Luka Praven
Luka Waters1
"My whole life I've served light, only to be kept in the dark. Now, I learn I am dark. How am I supposed to accept that?"

Date of Birth

Wintumber 26th (December 21st)

Place of Birth





Werewolf (1/4 Human)


Luka Waters (birth name)
Brother Luka (formerly)


Former Monk
Unemployed Traveller


Alive and Active


Traditional Saradominism Saradomin star


Lawful Good

Current Residence

Canifis, Morytania

"There's nothing to hold me back, now. I can do whatever I want."

–Luka, to Dagobert

Luka Praven, once known as Luka Waters, is a young travelling werewolf trying to understand the world around him and his place within it.

The child of the rogue werewolf merchant Rebekah Ivailo and half-werewolf Garrett Praven, Luka was conceived during a brief romance-less affair of the two - living within the Camelot area at the time - in an attempt to progenate and increase the low birthrate of their species.  After the unfortunate loss of his mother in childbirth, Luka was raised by the monks of Entrana and Ardougne Monastery kept unaware of his race and heritage through various means. It was only upon the loss of his Wolfsbane amulet and discovery of his race that Luka has begun to question his life and the world.

Through his recent travels and revelations about his family, Luka has chosen to settle - for now - around Canifis seeking to help those in need.

He is played by Jim.


Facial Appearance

Eye Colour

Rosewood red, with black sclera

Hair Colour

Raven black

Hair Length



5'10 (Still growing)


140 lbs

Skin Complexion

Slightly tanned

Notable Traits

Cleft chin
Long, thin scar on right side of abdomin

Age Appearance

Looks seventeen

Luka hosts a diamond shaped face, with a strong jaw and notable cleft chin which is kept clean shaven. Short raven black hair sits atop his head. His hollow cheeks frame his face and cause his cheekbones to appear more prominent. With a straight nose and thin pale lips, they conceal a set of white teeth more canine in appearance than human and sharper. Luka's eyes are like that of all werewolves with black sclera and red irises. Though the red of his eyes are a dark rosewood, inherited from his mother.

Bodily Appearance

Still growing, Luka stands to 5'10 with a lanky and gangly build with broad shoulders. Only now has his body started to fill out and muscle is beginning to define itself. Compared to others of his race his complexion is darker and he hosts no visible scars or blemishes except a thin long scar on the right side of his waist.

Once, Luka's wardrobe consisted of nothing but brown woollen monk robes but now he prefers and is often seen in darker colours of pants, shirts and vests.


Raised by monks, Luka is a kind-hearted, well-mannered young man who often seeks to see the positives in everything. He is respectful to all, particularly elders and is loyal to those who gain his trust. He has a love for life and enjoys the simple things such as a cool breeze on a hot day, a sunset or the stars of a clear night sky. Humble, Luka is not one to blow his own horn or describe himself as the best in any of what talents he has.

After discovering he was a werewolf, Luka has begun to experience the darker sides of life such as living in Morytania, exposure to creatures such as his own race and vampyres. This has caused a dampener on his emotions particularly subjecting Luka to frequent bursts of anger or depression. He now questions the trust of many in his life after the monks kept his heritage from him, even though he understands it was to protect him. His view of Saradomin has also been affected, he is still devout but feels he can no longer serve him since he is a creature of Zamorak.

Skills and Traits

Werewolf physiology

As a werewolf, Luka is subject to both the traditonal strengths and weaknesses of the race. He is far stronger and faster than a regular human when he shifts into his wolf form and possesses above human strength in human form. His sense of smell and hearing are enhanced in human form and even so greater in wolf form. In wolf form, his hide is thick and able to repel weaker metals with ease.

As he is still unblooded, Luka is not affected by holy blessings or the Salve barrier, though the enchantment from a wolfbane dagger still affects him.


Growing up under the tutelage of monks, Luka is a skilled healer. Whilst unable to use magic, he is able to identify and treat wounds from small cuts and burns up to bone breaks and stab wounds.


Luka has moderate knowledge in the use of potions in both medicinal uses and other purposes.

Culinary Art

Somewhat ironically, despite not being able to consume most kinds of foods, Luka has a deep passion for cooking various cuisines of different cultures and continually seeks to improve his knowledge.


Growing up, this was Luka's primary study amongst the monks. He has a fascination for the understanding and development of languages both spoken and written.

Language Written Spoken
Common Fluent Fluent
Kharidian Fluent Fluent
Fremennik Fluent Moderate
Canic Beginner



For an in-character look at Luka's thoughts of each individual, see his journal.


  • Rebekah Ivailo - Mother, deceased
  • Garrett Praven - Father, recently acknowledged one another, distant/forming bond.
  • Kolya Praven - Half-Brother, met once, distant.


  • Dagobert Merovich - Best friend, sibling-like relationship


  • Wade Praven - Acquaintances, on civil terms.
  • Rae - Acquaintances, friendly to one anothr.
  • Noro - Acquaintances, Noro was the first one to show kindness to Luka.
  • Aedan Cinderhill - Acquaintances.
  • Garlan Dayne - Acquaintances.



Luka's birth was both a premature and unlikely one. Conceived in Camelot to rogue werewolf Rebekah Ivailo & half-werewolf Garrett Praven, his parents relationship was a brief romance-less affair in order to increase the number of their race.

Rebekah left Catherby for Sarim in the later stages of pregnancy in hopes of returning home to Varrock before she would go into labour. A few days into the ship's journey, one of the storms was particularly vicious and the waves shot the ship into the the rocks that surrounded Crandor.

The ship was destroyed and the crew lost except for the heavily pregnant who washed onto Entrana shores afloat a stray piece of debris from the ship a short time later. Her time on the island was short due to illness, shock and a premature labour. Luka was delivered by some of the monks who looked past Rebakah's heritage, though she passed away shortly after though not before naming her son, Luka.

There was talk amongst the monks of how to handle this child. He was a werewolf, a race of Zamorak. Yet, he was an innocent child without a mother to raise him. Against some of their better judgement a decision was made to work to conceal Luka's true identity and heritage from him and raise him as human as possible.

A series of intricate plans and lies were made to make the story as believable as possible to both Luka and to the rest of the world. Thus, Luka was born with an unknown sickness. In truth this was caused by the silver amulet he was always made to wear, it held a weak Wolfsbane enchantment to prevent him from ever shifting or accessing his senses. His feeding of bread and vegetables with the occasional meat also contributed to his sickness.

Growing up, Luka was informed he also had haemophilia and was not allowed to be in any situation where he could cut himself. This was to hide his pungent black blood. Finally, to hide his eye colour a 'medicine' was developed for him to have them appear as a dark grey.


Despite all the lies and sickness, Luka grew up on Entrana and lived a happy life. From a young age he adapted a monastic life-style taught to worship and pray to Saradomin and studied as they did. Luka excelled at languages and medicine.

At the age of nine he was moved to Ardougne Monastery for his own protection due to fears of his exposure. Here he gained a fascination for the Ardougnan culture and cuisine, though no food ever sated him he became something of a good cook, always practising different recipes and dishes.

The Adventure Begins

A few months after his fourteenth birthday, Luka once moved from Ardougne Monastery this time set for Edgeville Monastery. Arriving at Port Sarim he befriended a young man (NAME) and the two became travelling partners as well as meeting another two travellers - Julian Grey,  a prince of Asgarnia at the time and Eios, a Druid. The group ventured together briefly before Luka returned to his monastic life at Edgeville.

One day, Luka was out gathering herbs in the nearby foothills when he was attacked and knocked unconscious by a Kinshra raiding party. A young squire - Garlan Dayne - on his way to Varrock, to request a sword for the King of Asgarnia, found and accompanied Luka back to the monastery. After a meal and a well deserved rest, the two ventured through Varrock where Garlan got the sword and then onwards to Luka's destination, Paterdomus. Two Kinshra riders attacked them though Garlan quickly disposed of them. At the temple, Garlan got the blessed in the Salve and bid farewell and left on his journey once more.

Luka adapted to life in Paterdomus for the next two years, taking a particular fascination in the history of Morytania which forever loomed beyond the protective river. He also formed a close bond and friendship with Dagobert, a long-standing monk of the Order of Paterdomus. Dagobert came to care for Luka, acting much like an older brother for him.

Swoblin Menace

With permission, Luka was allowed to cross the Salve to fetch nearby plants and herbs which the monks used in their studies but told to venture no further. He did so, until he was attacked and chased by a stray Ghoul. The ghoul was vanquished by traveller, Aedan Cinderhill. The approach of a werewolf who had followed Aedan found the two stranded and Aedan took down the wolf with a well placed arrow to the chest.

Aedan fled into the temple at the sudden appearance of a strange aquatic goblin, wearing a shark's head as a helmet a swoblin (swamp goblin). Sharktoof approached Luka and despite the boy's attempts to flee he found the door to the temple locked. Before he could react he was knocked unconscious and his precious amulet stolen.When Luka awoke, he was back in the temple and on his bed.

The next few days passed and Luka noted a strange difference in his general health. He felt stronger, no longer suffering headaches or dizzy spells but when he mentioned this to any monk they simply dismissed him.


An earthquake struck the eastern side of Misthalin and caused various landslides and fissures to open. Luka and Dagobert had been venturing the mountain paths in search of herbs when the earthquake struck and plunged them into an open fissure.

Luka awoke within a series of tunnels and caverns and a deep cut in his right side whilst Dagobert's right arm was crushed by a rock. They were saved thanks to the efforts of zeros Eldling & Wade Praven, two others who had fallen into the caverns. 

As he was pulled from the rubble, Luka noted an odd smell, it came from his wound and the blood from it was black. He began to panic, especially as it was revealed by Eris and Wade that he was a werewolf. 

He refused to accept the situation even as Eris waved her Wolfsbane dagger over him and weakened him.. 

His wound was treated by Wade and as they were about to leave, disaster struck. An emotional response triggered Luka to shift for the first time into his wolf form. He was angry, confused and scared. Just as Eris was about to plunge her dagger into him, Dagobert stepped forward and broke his long-term vow of silence, pushing Eris aside to save the young man's life. Afraid, Luka ran away, through the caves in search of freedom and safety.


After escaping through a crack in a wall and tumbling down a cliff face, Luka found himself in the one place he dreaded to be; Morytania. Days passed and he wasn't able to shift back, the land was bleak, dark, cool and humid and as starvation kicked him he forced himself to kill a few passing giant swamp snails and feast on them.

Stumbling into what he perceived to be a trading town, he finally shifted back at the sense of relief and stumbled into the nearest building wet, muddy and his robes ragged. Help came in the form of a werewolf named Rae, who whilst calming Luka down and tending his now infected wound, explained the situation to him and where he was. Luka was in a state of disbelief that he had been lied to his entire life and refused to accept it. Wade's confirmation only served to upset him more. He sat alone in the corner until he was approached by a traveller named Noro. Noro spoke to Luka and upon learning of his situation bought him a drink and took him to a clothing store where Luka discarded his robes in favour of something more casual. Noro handed him a single steel dagger and told him it would be wise to keep it.

Luka slept for a night in one of the rooms of the Tavern, a restless sleep as his thoughts came back to haunt him and witnessing the hanging of a man in the centre of town the next day, Luka was horrified and his mind was made up; he had to leave.

Brush with Destiny

On the path out of Canifis, once more he was distracted by his thoughts and he bumped into a werewolf on his way back into town. The werewolf noted the distress, attitude and appearance of Luka and took an interest in him. He introduced himself as Garrett Praven and after a brief chat about werewolf blooding and ways to control his transformations, they parted ways, unaware of the other's relation to one another. 

Luka climbed back up the mountains of Silverea and crossed the Salve with new found resolve. Here, he found Dagobert covered in armour - taken from former crusaders who had left pieces behind, resting by a tree. The two had a reunion where Luka was informed that Dagobert had been excommunicated for losing him and breaking his vow of silence. Anger formed in his mind and Luka wanted to challenge the monks for an answer and to collect his belongings, but Dagobert informed that he already had his belongings - including Luka's journal. After further discussion and a prompt that he could do what he wanted with his life, Luka decided to set for Entrana with Dagobert, to learn about his parents and family.

The Search for Truth


Recent Events:-

  • Luka and Dagobert are attacked by a ragtag group of bandits on their way through Silvarea. Three of them flee, though Luka - in rage - plunges an arrow into one's stomach leaving him for dead.
  • On Entrana, Luka learns of his mother's name and punches a priest in the face (due to the priest denying him information). Luka and Dagobert are teleported off the island and Luka is ex-communicated from the Church and he drops his surname - since the monks named him it.
  • In Camelot, Luka learns of the Praven Family and meets an elf named Laeroin and the two travel down to a former manor of the family. Seeking information inside the manor, the two break in, only for a defensive crossbow to shoot him in the stomach. He is treated by Laeroin. With a lack of information, the two head off to Canifis, via ship set for Sarim.
  • In Sarim, Luka meets Kolya and Gail in the Inn. After a brief angered confrontation, Kolya reveals that he is the son of Garrett and that Luka is his half-brother.
  • His travels eventually brought him back to Luka where he had a confrontation with Garrett and revealed to him of their relation. Though angry at first, soon Luka began to understand the situation and that Garrett was not to blame. Through some discussion, there seemed a chance of a bond forming between the two with Garrett making it clear he wished to be a parent to Luka by choice, not by obligation. Though still early days, Luka chose to remain in Canifis to see what he can do to help the town and her citizens.


  • Luka was originally called Maxwell, though the name was changed in order to fit in more with the Slavic naming themes of werewolves.
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