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Lucrezia Dragmanescu


Lucrezia d'Rosse, Countess d'Rosse, Countess Dragmanescu, The Beautiful, The Spiteful





Eye Color:

Dark Blood Red

Hair Color:

Dark Red




Countess d'Rosse, Countess Dragmanescu



Lucrezia Dragmanescu is a Vyrelady who lives in secret in Ardougne under the nom de guerre Lucrezia Di Rosse. She is Roleplayed by Malcolm III.

Ancient History

The God Wars

Not much is known about her life prior to the founding of Ardougne other than that her coven, the Dragmanescu fled from the Sanguinesti Region after political turmoil that would have destroyed their house. It was believed to be a punishment delt by Drakan himself for their manipulitative behavior during the God Wars. Refusing to serve, Lucrezia's father, mother, and sisters all hid and lived in a palace of pleasure. When the wars came to an end they were hunted and slain by Zamorakians and Saradominists alike. The horrors of their slave pens have long been forgotten, but Lucrezia and several of her sisters since moved into Western Ardougne and have been a recurring political faction their for several centuries.

Influence in The West

Lucrezia has slept for centuries on end, reappearing every odd century as a Countess of the same line, only now she has plans to enthrone her line at the height of power in Ardougne. She has a habit of gathering children and slaying them when in a jovial mood and bathing in pools of their blood. Over the years she has staged several masquerades at which the hosts turned on the guests. Lucrezia, as well as all those in her company that do not wish to incur her wrath, regard herself as the most beautiful woman in The world.

Modern Day

She had reawoken some twenty years before the return of Zamorak to Gielinor, she now intends to use him and those who serve the Dark Lord of Chaos to further her own ends.

Politics as Usual

The Handmaidens of Lucrezia

The Handmaidens of Lucrezia, in Ritual

Lucrezia made her first move when she invited the leader of the Zamorak High Command to Ardougne where she manipulated him into bathing with her in a tub, filled with the blood of several orphans. She then grew jealous when his gaze fell upon her handmaidens, he began talking openly to then in front of her. Whether to shame her or to plot against her she did not know, but regardless, all ten of their heads were sent to the Commander as a reminder of where his heart's affections were doomed to lie.

She then met for the first time with Ren Draculea. Though she had always kept mutual dealings going with him as well as correspondence via letters, the pair had never actually met in person. There was little to discuss as Ren's power and influence had since wained in Morytania, it was purely a social visit. However when Ren revealed that him was again human, Lucrezia attempted to convince Ren to allow her to restore his vampyrism. In spite of her best effort, Ren could not at first be persuaded.

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