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Grand Duke of Lumbridge


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HRH Corvus, Prince of Lumbridge

Lothar Cross is a character played by Tom, and is currently co-ruler of the Grand Duchy of Lumbridge with his wife Veronica, as a vassal of the Crown of Misthalin.

A scion of the Royal House of Cross, Lothar can lay claim to royal ties over all of Misthalin and large swathes of Asgarnia.


Early Life

Lothar married his wife Veronica, and had twins, Darius and Corvus, in the year of their wedding.

Lothar conspired to reclaim the throne of Misthalin by conquest, seeking allies and building an army in order to enable himself to do so over the course of some months.

Reign of Lumbridge

Lothar and his wife Veronica were appointed Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Lumbridge in order to stymie his plans for a Cross restoration to the throne of Misthalin. Lothar settled into his role quickly, making tactical trade and defence pacts in order to protect the interests of Lumbridge and protect himself from any infamous Elrinian tyranny.

A champagne reception was thrown to celebrate Lothar and Veronica's appointment, and build new ties between the Grand Duchy and both local and foreign nobles. Whilst for the first two thirds of the party, it was relatively successful, incidents perpetrated by Ardougnian and Camelite military personnel led to Lothar having terse diplomatic conversations with representatives of those governments, and involving the Crown.


Lothar is an extroverted individual - outgoing and sociable, he enjoys social situations, though with a slightly narcissistic edge, enjoying being the centre of attention. On account of his bloodline and his strongly instilled sense of birthright, he is habitually arrogant, and may cross his own diplomatic sensibilities in doing so. Whilst in the private sphere, he is a loving and caring family man, this is not something which carries out to the public sphere. He can be unforgiving, and appear somewhat heartless with his inflexibility to compromise and willingness to view a criminal case with absolute objectivity.

He is also a pious man, taking his Saradominism with great serious. Whilst he does not share the zeal of the church's inquisitors against those of relatively peaceful or unthreatening faiths, he is largely distasteful of those faiths with are most offensive to his religious sensibilities (Zamorakians, Zarosians, Bandosians, southern Menaphites and the Godless), and is not tolerant of those heathens.


Arms of Lothar Cross

Grand Duke Lothar's personal arms.

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