Sir Logan Stasov
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A drawing of Sir Logan, talent drawn by Mates Laurentiu.


Wintumber 30th, Year 151 of the 5th Age








195 lbs

Eye Color


Hair Color




The White Knights



Years Active


Squire of

None; Squire Class

Primary Weapon

White Halberd


Combat Medic

Asgarnian Military



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Primary Weapon



Galewood Company CO

The Temple Knights



Years Active



Whitesteel Shortsword


Commanding Officer

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Sir Logan Stasov is a Temple Knight of Saradomin and former Cavalry Officer of the Asgarnian Military played by the user Blade Cairan. He holds the rank of Captan and is currently serving as the Commanding Officer of Team Sabre. Sir Logan had started his military career with the White Knights at the age of eighteen and was promoted to an Initiate after his mandatory three months of squireship. After three and a half years of serving with the White Knights, Logan was then recruited into the Temple Knights as an Initiate in which he spent four years. From there, he was transfered to the Asgarnian Military to serve in the Wryven Knights underneath King Varis the Second which eventually led to him being a Commanding Officer of a troop sized Cavalry unit. After some time with his Cavalry troop, he returned to the Temple Knights to continue his service to Saradomin. Apart from his Military career, Logan is an adept carpenter and a less-than-professional practitioner of medicine, formerly making him a combat medic within the Knights. He has a sister who is currently married to an Ardougnese banker living in Ardougne, and is of Morytanian descent.

Early Life

Sir Logan was born in the year 151 of the 5th age in the city of Falador. He was second born into his family of four, only having one other sibling named Fiona who later started to study medicine to become a physician. Logan's father, Artyom, was a former member of the Myreque. His mother Polina was also a Morytanian but never had held a profession. Logan grew up with two supportive parents and got along well with his sister. He was intrigued by his father's stories of the Myreque and their tight situations. Logan and Fiona were both educated by Polina and eventually Logan got a job as an apprentice carpenter while his sister took up being a nurse at a local hospital. Logan learned a lot about medicine from his sister and developed an interest in it, but never took it up as a profession despite what his sister insisted.


Around Logan's eighteenth birthday, when he was promoted to a journeyman carpenter, he took it upon himself to enlist into the White Knights. Both of his parents and his sister supported his decision and off he went to talk to a local recruiter about enlisting. After he signed a few scrolls and was scheduled for a physician check, he was told that he was not allowed to join due to a medical issue pertaining to having flat feet. Extremely upset, Logan had his sister Fiona vouch for him saying that his feet were not to be an issue in serving and that he would be able to perform like anyone else despite having flat feet. It took the Knights a few months to decide, but eventually they accepted the waiver and took him in as a squire.

The White Knights


Logan began his squirehood about two months after initially enlisting, taking those two months of waiting to visit his family over in Varrock. Most of Logan's family were actually still in Morytania according to his father, but some immigrated across the salve with Logan's parents and resided in Varrock. During his short vacation in Varrock, Logan met a reporter working for the Gielinor Times and was briefly interviewed about the White Knights and the enlistment process. Logan's time in Varrock with his family was short lived for he had to return to Falador to report to the castle and his first duties as a squire.

Logan's time as a squire was uneventful, and he never really made any connections with the other squires among his class. He hopped around the Knights quite a bit. He was first assigned to the White Knight group Bravo Company for a couple of weeks but quickly learned that this was not the group he'd wish to be assigned to for most of Bravo Company's roster were former criminals and mercenaries. A little while after his request, he was transferred over to the Leonid Chapter, which was a little more professional but seemed to be having quite a lack of active Knights. Logan was promised to be assigned to a Knight as a squire but it seemed that he kept getting forgot about, eventually to a point where he wasn't even learning any thing else than cleaning and moving boxes. Eventually, Logan requested yet another transfer during his nineteenth birthday, and was moved to the long standing White Knights of Falador that was formed by former White Knight Commander Sir Tain Def many years ago. It was here where he met his friend, another squire, Lianna. Lianna was just starting her squire days as Logan was about to graduate a week after. Finally, after three long months of serving as a squire to multiple companies of White Knights, Logan was finally knighted as an Initiate by Commander Khotland in the White Knights of Falador.


Logan was stationed at the White Knight Castle; Most of his time off duty was spent at the Rising Sun Inn outside the castle in Falador. His first few months as an Initiate were ill spent, not doing much more than patrolling, training the guard, and general janitorial duties. There isn't much to do for infantry when there aren't any wars to fight! Occasionally he'd shoot the shit with some of his other Knight friends, or Lianna the squire. But other than that he either did his work or drank while off duty because there really wasn't much else to do.

A Temple Knight named Nikolai who befriended Logan during his squireship met Logan in a bar one night and the two talked for a bit, before Logan noticed an armored man at the end of the bar try to steal a woman's staff. Although off duty, Logan thought it was his duty to advise the man of his wrong doing and demand he give the staff up. The man complied, but ended up agressive and wanting to start a fight with Logan. Logan denied, but other patrons in the bar went at it. Nikolai, likely angered, went to arrest the man and ordered Logan to assist. However, Logan thought it was wrong to arrest the man. So Nikolai got angry and went to slam Logan's head against the table, where Logan retaliated and went to punch him across the face. Nikolai dropped Logan to the ground before he regained his cool and requested for the two to go for a walk to the castle. They talked a bit as they walked, and the two apologized and made up.

One day, while returning from a patrol in the city, Logan found Lianna in the kitchen acting strange, as if she were hiding something. He didn't think much of it at first until he realized there was something in the cupboard with Lianna not wanting him to see. Curious and persistent, Logan kept pursuing what she was hiding until she was found in the armory harboring a cat. He thought it was a little ridiculous that she was hiding a cat, but never the less he told her he'd look the other way whenever anyone was suspicious. Logan occasionally took Lianna out for patrols.

A few days later Logan, Lieutenant Scott Land, and Lianna were chilling out in the castle barracks when these two plant like people came walking in, demanding for Logan. They denied to give him up and a little fight pursued. Logan himself didn't fight, but rather Lianna got him out of there white Lieutenant Land fought off the plant people until they left. Lieutenant Land was hurt in the shoulder by a vine spike and Lianna was burned by scolding hot water on the torso. After this affair, Logan volunteered to become a combat medic within the Knights. His request was accepted, and most of his time off duty was now spent studying medicine and exchanging notes with his sister.
Service Uniform Logan

Logan in his service uniform of whitened steel.

After he was named combat medic, his duties changed a bit. It was full of less patrols and more patient treating in the castle infirmary. Wasn't as boring, but very tedious. Not a few days later, Lieutenant Land was wounded in the neck during a spar and required Logan's immediate medical assistance, in which case he responded and successfully stopped the bleeding and treated the wound.

The next day, Logan and Lianna were out on another uneventful patrol. When they returned to the castle, a man who was visiting that was prior service named Sir Ozan came into the room, in which case Lianna didn't trust for some reason. Long story short, Sir Ozan explained to the two why he was missing one eye and offered them tea. Logan declined, and Lianna was unresponsive to him so the man decided to make himself and her tea. It seemed he slipped Lianna some sleep potion in her tea, for she was very fatigued after taking a few sips. This worried Logan, and caused him not to trust Ozan. It turned out Lianna was alright, but Logan did not get very much sleep that night. Sir Ozan was a shady character.

About a week later, Logan experienced his first real taste of chaos. Late one night Logan was doing a training session with the guard, when fighting was heard from the Rising Sun Inn. Logan went to investigate. Inside, he found many patrons fighting with weapons and wrestling. He tried his best to gather everyone's' attention, but it seemed that poor Logan was simply ignored. There wasn't much he could do but observe and wait, since he would've been overpowered if he decided to partake in the fighting. Eventually the fighting subsided, and all the belligerents left excluding one man who was impaled by a spear from a goblin, and a red haired kid who ran like the wind. Logan immediately went to assist the man who was impaled by giving him medical attention, but the man refused. And so did the man's friend. His friend advised Logan to back off. Despite Logan's intention and best wishes, he complied and watched the man teleport his friend and himself away. Logan thought it so weird, how fast fighting can start and stop here, and found it sad that he was basically doing a lazy guardsman' job. Huh.

The next day wasn't any better. Just as Logan was about to go off duty, Lt. Land came out of the castle in full battle gear looking to spar some one. The shady character, Sir Ozan, who was also outside decided to accept the challenge and spar Lt. Land. Logan and Lianna watched the two spar, and as fate had it, Lt. Land hurt himself gravely once again in a spar. This time, it was for death. He hit his head into the ground causing his helmet to dent in and damage his brain, instantly killing him. Logan and a few other medics responded. They tried their best to revive Lt. Land  but unfortunately it was too late, as he was already a goner. They carried Lt. Land's body away on the stretcher as Logan watched, while Lianna and Sir Ozan went back inside. Logan wasn't so much as sad since he didn't know the LT very well as much as he was shocked. He's never seen a dead body before, and never thought he'd see one in the castle. Logan returned to the barracks and spotted Lianna and Ozan once again, who seemed to be angry at each other. Logan gave them the grave news, and just as he did a Temple Knight Captain walked in and questioned the three about the event that just went down. At the end of the day, it was decided that Lt Land's death would be investigated.

Logan in the Inn

Logan, being jolly at his favorite Inn in Falador- the Rising Sun Inn.

Logan was out on a four day field exercise the day after. His unit tasked him with scouting around a few clicks east of their camps location during the second evening. As Logan was scouting around, he spotted a little black amulet on the ground in the middle of a clearing in the forest. Curiously, Logan approached it and examined it. It appeared to have a Zarosian symbol on it's black face, with the skull of a dead animal picture as well and what appeared to be an optical illusion on the back that swirled the more he looked at it. He assumed it to be something of witchcraft but thought it to be a neat trinket, so he kept it on him as he went to walk back to the camp, keeping it to himself. Two days later, just as Logan returned to the castle and went off duty to enjoy a nice weekend, he wanted to investigate about the amulet. He walked into the castle library after hours to study a little bit, and found a strange zarosian book matching the amulet he possessed. He assumed it to belong to one of the Temple Knights who probably forgot to take it out of the library, and decided to check the book out. At first, it appeared to be just a bunch of rabbling and gibberish, but eventually it started to oddly come together in his head. He didn't understand, but it did. He decided that he should seek a historian's help during his free time, whenever that was, and left the library taking a risk by keeping both the book and amulet with him.

The weeks following were filled with uneventful patrols and janitorial duty, until a promotion ceremony hit. Logan's squire friend Lianna was finally knighted as an Initiate in the order, and Logan himself was promoted to Proselyte with a nice pay raise!


Logan's promotion to Proselyte meant better pay and more respect from his peers and superiors. However, his duties still stayed relatively the same as they were being an Initiate. Immediately following his promotion, a Temple Knight Captain named Ellie Sharp approached Logan and asked if he was interested in joining the Temple Knight Order. As esthatic as ever, he told her he'd like to join. Therefore, she made him fill out a scroll and she told him they'd contact him down the road.

Another month passed with no action before the White Knights received a message from the Temple Knights, explaining that there was a journal out in Varrock that described the location of an ancient text that held more of the White Knight Order's history written down. They tasked some of the White Knights, including Logan, Sir Ozan, Lady Lianna, Captain Stone, Commander Vye, and Commander Kohtland, to retrieve the journal and find out where the text was located. The week following, the Knights that were tasked took a two day march to Varrock. This was Logan's first real mission, and he was excited. The whole march there, his adrenaline was pumping. As soon as they arrived in Varrock, they explained their mission to Varrock authorities and the Guard escorted them through the castle into the library, where the journal was supposedly located. The Knights searched the library for a little while before finding the journal, saying that the scroll was located somewhere around the Lumbridge area. Figuring they should stay the night in the Varrock area and head out the next morning, the Knights traveled to the Jolly Boar Inn and rented three

Logan in a spar with another White Knight Proselyte.

rooms where they relaxed for the evening. While they were relaxing down stairs, it seemed a Kinshra Black Knight was watching them from across the Inn. Logan thought it weird that a Kinshra was this far outside of Asgarnia, but didn't think much of it. He just wanted to relax. Lianna however didn't seem so keen with the idea of letting the Kinshra stay, so she continued to watch before he left and the Knights went to bed. The following morning, bright and early, the Knights once again set out south to Lumbridge. It took them a day to walk south before actually reaching Lumbridge, where Commander Kohtland searched for the General Store for some reason. Logan saw the Lumbridge Crater and the monument as he waited for the Commander. Eventually, The Commander found the store, came out, and told them they were headed to Al-Kharid for some reason. Logan, at this point, had no idea why they were walking now. Wasn't the scroll in Lumbridge? Never the less, Commander Kohtland led them half a day's walk to Al-Kharid where they were to meet a banker at the bank. Logan didn't like Al-Kharid too much, the people smelled and were very rude to them. They spent some time in the bank after locating it, with Commander Kohtland arguing with the banker. After some time, Commander Kohtland said they had to head across the Lumbridge Swamp to the Wizards' Tower. So once again, they walked across into the swamp where they camped for the night, and in the morning came upon the Wizards' Tower. They entered the Wizards' Tower, and Commander Kohtland & Captain Stone went upstairs while Sir Ozan, Lianna, and Logan stayed downstairs. Ozan started to act a little strange, not wanting to enter the tower. Eventually he did, and somehow showed a great deal of pain as he did. Logan thought he was playing a prank. The Commander and the Captain came back town with the scroll they were looking for and said it was time to head back to Falador, so off they went, taking three and a half days through Edgeville into Falador. The Knights were welcomed home with a ready warm meal.

The first thing Logan did when he returned home from the mission was take a drink at the Rising Sun Inn. While he was enjoying his mind bomb, his friend Lianna came in. The two talked for a bit before a Fremennik man came by and challenged Logan to a drinking contest. Although Logan really wanted to accept, Lianna advised him not to and got a little angry at him. Logan eventually declined the challenge much to the Fremennik's dismay, and apologised to Lianna. She accepted the apology, and eventually the two went back to the castle to enjoy a two day weekend after getting played with by the Fremennik and his owl.

A few days later, Logan and Lianna were on bridge guard duty went a man named Cralix and his goblin came, requesting access to the castle. Lianna acted a little rude to the man, but Logan quickly apologised for the Initiate's attitude and let them go into the castle after they explained themselves. Shortly afterwards, they came out and tried to tell the two that they bought the castle. Of course Logan and Lianna didn't believe them, but eventually they got hostile and started to attack the Knights. Lianna was knocked out fairly quickly, but Logan held up a fight against the two before he also was knocked out. Logan awoke in the castle infirmary, as angry as ever.

Later that day, Lianna introduced Logan to man named Rokrim from Draynor who wished to join the Knights. Although there was no recruiter around, Logan saw that the man came from far away and decided to help him join, letting him sign a paper and skip the recruiter process. Logan and Lianna gave the new squire a tour of the castle and situated him in, letting him know his duty starts the next day.

In battle

Logan with Commander Kohtlund fighting against a blue dragon.

The next day, Logan assisted yet another White Knight hopeful into enlisting into the White Knights named Katrina. This one was a special case, however. While Logan was guarding the gate, a woman in fine but ragged looking clothes came asking to enlist into the Knights. Logan told her he'd assist, and led her inside to the west tower. To their surprise, the King of Falador himself, King Varian I was there in the tower! It shocked Logan; He politely addressed the King and informed him of the new arrival. He told Logan to carry on, so Logan took a recruitment paper and took the woman to the barracks where he briefed the woman. He gave her the same deal he gave Rokrim the other day. The woman informed Logan that she was royalty, soon to be Queen, on the run from her Kingdom of Albion and that men from Varrock were after her. She requested he hide her status from the other Knights and that she sign under the alias of "Mary". Logan didn't really believe her, and even if she was telling the truth he wasn't very keen on letting her in. But she eventually talked him into letting her join. Just as she was getting situated as a squire, a man came in, who ended up to be the Duke of Albion. He asked for the woman and told them that the King was on his way to retrieve her. She ran off into the castle, leaving Logan alone to see the King. The Duke walked Logan out to the courtyard, where the King of Albion arrived. The King greeted Logan and was very friendly. Logan explained to him the situation, and the King requested an alliance between the Knights and Albion, but Logan said that he was not the man to talk to- and that he should speak to Commander Kohtland. The King agreed and asked Logan to take him for a tour around the city, in which he did. At the end of the day, Logan split ways with the King and Duke of Albion and went back to the castle. Logan still wasn't sure if they were the real deal or not.

A week later, Logan decided to research more about the book and amulet he found a few weeks prior in his free time. During one weekend, he searched for a historian in Falador, where he explained the names, the book, and the amulet to the historian. The Historian suggested three people to search for- A Nun, a Druidess, and priest of a tribal religion. Logan achknowledged the Historian with many thanks and traveled half a day south to Rimmington, where he was to start his research with the nun. When Logan arrived in Rimmington, he asked the local townspeople where this particular nun, Sister Harriet Payne, might be located. They all pointed to the local hospital. So Logan walked to the hospital, where he was greeted by a Sister Hope. Sister Hope told Logan that Sister Harriet Payne was upstairs, so Logan went to meet her. Sister Harriet Payne was obviously a little coocoo, but she was full of knowledge about this subject. She mentioned to Logan that his was a dark force, called The Darkness, and that it has noticed Logan and was hungry for his knowledge. She advised Logan to seek out the Druidess in Taverly. Logan thanked her and went downstairs to check out with Sister Hope. Sister Hope offered Logan a teleport to Taverly. Logan accepted although never teleporting before. So, he teleported off- finding himself nauseous and started to puke as he landed. But, he was in Taverly. So he began searching for the Druidess, eventually to find her near the stone circle to the north. This Druidess turned out to be Lady Natalie Renderra herself. She assisted Logan by telling her of how her ancestors fought off a similar 'Darkness' before, and how there are four groups that worship him- being, Oavatos of the North, Leone Fearghal of the South, Abdul-Qadir of the East, and the removed Marcato of the West. However, she mentioned that they were all sort of removed, and that there are Goblins in captivity that might know about the amulet. Ultimately she suggested Logan seek help before going any further, else he may find his sanity slip. He agreed, and she suggested to ask around the Saradominist Church. Logan thanked her and went to walk back to Falador, soon to seek assistance.

Weeks go by, patrols happen, patients treated, guard duties on and off- with no action. The interest in staying with the Knights was starting to dwindle with Logan. It isn't really what he thought it would be like. But he continued to stay in hopes the Temple Knights would contact him again. Of course they didn't, but he still thought it a chance. Early one afternoon, a noble wedding was to be had between some Temple Knight and the Princess of Asgarnia. Logan was given the special assignment of guarding the bridge with a man named Tyrael. Logan and Tyrael got along fairly easily and made sure everyone who was attending the wedding was legitamate. They were told not to let any from Camelot inside, aside from the king himself, King Sennis. Everything was going smoothly until one masked man tried to forcefully gain access by spraying an orb of pepper spray down near Logan and trying to climb up the castle wall. Logan was stunned, but thankfully the archers on the rooftop halted the man from gaining any ground, so he had to run away. Logan was a little angry but alas was relieved no one was hurt. Among some of the guests that came through were the Queen of Ardougne, Princess of Yanille, Duke of Witchhaven, and the Duke of Lumbridge. Eventually, Logan and Tyrael were relieved from duty and decided to enjoy some of the festivities inside. Just as Logan and Tyrael entered the castle, the King of Camelot, King Sennis, was literally backstabbed by the Duke of Witchaven in the Temple Knight-to-be-married's arms. The King and Groom teleported away due to the King's ring of life, and chaos started to go down in the castle while the Duke of Witchaven made his escape. Tyrael told Logan to keep the patrons safe as he and Princes Isla teleported off somewhere- Logan assumed to safety. Logan tried to gain control of the situation just as things cooled down, but it seemed the Queen of Asgarnia, Queen Zara (who was pregnant), started giving birth to the baby. The Duke of Lumbridge helped the Queen upstairs as the other Queen of Ardougne followed. Logan decided to follow as well and offer any assistance, considering most of the other medical staff in the castle were away in the field on training. Confusing, I know, so I'll skip to the end. The Queen gave birth to a baby with the help of Logan, the Queen of Ardougne, and the Duke of Lumbridge. Logan thought that was enough shit for one day and decided to go off duty early and rest in the barracks while everyone calmed down in the castle. He wasn't payed enough for this crap!

A weekend later, Logan was resting in the bar when he met a magician by the name of Onave. The magician and Logan talked for a bit before a woman by the name of Niah came in to join the
Squad pic

Logan on the far left with a squad of Knights during a mission.

chat. They talked for a little while, and the woman Niah described that she was a sellsword who lost her weapon somewhere in the wild outside of the city. Logan offered to help, but she declined and said she'll search for it herself. She left the bar, as did Onave, only to return an hour later asking Logan to spar. Logan agreed to the spar and told her that he needed to retrieve his gear before hand. She said she'd find a spot to spar and they'll meet back in the bar when they are both ready. So, Logan went to the castle, retrieved his gear, and went back to the bar. Niah lead Logan out into the wild. Truthfully, Logan didn't really trust her at first. He thought this could've been a Kinshra ambush. But that was paranoia talking, as he found she was genuine in her spar. They sparred for a bit, and Logan nearly had her. But she fooled him and managed to topple him right before he was to win. He yielded, and she had won. Then, out of nowhere, she kissed Logan. This caught him totally off guard. For one, he's never kissed a girl before, and two, she was actually quite pretty. She was sat atop his breastplate as the two talked for quite a bit, before she kissed him once more and ran off into the woods. Logan wondered if he would ever see her again.

One day while Logan was on duty, he noticed the King and part of the royal family were out in the courtyard about to execute a prisoner. Logan observed, taking a break from his duties, and watched as the King went from going to kill him, to going to Knight him. He Knighted the prisoner and released him from the stocks, with everyone clapping and cheering. Just then, the King daringly sliced the prisoner-king's head clean off. Chaos abrupted in the courtyard, and Logan could only watch as the King fought off his own two sons and daughter. Eventually, one of his sons came out of nowhere and starting stabbing the King like mad! King Varian fell, and Logan watched the family gather round and mourn. This was all happening too fast for Logan, and all he could do was observe in shock. Logan recorded the time and date of the King's death just as a man, Sir Arthur, ordered Logan to retrieve people to take the body away and prepare a casket. Logan did just that and winded the day down with a quiet drink in the bar, listening to the townspeople talk of the slain King. Logan already knew it all. He was there.

The next day, Commander Kohtland introduced a new squire to Sir Logan just before he was getting ready to go off duty. Her name was Squire Ory'Hara. Commander Kohtland took the two up to the woods north of Falador and performed the duty of clearing the roadway from fallen trees. Afterwards, they rested by a fire and a lone traveler came by asking to speak to Commander Kohtland. She followed them back to the castle, where she spoke to the commander and Ory'Hara and Logan went off duty and chatted before sleeping.

Another mission for Logan, the next day Captain Stone and Logan were assigned to assist a group of TSG monks led by Lord Dion Magnan himself in retrieving a crystal ball stolen from the Wizards Tower. Captain Stone and Logan traveled south to St. Rimmington's Church where they met up with the monks who were just about to depart by ship from Port Sarim. Logan and Captain Stone went with them and endured a two day boat ride to a port in the Kingdom of Kandarin near the city of Ardougne. Logan had never been in Kandarin before and thought it to be a gloomy place- Probably because it was near Wintumber, so the snow was bound to fall soon. Lord Dion led the group through the outskirts of the city towards a tower about a kilometer out where the crystal orb was believed to be held. The more time Logan spent with this group of monks, the more he felt awkward. They almost acted as if they were automatons rather than humans- obeying every word Lord Dion said. Soon enough, after a quick camp outside the tower, the monks & Captain Stone and Logan busted in and confronted a single Zamorakian looking mage with a crystal orb. Lord Dion and the monks accused him of being the man that stole the crystal, but of course the man declined. They followed the man all the way to the top of the tower before they found he had jumped off in an attempt to commit suicide? Logan did not understand the reasoning, but never the less went down back outside the tower to check the man. He seemed to be still alive, and the orb was now in the monk's possesion. They returned to the port they came from and took another two day journey home, bringing the Zamorakian with them. In the end, when they returned to the church, they planned to execute the man. Logan objected, as did some of the other monks. But a few insisted along with Lord Dion, where they decapitated the Zamorakian and returned the orb to the Wizards' Tower. Logan thought it a barbaric act to kill the poor Zamorakian, especially so close to Wintumber. He couldn't help but feel bad for him as he and Captain Stone made their way back to Falador to call it an end of a mission.

One day while Logan was writing Wintumber cards in the barracks and Lianna was relaxing, Commander Kohtland came in telling them that he wanted them to attend a meeting with him. As they were getting ready, Commander Kohtland recieved word of a rouge Kinshra Captain attacking citizens and guards in Port Sarim. Commander Kohtland dispatched Logan and Lianna to fight the Kinshra Captain. This would be Logan's first real taste of combat. Logan and Lianna got ready in the barracks and then mounted horses prepared by squires in the courtyard. They rode a couple of hours to Port Sarim, where the Kinshra Captain was located. The town looked to be a ghost town, minus the many bodies lying around the streets and docks. Logan and Lianna searched for the Kinshra Captain, to eventually find him sharpening his sword on a bench on the docks. As Logan went to confront the Kinshra, he surprised Logan and shot a crossbow bolt directly for him. The bolt caught Logan off guard and pierced right through his upper arm, fortunately not damaging bone or severing any tendons. But it still hurt Logan quite a lot. However, the adrenaline nulled out a lot of the pain for the duration of the fight. Logan and Lianna fought off the Kinshra Captain who turned out to be quite a fight for their lives. He was obviously very trained, and heavily armored- as Logan's halberd failed to pierce through his armor with most blows. Eventually, they cornered the Kinshra Captain and he fell off the docks into the water where he started to drown. Logan decided to save the Kinshra much to Lianna's disapproval, and started to unstrip some of his armor. He went to dive into the water, but by the time he got to the Kinshra Captain he was unconcious. Never the less, Logan used the tide to assist pull him to shore. Once he was pulled to shore, Logan and Lianna began to undress the Kinshra Captain's armor. Logan began performing CPR, and succesfully revived the Kinshra Captain. As Lianna went to tie and secure the unconcious captain with Logan pointing a dagger to his throat, the Captain jump up to both of their surprise and forcefully used Logan's dagger to stab himself in throat, rendering him dead. This broke Logan for a little while as he just stared at the Kinshra Captain's body go lifeless. Logan had unintentionally ended a life. Lianna was enfuriated that Logan allowed him to die like that, but the growls and anger from Lianna was all drowned out to Logan. It felt as if time stopped, was quite a weird feeling... He didn't know what to think... But, eventually, Logan got up and retrieved his armor while Lianna cooled down. Logan's crossbow wound started to hurt more and more. Just as they were about to leave, and the Port Sarim Guard came to clean up, Commander Kohtland came to survery the damage. Logan reported the situation to Kohtland, and Kohtland helped ease Logan's mind pertaining to the killing. Lianna however did not like how they allowed him to die like a martyr. At the end of the day, Commander Kohtland led Logan and Lianna back to the castle in a cold rainstorm, and Logan recieved prompt medical attention pertaining to the crossbow bolt wound in his upper arm. The wound was succesfully treated with no complications, but it left quite a large scar. A scar to remind him of this day.

Personal Jacket

Logan's medal rack as of his promotion to Acolyte. Shown from top to bottom- Medic's Identification Badge, Red Herald, Saradomin's Cuirass, Asgarnian Defense Medal.

A week later, during an awards ceremony, Logan was promoted from Proselyte to Acolyte with yet another pay raise. He was now considered an Non-Commisioned Officer. He was also awarded the 'Asgarnian Defense Metal' for serving during an official state of war, 'Saradomin's Cuiricass' for being wounded in combat from the crossbow bolt to the arm the other week, and the 'Red Herald' for showing bravery in battle against the Kinshra Captain. He now officially considered himself a respectable Knight, as he finally earned his 'Red Herald' that prooved he had served in battle, despite it just being against one foe.


Soon after his promotion to Acolyte, the chapter of Knights was assigned another mission. This time, it was assigned by the Temple Knights to slay multiple Blue Dragons threatening travelers near Taverly out of the dungeon, and also to potentially pick up some blue hides for archer armor. Logan first thought the Commander was kidding. Like, seriously. They were never trained to take down dragons. To Logan's dismay, he found the Commander wasn't kidding and that they were really going to slay dragons. The Commander assured Logan that it wasn't quite as hard as it once was considering anti-dragonsheilds and potions now coming through. As long as they were to work as a team they should be alright. Commander Kohtlund gathered a Partisan, Comannder Vye, Logan, and Lianna. They were equipped with anti-dragonfire shields and potions, and off they went to march the two days to Taverly. The march was rather uneventful and only really consisted of walking and talking. Upon arrival to Taverly, the Druids greeted the five Knights and led them to the entrance of the dungeon, wishing them luck while granting a protection spell to provide better luck. They decsended down into the dark dungeon knowing the dangers they may face and valiantly navigated their way through towards the dragons. There was a little bit of fighting against skeletons and ghosts through the dark and twisted tunnels in the dungeon, but it was nothing they couldn't handle. Logan himself took down two skeletons. Along the way, a Skeleton came and ambushed the group, splitting Lianna and Logan up from the other three. Logan and Lianna killed the skeleton, but were lost in the dungeon as they were left behind. It was quite scary, and took them a litle while, but eventually they regrouped with the other three after making a few lucky guesses during twists and turns and listening for their comrade's movements. They continued their march towards the Blue Dragons to eventually find the lair. They charged the dragons at Commander Kohtlund's command, and a heavy fight ensued. Logan fought valiantly alongside his fellow knights, and after thirty minutes of destruction the Knights had to fall back out since the dragons were too strong. They regrouped outside the alcove with about eight hides, and most of the larger dragons slain which were three. Two still remained, but it was determined that they wouldn't cause much of a problem to travelers any longer. And they recieved the necessary amount of blue dragon hides the Temple Knights contracted them to retrieve. Although Logan did not have any glory moments and didn't really slay any dragons himself, only assisted- They took no casualties and made their way out of the dungeon. Once they emerged out of the dungeon, they marched their way back to Falador to call it the end of a mission.

Over the next few days at the Castle, Logan couldn't help but keep overhearing some of the officers and fellow enlisted speak word of a possible Crusade that's going to happen against the Menaphites in the Kharidian desert. Every once in a while he'd read about something of the sort in a Gielinor Times newspaper, but he didn't really think much of it. At least, he assumed that the White Knights wouldn't get involved. They weren't approached about it or anything as far as Logan knew. He did wonder, however. What have the Menaphites in the desert done wrong against Saradomin? Why would it need a Crusade? The more Logan thought about it, the more he got paranoid about it. By the end of a week, he was already hoping they weren't contacted to march to the Kharid.

Some time later, Logan was sent to the Rising Sun Inn to deal with a disturbance caused by two carolers. As he walked in, he noticed a broken bar tap and two masked men singing a muffled carol with a bell. Logan approached the two men and informed them that they were not allowed to carol in the Inn. However, the calmly responded saying that they had an official permit. Logan accepted that, however informed them that they need to mind the patrons, and if they do not wish to hear the carols then they must cease their singing. Afterwards, they left the bar in a hurry. Just as they left, it seemed piece by piece, the Inn was falling apart. Tables suddenly started to collapse, and a statue up on the second story balcony fell down to the grass. Logan first blamed it on Emily for failing to inspect the Inn, however she claimed it was refirbished not one week ago for Wintumber. Curiously, Logan pressed more into the issue just as a man in full red plate armor approached Logan, advising him that it was not safe in the bar. Logan informed the man that he was there to ensure the safety of the patrons. The man understood and offered to assist Logan, and Logan happily agreed. They've concluded after a table suddenly lashed out to them that the Inn was haunted. Logan told the red man that he was not equipped in banishing spirits. Fortunately, the man was. So the man took a gem and performed a very quick ritual which ultimately banished the spirit from the bar. Emily herself was a bit angry with Logan that he accused her, but Logan apologised and said his thanks to the man. He gave the red warrior his name, however the warrior claimed he had no name. So Logan called him Nameless Red Warrior, and told Emily that the damage would be payed for by the government. Logan returned to the castle after that situation was settled, telling the nameless red warrior that perhaps they meet again, they share a drink.

Temple Knights


Late one night, a week before Wintumber, Logan was informed that his transfer into the Temple Knights finally went through and that he was to report to the Temple Knight's main compound
Logan's TK

Logan's knighting from White Knight to Temple Knight.

outside of Falador the following morning for a Knighting. It was all short notice, but Logan was more than eager to accept the knighting. He told his commanding officers, and they didn't seem happy. But no one was going to question the authority of the Temple Knights! So they signed Logan off the morning of and Logan went towards the Temple Knight compound in his formal uniform, where he was instructed to head to the chapel. Upon arrival to the chapel, three of the famous Temple Knight Commanders were standing in waiting. Commander Shaw Guiney, Commander Hayley Spears, and Commander Lux Lungwitz. He was addressed by Commander Hayley Spears herself to approach the altar, where he kneeled. Commander Spears, to his surprise, did the very knighting herself. It was a dream come true, to be knighted by one of his idols, as a Temple Knight. When he rose, the Commander seemed to show a little bit of emotion as she placed her hand onto his pauldron and started to tear up. He didn't know how to respond, so he just stood waiting to be dismissed. He was given a box of his new set of armor and was told to report to one of the scribe's offices, where he was to fill out a whole lot of scrollwork. He was told the date of his Temple Knight training as a Candidate would happen a day after Wintumber.  The training, Logan knew, was extremely difficult with a 90% washout rate. He's talked to other Knights before that have went to the training and failed, so he knew what he was up for. Afterwards he was assigned his temporary lodging as a candidate within the compound, he was given a week off for Wintumber where he was to spend time with his family before being sent to Temple Knight training.

During Logan's time off, before he went to Temple Knight training, Logan met a man clad in dark armor in the Rising Sun. The man and Logan got along easily, ultimately becoming friends. Logan got to know the man as Drakarn, and Drakarn explained to Logan that he was a former Knight of Falador and the Round Table but retired after getting hurt during the Battle of Lumbridge. He claimed himself to be an adventurer and spent his time fulfilling bounties for local lords. He then offered to take Logan out to handle a bounty of the city of Falador in removing a new goblin camp that was dangerously close to the city. Logan figured he could use some training and action during his time off, so he agreed to tag along. Drakarn informed Logan that they were to deal with it the next morning, so Logan went home to catch a good night's sleep. The next morning, Logan went to where his lodging was at the Temple Knight Compound to retrieve his White Armor. He came back to the Rising Sun and met with Drakarn, where the two walked a few kilometers north to where the new village was located. Upon arrival to the village, Logan and Drakarn tried talking to the tribe leaders. Unfortunately, the tribe leaders could not be seen to be made for reason and the goblins started to attack the duo. Fortunately for Logan and Drakarn, their plate armor was superior to the goblins' weak and rusty weapons. Logan and Drakarn dealt with the goblins until most were either killed or ran away. Logan himself had slain four goblins. After the battle, and the village was cleared, Drakarn told Logan that he'd give most of the bounty to him as an early Wintumber present. Logan accepted it, and the two walked back to Falador where they departed, hoping to meet again one day.

The week up to Wintumber was filled with merryment and feast for Logan, celebrating Wintumber with both friends and family. Of course, due to his orders, he knew he had to attend the first day of Temple Knight selection the day of. So, Wintumber came and went. Logan had laid back on the alcohol that night, and the next morning he got up early, said his good-bye to his family once more, and went out towards the Temple Knight Compound where he was aquainted with the rest of his Candidate Class. His class of Temple Knight candidates was full with about 150 members, all Temple Knight hopefuls- most of which had plenty of White Knight experience. Logan got along with a couple of them during the first few days of processing, where most of it was just scrollwork, medical checks, background checks, and smoking from the soon-to-be drill instructors. Finally, at the end of the first week, after the new year, selection had officially started for Logan's Candidate Class. They were transported down towards the Southern Asgarnian wilderness where the first and second phase was held. Just on the first day, twenty of Logan's fellow candidates had dropped out. Logan, at times, felt as if he was ready to drop out too. He knew that the selection and training was hard, but he didn't know that it was nigh impossible. Day by day, Logan took the selection one step at a time. He knew it was only going to last for a few short months. The only break time Logan and the other candidates have really ever gotten was during mealtime, prayer, and rest. Which wasn't very often unless it was Sunday, in which case most of the day was spent for prayer. As the days went by, less and less candidates were showing up for training. A few got hurt, but the large majority dropped out by choice. Logan started to keep to himself, and whenever thoughts of quitting came to mind he simply flooded himself with prayers of Saradomin to get him through. He desparately wanted to become a Temple Knight, and he wouldn't let this selection process hinder his advancement. All in all, the selection consisted of three phases. Phases 1 & 2 focused on personal courage, land navigation, survival in the wilderness, teamwork, and general toughness. Logan knew this was just to weed out the weak and unworthy. By the time Logan reached phase 3, only 40 candidates remained including Logan. Phase 3 took place up in North Asgarnia and it's primary focus was cold weather survival and rough terrain through hilly and mountainous environments. All in all, selection took a total of three months. Three grueling and agonizing pain filled months that truly tested one's devotion to Saradomin and one's strength. It was the test to weed out the men from boys, women from girls. Logan had made it through the selection process with 31 others, and out of the 31 that made it through, only 25 including Logan were selected to begin their actual Temple Knight training. Logan, candidate #94, was awarded his golden trimmed white armor, officially promoted to Initiate, and began his career as a Temple Knight. His family watched him graduate from Temple Knight selection, and never had he seen his father so proud in his life. He felt like he's truly done something good, not only for his family and his lord Saradomin, but for Gielinor as a whole.


Immediately after selection and a day of family time, Logan was reported to head back to the Temple Knight Compound for assignment to his new unit and to begin his actual Temple Knight training. Upon arrival to the compound, he was given his own personal barracks which he didn't have to share, and was assigned to Temple Knight Order 22 led by Commander Shaw Guiney. Logan didn't really have a chance to meet any of the commanding officers of the 22nd Order quite yet, but he already made a few friends with his fellow Knights that were serving alongside him. Immediately upon his first day of duty, he realized that the Temple Knights were a lot less strict to the White Knights in terms of discipline, ranking, and order. Logan was not required to wear his uniform while on duty unless it was formal or combative events, and he was allowed to address many of his superiors by their first names rather than rank and surname. He was also allowed to grow out his facial hair and head hair outside of any knight regulations, which was also quite cool to Logan. He soon came to realise that the 22nd Order was more of a direct action order dedicated to combat rather than a lot of the other orders within the Temple Knights that most know for sabotage and espionage for the Church and Saradomin; because of this, most of Logan's training consisted of combat practice, studying different moves, and history lessons. Because Logan retained his combat medic status, he was also ordered to attend more advanced medical classes to better himself as a medic within the Temple Knights. So a lot of the free time he had was spent at the medical classes, or during prayer. Very rarely did Logan actually have any free time, as he had within the White Knights.

However, when Logan actually did have any free time, he devoted most of it to studying up on 'the Darkness', the amulet, and the book he's found a few years back to further his research of the topic. Because of his now granted access to the Temple Knight archives, he was able to read up on this subject a lot easier than he could've as a White Knight. One late night while studying in his barracks, something about a cannibalistic group of northerners in the Wilderness known as the Poleslav caught his eyes. It took Logan some thought, but he decided it would be worth his curious mind to investigate the issue in search of answers from the Poleslav's. Early one morning where Logan had off, he had skipped prayer and journied out of the compound towards the north into the Wilderness. It took Logan many hours of land navigation through the barren wasteland, avoiding bandit camps and known areas of undead sightings. Eventually, after nearly 3/4ths of the day's travel, Logan had reached the Poleslav castle. He spotted two Fremmenik looking men guarding the front door, and decided to approach them. They were rude, but understanding. Logan showed them his amulet and book and told them of his intention. One of the two guards was reluctant on letting Logan through, but the other thought the book was worth of value and let Logan inside. Inside, the castle was lit brilliantly by red flame, and mosaics had lined the walls of a great powerful demon known as Lerepiel. Hesitantly, Logan progressed through the great hall of the castle towards a large wooden door with marble flooring. Inside of the room, the last of the Marcato Liches had stood. Lord Morgan Leursci. The Lich was not pleased with Logan's arrival, and Logan could not believe his eyes. Never the less, the Lich spoke with Logan. Although the Lich suggested Logan stopped his search of knoweldge, he explained that this Darkness is an ancient enemy of the being Aethyros, the guardian of the Arrendera. The Arrendera, anscestors of the Marcato, worshiped Guthix. They saw Aethyros as light, but unfortunately was not as strong as the Darkness which is known as Nethyros, which is dead. A demon older than any others know, called Lerepiel the Shadowbrand. He worked for Zamorak during the third age but was wounded during some reformation. Logan asked if Lerepiel was the actual Darkness, but the Lich responded saying that he is not, and they were wrong. They simply cling to the word of their prince for guidence, being the Poleslavs. Logan asked what the Prince thought, and the Lich told Logan to talk to the Prince which was upstairs in the castle. So Logan, as dismissed, went to speak to the Prince. After navigating through the castle towards the roof, Logan found himself in front of a ten foot black winged being who was the Prince. His greeting was not as polite, and demanded to know Logan's name. Logan tried to act as polite as possible. The Prince kept him alive, and noted that Logan was carrying a book of pure evil. The book Logan brought. Logan daringly asked what the book consisted of, and the Prince told Logan that it is written in a demonic advanced infernal language, and it spoke of a darkness older than the empty lord of Zaros. The Prince asked Logan what he knew of demonic races, and Logan responded saying he didn't know much at all. The Prince went on, speaking of Infernals, Chthonian, and the Avernic. He spoke of the demonic world where the Infernals ruled the Chthonian and Avernic as slave races. Eventually the Chthonian's overran the Infernals and had gotten powerful enough to slay the Prince's Grandfather Kaxetael the Warmonger by the hand of Typheos. The Chthonians ruled in chaos until Hannibus enforced rules. Eventually, 12 legions of the mixed race of demons were recruited by Zaros and served him for many a year until the Avneric rose and slain the Chthonians. The prince's father, Lerepiel, went back to join Zamorak in the destruction. The Prince, however, wanted to stay in solitude and at peace. He told Logan that the fact these books exist fresh from the Shadow Realm is a sign that Typheos exists. Logan asked if it were a bad thing, and the Prince said Typheos was one of the strongest demons to set foot on Gielinor. If it survived, it's power would be unimaginable. He told Logan that if Typheos was alive, then the Avernic would aid in keeping it from Gielinor. At the end of the talk, he suggested Logan seek out Alim Abdul-Quadir, or the dark Nethyric druids. With that, Logan peacefully left the castle with a generous teleport from the Prince, back to Falador in the dead of night. Logan succesfully made it back to duty the next morning without any question to where he was.

Logan's first Temple Knight mission was not a week later, where Lieutenant Ellie Sharp brought Logan with her to a cave down in South Asgarnia near Port Sarim. Reports of a White Knight along
TK mission 1

Ellie and Logan during his first mission.

with two adventurers fighting off a few peculiar zombies outside of the port has gotten to the Temple Knights, where they sent the two to investigate. They teleported down outside near the cave and promptly made their way inside, where Ellie lit a torch. Logan followed behind her and asked what they were expecting, but Ellie refused to answer. Through the cave, they've noticed odd markings to be seen on the walls and floor. A little ways in, and a group of three robed figures approached the two knights. Ellie and Logan quickly dismissed these three through quick combat, silently killing them all. Ellie smashed two with her hammer while Logan stabbed the third through his center of mass, and then proceeded to slash down at his neck to end him. Logan's second kill of another human. This time, he didn't think much of it like the time in Port Sarim with the Kinshra captain, but he was still mesmorized by the idea of ending another life. They continued through the cave, until they've reached a congregation of about 5 other figures. Ellie decided to toss her torch their way, and they've seemingly dissapeared into darkness. Ellie told Logan to take point, as Logan went to lead through into an area that was emminating a natural sort of light. That was a bad move, considering in the room where the light came from, a strange mist was to be seen followed by an awful stench. After a few seconds, a large eight foot creature cloaked with thick steel plating and chainmail with hard leather. It was holding a greatsword and a large shield. Obviously this thing was no friend, as it yelled a blood curdling scream. A heavy fight ensued. Logan was near useless against the monster as he just had a sword, but he tried to distract it for Ellie to bash at with her hammer. During the battle, the monster had dislocated Logan's left arm by a strike with the broad end of his greatsword. However, Ellie managed to climb up the monster and bash his helmet in to effectively kill him. Ellie and Logan went to leave the cave to report what happened back to the headquarters via Communication Orb, got Logan's arm back to normal, and teleported home.

Few days later, Logan decided to have a drink at the Rising Sun for the first time in a while. He had a decent talk with Emily before meeting a woman named Mariana and a man named Lee. They talked for a little while before a pious and proud Saradominist Knight came in. The Knight embarrased himself before getting chased out, and Logan continued his chat with his new friends before a man named Jack came in. This Jack fellow claimed to be an ex Temple Knight, and Logan did not believe him. So this pissed Logan off. Logan called him out but the man persisted. Regardless, he ended up leaving, leaving just Logan and Lee together. And they continued their chat, getting progressively more intoxicated. Eventually, a barmaid named Laura came by and sat down with the two and acted a little strange, only talking about bars and Inns around Gielinor. Logan was suspicious of her, because she didn't seem entirely human. Never the less, they merrily continued their chat as Logan and Lee were pretty much at their limit in booze. It was quite humerous, even with a game of five finger filet. At the end of the night, Logan and Lee were pretty shit faced. Two swords from Bravo company, the group that the crown did not recognize any longer, came up and started to insult Logan and Lee. They called Logan Lee's bride, and Logan had enough. He got up, went to pay his tab to Emily, and stormed out of the bar in a fit of anger... and Logan stumbled his way home drunk back to his family's house to sleep because he was probably going to get in trouble coming back to the Temple Knight Compound drunk. Thankfully he was off the next day, and most of it was spent in his personal barracks recovering from a nasty hangover and embarassment. He apologised to Emily the morning of and was glad no one else witnessed hahah.

Logan was transferred from Order 22 to Order 171 under the command of Hayley Spears to fill an empty slot. Order 171 was another direct action arm of the Temple Knights so there was no extra necessary training to take during the transfer. He was then humerously attatched to Order 22 as an Order 171 Knight, so it was as if there was no change at all besides change in commander and collueges which ultimately did not matter so long as Logan reported to Commander Spears at the end of the day.

A day later, Logan reported late to the White Castle late one chilly Wintumber evening to deliver a document pertaining to his transfer to Commander Kohtlund. Upon arrival to the castle, the barracks were all empty aside from sleeping Knights, and the smell of food could be made being cooked in the mess. Logan decided to ask who was cooking the food where Commander Kohtlund was. It turned out, a quite pretty young woman was cooking the meal. Logan tried to act professional in front of her, despite being quite shy around the opposite gender. She seemed quite open to him, much to his dismay. She informed him that Commander Kohtlund was in the middle of a meeting and that he'd have to wait, and offered him some food. Logan accepted and enjoyed her cooking. It turned out that she was actually a White Knight officer named Isabell Kohtlund related to the Commander. Which surprised Logan, he did not take her as one. Once he was finished, she went to clean the dishes in the sink where the cloth got stuck in the drain. She asked Logan for assistance, and Logan went to help her pull it out. Things just started going down hill for Logan there, so to skip ahead and avoid unnecessary details, Logan ended up doing something he'd really regret that was strictly against the Temple Knight rules. He lost his purity. And he had gotten away with it. A victim of the deadly sin of lust. Feeling guilty as ever, Logan returned to his barracks at the Temple Knight Compound the next day and prayed the night away, not speaking to anyone about what had transpired that night ever again. At least for now. Ultimately, in the end, Logan felt something for that woman, and he knew she felt something for him. He planned to visit her some time in the future, despite his shame.

The very next day after his little fiasco with Isabell, Logan had been put on a mission to find and question a report of a Zamorakian man spotted in the wealthy east end of Falador. Logan quickly suited up and accepted a teleport down into the square, where he attracted a small crowd of onlookers. Upon examination of the square, it seemed empty. But over in a nearby alleyway, Logan spotted a cloaked figure with a fire staff, as if he was hiding from something. He came walking out of the shadows, resembling and sounding like one from the north. The Wilderness. Logan began to question the man, soon to realise that this was the one he was ordered to look for. The man stated that he released a demon in the city of Falador. He produced a terrifying spider looking

Logan confronting the mysterious figure in the alley.

ornimant from his back. He continued to say it came into his home, and although he wasn't the warrior he once was he still managed to put up a fight. He described the spider thing as a servant of one desceased by the power of light. Logan proceeded to ask about the demon the man mentioned. He said that the demon was the spider thing he was showing Logan. He claimed it was dead, but he was out of time and rescources to figure out where it was from. Logan offered to take the spider thing from him while the man revealed his face, showing that of a pale as ghost scarred and tattoo'd middle aged man. The man agreed to give Logan the spider thing. As Logan went to take it, the word "Tacheia" came to mind. He asked the man if he knew anything about the word Tacheia. He claimed he knew nothing of the word, and that was of a language he did not know. Then he proceeded to speak of the Worshippers, how the Kronesian and Giaximus is dead, but their fires is all that held back the darkness. Logan started to piece it all together in his mind, pertaining to his research of The Darkness and demons the past few months. The man smiled, and said.. "Even as ashes, our legacy move on." Logan advised the man to leave, and he did into the shadows, leaving Logan alone with the spider thing. Logan went back to the Temple Knight Compound and gave the spider thing to the scribes, reporting his after action report. Over the next few days, Logan spent any little off time he could seeing Isabell, the White Knight Officer related to Commander Kohtlund, in secrecy. They started to get to know each other, and developed a little relationship.

Even though Logan started to engage into a relationship in secret with the White Knight officer Isabell, he couldn't help but feel ashamed of himself for breaking one of the Church's cardinal sins. Lust. Even though he already suffered from insomnia at night, the guilt and depression of his sin made it ten times worse, to the point of only getting an hour of sleep a night if he was lucky. He would lay awake in bed, praying for forgiveness- also wondering how Isabella felt about all of this. She certaintly seemed ok. But he still felt sorrow, guilt, and depression. His fellow Knights started to notice his mood drop as well, and suspected something was wrong. But Logan never admitted to his act of defilement. He couldn't tell any of his fellow Knights, because that would put his career as a Temple Knight in jeapordy, and he hasn't even served for longer than a year yet! He started to get paranoid. One night while in the Rising Sun Inn drinking at some cider and speaking to the barmaid Emily for advice and help, his friend Mariana walked in and noticed Logan was depressed looking. She asked him what was the matter, and Logan was reluctant to tell her at first. Eventually he caved and told her he violated one of the seven sins, lust. Unfortunately for Logan, Mariana showed absolutely no sympathy for him. She walked right out of the bar implying that they wouldn't be friends any longer, leaving Logan alone with the other patrons who saw the two whispering. One hooded man came up to Logan and asked him what was the matter, but Logan ignored the man and went to leave. Loosing his friend Mariana only made his situation even worse, plummeting his depression even lower than it already was. He figured the only way he'd truly feel forgiven is if he sought forgiveness of a priest. But how to fess up without loosing his title and career? Ultimately Logan decided that he was to live with this guilt if he wanted to keep his career. He can only hope that we was forgiven in the eyes of Saradomin at the end of the day. Retaining his depression, he carried on with the dark secret, bottling his emotions. He eventually stopped appearing depressed in front of others after some time, but from then on he's always felt depressed on the inside.

Logan was assigned on a mission with a Lieutenant, Krayl Venoth, to investigate the murder of a Temple Knight espionage agent working out of Varrock. Logan and Krayl met up at the Blue Moon Inn where they stayed the night and headed out towards the scene of the murder come the morning through the dirty slums. Krayl and Logan approached the murder scene which was a two story house, on strict lockdown by the local guard. They approached the guard by the door and requested entry, but the guard told them no one was allowed inside. Logan convinced the
Teh investigation

Logan, Krayl, and the bald Guard looking at the body of the dead Knight.

guard to let them in eventually, fooling him into thinking they were of the Saradominist Church and were there to ensure the woman's spirit had crossed over into the afterlife, because she was a runaway from the Church. The guard let the two inside and upstairs where the body was tied to a chair. As Logan let Krayl approach the body and do the necessary work, Logan distracted the guards by acting like an excorsist would- He started muttering Saradominist prayers as he roamed the floor, holding out his holy necklace. Eventually he started pulling out his vial of holy water and started spraying it around the room with his fingers, all the while Krayl was examining the body- determining the operative was killed by her own dagger. Krayl switched her dagger out with his own while the guards weren't looking, and off the two went thanking the guard for his help. As they exited the building, Krayl told Logan that her communication orb traced back to the museum, indicating that she had visited the museum on the day of her death. He suggested they head there and ask around. Krayl was going to look into the communication orb issue while he told Logan to meet up with another Knight, Acolyte Nick Swan, in the city's square. Logan met with Nick and the two walked over towards the Varrock Museum, to meet with one of the curators. Nick went to approach one of them who happened to be near the entrance while Logan kept his distance, minding his own as he casually observed the showcases. The curator told Nick that the woman who was murdered bumped into a man on her way out, which was in a hurry. He noted that the man followed out soon after, in the same direction as her. Logan started to piece it together in his head. He went to leave with Nick, just as they recieved a commorb message by Krayl to meet back at the Blue Moon Inn. Nick and Logan took a walk through the slums to get back to the Blue Moon, where Krayl was waiting. The three of them sat in the corner, piecing their information together. They also found, by the barkeeper, that the bald man had a room rented in the Blue Moon. Sure enough, they found many different documents and a symbol of a dagger with a snake wrapped around it.. They've concluded that the man was no coincidence, and that he was there to kill their Knight. Utlimately they've decided to conduct a search for him come the following days. Krayl and Nick left the bar, leaving Logan alone at the table where he started questioning why they were speaking in a public place, and why Nick was wearing his armor. He was paranoid some people were eavesdropping. His negativity only grew when more personal problems started leaking into his mind. Considering the Misthalanian government had just killed the archbishop of Misthalin representing the Saradominist Church, this did not help with Logan's paranoia. He didn't like staying in Varrock anymore.

A day later, after some more questioning with local authorities and officials, Logan returned to the Blue Moon to track his comrade's progress on tracking down the man who killed the Knight. To his unfortunate surprise, he saw his former friend Mariana descend down the stairs. What!? What are the chances of them two running back into each other this far from Falador? Logan quickly tried to divert any attention brought to him and went to sit at a table where, guess who, his other friend Lee was sitting! Wow! If this isn't what fate is, I don't know what is. Logan hid with Lee for a little while, but it seemed Mariana noticed Logan. She approached the two at the table, and just when Logan thought he was going to get confronted and yelled at, she calmly apologized to him pertaining to her attitude back in the Rising Sun. This threw Logan off. He should have been the one apologizing to her! But she declined, saying she was the one who should apologize. To avoid any further tension, Logan accepted her apology and the two were once again friends! She advised Logan to cheer up, because everyone makes mistakes. She walked off, and Logan spent the rest of that evening talking to Lee about life and relationships. By the next morning, investigations in Varrock against the murderer of the Knight was called off, and Logan was sent back to Falador. Just in time too, considering the anti-church hysteria that was just starting to go down in Misthalin.

Most of Logan's time back at Asgarnia was spent on training, praying, and occasionally going to the bar and visiting family when he had time off, which stated many times before was rare. Logan and Isabell were getting closer together as a couple. He had plans on proposing to her hand for marriage down the road. However, just in time to ruin things, Logan was notified by Commander Hayley Spears that his first combat deployment with Order 171 was to come in two months to the cold and harsh environments of the north in the Fremennik held lands. He was briefed and told of the situation, being a massive increase of Godless activity actively working against the Saradominist Church in secrecy based out of the north. He was told the deployment was going to last up to nine months, and to tell his family goodbye, while his training with the Temple Knights was modified to fit the mission of the coming deployment. Logan planned on proposing to Isabell before he left.

Another night off, with only a month left before deployment, Logan led his friend Mariana into the Rising Sun on a joyful evening out when to his surprise Isabell was already there sat at the counter. He figured this would be a good opportunity to introduce the two together, so he approached Isabell in greeting with Mariana. It turned out Mariana and Isabell had a little history with each other, an unfortunate one at that. This displeased Logan, and led the two to the back of the bar to talk things out. Mariana was willing to forget about whatever the incident was that caused the two trouble, but Isabell was stubborn and refused to apologize. This frustrated Logan, but as long as Mariana was happy and Isabell wasn't upset with him he didn't pursue it any further. Mariana left shortly after, leaving Isabell and Logan alone. That would have been a good time to propose to Isabell, but because Logan felt Isabell was an unpleasant person to others the more and more he spent time with her, the less he felt for her- which ultimately angered Logan, because this was the woman he slept with before marriage. He didn't know what to think, but figured that his proposal to her should wait a little bit. Perhaps after his deployment. If she was still waiting for him to return.

Mariana invited Logan over her house in a pocket dimension she had created a while ago for a drink and chat. Her home in the pocket dimension was massive, surrounded by a cool breeze, sand, and palm trees. Logan was quite impressed, really. The two talked for a bit, and Logan spilled most of his problems out to her looking for sound advice from a friend, mostly pertaining to Isabell. Mariana advised Logan that he should wait to propose to her until he gets back from his deployment and see if she was still waiting for him, and to talk with her before he left about how he felt towards her. This made Logan feel a little better. They went on to chat about magic and pocket dimensions, until Mariana sent Logan back to Falador as she had to continue her studies. Back in Falador, Logan met with Lee and informed him as well of his deployment. Lee suggested they throw a little get together with friends and family, and Logan agreed.

Two weeks before his deployment, the Temple Knights have granted Logan access to the experimental MK III suit of armor, made of white metal mixed with mithril alloy to make the suit lighter than the MK II suit of armor which was standard to all Knights all the while providing better protection, like the MK I did. He only wore it once before he left, to get a feel for how it fit on him.

Unfortunately for Logan, he never had a chance to properly sit Isabell down and speak to her since she always seemed to be too busy. Logan ended up leaving on his Order's deployment of 16 men into the lands of the Fremennik to fight against the Godless splinter. The deployment went relatively well, and the group of 16 Knights were able to complete their God-given mission. Logan eventually returned to Falador with word of promotion to Proselyte. That later turned out to be true, as he was granted the orangeish yellow trim to his White armor. As soon as he returned home, he sought out Isabell.

It seemed Isabell had left, so Logan returned to duty with shame in his heart. They had not spoken in many moons, and Logan figured their relationship was over. Quickly getting over it, Logan continued his career with the Temple Knights to be promoted to Proselyte.


Along with his promotion to Proselyte, Logan had recieved orders to attend land navigation and reconaissance classes to eventually change his skill identifier from Combat Medic to Scout, due to a lack of scouts among the Temple Knights. As he changed his skill, he also recieved a
Hay & Log

Commander Spears & Proselyte Stasov during a meeting with the Asgarnian King.

lighter set of Temple Knight MK III armor and was trained in the art of reconaissance and stealth, learning many valuable skills such as infilitration and stealth. Much of what he was taught derived from the "Ninja" that had inhabited the Eastern Lands.

Upon completing his cross training into his new skill as a Scout, Logan was assigned with the rest of Order 171 & Commander Spears to Burthorpe, where he was to stand by & await further orders to assist the Asgarnian militia & knights with their peace mission.

Logan's time in Burthorpe was short, as the situation resolved itself without any bloodshed. However, another situation arose. This time, the entierty of the realm was at threat. For months there were reports of some sort of being of divine power heading straight for Gielinor. Although the Temple Knights knew about it, they haven't dispatched many assets to investigate such thing. Now that there were confirmed reports of an immensely strong and powerful being headed straight for Gieinor that can potentially end life on the realm, the Temple Knights have come to answer Saradomin's call and help in protecting Gielinor. Logan & the rest of Order 171 were immediately transferred from Burthorpe back to Falador where they were to stand by.

One day in the Rising Sun, Logan reunited with his friend Lianna again who happened to be a Lieutenant in the Knights now. She and Logan spoke for a bit until Logan decided it would be a good idea to confess to her about his feelings towards Isobell. He told her he didn't want to marry her. And that he wanted nothing to do with her anymore. He twisted the truth a little, and explained to Lianna that he never had any intention of doing anything with her or taking anything further than a friendship, and that he was forced and blackmailed into it. His accusations were backed by another White Knight named Arn, who also claimed that she tried to get after himself. Lianna fortunately believed the two and decided to investigate the case further. This made Logan feel much better about himself, having confessed for the most part and getting it off of his chest. He no longer felt as depressed about the situation from that point on, and told himself he was to break the glass next time he saw Isobell.

Tuska battle

Logan single handedly fighting against a Parasite during the many fights against Tuska's forces.

Well, it came about the time where Order 171 was to deploy into combat to help in the fight against Tuska. Having teamed up with Sarothic Astromancers, and using the Temple Knight command as a hub for teleportation, the unit teleported back and forth from Tuska in the space outside of the realm and back to the command to consolodate and reorganize after fighting when needed. Logan was among the Temple Knights chosen to deploy in the fighting, and felt quite uncomfortable being teleported so far away from home to fight against these alien beings. Mainly parasites in the early days of the fighting. They were quite an opposition, with many of the Temple Knights taking casualties alongside the many other fighters belonging to various other elite and standard factions and religious affiliations in their endeavour to quell the Tuska threat. The only rest Logan ever recieved was the brief shiftly 5 hour rest period of sleep whenever he was ordered to teleport back to the command base back in Falador.


Logan's updated medal display. Although he's no longer a medic, he still retains the badge as a sign of completion of training.

Days go by, and much work has been done on the surface of Tuska. There have been multiple times where Logan was tasked with a group of other fighters to navigate the islands, charge the Sarothic Spear with energy of the Anima Mundi, and climb to Tuska's head to stab it into a weak point to damage her and ultimately prevent her from reaching Gielinor. The island hopping was quite risky, and often Logan had done it on his own without assistance. He was absolutely exhausted after the first week of action, and things didn't look like they'd end anytime soon. Also, during this time, Logan was awarded two more medals. The 'Harbinger of Peace', for service to Saradomin in the second God Wars, and the 'Badge of Commitment', for staying with the White & Temple Knights for a certain amount of time. Along with these awards, which were granted to him upon one of his returns to the Temple Knight base for rest, he was informed that he was eligable for promotion to Acolyte.

Logan meets anya

Logan, during the encounter with Lady Anya.

One night during one of Logan's few rest periods back at the headquarters, which was longer than normal considering there were Sarothic forces sent to Lumbridge to fight against Tuskan Ariuts & the others fighting Tuska outside the realm were given a break including Order 171, Logan was out to take a stroll in the forests surrounding the compound to get his mind off of things and put himself in a place where there isn't constant fighting or bickering. During his little walk in the woods, Logan had noticed that he was being trailed by someone, or something. He paused every so often and scanned the area around him, but it was far too dark to distinguish anything out of the darkness and brush that surrounded him. For his own safety, he decided to head back to the compound. On his way back, he was ambushed and tackled by a thin woman adorning light armor and a black metal sword from the trees. This caught him off guard, and she pinned him to the ground with her sword pointed directly at his neck. He thought it was over as he shut his eyes, but felt nothing. Peering them open, the woman remained on him, pointing her sword at his neck still. He couldn't distinguish her face which was concealed by shadow; only strands of her blonde locks falling out. But she slowly retracted her sword, and backed up off of him. He demanded to know who she was, and she revealed herself as a Lady Anya Korsokov as she pulled her hood down, the Knight Commadore of the Renderra Family and former Guard Captain in Ardougne. To Logan, she was absolutely beautiful. More so than any maiden Logan has ever laid eyes on. Logan had recognized the name and pretty face from reading through the Temple Knight files a while ago, and she formally apologised to Logan explaining that she was on a contract to assassinate a man who happened to resemble Logan and lived in the area. Logan didn't question her any further and accepted her apology. She offered to buy drinks as a gesture of good faith but Logan had to refuse since he was still considered on duty. However, he told her he'd take her up to the offer and the two exchanged contact information before parting ways. As Logan made his way back to the headquarters, he thought about their encounter and hoped to see her again soon.

So the next night the two met in the Rising Sun Inn in Falador to share a drink and chat. Anya, as she promised, bought Logan his drink and the two talked. Anya kept pressing Logan with weird questions, mainly pertaining to what he does and his beliefs as a Saradominist. He found it odd, how the reowned Knight Commadore of the Renderra herself took such an interest in him. But, never the less, the questions were eventually broken by a familiar voice calling Logan's name from the stairs. It happened to be Mariana! Relieved to see her Logan was, the three chatted and Logan introduced Mariana to Anya. The night went by and eventually Mariana left after teasing Logan about Anya. This embarrased Logan, but it seemed Anya had caught on to Logan- and suggested they two go on a date. This surprised Logan greatly, Anya asking him to travel north with her some time. He accepted it, and eventually left himself to catch some sleep before continuing the fight with Tuska.


The day of his bar date with Anya, Logan was given a promotion to Acolyte and was finally again considered a Non-Commisioned Officer among the Knights. Along with his promotion he was given green trim for his armor and was told of a battle to happen in the fields of west Kandarin just under the Eagle Peak Mountain Range. He was ordered to attend with a Richard Guiney to assist the Armadylians in the fight against Tuskan Airuts and to close a portal that had opened near the shore. He was teleported down to meet with the assaulting army of Zamorakians, Godless, and Armadylians with Guiney. And so they marched North, to attack the Ariut. The Ariut were in even number with the humans, and the fight lasted for quite a while. Logan and Guiney teamed against mulitple Ariut, but their attacks against them were futile. They were like armored tanks, mowing down the human forces. Logan fought valiantly alongside his comrades, and eventually Guiney found himself with a broken leg. An Armadylian Avainse had Guiney teleported out of the battle just as Godless forces converged on the portal to close it down. Logan followed after a few Godless to assist in the portal closing just as another Temple Knight came in to replace Guiney. Logan witnessed the destruction of the portal just as more Ariut came to outnumber the attacking forces. Logan and the other Temple Knight fell back with the other forces to reach a teleporting range, which brought them back to Falador. Although the Ariut came and caused the humans to run away, the battle was considered a victory since the portal was destroyed. At the end of the day Logan went to check up on Richard before returning back to the Temple Knight base. Logan spent the next day at the White castle, messing with & teaching new squires to better prepare them for when their drill instructors play more mind games on them. During his time at the castle, he met a noble man named Ralph Gerard and some squire with a peculiar combat effeciency.

Eventually, Logan was reprimanded by a White Knight Officer for messing with the squires too much beside the Drill Instructors. So Logan left the White Castle back to the Temple Knight building to continue standing by for new orders. During his time waiting at the Temple Knight building, Logan decided to go out with Anya on their hiking date in the forests just north of Falador. The two bonded for a little while and from there it pretty much escalated to a romantic relationship. Logan had admitted his feelings for her and she felt the same towards him. From then on, the two engaged into a relationship which was very much healthier than his past relationship with Isabell. Of course, the relationship was still held underneath the rug so that his superiors and coulleges in the Temple Knights did not discover. However, this time he felt much less guilty for Anya appeared to be a pure soul, with no ill intention that would harm his well being.

Unfortunately for Logan, Commander Hayley Spears had finally retired among the Temple Knights to her estate south of the Fremmenik Province. Logan and the rest of Order 171 Knights have attended Commander Spears's retirement ceremony and gave her best wishes. Along with her retirement, the Grandmaster of the Temple Knights along with the rest of the brass had decided to decomission the chapter rather than find a replacement commander. So with that, Logan was unassigned as a Temple Knight & was put into a holding company along with the rest of the former Order 171 Knights until they could be found in another chapter.

In the mean time, Logan was assigned to small tasks here and there around the Falador area. Most of them were for training; Espionage, tradecraft, counterfiet, combat training, et cetra. One day, Logan was ordered to accompany a group of adventurers accepting a bounty from the Asgarnian King to continue an ongoing investigation of a mime-mask wearing cult transporting boxes into the former Falador Party Room. Logan rondevoused with the head of Asgarnian Intelligence and the group of adventurers in the east end of Falador and took on the party room, resulting in two fights with what he assumed to be higher-ups among this cult's order. The first one was killed, but the second one managed to get away only after a dragon was released from the roof of the Party Room. Unforuntately, Logan did not receive much information about this cult other than that they are likely Eastern in origin and are massive in number.

The very next day, Logan went on another date with his lady Anya. The two had a little picnic in Falador park, and shared a bit more history about each other. Logan had invited Anya over his dwelling and she accepted, the two having dinner and slept with each other. The next morning, Anya had departed to go about her daily business to see Logan again soon.

Eventually, Logan had received orders from the Temple Knights to attend Drill Instructor classes to become a Drill Instructor for the White Knights and train a few cycles of Squires before he was able to be reassigned to a new Temple Knight Chapter. Although Logan did not really want to go back to the White Knights, this would be an excellent mark in his career record, and would be a fast-track for a promotion to the senior enlisted rank of Partisan. Logan accepted the orders and attended many Drill Instructor classes hosted by the White Knights and learned many things. After some time, he graduated and was given a brown forester hat to symbolize his status as a Drill Instructor for the White Knights. He was allowed to retain his Temple Knight status and rank, as stated before this was only to last a few cycles.

Unfortunately for Logan that didn't work out quite too well. He dropped out of the Drill Instructor classes and went back to the Temple Knights shortly after to continue sitting in a holding company as he awaited transfer. It was starting to get unhealthy for him. One day while he was in the White Castle organizing paperwork for an officer, he heard news of a giant being teleported and crashing down in the middle of Falador square. Logan went out to investigate the issue only to see his lady Anya and the Commander of Asgarnia's Wyrven Knights, Vel Adair. Logan observed alongside Anya as some knights and soldiers took the giant out of the square and ultimately teleported it away with the help of mages. The Commander recognized who Logan was, and actually offered him a chance to try out for the Asgarnian Wyrven Knights. Logan accepted the offer, taking Anya with him, and the two were then taken for a short selection process the next day to ensure that they were fit for the job. To put it bluntly, the Wryven Knights are a specially selective and secrative force amongst Asgarnia's military that focus on unconventional warfare much like the Temple Knights. Members of the Wryven Knights are carefully chosen from all different military orders and branches of the Asgarnian military to make up the group. Most of the Wryven Knights have already served in a special team, like the Temple Knights or Asgarnian Marines. Long story short, Vel Adair put Logan and Anya through quick yet brutal tests that lasted the day, and eventually he selected them both to be on the team. He gave them both a special marking, much like the old Sicarius marking, that classified them as members of the Wryven Knights. Logan was then sent back to the Temple Knight Compound to sign off on his discharge papers, and to await transfer to lodging with the Asgarnian Military. He would soon find himself to be stationed alongside the other Wryven Knights in Falador, sharing lodging with his lady Anya. No longer was Logan a Temple Knight, nor did he have to answer to Saradomin. He gave is armor in, returned his gear, said his goodbyes to his friends, and left.

Asgarnian Military


Logan recieved orders to be stationed with the rest of the Wryven Knights in Falador Castle and recieved a room with his lady Anya, to share lodging. Logan was granted the rank of Sergeant, which was the military's equivielant to the Knights' rank of Acolyte, and was issued his new gear and weapons, which was to be the uniform of the Wryven Knights. Because they were newly formed and still finding members, their barracks section of the castle was relatively empty and there wasn't much to do in the early days. If he wasn't doing physical training with Anya & the rest in the morning, he was simply training with his blade and cleaning his gear as he waited for the next day. Aside from not having to attend mass every sunday or praying three times a day, garrison life in the Wryven Knights wasn't much different from life in the Temple Knights. 
Wyvern Knights 1

Logan, during the first Wyvern Knight mission with Anya and Vel.

A week later, they were finally contracted by the crown for their first mission. A Kandar merchant, by the name of Benoit Vansa who was well known for his support of armed forces and charity realm wide was found guilty in a clandestine investigation that pertained to him & his men funding terrorist organizations. The Asgarnian Crown took special interest in this man, considering he was one of the few responsible for funding that cult that Logan had combated a month prior in the former Falador Party Room. So, after Benoit Vansa was found in a small village in southern Asgarnia, Anya, Logan, and Vel were sent down to assassinate him while they still had the chance with him staying in Asgarnia. They snuck through the forests around the village before finding a clearing on the outside, where they had a good visual of the building in the village that Mr Vansa was believed to be. Logan helped provide reconnaissance for the other two to determine how much opposition was in the building. It appeared that Mr Vansa was in the building, guarded by seven other armed men with two on the outside guarding the house. They devised a plan that involved Anya using her shadow magic to mimick Mr Vansa while they stacked up beside the house. The shadow puppet of Mr Vansa Anya created ordered the two guards on the outside to leave. Fortunately they succeeded in their trickery, and went to stack up on the door into the house. Anya smoked the room out with her shadow magic, and Logan & Vel breached the room to kill the opposition, trapping Mr Vansa in the corner. Anya had almost killed Mr Vansa if it weren't for his magic, which deflected the crossbow bolt that was shot for him. He responded with a flames of zamorak spell and shot it straight for the group. They dodged the fire, and just as his spell was recharging Vel went to restrain him. While he was restrained, Logan picked his crossbow back up and shot it straight for Mr Vansa's head. However, he missed the head and shot his chest plate. This didn't kill him. Rather, make him pass out due to the force of the bolt hitting his plate. Vel explained that it was better this way, so that they could make it look like he killed his own men before killing himself. Because if news broke out that Asgarnians killed a Kandar merchant, an international incident could have sparked. So they hung his unconcious body which ultimately killed him. They then exfiltrated before the other villagers had the chance to come out and investigate. The Wyvern Knights first mission was shown as a success. Upon return back to the White Castle, Vel had mentioned that their garrison was to be changed to the 'Ivory Palace' in North Asgarnia where the King resided. The few days after were spent moving furniture and equipment to the north towards their new garrison.


One day while settling in at the new barracks at the Ivory Palace, Logan and Anya were sharing conversation when Vell walked in and ordered them both to follow him into the warroom. In the war room, Vel had explained that both of them were due for a promotion. He knew Logan wasn't a fan of officers, but after reading through his history he knew Logan was a man to trust. He directly comissioned Logan as an officer and bumped him up to the rank of Captain, explaining that he needed some one to run the reconnaissance section of the Wyvern Knights and that Logan was just the man for the job. Logan reluctantly accepted it, knowing that it was for his country. Along with that, Anya was made the Lieutenant Commander of the Armed Forces. So now, both Logan and Anya were Officers in the Asgarnian Military. They were given their own private room to share outside from the regular Wyvern Knight barracks, and even granted a piece of land to retire to during leave in southern Asgarnia. The night of, Logan proposed to Anya. She accepted, and the two were to hold a military wedding a few months down the road in Falador.
Stasov Estate

The home that was granted to Logan & Anya in southern Asgarnia.

Logan took a little bit of time off to get the flyers of the wedding sent out, and also went down to southern Asgarnia for a weekend to ensure everything at his new home was in order before returning to the Ivory Palace barracks. In Logan's free time, he was ordered to take classes on leadership, history, and generally how to make himself stand out as an officer. It was all so sudden for Logan. Logan also took classes on wind magic in his free time, along with the officer classes. Much of his time was taken by these extra classes to advance himself.

A few days later, Logan and Anya were assigned with Vel to go on another mission over in west Asgarnia to persue a lead on the samurai masked- Mister Two from the Wyvern Cult. They snuck through the forests once again until they reached the location of the cave where he was believed to be hiding out. They broke in, and were met with heavy resistance. Vel took on the guards while Anya and Logan fought against Mister Two himself. Mister Two revealed himself to be a lizard-human thing from the east, and nearly killed Anya if it wasn't for Logan who smashed his head against the wall before he had a chance to bite into Anya's neck. Although Logan ended Mister Two's life, he managed to bite into Logan's hand as he was pushed, poisoning Logan. He didn't know it just then. As they were packing up to get ready to head back to the Ivory Palace, a man surrounded by fire appeared in front of them. He turned out to be Vel's decseased father. He showed great sadness as he approached him, despite Anya and Logan advising him not to. Vel nearly made contact with the man in flames before he snapped back to it, and realised that it was a corrupt apparition of his father. He quickly became angry, and stabbed at the apparition to make it dissapear. As they were getting ready to finally leave, Logan felt light headed. He assumed it was from the venom from Mister Two biting into his hand, and Vel cured it with a magic spell that had him pass out due to the energy. At the end of the day, Anya teleported them three back to the Ivory Palace, assuming a mission complete and Logan recieved prompt medical attention pertaining to the poison in his body. He recovered the next day.

The next few days were full of uneventful events, consisting of training and some personal time alone & with Anya. He also spent some time preparing for the upcoming wedding, making sure everything was in order. He went around giving personal invitations to his friends, including Mariane. However, during a visit in Mariane's pocket dimension house, she made Logan feel extremely uncomfortable resulting in him leaving early.

One day while Logan was performing administrative duties at the White Castle in Falador, Logan took a break in the courtyard with a few White Knights and talked politics. To their surprise, the King himself came out and started training his skills with a sword. The Knights watched in amusement, until a woman approached and challenged the King to a spar. This shocked Logan and the rest, but the King actually accepted! And he personally asked Logan to retrieve his crown. So Logan did just that, and booked it to the throneroom. He got the crown and returned to the King, handing it off. The King actually kicked the woman's ass, and Logan & the White Knights cheered. Eventually, the King went back inside, and so did Logan. As he was shaving his beard into a pencil moustache in the White Knight barracks, his commander Vel came in and told him to be ready for anything- for something may go down close very soon. Logan shrugged it off and went to retrieve his armor just in case. Well, as Vel had warned, a group of five assassins clad in Asgarnian Military armor had came and started attacking the group in the courtyard. Vel, Logan, and a group of White Knights responded and succesfully took down the assailants. They turned out to be members of the terrorist group that the Wyvern Knights have been tracking for a while. The group of White Knights were wondering why they weren't told of this group of terrorists before, and Logan tried telling them that it wasn't any of their business as it belonged to the Wyvern Knights, but the White Knights kept persisting their question- eventually to the point where Commander Pryse of the White Knights came. He already assumed that Logan was belittling his own Knights, and treated him with hostility. This offended Logan, and angered him greatly. So Logan let Vel do most of the talking as he retreated into the castle kitchen. Soon after, Vel joined Logan in the kitchen where the two talked a bit, before one of the White Knights returned and continued to wonder why information was being withheld from them. At this point, Logan was extremely annoyed and pissed off- how this enlisted White Knight is questioning them two as officers like they were squires. She eventually left, leaving Logan and Vel very butthurt. Moments later, Commander Pryse and Sir Vye Ver of the White Knights come storming in, dramatically acting very angry and upset, knocking the door down right in front of Logan's face, and demanded that they left the castle. Not wanted to get mauled by the entire White Knight Order, Logan & Vel left the castle, informing the newly appointed Field Marshall Hayley Spears of this perdiciment.
THe Wedding

Anya & Logan being wed underneath a Sarothic priest.

Not a month later, Logan was finally married to Anya in the party room of Falador. The wedding was very well organized, and the two enjoyed a two week long honeymoon on Musa Point in Karamja. After much talk and discussion, Anya and Logan decided to wed eachother under Anya's name of Korsokov as her family history shows they were once nobles among the Zarosian Empire during the second age, and Anya has always wanted to revive her house. Taking the King up on his offer, Logan & Anya's house Korsokov were named an official cadet branch off of the Adair name in Asgarnia. During their honeymoon in Karamja, a new commander was appointed to the White Knight Order and the hostilities were resolved.

Upon their return from Musa Point, the two along with Vel were tasked with assassinating the third head of the terrorist group they've been chasing for the past few months. He was believed to be located somewhere near the Dominion Tower in the Kharid, so Vel made sure they kit up with light cloth and leather. They teleported down near the Shanty Pass from the Ivory Palace and began their trek into the desert, which lasted a few hours of forced off road marching through thick sand. The three hiked for hours until they reached their destination, being a small building in the middle of the sandy plains. The three breached the building and were met with swift resistance, all of the opposition being no older than the age of 15. Logan didn't think much of it at the time, and fought off the assailants. They were all killed, and the one they were trying to assassinate showed himself. During battle he gravely wounded Vel and almost killed Logan if it weren't for Anya who managed to catch and kill him just in time. Their mission a success, but Vel badly wounded, Anya and Logan tended to his wounds and teleported back to the Ivory Palace to make sure Vel was given proper medical treatment.

A few days later, chaos struck Falador. A red dragon was terrorizing the city, and the guards & knights were helpless. Logan kit up and went out into the fray to investigate, finding the dragon chasing a little balding child. Logan led the child to safety as he fought off the dragon alongside the help of a mage and a shapeshifting demon(?). The dragon eventually retreated, and Logan had succesfully saved the little peculiar girl. After a bit of talk, she ended up running away and Logan retired into the White Castle to report his findings.

Over the course of the next few days, Logan performed a lot of administrative work at the White Castle as his wife Anya went into surgery of her abdomen. Nothing very exciting or worthy of note happened. Most of Logan's time was taken up doing work at the White Castle in Falador and visiting Anya while she recovered from surgery. Whenever Logan was off, and Anya was sleeping, he spent his time drinking in the Rising Sun like normal. It was there he met a Lady Valengale. The two got along fairly quickly and easily became friends, meeting every so often in the Rising Sun to have a chat. During this time, King Varis the Second had suddenly "dissapeared", leaving a new King and Queen to rule Asgarnia. This was bad for Logan, for with the sudden change of power came much confusion to the military. His position as an officer was nearly forgotten, and the Wyvern Knights themselves were disbanned. During one of their last missions where Logan was not present, his wife Anya recieved a critical sword wound to her abdomen which required surgery. One evening, Lady Valengale invited Logan over to stay the night and he accepted, recieving a tour of her marvelous estate. During his stay, Logan explained why his wife did not join him because of her surgery and wound she recieved in a battle he was not present at, and she offered him healing potions from the East. Before he left he took the potions in hope they'd save Anya for she was not recovering well from her surgery at the White Castle.

Over the course of the rest of they year, Logan developed a friendship with this Lady Valengale who was in the process of restoring her former
1st Squadron, 4th Cav Asgarnia Garrison

An overhead map of Sir Logan's garrison at Galewood

County of Galewood in West Asgarnia. During this time, Anya's recovery was not going very well much to Logan's dismay, and eventually went into a comatose state which led Logan to another period of depression. Although she wasn't quite dead, she most certainly wasn't alive at any rate. Nothing Logan or the physicians did brought Anya out of her state, and therefore she remained under constant care in an effort to keep her alive. Eventually, Lady Valengale offered Logan a posting in the County Galewood so that he could once again be assigned as an officer. Accepting the proposition, and with the approval of the King, Logan was now in charge of a company sized element of Asgarnian Armsmen with much of his men former Asgarnian Specialized Armsmen or former Wyvern Knights. During the later months of the Galewood restoration, Logan and his company spent their time moving into Galewood and started to conduct training in the defense of the County and for the Asgarnian Military. They were to be specialized as a skirmishing and reconaissance unit.

Not long after his newly found company moved into Galewood and started to conduct training, Logan's beloved Anya had passed away which only further developed his depression. He had made sure she recieved a private funeral function, and had her body cremated. He kept her ashes in a vase. Despite the recent hardship, Logan continued to do his job as commanding officer and continued to oversee the training of his newfound soldiers. Quite frankly, he was all too busy to even find any time to grieve about Anya. If he wasn't attending military matters, he was meeting with Lady Valengale pertaining to the county of Galewood.

One late evening, Sir Logan had received reports that Falador was under a serious threat and rebellion. Knowing his men were about properly trained and ready to fight, Sir Logan rallied his entire troop of aproximately fourty men and rode two days North towards Falador to offer his assistance. During his ride, a battle broke out between citizens and guards in East Falador and the city went under lockdown. He arrived just hours after the battle and took his Executive Officer with him to the Castle where he presented himself and his troop ready for fighting. The Empress accepted him and his troop and had them garrisoned in the southern part of the city with some of the other Asgarnian forces, where Logan spent his time training them and preparing them for war..

During their deployment in Falador, Sir Logan's company occasionally got provisions and supplies delivered to them courtesy of Lady Valengale. Moral for the troops were high, and most of their day was spent on guard in the southern part of the city or training with what's left of the guard. Occasionally Lady Valengale would visit, asking for reports from Sir Logan. One morning during training, a stone Golem wandered into the camp. The Golem appeared friendly enough, and proclaimed it was on a pilgriamage pertaining to the late Guthix. Sir Logan explained to the Golem that this camp was off limits to outsiders, but the Golem offered it's help in the fight against the aggressors in the east portion of the city. Logan accepted the Golem into his ranks.

As time went on, the moral of Logan's men started to die. They were tired of being deployed in this camp outside of Falador and missed the

Captain Stasov in combat near the east border.

luxuries they had back at Garrison in Galewood. Logan eventually allowed the men to visit the Rising Sun Inn in Falador during their off hour to relax in an attempt to raise moral, which worked a little bit. Eventually, Logan and his company saw some action. During a routine patrol around the east border of the city, his patrol was ambushed by the aggressors and the two sides fought. They were both evenly matched, but Sir Logan's forced proved to be superior. They succesfully fended off the ambushers and took no casualties, eventually to return to their camp.

Eventually, the rebellion in Falador was quelled. Although Logan's troop suffered no deaths, many of his own men were either sick from the bad weather conditions in the recent past or were wounded from the little skirmishes in the east. They were not ready to return to Galewood. Sir Logan rode upon the White Castle and personally requested more time to stay garrisoned at Falador so that they can get their bearings together to move south. Empress Quinn allowed them, and offered to take the sick and wounded to Taverly for treatment. However, those who were able bodied were expected to help patrol the northern forests of Falador. Logan agreed to the terms and rode back to his camp, where he spread the news.

So, Logan's troop remained with the approval of the Empress and Countess Valengale. His able bodied men periodically performed patrols along the northern roads outside of Falador, and his wounded and sick were temporarily taken to Taverly for treatment. During Logan's extended stay, he met with a woman named Sarah in the rising sun amongst other people like a Kandar named Tommen. One day after a talk with his old friend Lianna at the castle, a ragged woman with red hair was sitting in the courtyard. She expressed a distaste in the armed forces, but insisted Logan give her a tour of the White Castle anyway. So he did. During the tour, she noticed the people held in the dungeon cells. She demanded they be released, and the two got into an argument before she revealed herself as the woman Sarah and teleported them all out, including herself. Logan went to alert the crown, and they immediately went to search for her.

The next day, Logan met with the new Captain of the Guard and talked about tactics. The Kinshra were plotting an invasion, and Logan's cavalry troop was ordered to help the defense by establishing a security screenline kilometers outside of the city. Days go by, and Logan starts to notice a little bit of division amongst the administration of the Empire. Long story short, it seemed there was a distrust between the general of the armed forces, Harys Forrester, and the crown itself being King Varis and the Empress. He's been invited to multiple meetings from each side and took in the information. Quite frankly he found it astounding. Eventually he discovered a plot made by the King to spy on Harys, so Logan told Harys. Shorty afterwards, Logan told King Varis. He didn't take it very lightly, and accused Logan of treason. He was absolutely furious. Logan tried talking some sense into him, but he was too angry and demanded a duel. So Logan took the duel, and during the duel Varis broke his nose. Logan eventually was able to calm him down, and they both agreed upon a draw. Hayrs and Tommen were summoned to the castle, a talk was had, and the Empire was mended. Logan learned that politics was not his place, and he returned to his troops out in the field to assist in the defense; avoiding the castle at all costs now.

Later on in the week, Sir Logan rode back to Galewood with the wounded and sick that were treated in Taverly to drop them off and retrieve replacements from another troop. He was greeted by Lady Valengale, and an improved town with a wall. She seemed very happy to see him, and he reported his information to her of events as of late. She informed him that she wished to travel back north to Falador with him, and gifted him with a new set of Galewood crafted steel armor and a black cloak and headband symbolizing him as the Grand Marshall of Galewood. The next morning, he rode back to Falador accompanied by Lady Valengale and twenty reinforcements.

Upon his arrival back at the city, he immediately joined his men back in the field as Lady Valengale did her business at the castle. Days went
Tha battle
by with no sighting of the Kinshra.. Just as their food supplies started to run out, one of the scouts at Logan's observation points spotted an army of Kinshra with seige enginges marching straight for the city. Logan sent a runner out to alert the other observation points as they all mounted up and rode to the city and warn the defenders. From then on they assisted the defenders in fortifying the city. Knowing it was to be a dismounted battle in the streets, the troop left their horses in the castle and awaited the attack. The morning of, the Kinshra invaded. Sir Logan led his troop into battle. Because they were trained more for mounted warfare rather than dismounted, they sustained quite a bit of casualties. However, the troopers of the Galewood troop fought on- with bravery and honor. Days went by, of little sleep and far too much bloodshed. One day during the fighting in Falador, Sir Logan and his men were tasked with supporting the evacuation of Empress Quin from the castle. They fought their way to the square where they supported her escape with her body guards. They fought valiantly, but eventually the Kinshra got to her and she was gravely wounded. Their mission failed, the Empress was teleported to Ardougne to recieve treatment. Later on, they found out she ended up dying. Days went by, most of Sir Logan and his troop's time taken up by fighting in the central part of the city. Morale was at an all time low. Sir Logan's troop that was originally at a number of 43 was now diminished to 21. He lost his First Sergeant, and his Executive Officer was gravely wounded. Lady Valengale consulted Logan and ordered for the troop to withdrawl Falador and return home to Galewood. And so they did. But Sir Logan stayed an extra day, to continue fighting. This was a dumb decision on Logan's part as he sustained a bad wound to his left thigh by a Kinshra's mace which dented in his plateskirt. He was brought out of the fight and treated by medics at the White Castle. The next day, Lady Valengale came and took Logan back to Galewood where he was to recover.

Finally, Logan received his much needed rest. He made sure his leg wound was tended to, and took the time to bathe up and shave his ragged face to also receive a haircut. He addressed his troopers back in Galewood and promoted each trooper dead and alive to the next rank. He also started to recruit more troopers out of the county and of the military to bolster and reinforce his ranks. Although the chaos continued to rage on north in Falador, all was calm down in Galewood. It was an odd sort of feeling, he thought. At one point, Sir Tommen now a Baron, came to Galewood asking for Lady Valengale to summon peasant levies for the defence of Southern Asgarnia in the event the Kinshra attack. She consulted Sir Logan, and although he did not agree to conscription and forced service he thought himself forced into a position where he couldn't disagree, so he advised Lady Valengale to accept.

Sir Logan and his cavalry troop was now in charge of a peasant levy of 2000 men. As a Captain, he found it quite a daunting task. During this time, the town of Port Sarim was attacked by Kinshra and ultimately put to ruin. Just as Sir Logan was about to send troops, Lady Valengale advised him not to. So they continued to stay in defence of Galewood County, as the rest of Southern Asgarnia burns and the Empire's economy collapses.

During this time, Lady Valengale had plans to leave Asgarnia and head for the Kharid desert, much to Sir Logan's dismay. Much talk was had about the situation, and ultimately Lady Valengale gathered as many people and soldiers willing to follow as she could and in the middle of the night left for the east. At first, Sir Logan followed after. But during their trek east, the more Logan thought about it, he couldn't leave Asgarnia despite the state it was in. It would be an act of cowardice. He and his men turned around, leaving Lady Valengale and her followers to their own fate as he returned to Falador.

As Sir Logan and his troop returned to Falador, the battle was won. The Kinshra left Falador and the Asgarnians were victorious. Because Galewood was no more, the Asgarnian government decomissioned Logan's Cavalry troop and he was thus relinquished from command, once again to be held as an unassigned officer of the military. During this time, he was offered by Lady Hayley Spears herself to re enter the Temple Knights and retain his original rank as Acolyte, in which he accepted.

Temple Knights II


While Asgarnia started to recover from the brutal war, and rebellions waged in the South, Sir Logan was reinitiated into the Temple Knights and redid his vows and paperwork. He was given back his old non-commisioned officer status as an Acolyte and was under the direct command of Lady Hayley Spears. Much of his time was taken up by administrative purposes, like scouting for new recruits from the White Knights and handling inter-order business.

During this time, the fighting in the south had subsided. However, fighting in the north started to occur. A rebellion started in the north by hungry peasants and angry nobles, and it was all backed by the Kinshra to get back at Falador for loosing the war. Taverly was contested for insurrectionist control, and the Asgarnian Inquisition order started terrorising the citizens in the name of Saradomin. A cult also formed of Sarothic men and women who were doing the same job as the Inquisitors, causing much confusion between the two factions. Sir Logan was recomissioned into combat. Stationed out of Falador Castle, he pulled secret missions in the north to include reconaissance and raids. This went on for a few weeks. During this time he got aquainted with Lady Spears's younger cousin, Corina Spears. By Lady Hayley's order, he was to aid in Corina's recruitment into the Temple Knights.

Corina had accompanied Logan with a couple of Temple Knight ran missions in Asgarnia to fight against the sarothic terrorist organization, Order of the Crown. His missions to note were the rescue of two Asgarnian soldiers, finding and securing the mother of the leader of the organization, thwarting a raid on a residential home, and raiding a bunker of theirs in northern Asgarnia. During this time, Corina's squire Alicja was taken captive a week before Wintumber. After serious tracking done by the scribes, they determined her location to be in the Kharid desert. It was also determined the Order of the Crown headquarters was located where she was held. To knock out two birds with one stone, Logan organized a rescue party of Temple Knights to raid their headquarters and save Corina's squire Alicja while Corina herself prepared to attend the Temple Knight Assessment and Selection course in the new year.

The new year came, and the rescue mission kept getting put on hold. Eventually, Corina returned having passed the selection process and was coincidetally assigned to Logan's team as was an old friend Lianna from the White Knights where they continued waiting to rescue Alicja and finish the Order of the Crown.

The time had finally come to stomp the Crown Archival once and for all and finally save the two hostages, Meghan and Alicja. A long story made short, Logan and his team manifested in the White Castle courtyard where they met a Kharidian freedom fighter named Effendi. He teleported them to Al-Kharid where they met his men and they fought their way to the Crown Archival's headquarters in the desert. They stormed the tower, killed the leader of the Crown Archival Alikhan, and rescued the hostages- successfully ending the underground war. Sir Logan returned to Falador and finally received his promotion to Partisan, just as he packed up and out of the White Castle to get back to the Temple Knight Headquarters.


Upon his promotion to Partisan, Sir Logan was ordered to head to a distant Asgarnian colony off the coast of Karamja to learn how to fight and adapt to a jungle and swampy environment in preparation for a Morytanian deployment. It lasted for three weeks, and Sir Logan returned to the Temple Knight headquarters for a week of peace back in Asgarnia to relax and recooperate.

Soon after, Sir Logan and his team were tasked with heading to Morytania. An old Temple Knight tomb from the third age was recently brought to the attention of the Knights as a dark force was meddling with the dead resting inside. Sir Logan and his team were ordered to cleanse the dark presance. After establishing lodging at the Temple Salve, Logan and his team started to conduct scouting missions across the river to find an easy route to take east to the tomb and to update old maps.

Their missions in Morytania were harsh, with each scouting patrol taking some sort of opposing force contact. It got to the point where a good Acolyte under Logan's command went missing in the swamps, which harshly effected Logan's mental standing. Eventually, Logan and his team pinpointed the location of the old temple knight tomb and prepared to make one final journey into the swams to cleanse it's evil before the command decided to scrap their deployment. Logan was not going to let his Acolyte's dissapearance go in vain.

That weekend, Sir Logan took Lady Corina through the swamps and navigated towards the old tomb where they met two undead hostiles. They were swiftly dispatched as Logan and Corina entered the tomb. Entering the tomb, Logan and Corina came upon a group of Morytanian mercenaries. A heavy fight ensued, forcing Logan to use his explosives and literally 'cleanse' the tomb by blowing it sky high. Corina and Logan narrowly escaped the tomb's explosion, but unfortunately Logan's commorb was broken in the process. With no way to contact command, the local werewolves attracted to the explosion, and Corina wounded, they were trapped in the swamps with no apparant way out. Temple Knight loremasters established a search and rescue team for the two while they hid out in the swamps to avoid the inevitable werewolf and vyrewatch patrols.

The night proved difficult for Logan and Corina, but they eventually pulled through as they came across the search and rescue team battling some sort of Vyre creature. The creature was dispatched, and Logan and Corina were led back to safety at the Salve where the mission was deemed a success seeing as the tomb was in fact cleansed by explosion. Sir Logan and his team packed up and returned to their headquarters in Northern Asgarnia.


Logan's full metal rack as of 2/28/2016

After their return and debrief back in Asgarnia, the knights of Scalpel team were put on a two week leave period where Logan went south to Falador to relax and re-cooperate. Leave went by relatively quick, and Logan and the team were back to work as normal to resume training and waiting for something to happen. However, Lieutenant Lianna Riverlawn hadn't returned from leave. Before Logan could do anything about it, he received a comm signal on his new commorb from Lianna somewhere far north in Forinthy. She urged for him to teleport to her location, so he did to find himself before two Icyene and a wounded Lianna. The Icyene proclaimed their presence here was top-secret, and required Sir Logan and his team to rescue a missing Icyene from their own team. Sir Logan accepted the mission, and was sent back to Asgarnia to gather his team for the mission. Lianna remained in the location to assist him by communication, and suggested they start their search for the missing Icyene in Karamja.


... A lot has happened since then... Unfortunately, the rest of Sir Logan's history has been lost to time. Much has been done since. But from what we can ascertain, he seemed to have settled down with his sister in Ardougne where he retired from the Temple Knights, and lived a happy life up until his end where he passed on due to natural causes in the ever loving grace of Saradomin.

Personal Life

Life off Duty

Sir Logan lives in his own personal house while off-duty somewhere in the eastern portion of Falador. When on leave, he spends much of his alone time praying and reading.. Normally when he's off-duty on the weekends, he spends some time in the bar drinking away. He likes to make carpentry like tables and chairs and formerly sold them for some coin to other soldiers who are in need of decoration or furniture. His sister formerly liked to share what she learned in university about medicine and anatomy to Logan, and since Logan has taken an interest he learned as much as he could from his sister which formerly made him a combat medic among the White Knights. Logan keeps up with his fitness off duty by running and weight training. Every few years Logan would take a journey to Varrock to visit the rest of his family this side of the salve, excluding those who still are in Morytania. Although Logan likes to travel and explore, he rarely goes on an actual vacation outside of Asgarnia.


Logan was raised a devout Saradominist, and attends mass every Sunday. However, he doesn't really talk about it much to others. He's very humble with his faith and respects other peoples' beliefs and opinions. However, as time went on, he soon began questioning his own religion.


Logan is really easy to get along with and very laid back. He isn't too much of a hard ass like a lot of the other Knights and Soldiers, and he takes a lot of what people say about him & his family or friends with a grain of salt. He always tries to find the positives in negative situations and tries real hard to get everyone around him to like him. He always seems to have a smile on his face and has a natural ability to cool people down when they are angry or frustrated. He's very brave in times of danger and has very strong morals that may conflict with orders every now and then, but he'll never leave a friend behind.


  • Logan shares the same first name as the player.
  • He suffers from a bad bit of depression that he ends to bottle up.
  • Logan has flat feet.
  • He's trained in a variety of different weapons to include all types of swords, halberds, and even bows.
  • Logan has a very good skill set of multiple specialties to include first aid, combat, tactics, advanced survival skills, and stealth.
  • His favorite drink is a Wizard Mind Bomb.
  • And his favorite food dish is pork sausage and potatoes from Varrock.
  • Logan can usually be found in the Rising Sun Inn when he's off duty.
  • He enjoys music.
  • Logan is a hypochondriac.
  • Logan would have been voice acted by Temuera Morrison.
  • Logan has insomnia.
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All the places Logan has been as of 11/30/2015

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