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185 (maturely 18)


Rintra 11, Year 1990, 4th Age


Human-Mahjarrat hybrid






Chaotic Neutral





Lucius is a Human-Mahjarrat hybrid created and played by Jack The Mad.


Creation and Birth (Year 1891, 4th Age - Year 1990, 4th Age)

The Zarosian Mahjarrat, Dovkarhi, had heard about different Mahjarrat creating Human-Mahjarrat hybrids and decided to create one himself. Dovkarhi first started experimenting with this on the 11th of Novtumber, Year 1891 of the 4th Age. He began kidnapping human women and experimenting on them, finding a way to get his genetics into their womb. For almost a century, he experimented, all the experiments either didn't work or resulted in stillbirths. Finally, he captured a woman by the name of Eliasta. She was a relatively respected mage in Gielinor, and surely a perfect candidate to give birth to the hybrid. This time, instead of trying to quicken the womb development, Dovkarhi allowed it to grow at a natural rate. Eliasta had to endure a painful 7 1/2 year pregnancy. Finally, on the 11th of Rintra, Year 1990 of the 4th Age, Lucius was born. Eliasta was weak from the long pregnancy and the painful birth, she died mere minutes after Lucius's birth.

Childhood (Year 1990, 4th Age - Year 90, 5th Age)

To be written.

Dovkarhi's Servant (Year 90, 5th Age - Year 165, 5th Age)

To be written.

Nomadic Life (Year 165, 5th Age - Present)

To be written.



Lucius has a young, thin face. He has slightly large, slightly glowing, purple eyes. Lucius has a slightly weak chin and has a slightly smaller nose. Lucius has a small purple gem on his forehead and has a large scar on the his left cheek. Lucius has a blueish-grey skin tone and messy jet black hair. Lucius has no facial hair and looks a bit young for someone who is maturely 18. His voice is slightly higher pitched and is known to sometimes crack. Lucius has normal shaped and normal sized ears.


Lucius has a thin, agile build and stands at exactly 6 feet tall. He has slightly long fingers and has a small foot size. He is missing his left pinkie toe.


To be written.


  • Lucius rarely has to eat, he can get by with one meal every few weeks. However, he really loves bacon.
  • Lucius claims to have an active sex life, however, he doesn't provide any evidence that he has actually had sex before.
  • Lucius can get easily claustrophobic.
  • Lucius despises cats, but is a dog person.
  • Lucius has two favorite colors, green and purple.
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