallen dead when she'd finally rested, rolling from the saddle, helping her children down, before the three of them curled up on the ground, and slept until late in the morning. Their journey continued then, riding all day, and late into the night most of the time, unless Lysia could lead the mare no longer, and she fell once more into a dead slumber. Exhausted, they had but little food, Lysia ate little, giving most of her own share to Ella and Steele. It made it a very unhealthy journey for the woman, sleep deprived, and hungry. It wasn't surprising that during one night, she'd vere off the carefully marked path, into the unchartered wild, into Kinshra terretory. It was mid-day, Lysia knew she was lost, but not wanting to scare her children, continued to rid onward, knowing she was close to her home of nineteen years, if only she'd find a landmark.

The clatter of armor plate had not alarmed her, instead, excited her. White Knights, they could point her in the right direction, especially being that the woman wore her scout uniform. She rode eagerly toward it, calling out all the while. Edging around a massive Evergreen, her stomach dropped into her toes, before her stood a armor clad Black Knight woman. She'd been at the ready, while Lysia was dumbfounded and confused, she charged the woman with her bare blade, it would of cut deep into the horses breast, had Lysia not tugged back on the reigns, spinning it around, and edging it for a full gallop away. As it raised onto it's hindlegs, her son dumped off the backside, landing with a grunt on the ground, and rolling down a small hill, resting idle against the trunk of another Evergreen. By the time Lysia got the horse back under control, the Knight was already on the boy. She hopped from her saddle, ripping her bow off the side of the horse, eyes wide, adreneline rushing through her veins at the prospect of her harmed son. The once scout plucked a progged arrow, specifically designed to bite through armor plating, and into the unprotected flesh beneath. By the time she drew back, the Kinshra had her firey haired boy up, one arm gripped around his throat, and using his struggling and crying body as a sheild. She demanded Lysia drop her weapon, Lysia demanded she dropped her son. When a blade was pulled to her son's throat, Lysia was left with no choice, praying to Saradomin that her knightly code would prevent her from harming her vulnerable youth, and she threw her bow to the ground. The Knight demanded Lysia come with her, Lysia's eyes went wide, as she began to bicker, buy time, while her mind formulated a plan. She'd been close to helpless tears when a deep voice bellowed from above, concealed within the trees, an armed hunter. Lysai knew the voice though-..Kasharren, a particually unfriendly knight toward her, but she assumed him to be even more unfriendly toward children harming Kinshra. The Black Knight looked up, startled by another foe, and decided it best to retreat now, pushing the boy down before her, and with as much finese as a fully armored knight retreating can get, hoping onto her horse, and riding into the sunset.

Lysia thanked Kasharren, for saving her life, and particularly her childrens, and they exchanged short stories of their current lives as the two rode tensely to Falador. At the Gates, Lysia asked Kasharren for one last favor, to watch her children, while she spoke to her husband, or atleast, searched for him. Kasharren agreed, and let the scout girl into the city on her own. With a few well placed Lies, Lysia made it past the two knights guarding the gate, and slunk into the white walls of the castle, familar as any home she'd ever owned. Perhaps luck, perhaps fate, or perhaps the god had been increasingly unkind to Kane that day, but standing in the courtyard, was a hulking knight, his white armor gold trimmed to signify him in the ranks of the Temple Knights. Lysia, unknowing if this was her man, was met with the bitter-sweet surprise as he greeted her with a gruff "lo" in the voice she knew only as her husbands. He didn't know the scout, her hood pulled over her face, and edging away from him, as he spoke to a Knight. But the scout knew him, longing and anger mixed, she didn't know if she wanted to hug him, or punch him. The Long months made her miss him more, but he'd left her, to that hell, how could he? Lysia, deciding better then to make a scene, drew down her hood, exposing her long wavey locks to the world, and glaring daggers at the side of Kane's big armored head. Kane hardly noticed, once he'd finished his conversation, as he looked over, his brown eyes glimpsing over her vibrant green, until he did a double take, and with the parting words of 'Hell...' recognized his wife. Knowing he was caught, reluctantly he followed after him as she gestured to a more-..private place to 'talk'. She began slow, her scolding growing with intensity as Kane tried to dodge her blows by diverting her attention, in the end, feeling horrible to leave his wife and children in such conditions. Lysia spoke of how she couldn't stand worrying each day if he was okay-..and to her surprise, when he asked what he should do, and she replied with stay, but she wanted in, he agreed.

With a bit of string pulling, and calling upon those connections in the Temple Knight, Lysia's children moved into their grandparents home, where they'd be staying even if Lysia had been with them, at least until Lysia and Kane could find another home, and Lysia was brought into the ranks of the Temple Knights too. She assured Kane she'd grown up since she was nineteen, but he's not so sure about that.

Temple Knights

With brief training, and learning, Lysia's inducted into the ranks of the Temple Knights. Before she went on her first real mission,together her and Kane have cracked open a massive Karamjan human traficking trade, when they were looking to see if anyone was evading the King's tax. Lysia and Kane now lay in Ardougne, investigating the mysterious earthquakes, aswell as flattened homes. The biggest leads, were the gnomes, which Lysia thinks are planning an entire full-scale assault of all of Kandarian, to reclaim the lands they've lost. Fuckin' Mahjarrats.

Somewhere around here, Lysia discovered Kane used to be a stripper, jus' saying.

After Ardougne, Lysia was deemed confident enough to go on a real mission, with her husband,Kane. They traveled to the desert Abbey, the Head Mistress reporting that yet another murder had taken place. Together the two cracked the code, and kicked the killers ass into jail! Huzzah!

Then came their next mission, which was to head up north, disguised as barbarian's, and keep an eye on the Fremmenik. Reports say they'd been harressing a near by island, full of Moonclan. Kane and Lysia, who were renamed Thor and Helga, kept close watch on the Fremmenik. Lysia had a strong distaste for Relleka, and had thought before the mission, that she might be pregnant. Also, Helga, was unable to talk, because they feared Lysia's Faladorian accent would alert the Fremmenik of her origins.The witch doctor, Mama Titi, confirmed that she was pregnant with her weird ass witch doctor ways. She also told Kane that they would be /twin/ /boys/. Which literally made the man piss himself in joy. They stayed in Relleka for a long time, until things were deamed 'safe', Lysia about six months pregnant, and longing for her children once more. When they returned to Kandarin, however, they were in for quite the surprise...

Lord and Lady of Hemenster.

Lysia's Mother-in-Law, Betrix, had taken it upon herself while her son and his wife were gone, to find them their own home. She needed something to /keep/ them there, and being a fairly influencual woman with a desire to be close to her grand kids, she turned toward the Monarchy of Ardougne. With a little tribute of the Tyrelen's funds, she got her family put in harge of the little hamlet of Hemenester. This not only would keep her son busy, and around, it'd also extend the Tyrelen influence, which would be a win win deal for Betrix.

Kane was not particularly happy with this trade off, returning for less active duty in the temple knights, to find that he was now in debt to his parents, and a /Lord/. The Lord bit didn't bother him much, to add on his ever growing list of titles. "Lord, Commander of Regiment sixty-Nine, New Haven, of the Honorable White Knights, First Knight to the Crown of Varrock, Kane Quas Tyrelen." Lysia was more surprised then anything, now being a Lady, when she'd already been a lady before! The Two of them were officially nobility in all three Human kingdoms. Her title was "Lady (Yes, just Lady) Lysia Tyrelen." She includes Danger as her middle name, but that's not official, and Kane won't let her introduce herself as that.

Together, Lysia cares for their growing family of four, and Kane works on harressing the townsfolk for taxes. 'Tis is most favorite career so far, making quite the pretty penny for being intimidating.

The Quest for Kane's Ceremonial Fur Thong.

(( A Roleplay.))

Lysia's face contorted as she'd just about finished hanging the laundry out to dry, Kane's ceremonial fur-thong dangling from her clenched fingers, a disgusted expression overtaking her face. ~I should just throw it out..~ She'd dart her eyes to the lake, wondering if she threw it out far enough, if it'd be lost forever, or wash up on shore. She'd have a lot of explaining to do either way, so with a reluctant heart, she strung it to the line, and walked away. ~Tomorrow...maybe..~ Kane would leer out from one of their many glass windows, his earthy brown eyes watching Lysia with hawk vision as he sat on a wooden chair, embroidered with various cloth patterns, looking far to large for the wooden construction. Kane didn't trust Lysia with that Ceremonial fur thong further then he could throw her, well-...actually-...never mind. Watching her walk away, the imposing, red haired brute would tilt his head back to the table where an ink well, quill, and yellowed parchment lay with the fancy hand writing of a noble printed. He had thought leaving the white knights would have gotten him out of paper work, but -nope- here he was busying over some pointless dribble for the queen and her treasure.

Lysia carried the basket with the already dried clothes back inside, using her back to open the door, and settling it down by the stairway. Her eyes flickered to Kane with a big grin, remembering when she used to help him with his paperwork, and how much hell it was on their fingers. "Y'know, I bet I can still forge your signature just as good as I used to." She'd state, though not offering to help, instead sliding across from him, and folding the laundry over her lap.

Lysia's comment would cause the hulking ginger to grunt in a light chuckle, lifting his gaze away from the parchment, only to curse as he clumsily messed up a sentence he had been writing. "Hell! Aye, bet you can, why don't you come over 'ere and give me a break?" He would retort, crossing out the words that had been ruined, his eyes lingering on Lysia as she started folding laundry.

"If you want to fold laundry, be my guest." She'd offer up a pair of Steele's pants, the knee ripped out. "Ella's been wearing his pants again.." She tutted, as Steele rarely ever got grass on his pants, but Ella had a way of ripping out knees and staining them like it was going out of style.

Outside, If either them were to notice, Three sets of eyes poked over their fence, about ten strides away from the clothing line. Lysia didn't know the faces of the three boys, but Kane might recognize them. He'd been about harassing their families for the last few weeks, and they'd finally decided it was time for some payback.

"Hah! I'll pass, for a second, I thought Steele had started getting manlier, Meh." Kane would quip, clearly not in the mood to do laundry, that wuz 4 women, gosh! No, he was busy doing manly things, like sitting in a chair, which just happened to groan and creak in protest as he leaned forwards to start his sentence a-new, he only had a few more lines and his signature left, then he'd be done for the day.

Sadly, it was not to be, just as he started on the first letter of the sentence, his eyes caught site of something near the fence, his face tensing and creasing as he squinted to make out what he was seeing.

The kids didn't waste any time getting over the fence, each was a young teenager, maybe fifteen or sixteen. One hand a pair of shears under his arm, the other had a bag. The third looked like the most nervous, dancing behind the laundry as they began to pry shirts and pants off, stuffing them in the bag. There eyes went wide as they plucked his ceremonial fur thong off..Looking off to the house, their eyes widening, seeing Kane and Lysia sitting in the window. It paused their laughter, as the one with the shears went to clip the line on one end, most of the clothes still hanging from it, and all three went to cheese it.

Lysia looked up from folding the pants, grinning. "Nope, just Ella-..Did I tell you-..she's been trying to kill the baby ducks...Every time she's out of my sight she wants to murder /something/... I wonder who she gets that from..Hm?" Lysia didn't notice Kane looking out at the boys, just wanting to finish the laundry.

Kane's eyes eyes would widen from their squinted state, his face tensing as he spotted the three boys, his hands, which were now clenching the desk, nearly made a dent in the wood as the vein on his neck started to pulse. "'Ducks-...tha' hell are those boys doing out there!?-...OI! They're stealing our clothes!" Kane's voice would raise to near drill sergeant decibels, as he shoved himself up from his seat, sending the chair skittering backwards into the room. Kane would hurl himself for the door way, intent on dealing with these teenage rabble in the most efficient way possible.

The kids saw Kane stand, and they didn't plan to stick around long enough for him to catch them, jumping over the fence. They were making quite some noise now, yelling and bickering amongst themselves. "RUN! Go!" "My pants caught! My pants are caught!" There was a ripping sound, and the bottom half of his pants was stuck to Kane's fence, and hobbled away, a decent sized cut in his calf, but immediately he went off sprinting with the rest of them. Their fence was unluckily surrounded by a sort of the forest, good cover for the three troublemakers to sprint off into.

Lysia stood up a second later, having winced as he yelled, not expecting that from their quiet home. She'd scramble after Kane, had he started running, she still could manage to keep up with some sort of natural ease. "Wait! What's going on!?"

The in-tempered red haired man would certainly start at a full on dash as he made the back porch, barreling at the boys and their escape over the fence, his arms large arms had already reached out to grab the silly one that had gotten himself caught, only to loose sight of him as he pulled himself free. "Some damn kids just took off with our clothes! That's what, -Woman-! Kane would slow himself as he neared the fence, he knew he couldn't catch him, instead he would take hold of the cloth left behind, and begin to stew.

"Oh-..Kane..don't-.." She'd see his face, knowing he was about to explode, she kept a good distance away, looking off, to watch the boys sprint off, the most nervous one yelling.

"I thought you said he was a bitch cos'?"

"Big sonsa' bitch I meant!"

His cousin would reply, half laughing, but continuing her mad sprint off into the forest.

"Damn it! You better run, ya' bloody scum rats! I'll find your arses, and have your hides for this!" That was the best Kane could come up with as his rage boiled over, his voice causing birds and various forest creatures about. He would start taking in breathes through his nose as he turned around, towards Lysia, throwing the cloth to the ground. "Ya see them! Tha' hell is wrong with kids today?"

Lysia watched Kane scream, her green eyes following the cloth. "This might not be a good time-..But..if we had a dog, we mighta' been able to track them." She'd mutter half under her breath, looking back at the line, the clothes on the ground. But she noticed something vital, blatantly a smile spread across her face. "They got your thong!" She did a little jump for joy, before bursting into laughter. "They got your thong! Hahaha! That's why you're so pissed off. Yes! Finally!"

"A dog!? I a damn mut, pah'! You'd probably have it sitting on a cushion somewhere, eating all my food!" Kane would pace, moving at a hateful speed, before Lysia's words hit him. "M-....Saradomin be damned! They bloody did!" Kane's voice showed no signs of stopping, though he paused in his movement, looking as haughty as ever, he hadn't even caught that his thong had been out there, until now.

"This is all your fault! Why tha' hell did'ja have ta' wash it!? It wasn't dirty, ya' know! I knew a guy that didn't even believe in bathing back at in the barracks, said it made ya' weak! I starten' ta' think he's right." Kane would spout off, continuing his pacing, his knuckles moving into his palms as he continued to stew,he'd find those boys, he'd find his ceremonial thong, and he just might get that dog he had been promising Lysia, though he wouldn't admit that even for all the money in the world. Well, maybe-...Nah'.

"That's why the barracks smelled like balls. And you're too much of a priss to not bath, princess." She'd follow after Kane, grinning all the while as she washed her clothes separately from the kids and Kane's. "They probably left rained last night, the grounds still soppy." She kept easy pace beside him, with an irritating grin. and up beat attitude, she doubt he'd ever get it back.

"Sometimes I wonder why ya' don't just piss off Lysia." Kane would grumble, his arms crossing over his chest as he noticed his wife following right beside him, it midly annoyed him, dipping his head as she mentioned the rain. "Aye, it did, I've tracked worse then three stupid teenagers in the woods. Where my sword!?" Kane would call out, starting with long strides towards the house, it wasn't really a question, since he knew exactly where it was, but he asked the question anyways. He was getting that thong back, if he had to walk around Gilienor twice over.

"Your sword!? They're kids /Kane/." She followed after him eitherway, a cold feeling in her stomach, as she didn't like the idea of him getting his sword to go after a bunch of teenagers. "There parent's will probably make them return them anyway...everyones seen you in your thong enough to know who's it is." She'd take a deep breath, trying to calm that giddy feeling from the idea that she'd never have to see that thong any more. "Can't you leave the sword?"

In the woods, the kids had thought they'd made some distance, panting and leaning against trees, looking around at eachother, disbelieving that they'd done it. They'd shown that prick what happens if he fucks with them. The two boys native burst into laughter, while the nervous one gav ea quiet giggle, looking down at his cut calf, and gulping, He was going to be in some trouble when they got home. He couldn't wait to get out of this town though, hearing the angry Lord yell, and he knew that wouldn't be the end of it.

"Relax, -Woman-, I ain't gonna' use it. Just ta' make 'em soil their skivvies!" He would continue on his way, heading into the house as Lysia kept up with him. He'd turn towards the stairs, he was heading for his private armory, which he had spent more then a pretty penny, even for Kane, having set up. It held all his old things, including his sword and, he'd probably put on the Armadylean armor just to give them an extra scare, taking the first steps up the stairs, still brooding over how he would handle the teenagers once he managed to wrangle them.

How are you going to catch them in /armor/. I know it's a skirt, but /still./" Lysia had her arms crossed over her chest, looking up at him from her unarmored, and danty frame. " Took y'long enough anyway..they're probably halfway to Camelot by now.." His wife wasn't being very supportive, but she didn't want to catch them either way, so what did she care? "What are you going to do, get a horse?"

"Pah! I doubt they've gone that far, an' what do ya' think all this muscles for? Looking good for you? I can bloody damn sprint when I need ta', an' yeah, we got a damn horse." Kane would grunt out, from the top of the stairs, he hardly paid attention to Lysia's less then enthusiastic attitude. He had teenagers to hunt down and scare, and a thong to rescue. It had been ages since he'd been on a quest, and deep down it nearly gave him a twinge of excitement.

"Where are they gonna go? Prolly still in tha' woods thinking they're sneaky, an' if not, I'll ask around tha' village."

" Poor kids better watch out, Commander Pissy Tyrelen's after them." Lysia brushed some of her hair out of her eyes, but she didn't look to be going anywhere, she planned to come. "The woods isn't so big, but there's some pretty dense parts to it..They could still be in there, but I'd be running for the hills if I was them.." Looking out the window, Lysia pursed her lips. "But luckily for you, not everyones as smart as me."

"Aye, they'll be wishing they never set foot on my lawn once I'm done with 'em." Kane would tip his head in a nod, his hand resting on the hilt of his sword, as he walked down the steps, his armor clanking to a happy tune with each step, untill he made it to the bottom. "Don't you have some laundry to fold or something?"

"I can fold it later." She'd state, standing beside him at the base of the staircase. "I want to see how this goes down." She'd give him a bright smile, eyeing him in his armor. They hadn't worn it in a long time, not that she missed it much. Still, they were temple knights, keeping an eye on the ever changing crowns of Ardougne, and making sure nothing too chaotic was to seize the city.

Kane would roll his eyes, the last thing he wanted was Lysia, coming along, but if he didn't have her running her mouth at him when he got back, so for the sake of his balls, he bit cheek and moved towards the door. He'd pause leaning a thick hand on the side, leering out towards the forest where he presumed the stupid teenaged boys were still hiding. "Damn boys, I think I recognized one from one of the farms I just collected taxs from."

Lysia trailed after her husband, as he leaned out the door, she went to slip between him and the doorway, to make her way outside. " Makes sense, you /are/ a big ol' dick to the towns people." She'd state, not being the most supportive of wives, but he could suck it up, she figured. Lysia ran her tongue lightly against her lips, looking back at Kane. "You're getting a horse? Hell, they're gonna' hear you from a mile away. Hope there's a good trail they followed, or your shit out of luck.." Lysia murmured, looking to the forest. She /had/ sorta' taken scout training, and a small portion of that was being able to track. Grinning, she looked back to Kane. "I bet I can find them before you can."

"I neva' said I was taking a damn horse, I know how ta' track idiots, I suppose you might as well make ya' self useful, since you insist on coming. I ain't that bad, townsfolk just like ta' get angry at someone when the city comes knocking for their gold." Kane would rumble off, looking down at his wife before walking towards the fence, his metal Armor clinking with each step, his face slowly hardening as his thoughts moved back to those damn teenagers!

Lysia was light on her feet, walking backwards so she could face her husband. However, she couldn't see when they got close to the fence, stumbling back into mid sentence. "Especially when you practically doubled what the old Lord used to charge, even if he was ready to fall into 'is gra-aaa!" She'd hit the fence, looking about with a bit of embarressment, red flooding her cheeks, before going to instead step in line with her husband, clearing her throat and continueing to talk.

"Grave. They're /still/ going to hear you the second you come within thirty feet of them. All they got to do is climb a tree, and then you're screwed." She'd state, smiling up at him, she however wouldn't be screwed, still able to climb quite well.

Kane's face twitched into a snide grin, watching his wife be herself and bumping into the fence, rolling his eyes once again as she just had to bring up the old lord."Hey, I 'ave a family ta' feed, and appearances ta' keep up." Kane would reach the fence, and nearly effortlessly, swing himself over, he was a baws. "That's what I 'ave you for Love, why else would I bring ya' big Ole mouth along?"

Lysia watched Kane swing over the fence easily. Granted, It was only barely past his waist, for her, it was midway up her belly, and she wasn't known well for her upper body strength. Cussing under her breath she struggled over it, getting her stomach over then summersaulting completely over herself, and landing on the ground with a thud. She should of just used the gate, but that would involve more /walking/. So she picked herself up, rubbing at her back, and looked to her husband. Both eyebrows cast together as she went to walk toward the forest with him. "I don't know, to enjoy my company? Because I said I was going and there's nothing you could of done to stop me either way?"

Kane chuckled to himself as he clinked along after her, planting his left hand on the hilt f his sword, ready to find the pesky teenagers and get his cerimonial fur thong back. "If that's what you want ta' believe, ya' welcome to, now Ya' see any signs of 'em, I know they ran off in this direction."

Lysia shrugged her shoulders as she looked off into the forest, a clear path of trambled leaves and bushes. She raised a slender hand to point toward him, cocking an eyebrow up at her husband as she stepped delicately through the woods. "That count as a sign?"

Kane shrugged, tipping his head in the direction of the most obvious of trails they had left in their mad dash, making a move to walk faster then Lysia, even if he was in heavy armor. He hoped the boys heard his armor, it'd probably scare them more in the first place."Come on then, no point in dilly-dallying, we've got a fur thong ta' save!"

"I hope they burned it by now." Lysia wouldn't let him get infront of her, going to cut infront and keep a quick pace forward, following the trail easily enough as the boys had made no effort to hide it, to concerned with getting away. It wouldn't lead too far, about a mile before it'd open up into a brief clearing.

From several meters away, the two boys sat against the tree, snickering and awaitng their cousin to return from dumping the laundry off in some hole. They both shot up as they heard a loud metallic clank, looking about nervously, the oldest raising his voice. "Davey? That you-...Fuckin' arsehole, if y'trying to scare us it ain't working..quit dickin' 'round, C'mon, we gotta' get home 'fore Ma finds us out." He'd stand, the nervous one twitching a bit and looking from side to side, off to the path where he heard the noise.

Lysia stopped as she heard the boy call out toward them, looking back at Kane, her eyes going wide with a sort of excitement, wondering how her husband planned to deal with this.

Kane's face would have beeds of sweat pouring off it, it was summer after all, and he hadn't been in his armor in years. As Lysia looked back at him, he would stop his heavy gait, running his hand over his forehead and through his sweaty mop of red hair. A sort of sadistic grin crossing his face. After giving Lysia the "shh" sign with his finger over his lips, he'd start moving again, this time continue his metalic gate all the way untill he were visible for the boys, his gauntleted hand coming to rest on the pommel of his sword, spreading his legs wide, which welcomed a -lovely- breath, as he eyed the teenagers from across the clearing. Hoping to let the moment sink in before continuing.

Lysia stepped out of his way, staying quiet and creeping after him. The boys in the clearing were both staring by the time they saw him, both wide eyed and frozen in place, looking at eachother, then to the big armored ginger man, having not expected him to own a set of armor, nor look half as confident wearing it. The nervous one was the first to gain his witt, giving a yell, and going to sprint off into the forest, leaving his cousin for dead, who went to dart forward, and around the tree by Kane. Unluckily for him, he hadn't expected a 5'2" women in his way, just as wide eyed as him as he burst through the trees, tumbling over and onto her. She gave a scream, and pushed him off, the boy flailing and hitting her lightly, confused, and suddenly remorseful because he totally just hit a girl.

"Heyyyyy!" Kane roared as he spotted boys darting off, he watched the one sprint off in the other direction, the other heading right past him, forcing kane to spin and watch as he totally slammed into his wife, taking that momment, to rush over and grab the dimwitted teenager into his grip, pin him to the ground with his arms behind his back like the retired white knight Kane was." Ya' damn kids ain't getting away that easily! Where tha' hell's my Cerimonial Fur thong!?" Kane would bellow out, as he went towards the boy, his neck vien visibly growing larger as he worked himself into a rage, like that was very hard...

"Oooow..." Lysia whined, rubbing at her cheek as he totally smacked her across the face with a half closed fist. She stumbled backwards, sitting on the ground and watching Kane hold the kicking and struggling boy down. He was about sixteen, in that awkward stage where he was more lanky then broad, no match for the grown man as he squeaked and whimpered, shaking his head.

"Ceremonial what now?! Your laundry!? M'brother took y'laundry! He dumped it somewhere, I swears it! Wasn't even my idea to take it! All his idea I jus' came 'long 'cause he asked me too!" The boy pleaded, throwing his brother under the bus easy enough, thinking he was about to get his head lobed of by some enraged Lord. He could get in serious trouble, for stealing from him. He hadn't thought about it, but Kane would have every right given the law, to cut off his hand, if not both of them!

Lysia watched as the boy squirmed and cried, like a lil' bitch, rubbing her jaw, and murmuring.."He hit me..."

"Sit damn still!"Kane would yell with the authority of a police officer. "Right, I'm 'sposed ta' believe ya' brother did all the dirty work and you just meekly came along for the ride!? I used ta' be a stupid teenager once too, ya' know! Damn idiots!" Kane would go to apply more pressure to the boys arm, as he glanced back at Lysia to make sure she wasn't alright, rolling his eyes as she whined, he doubted the kid had down that much damage.

"Ya' alright Lysia?"

"I'm fine...Better then the reaction you gave when that crazy sonsa' bitch broke my nose back in the castle.." She muttered, leaning forward and watching Kane. The kid went still as he commanded him, nodding up and down. "Yeah! Was all 'is idea 'cause he said y'stealin' all the money from 'is pop, and 'bout time someone stole from you." The kid would state, yelping as Kane applied more pressure. " He'll be back if m'cousin don't run into 'um first! I don't know where he put the clothes! We were waiitn' for 'um! He'll be back soon!"

"Aye, ya' better be telling tha' truth...." Kane would state in a lower tone of voice, completely ignoring Lysia. "Here's what I'ma do....You are gonna' go sit out in that clearing, all normal like, an' wait for your brother. When he comes back, you're gonna lead 'em over here, and we're all gonna' have a nice little chat. If you try to run...I will find you, if you try ta' warn him, I will find you. You an' I both know tha' laws around here, Aye?" Kane would say, keeping the same amount of pressure has he had ealier, awaiting a response from the kid.

The boy nodded, his gut flipping at the threats, still squirming a bit beneath Kane's arms as he stared out toward the clearing, wanting to be free, but having the sense not to run off. He didn't doubt the man would find him, he had no where to go but home, and being the Lord of Hemenster, he probably would remember the face. Looking about, he'd take a deep breath, nodding once more. "Yeah-..I'll-..I'll do that-..Jus' don't cut off m'hand...An'..She said castle? Y'from Ardougne?" He figured with the armor, he must of been some sort of knight, the everyday Nobleman couldn't don a chestplate, and a sword and be able to chase after a group of teenagers.

He was a bit curious, wondering who the hell he'd chosen to steal laundry from, he wondered if he used to be a knight to the King, or something of the sort. "Y'use to guard the king?" Noble sons could become knights, maybe he retired or something, though he didn't seem so old 'imself.

Kane would answer with slowly moving off the boy, standing back up to his full height, eyeing the boy like a hawk, in the case he was dumb enough to run off. "Eh? Pah', I ain't ever been a knight O' Ardougne. Servered tha' White Order in Falador, Commanded a regiment." Kane's forehead would crease, he hadn't thought about of that stuff in a while, and he had good reason not to."Anyways! Get your arse off into that clearing, I don't want your stupid brother showing up with out his beloved brother ta' greet him."

The boy paled a bit, as he'd chosen to fuck with probably the only Ex-Commander of the highly revered White Knights of Faladors this side of the White Wolf Mountains. Nodding he hurried, a bit more eager to get out of Kane's reach, moving to the clearing, and sitting down on a rock, both fingers nervously twining, his dark eyes constantly flickering to where Kane was.

Lysia came to stand up behind Kane, cocking her head up at him, and brushing a hand through her blonde hair. Her jaw felt a bit numb, being swollen and the woman's voice was a bit off, "Y'shhhure Shcared him, dear." She pursed her lips once more, at the sound of her own voice, and touched her jaw, a tiny bruise forming, the real damage was the fact that she bit down on the inside of her cheek. "Looksh 'bout ready to pissh 'imshelf."

"Hah! That was tha' plan, what the hell is wrong with your voice? Ya' sound like you have a lisp..." Kane would chuckle as quietly as he droning voice could, which wasn't that quiet. Kane would press himself against a tree, keeping a leery gaze on the nervious lad as he awaited the brother to return. "Keep ya' voice down, Don't want tha brat ta' find out we're here if he comes back."

"What if he comesh thish way?" She'd murmur, blonde eyebrows pressing together as he laughed at her voice, "It'sh 'caushe you didn't defend my honor, and let the kid shlap me crossh the face wid' hish fisht" She looked up to her husband, scolding him for being bad at being a man, and not protecting his wife with every fiber in his very being. She'd forced two more footballs out of her for him! Least he could do is keep teenagers from punching her across the mouth, C'mon now, what are all those muscles for? Apparently not looking good for her, /Or/ defending her.

"Oh, I'm sure even you could take that lanky mess of hormones, don't-....Shhh! I think he's coming, that damn brat better lead him over here, or I'ma' be pissed!"Kane would action for lysia to hush waving his hand up and down, leering out from the cover of the brush. Kane's eyes none to happy as he awaited his pray to fall into his trap.

Lysia quieted, glaring at her husband, he was right, the bushes off to the side of them began to ruffle as a cocky teen stepped through, grinning hugely and holding up his empty hands. " Got rid' of them! They'll never get 'um back from where /I/ put them." He managed to admit to his crime proudly, right infront of the ginger Lord in the bushes. His brother stared at him wide eyed, trying to keep from looking toward Kane, and a cold feeling settling deep in his gut.

"Where'd y'put 'um..?" He'd ask, going to stand, his eyes close to the ground, his voice a little shakey and nervous.

His brother sensed the tension, and cocked his head, stepping easily toward him. " What's wrong Rye? An' I put 'um in an /active/ Goblin cave! Right at the gate, the lil' green shits 'ill have 'um all across Kandarin by the end of tonight! Ha!"

Rye took a deep breath, raising his pale face to his brother, as he totally just screwed the both of them. He thought about running, but maybe he could stilllive if he turned his brother in. Standing up, he went to take his brother tight about the shoulder. Tye was older, about seventeen or eighteen, a cocky grin on his face as his brother went to lead him toward Kane and Lysia, "Look..Tye..."

Kane had heard the whole conversation, his face turning a dark red, as anger swept through his whole being once more, he managed to contain it as the two boys started in his direction, holding back the urge to punch the closest thing to him, which was a poor, innocent, life giving Oak Tree. Oh no, instead he remained still, waiting for the boy to lead in brother into his clutches, he had half a mind to have his hand cut off, his right, just to ruin the rest of his teenagehood, but no even Kane wasn't that bad. He'd scare the boy and find out just where he'd put his clothes.

Tye was built bigger then Rye too, looking back at his younger brother with a dark eyebrow raised, wondering what had him acting all weird as he rounded about the tree, going still as he saw the big, armored, Lord of Hemenster, his wife standing behind him, watching him with a sort of pissed off expression, some of those outfits were Ella's and cute as fuck! The boy, would be more of a fight then his brother, tensing rather then screaming, and narrowing his eyes as he shoved his brother away. "You lil' traitor! I'll fuckin' strangle you!"

"Haha, damn right he is! Kane would lower his head, like a bull preparing to charge, he was a baws, and he knew it. Completely out matching the hotshot teenager, his hand would once more rest for only a split second on the pommel of his sword, before he'd clench his gauntleted fists together."What you think you can take me, ya' little punk?" Kane would glare, taking deliberate steps towards the teenager.

"I'm pissed off as it is, with you idiots stealing ma' clothes, and then I go and hear you threw it to some damn, green skinned goblins? Maybe I'll tax ya' family double next time around, eh?"

“Tye- Don't, he used to be a White Knight!" His brother would call from the side, as his brother tensed, being a testosterone filled man as well, though even he realized he wasn't about to win against a 6'4", fully armored man. He chewed on his lips and eyed Kane, keeping the arrogant look as his eyes flickered down to his gauntlets. He took a step back as he stepped forward.

"What, y'gon' use gauntlets? Fuckin' cheap...kick y'ass eitherway!" He would call out cockily, his brother going wide eyed, even Lysia getting a bit nervous, as she never knew her husband to step down from a challenge, especially one he knew he could win. She tried to step in before they'd have kid missing most of his teeth to explain.

"Hey, Kid. If you want to be able to chew your own food, I'd shut your freakin' mouth before he breaks your jaw." She'd call, being more serious then threatening, but the boy just glared at her, being a real doucher.

"Piss off." He'd say, clenching his own fists and watching Kane, thought mentally he regreted it, and wanted to run for the hills, but his damn ego got in the way.

"Oi! Watch what ya' say at my wife, damn punk! Ya' think I need gauntlets ta' tear you a new hole? Hah!" Kane would growl, his own testoreone reaching mantastic levels. He would fiddle with the clasps on his gauntlets, eyeing the boy with a hateful grown, the sound of chain metal clinking to the ground and he pul both gauntlets off, exposing his fists. He'd show this little brat who's boss, probably end up making his parents life better after all of this, what a kind and generous person the Lord of Hemester was.

"Kane-..He's just a kid-..You can't-.." Lysia would mutter, turning around, and placing herself between Kane and the boy, though she wasn't much of an obstacle. Looking nervously down at his fists, she looked back to the boy, half hoping he'd gain some sense and go running. She would have to spend the rest of the night talking Kane down from marching to his house and settling it on their front lawn either way. It was a new experience for Lysia, Kane usually the more level headed of the two, and often he was the one advising her against stupid things. Now she had to be the adult, and try to keep her husband from beating some eighteen year olds ass. Listening to the boy, she realized how her father must of felt, dealing with a punkass kid all the time.

The kid watched, realizing Kane was serious about this, his stomach twisted into a tight knot, and his balled fists loosened. Taking a deep breath, he puffed out his chest and tightened them once more, being about eight inches shorter then Kane, and seventy pounds lighter. As well as Kane being armored, he'd only have the option to go straight for the face, but he didn't imagine the man to punch much lower then his own throat. He had gotten himself into a real tight situation, but it was too late now to do much more then roll with the punches. "Aww you piss off to, you fuckin' greedy thief, takin' all the peoples money so you can sit on y'lazy arse all day!"

"I damn care if he's a kid, Lysia!" Kane would turn his attention to his wife, he wanted to put the punk in his place, his fingernails digging into his palms as he began to argue with his wife.

At the sound of the boys voice, Kane would turn his stoney bronw gaze back on the kid, his jaw tightened as he prepared to kick the kids arse."Theif!? I'm doing the same damn job that those hoity-toity nobles down in Ardougne would have some other slackjacked dolt doing, for half tha' price(/Riiight/)." Kane would go to push his wife out of the way if she were there, raising his fists in the air, and taking the most manly of fisticuff positions, he'd duke it out like a man with this little douche and shove some respect down his throat.

"C'mon ya' little arse, lets see what'cha made of!"

Lysia would be shoved to the side, crossing her arms and looking up at Kane as he was about to fight with the kid, she didn't much want to see it. Neither did the kid, as Kane came closer, he raised his own fists, going to take a step forward, but a second later, he turned fully around, and sprinted off into the forest. It was the smartest thing he'd done all day, his brother scrambling after him, this time steering clear of Kane and Lysia.

The burly voice would roar out as he started jeering the boys as they ran off, lowering his fists."Hahah, that's right, run back home to ya' parents, I'll make sure ta' let 'em know what ya' little punks did, don't you damn worry!" Kane was an awful person, turning to Lysia, as if expecting her to actually do something. "'Ey', why don'tcha go be useful an' chase after 'em?"

"Want me to fist fight 'um while I'm at it?" She'd reply sarcastically, keeping lazily slouched against a tree as she stared up at Kane. When they met, she wasn't much older then Tye, she realized. " Was I that big of a punkass when we met?" She'd comment, thinking back to her years as a scout, and shaking her head, "Na'...I woulda' actually fist fought you, wouldn't I pissy?" She'd begin to turn toward the path that led back home, expecting Kane to follow, totally hoping to forget his fur thong in the goblin den, and that the whole ordeal would blow over.

"Pah', I knew ya' wouldn't help....You were double as bad as he was, thing is, you have boobs, so it was different." Kane would eye Lysia, particuarlly as she started walking off, he on the other hand would bend down, picking up his gauntlets, and start putting them back on. "An' where do ya' think you're going, eh? Ya' heard the punk, he threw the clothes down some goblin hole...."

"A /goblin hole/. What do you expect to do? Go get them?" She'd turn around in the path, giving him her best sass pose, both hands on her hips, leaning onto one leg and cocking her head in disbelief at him. At first, she thought he was joking, staring at her cheap scat husband..but it only took a couple seconds of hard staring for her to realize he was being serious. Lysia took a deep breath, and reluctantly walked toward him, muttering beneath her breath. "Is it really that important? I don't even got anything to smack 'um with if they get too close.."

"Course it's damn important, I don't give a crap if you didn't bring anything, find a stick or something. That stupid kid couldn't have ran to far off, I watched were he came from...I want those clothes back...." Kane would say, testing the fit of his gauntlets, then heading into the clearing, peering into yet more forest, where the stupid kid had left a pretty visable trail to where they had to go.

Lysia growled as her husband dismissed her like that, picking up a half rotten stick from the ground before scrambling after him. She stuck close, goblins were nasty fuckers if you let them get to close, and being he was the one with the sword, she didn't want to get seperated. "You're crazy, you know that? If you think /I/ was bad for ziplining off the top of the castle, you're insane for going straight up to a goblin cave! You're going to get us both murdered." She whispered from behind him, standing as close as she could without stepping on the back of his heels, and looking off behind her constantly, not liking the idea of being roasted over a goblin fire any more then the next person. Kane shrugged his shoulders at Lysia, He knew what he was doing, and besides, his fur thong was at stake! Without even answering his wife, he'd take his heavy steps into the brush, following the teens path with relitive ease, the signs...and smells of goblin territory slowly errupting into their presence. The signs would only grow in obviousness, untill the two came to an earthen opening. "Ya' smell that? That's goblin crap..." The retired knight would squint into the darkness like the try hard he was. "I ken' sense 'em near."

"...You're kidding me-..right?" Lysia growled from beside him, looking down into the cave before shuddering lightly.She lifted her feet to check and make sure she didn't step in any of the goblin crap, her eyes narrowed. "That's disguisting-..We aren't going in there, /right/?" The fisure's enterance was empty, the small three towed feet of the goblins leading into it, well trampled and marked with odd animal sculls and fragments of cloth. His wife shook her head irritably, staring into the dark hole, praying to any god that might be listening that her husband was sane enough to stay away.

"I can like make you /another/ or something-...It's not that big of a deal!"

"The hell I am, We're going in there an' getting our clothes back! I don't want your damn pity thongs! That was given ta' me by the chief himself, now c'mon!" Kane was still bitter, and he hardly enjoyed going into small tunnells filled with smelly, stupid, -Goblins- himself, but fur thong! "I thought ya' middle name was danger, eh?" Kane would comment snidely, hunching down, the heat, coupled with the increased stench and smoke belching out of the cave, forcing the red haired man to fight his natural desire to retch. He was a battle trained baws, and he was on a mission to get his Cerimonial Fur thong Back!

"My middle name /is/ Danger!" She'd reply, her own ego flaring up as as he challenged her, going to follow in line after him. She didn't even need to hunch over in the cave, carrying the stick over her shoulder and following after him in the crampness, which evantaully gave in to a higher ceiling, the tunnel breaking off into several different ones, some odd glowing fungus being the only light. "It smells like shi-.."

She'd be interupted when a fugly ass goblin poked his head from the darkness, giving a high pitched shriek as he saw two /humans/ in his cave. His eyes darted around, from within the cave, dozens of beady eyed, green skined, creatures began to emerge, each either screaming or pulling a makeshift weapon as they surrounded the humans, some carrying torches and casting a red light over their dirty, half clothed bodies. Lysia's eyes went wide as she practically jumped onto Kane, moving to press her back into him and hold the stick shakily, as they were outnumbered 20 to 2. " Kaaane.." She'd whisper, thinking this might be their last moment, mauled by a horde of goblins.

Kane's stomach crawled at the sound of the goblins shriek, followed by the filing out of the rest of the goblin residents. "Gah', damn it Lysia! Nearly knocked my sword from my hand!" Kane would whisper hoarsely, his body having been jarred ever so slightly, as he went for the pommel of his sword, he'd kill every one of the piles of green snot if he had to. The ringing of metal being pulled from its sheathe, would signal Kane steading himself, tensing his muscles into a defensive position. "This is why I brought armor, and a -sword-." Kane would comment snidely, his stoney gaze never leaving the surrounding goblins.

The goblins stumbled back as he drew his sword, knowing well what one of those meant. They stared up at him, more confused then vicious. Lysia looked at them all, with a terrirfied expression as they murmured amongst themselves, none moving forward as more of their numbers began to multiply. "Well I don't have anything-.." His wife commented, in an old dress, and holding a rotten hunk of wood. She might be able to stand one goblin, but beyond that she was screwed.

Briefly, the goblin discussed amongst themselves, snorting and grunting as most of their most /sophisicated/ language was made of such, before a speaker was chosen, and pushed toward Kane. With a high pitched, nasally voice, he spoke in broken common, staring up at the red headed knight looking ready to scurry back with the rest, "What human want?"

Kane would raise his chin high, he was born and raise a noble, and he had the ego to uphold the family pride. His sword would lower ever so slightly, letting his eyes fall on the speaker goblin. "I want my damn fur thong back!" Kane would state firmly, and well....plainly, being completely serious, as he kept his firm footing, half expectig the stupid buggers to start attacking because everyone knew goblins were mindless beasts...duh!

The goblin stared at him, a gnarled hand raising to scratch as his bald head, thinking the words over, "Fur...thong?" He didn't understand a word, looking back at the masses of other goblins, who shrugged and grunted amongst themselves, trying to figure out what he was talking about. The speaker turned back toward him after a couple minutes debating it, and shrugged. "No Fur thong...What Fur thong?" He looked toward Kane, disregarding the green eyed woman at his elbow, constantly looking back at his brethren who surged closer every chance they got

. "....." Kane should have known better then to expec the goblins to know what he was blathering on about, but-...he was Kane. "Damn' clothes! Some damn teenagers threw some clothes in ya' smelly hole, an' I want 'em back!" Kane nearly ruptured a vein as he went on, his eyes carefully watching the goblins, sweat forming under his sword hand. "Don't ya' damn goblins wear underwear? It's like that!"

"Oooooooooooh, cloothes!" The goblins all nodded in agreement, understanding what he was talking about. If he looked amongst them, some were already wearing their clothes, Ella and Steele's clothing fitting them well enough. One had a pair of underwear atop his head, his pointed ears poking out from the leg holes. But none had his fur thong. "Goblins have clothes!" He smiled, nodding proudly toward the rest of them....confused by his last he put /two/ words he understood together. "Under..wear.." To prove that he /didn't/ the Goblin lifted up his long shirt, Lysia closing her eyes as shaking her head.


"Hell, looks like all those jokes were true..." Kane comment drly, as the goblin showed himself to the two."Put ya damn wanker away, -My- clothes! Like those!" Kane would point to the goblin with underwear on his head. "Clothes like that, wiiithh, Fur...animal hide.." Kane would add emphasis in awful places, trying to get his point across, gesturing wildly, and hilariously as he tried to get the goblins to understand.

"....Oooooh! /Hat/ you mean! Fur Hat? King of Goblin has Fur hat!" He finally understood, nodding, all the other Goblin's 'Ooooh'ing right along with him as they nodded and smiled the entire time. "She won't give back. You has to /take/ it." Around him, the goblins snickered, as if this was something hilarious about the idea of him taking the Fur Hat back from their King.

"She?" Lysia whispered toward Kane, looking around in the darkness and still clinging to his side. "I thought they said their King.."

Kane's face sort of blanched as he contimplated the situation, he should have punched that kid in the face when he had the chance. "....She, right...Who has the damn 'Hat' an' where can I get it back?" Kane really couldn't care care less for any of this, but he had to play along until he spotted his fur thong.

At the same time, Kane would go to elbow Lysia, wanting her to simply shut up so he could hear the broken sentences of the snot faced runts.

Lysia growled as Kane elbowed her, going to draw an arm and punch him back, but stopping, reminding herself he was fully armored. ~You win this one /Kane/.~ It was a close call for Lysia, who'd of broken her fist probably, not that she had a particularly strong swinging arm. But she didn't have notorious luck either.

The Goblins nodded, beginning to clap and grin as they looked at Kane, the ones behind him surging forward and moving to push and prod at him. Lysia eeped loudly, instead of punching her husband going to cling onto him again as she too was pushed at Goblins, the ones in front of them parting down a certain, dark, path, and going to lead the two toward their King.

The caves would be long, water dripping from the ceiling and running down the walls. Soon, there would be torches lighting the way as they approached a massive main chamber, filled with more green skinned vermin. A massive table, made up of many smaller tables, one looking suspiciously like the one that was stolen from their house in Hemenster. Though there was no time to dwindle observing the table as possibly the largest goblin known to man stood at the end of the hall, snorting on fiendish laughter, and with Kane's ceremonial fur thong right over her greasy, pig tailed, head. Yes, it was a woman..A fat, broad, pig faced woman. But a woman indeed! She had over her chest a half assembled breast plate, meant for a man of Kane's stature, but being too small for her. She had an assortment of metal platings covering odd places of her body, large skins of animals covering the rest. Across her chest, a beaded strand of sculls, off all assortments. Birds, deer, and frighteningly, a human scull dangled, jawless and black eyes staring off into oblivion.

She looked up as her many goblin minions brought the two in, grunting in a most manly of fashions, and looking as the goblin speaker came forward, seeming to know what she was asking before she had to think the words.

"King! Human want fur hat! He say his!" The goblin stated, pointing toward the burly red head and his terrified wife, who was beginning to breath heavy through the stench, staring up at the goblin King.

"Hat Mine. He fight me for hat!" She'd growl, dismissing the speaker with a swat of her beefy hands, and standing. With another grunt, she pulled out a brutish club from leaning against the table, sharp objects stabbed through it, her beady black eyes so deeply set into her green scull, she barely seemed to be looking at Kane as she glared from across the room. "Fight human!"

Kane's breathing also, grew heavier as the sight of the goblin 'king' drew into focus. "By tha' gods-...the hell is that thing!? That ken't be a damn goblin!" His voice would come out in a strained whisper to Lysia, he had not counted on this, if any he expected some runty goblin leader that had figured out how dumb his kin were and tricked them into leading them.

Instead, Kane was standing before a goblin nearly his size and girth, and secretly, deep...deep, deeper...wayy downnn deep, he was just slightly fearful of his life. "Oi! That's ma' Ceremonial fur thong, if ya' be wanting ta' fight me for, it, then I damn will carve ya' arse with ma' blade!" Kane's voice would rise from a near choke, which he hoped none had noticed, building in momentum until echoed defiantly across the cavern.

The goblin burst into a deep rumble of laughter, the goblins about her too laughing as they began to clear the floor, climbing on tables and chairs to enjoy the view. The speaker stayed in the middle of the floor, twiddling his fingers, and looking to the King. "This mean I favorite?" He'd ask hopefully, all the other male goblins snorting and booing from the tables.

The Goblin queen grinned her yellow, sharp teeth down at the goblin man, who brightened a bit by that. " You near top!" She decided, the goblin nearly leaping for joy as they were all competing for the honor of bedding this fine beauty. He then scurried off as the Goblin queen regarded Kane cruelly. "Human fight? Too easy! Small human fight /too/. " She glared at Lysia who gave a startled look back, looking up to Kane, and letting her hollow piece of dead wood tumble to the floor, the goblins cackling about them as that was the oldest trick in the book! Make /Both/ human fight, Hilarious!

"Kaaaane." She'd whimper up toward her husband, both eyes wide as she hadn't done anything close to fighting since she kicked Hera's ass. Which she'd been a total boss at, mind you. She looked toward the goblin King, and spoke finally toward her. "I can't fight, it wouldn't be fair, I don't have a weapon!" She'd smile, thinking this might get her out of it before the brutish creature nodded her meaty head to the side, and one of the goblins scurried out and dropped a flail look device at her feet. "Oh...Shit.." Lysia muttered, having been given a weapon, she went to lift it, grunting as the weighted end dragged to the ground, barely able to get the ball up. "Kane..please tell me this is easy to use.."

Kane's eyes slid from side to side as the goblins scurried for the spectacle that was a bout to unfold. As the goblin messenger questioned the King, Kane slid his feet into an offensive stance, both hands gripping his blade in a hand-and a-half stance, his eyes falling on Goblin Female, though Lysia' ruined that focus just as quickly as he had come. His stony gaze slide to Lysia, and the flail that had been thrust at her feet, releasing a sigh as she quizzed him on the weapon.

"'Course they'd give -you- a where ya' damn swing that thing, it's easy ta' hit ya' self with it!" He would chide to his wife, whom he had little faith in being much use in the very real fight for their life that was coming up.

Lysia looked up at him, stumbling to keep it up, as the goblin King busied herself cracking every bone in her body, a disgusting display as she hefted up her club, grinning madly at the two humans, a large stone being pushed by a whole score of goblin in front of the doorway, so they didn't go running.

"So pretty much-..ditch the flail and stay out of the way?" She'd murmur up to her husband, dancing around, she could manage that, being light on her feet. "Did you bring like a dagg-..Just keep it..I'm just going to try and keep my careful..By the gods-.." Lysia felt her throat swell up as she realized the gravity of the situation, but taking a deep breath, she readied herself, figuring she could at least outrun a big clumsy thing. The Goblin King nodded as she stood up, at her full height, she was at least a full foot taller then Kane. "I ready!" She'd state, and without further warning, give a tremendous war cry, charging full on toward Kane, roaring the whole way as she hefted up her large spiked club, and went to bring it down toward him.

Kane had little time to respond to Lysia, his attention turning back to the goblin queen, doing nothing more then tip his head at what could be likely be considered a "yes", fortunatly for Kane, he still kept up with his daily workouts. As the goblin queen came charging at him, what a sight that was, Kane went to veer to his right, and thrust forwards towards the Goblin queens stomach, both hands adding to the force of the Assault.

" Damn green wench, I'm got twins ta' raise!" He would roar, his only battle cry as he launched his assult.

The Goblin king grunted as she swung her club into the ground, his sword making a metallic ring as it bounced off the metal covering her stomach, slidding off it and knicking the metal. But the thick skin beneath it was fine. Lysia on the other hand, took the more heroic method of getting the fuck out of there, scrambling to the side and making her way about the room to keep her distance from the Goblin king, a few spectators jeering and yelling as Kane evaded her attack. The goblin king let one hand release the club as she went to bring an oversized, meaty hand and backhand Kane. The other worked at pulling the spiked club free of the ground, a loud growl ripping her lips.

Kane smirked for nearly a second, before the greasy hand of the goblin King, sent the 6'4, red headed brute sprawling across the dirt floor of the cavern, his blade clinking to the ground a foot or two from his hands, a line of blood snaking a river down his chin, as he tried to gather the air back in his lunges. After a moment he'd push himself onto his hands and knee's shooting a quick glance at the Goblin King, before going to half hobble, half stumble his feet, and grab for his sword.

Lysia gasped as Kane was thrown across the room, giving the King plenty of time to pull up her club, and begin her long walk toward him, laughing the entire time as she went to raise her club up. She paused as a rock hit her upset the head. A green eyed woman looking about ready to piss herself as the creatures attention span faded, and she turned toward her. Grunting, she began to saunter toward Lysia and get rid of one destraction first. Lysia however, ran, screaming bloody murder, across the room as the goblin chased after her. "No run! No run! Cheater!" She yelled, unable to truly keep up with all her armored, and the heavy club. She totally had forgoten about Kane, who Lysia was counting on to keep her from getting smashed to bits.


The window Lysia provided was more then enough for Kane to Gather his wits, Scanning the large Cavern as he grabbed his barrings, Lysia's Screaming envoked, that manly, sorta', husbandy side of him. His grip tightening on his sword, as he released a mantastic battle roar to rival that of a dwarf. Charging for the back of the goblin 'King', raise his blade high as he neared the hulking green Goblin.

"Damn it, Lysiaaaaa!"

This didn't stop his wife from flailing and screaming as she sprinted around, the goblin chasing after her with all the grace of a handicapped toddler. The goblin paid him no mind as she continued after his wife, who was nearing the bouldered off part of the cavern, and having little room to turn, so she skidded to a halt, and hoped for the best. The goblin King however, also stopped, laughing too soon as she held her club over her beafy shoulder. Kane had a clear shot at her back, unprotected by anything as she thought herself too clever to let her foe get behind her. "Human scream funny. Again!" Lysia blinked, as she turned to face the sizable goblin, having plenty of scream left and the goblin heaved with laughter.

" I crush, not kill, so you scream longer!" She said, delighted, as if she was rewarding Lysia with the prospect of a slow, painful death and suffering. The woman paled even more as her stomach tied in the knot, the goblin preparing to raise her club up.

Kane had hoped that the stupid beast wouldn't turn, though grabbing her attention had been the orignal plan. In a split second, never slowing his gait, kane dashed, and then lept towards the back of the goblin King, His left going to wrap around the neck of the goblin, his right hand having expertly, manuvered the sword in his hand, into an underhanned grip, all the better to ram into the flesh of the goblins shoulder and back.

"Get away from my wife, ya' bloody goblin wench!" Kane would once again roar, he wasn't the best at making one liners, like he cared, he was Kane Quas Tyrelen, and he has Twins to raise!

The Goblin King have a deafening scream of her own, a horrid sound, ear splitting as blood gushed from the wound and down her back, probably staining Kane's armor as she bucked and tried to throw him off. Her club fell to the ground once more and her hand viciously beat back at him, having a sword lodged through her shoulder, leaving her main arm dead, limp at her side. In remorse, the goblin king fought with her other long nailed, beefy hand. She screamed all the while, the goblins around them raising, staring with wide bulging eyes as their queen was injured.

Kane's ears felt like they were near read to pop at the resound of the goblins horrendous shriek, though he knew what was to come next, and held tighter to the goblins neck, going to swing more towards the side of the dead arm, hopefully making it that much harder to reach for that hideous long nailed Hand.

"Lysia!" Kane would shout through grunts as he tussled with the shrieking goblin King. "Get-...ah'..! Get tha' da-...Get tha' Flail an-!!!" Kane's words would continue to be cut off, as he went to grab the hilt of the blade he had burried in the goblins arm, and pull it out for another stab at the place betweent the goblins neck and chest.

Lysia was stunned for a second, blood splattering across her face as her husband stabbed the goblin, being flung around on her back. She acted without really thinking, adrenaline pumping behind her ears and fueling her for action as she sprinted across the room, and hefted up the flail with little resistance this time, her husband needed her, and she couldn't leave him for dead on the back of that creature. She hurried back, the King screaming even more as his blade slid out, feeling her blood hot, and fighting for survival, but she couldn't shake him free. His blade stuck deep into her chest, another scream ripping past her ears, all this over a /thong/ was too much. But the creature was obviously weakened now, by the time Lysia returned, her eyes wide at her husband for what he wanted the flail for. She figured /he/ wanted to use it!

By this time, Kane himself was drenched in blood, the beautiful Aradmylian metal work, dripping with drop of the goblins thick blood. "Just die already, ya' damn goblin!" Kane's voice, now hoarse would continue to shout, as he continued to fight to stay out of harms way, and on the weakening goblin King.

"Lysia! Did ya' get that damn-...flail yet!??!? Break its knee's or something, Gods be damned, ya' bloody helpless, ya' are WOMAN!" Kane's voice would shout out, he had no idea where his wife was, because -He- was busy, you know, fighting to keep his numbing arm around the thick neck of the reeking goblin King, as it tried to pull him off like an insect and step on him.

A beacon of feminist fire alit in the woman, Lysia was /almost/ offended by that. But once looking at the goblin that was practically twice her size, she realized Kane was damn right she was bloody helpless! But either way, she'd take a deep breath, and go to swing the flail like one might swing a bat, the round end of the ball extending and dragging the woman along with the force, but the chain did hit into the Goblins thighs, crushing into the metal and bending it, as well as her bones. She heaved forward with a final cry, Lysia brought to her own knees, to find five hundred pounds of fat and muscle thrown on top of her, along with an extra two hundred of her husband as she grunted, halfway squished under the bloody mess of a goblin queen. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

FINALLY! Lysia did something -Useful-, unfortunately for Kane, this sent him crashing into the bloody mass of greasy, green skin. Sending a dust cloud high into the dusty cavern, whose floor, only the gods knew was covered in.

"Warhhhh!" He yelled, adding to the weight of the goblin before rolling off the green form and once again sprawling onto the ground, which this time was a pool of goblin blood and dirt...oh how much fun he would have cleaning his armor later.

Lysia kicked her feet, breathing heavily as she was trapped under the goblin, blood soaking her once /almost/ pristine dress. It used to be completely clean before Marshal threw up on it, or Ella spoon catapulted a meatball onto it, or Steele rubbed his snotty nose on it. Oh the joys of children! Now it was blood soaked, and she was trapped under a goblin.

All around, the goblins gathered, breathing heavily and staring at the two with their beady eyes. One might think there was tension in the air, but then, the speaker stood from now where, and yelled. "Human! New Queen of the goblin!" They all looked amongst each other, before shrugging, and raising their hands to Kane, chanting. "Huuman! Queen of goblins! Human Queen of goblins!" They rushed forward in their masses to go and /lift/ him from the ground, and above themselves, their proclaimed king, chanting and going to pass him about.

Kane hardly had a chance to move, if he even could, his body ached from what had just occurred, though he did manage to let out a quick. "Ah' by tha' damn gods...what did I do ta' deserve this!" As he was hefted up by the goblins, his eyes looking back at the head of the dead goblin "king" which held his fur thong still atop its head, and of course, Lysia who was still buried underneath it."

The goblins went about retrieving his wife, and more importantly, his thong off of the old King's head. Hefting up Lysia, they carried her toward Kane, her blonde hair stained with blood, eyes wide and frightened as she looked about. Somehow, someone tried to pull the thong over his head as well, as a crown, continuing their chanting until they lead Kane to a throne like chair at the table, and went to dump his clumsily into it. Lysia would just be dropped on the ground, rubbing at her head.

And then, something beautiful happened...The goblins pushed out a keg of beer, and hefted it up onto the table before Kane, to toast to the Queen, huzzah!

Kane was dazed and bloody as he now sat on what ever gods awful place was now his throne. With glazed eyes flicked to where Lysia was now plopped on the ground, he hardly even noticed the thong now atop his head. It would be hard for even his own mother to recognize the Lord of Hemester, his face covered in black dirt, and blood.

Nearly swollen from the battering he had taken, his armor fared no better, covered in the same dirt and blood, it's once reflective surfaces, now dulled and grungy. At the sight of the Keg, everything seemed to brighten, was that his table form years ago? Kane hadn't the strength to care, was that one of his bear kegs, he had hidden in one of the sheds on the estate earlier this month, Kane didn't have the energy to care, Either.

All that mattered is his wife was alive, he had his Fur Thong back, and there was Beer, BEER!

"Move Over.." Lysia whispered, having crashed just as he had, but hadn't brightened at the sight of beer. She tried to climb into the throne like chair with him, the others all occupied by shit smelling goblins. They grinned at Kane, seeing as he was pleased with their offering, one of the more 'clean' goblins cracked open the top, and dipped a glass mug in, setting it down before Kane, and dipping another in, and giving in to Lysia. The rest of them passed around mugs of cheaper liquors, and they began to conversate amongst themselves and their new glorious Queen.

The goblins seemed almost civilized, except for the whole, half naked part. Scurry from the benches, would be the speaker goblin, cocking his head up at Kane, he'd ask the same question he'd asked the Queen. "Me favorite?"

3 Doors Down When Im Gone Lyrics

3 Doors Down When Im Gone Lyrics

Lysia's Song


Standing at 5’2”, Lysia is built too much like her mother, and lacking in her fathers. Her shoulders a slender, her arms lanky, but with long legs, being an excellent sprinter, and runner all together. Having been married to Kane for just over six years now, the woman had grown up in maturity, as well as in her appearance. She has an older look to her, a young adult at twenty-five, she's still willowly and thing, but the roundness in her face was less prominent, and a more expeirenced looked comsumed her instead of the childish, lost look she used to have. A mother of two could stress anyone out, especially with children that fought as often as day battles night. She'd be used to it though, and expected the children to get in a little brawl every once and a while. She still holds the youthful look in her eyes, an innocence. Her hair once forced to be cut short, was now long, curling and wavey down her back. She kept it either up, or down, taking good care of it, having a bond with her hair. Both brows were subtle, and her face was softly angled, and was soft spoke. Though she stilled had a firey tongue of the devil, light colored lips, and a very feminine appearance wouldn't suggest that at all. As a mother, she carries no weapons, though her bow does lay in the back of her wardrobe, with her Scout Uniform. Rarely would she ever used that, prefering the dresses and warm fabrics for winter.


She likes to voice her opinion, mature enough to want to be viewed as an equal, an adult, but still acts young enough to not yet grasp that full respect. She isn’t disrespectful, just not stoic, and willing to take blame for something she didn’t do just to make stuff easier. She’ll argue for hours if she knows she right, and won’t drop something partially. This is a driving force behind most her actions, leaving her a very determined individual, and also as stubborn, and headstrong, as her father. She is also very playful, having a quirky personality most of the time.


Lysia's been popping out children like theres no tomorrow. Now she has four children, Steele, Ella, Scout, and Marshall. In exchange for the twins, Kane owes her a puppy.

Hilarious Shenenigans

Too many to count. Here's a list of things she wants to do if she ever is called to a meeting in Ardougne! She wrote this ic'ly, but in first person!

1. Refer to Lucas as General sausage nipples

2. Draw pictures of her hanging herself.

3. Whisper to Kane.

4. Draw nudes of Kane.

5. Eat food.

6. Fake going into labor to get out.

7. Annoy Kane to leave because of Boredom

8. Poke Kane in the ear.

9. Fall asleep.

10. Fart, and make a big scene blaming Kane.

11. Get in a fight with Kane.

12. Swear to make it the worst day of his life.

13. Kane disregards her.

14. Annoy Kane until he acknowledges her again.

15. Crawl under th table, apparently, there was a bronze beneath it.

16. Flip a chair over on accident.

17. Be extremely loud and cough while someoens talking.

18. Fall out of her chair.

19. Lure Kane away from meeting with prospect of sex.

20. Threat to rip Lucas's balls off.

21. Call people very offensive things, like gaytarded.

22. Use the word bitchin' to describe everything.

23. Give a long speech about nothing in-paricular.

24. Cry .

25. Attempt to flip the table over

26. Fail.

27. Rage storm out.

28. Call Kane Lord firecrotch.

29. Complain about how she's lactation.

30. Get thrown out.


  • Lysia, is in E/lysia/n...For Tiberious 'tis not very creative.
  • She birthed her first child resently, Steele Vincent Tyrelen.
  • Haha! He's now Seven! And has a little sister, Ella May Tyrelen, who's five!
  • Lysia is a decent artist, with drawing, her though alot of what she does draw was from when she was little, or just joking, her better works often detail events that have happened to her.

    Ella May Tyrelen

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