Lovegrove as one of his many roles

Skaal'rak, more commonly known as "Lucius Lovegrove"  is the first legitimate son of Maquitus the Mad and his first reluctant wife, Ghartha. Lucius is also the half-brother of Dovahn the Grey. Lucius Lovegrove was created by Emyris Bayne as a plot device for the "Rogue Aren" storyline based around Dovahn's life. Lucius Lovegrove is an antagonist. His personality is often described as proper, cocky, theatrical.


Ghartha, a werewolf dragged across the River Salve by none other than Maquitus the Mad, died giving birth to his son. The people who followed Maquitus called the child "Skaal'rak". Maquitus ordered his men to abandon the child in the forest, mad as Maquitus was, he could not sentence his own son to death. The men abandoned the boy in the forest, where a troupe of actors found him...

He was grew up as an actor with the troupe, never truly learning of what he was until his beast-blood surfaced. He sought out his true family, tracing his blood to Maquitus, and, as a result, to Dovahn. He has been hunting Dovahn ever since.

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