Lucretia in her "lich" form

Lucretia is a female mahjarrat character played by Lumoscia. She is a non-combative character, despite having been one of the original members of their tribe to be brought into the realm by Icthlarin, and is generally considered weak for it. She considers herself to be Zarosian.


In her human form she is 5'3 and wears a silken dress, with a large, red ribbon tied around the stomach. Her fingernails are painted black. She has long black hair and her face looks unnaturally flawless, having no blemishes or scars. Her eyes are a dark brown.

In her "lich" for she is 8'5" and wears dark robes with elbow-high gloves. She also wears a thick, dark cloak with a hood.


Due to her being weak, she tends to stay away from crowded areas; she is also shy and in certain cases, paranoid. She only trusts those who are close to her, which tend to be followers of Zaros . She is rather difficult to talk to at times, as she tends to drift off into thought.


Lucretia is a Zarosian Mahjarrat brought into the world by Icthlarin from the Freneskae realm. She is one of a few Mahjarrat who are classed as weak, as she herself doesn't fight. When Zaros invaded the desert he bought Lucretia's allegiance by offering her the power in which she desperately needed. She spent years gathering an army by using her power of "influence"; she used this army to aid Zaros against opposing forces of other gods. However when Zaros and his general, Zamorak, dissapeared, she fled to the desert, realising her cowardice she locked herself in a tomb, deep beneath the sand, trying to develop her skills.

She slowly learned some basic and some advanced shadow magic, as well as basic teleportation magic; but by this time the God Wars were over (now the 4th age). Not realising this she tried building up an army once more, but failed. Seeing herself as a failure she took on an alias name, Amelia Daekin, as she wandered across the world, learning what she has missed during her "absence". She ended up in Ardougne where she found a cave that is barren and lifeless, where she sits, waiting for her chance at power.


  • With the normal Mahjarrat powers such as shapeshifting and the use of magic without runes, she can also "influence" people. This means she can make someone obey her if they are unable to resist it. The only way to resist it is if you have tamed your mind. These people will most likely be mages or seers.
  • She can also use a certain amount of shadow magic as she spent a lot of time working on it.
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