She has forgotten her age.


Loosely follows Zaros



Eye Color:



7'3(Lich Form)

Hair Color:



Pretending to be a genie


Alive and grumpy

Lu-Kreeza is a Mahjarrat  played by Khaji Ro on W42.



Lu-Kreeza has no human form as of yet, but she does masquerade as a black genie. In her genie form she floats at around 6'7. The bottom half of her body in this form would appear as black smoke while the top she has coal black skin and wears black desert robes similiar to her normal lich form's attire. She would wear a veil over her mouth and her skin would look flawless. In her genie form she speaks with a heavy kharidian accent.

In Lich form Lu-Kreeza stands at 7'3. She wears old magical robes made for the desert. Many enchanted trinkets dangle about her person. Unlike most of her kind her exoskeleton is a dark shadowy black and looks similar to wood. This is due to her trying to slow the natural decline of her power between rituals, by trying various experiments. 



A staff made of magically infused grave creeper wood. Part of the staff would be covered in enchanted gold that had glyphs and sigils engraved onto it. The staff puts less strain when casting magic on the user. It increases the power of shadow spells exponentially as well as defensive wards. 


Her robes are made cloth with soft leather padding. Many enchanted trinkets dangle from the robes. The robes and trinkets are enchanted to decrease the power of incoming spells to a small extent. The design of the robes also allows comfortable mobility.


"That cur Zamorak! He stole my idea to become a god! I can never forgive him for that!? -Lu-Kreeza

Lu-Kreeza is very secretive. She prefers staying hidden from other mahjarrat if she can help it. While powerful in her own right she prefers not to do her own fighting. While cunning and sneaky Lu-Kreeza has a temper when on the subject of Zamorakianism. She often makes wild claims that Zamorak stole her idea to attain godhood with the Staff of Armadyl when speaking to her Zamorakian kin. She dislikes those who openly flaunt their power. She especially hates other mahjarrat who openly display such power and attract unwanted attention. She is rather protective of potential "material" to add to her wight collection.

Arrival in the Second Age

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