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The Wolf-Mother


Warrior-Monk of That Saradomin Group

Lofn the Wolf-Mother is a Fremennik hailing from their capital, Rellekka. She's an adventurer and a warrior-monk of The Order of St. Rimmington's Sarothic Church. Lofn tends to be quiet about her past to people, but is quick to answer almost any question when drunk and in what she deems trustworthy company.



Lofn spent most of her youth in her hometown of Rellekka, although she often liked to visit her cousins in Miscellania when she could. Her childhood was simple until she turned 12, when she first met her pet wolf. It was a cold winter night when she got stuck outside the village in a snowstorm. Unable to find her way back home in the dense snow, she took refuge in a nearby forest. There Lofn met a wolf pup, whom she'd name Krusning.

Adolescence and the birth of the Wolf-Mother

Lofn, being an only child, grew side by side with Krusning, thinking it to be her brother of sorts. Krusning on the other hand thought the Fremennik girl to be its mother. Raising a wolf is a challenging task, one which Lofn took with joy, she started steering away from other girls her age, and started fights with the village boys. She thought that she'd have to be a good example to her wolf.

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 15.39.30

Lofn during a visit to Miscellania, listening to her cousin's songs.

Lofn eventually grew out of her childish ideas on how to train wolves, and she calmed down. During a small feast in the longhouse, when Lofn first was drunk, she was hugging Krusning and calling it her baby. This action caught the attention of the men, who'd from there on call her Wolf-Mother. The name stuck when everyone noticed that Lofn didn't mind the name.

At the age of 18, she took part in one of the raids to Waterbirth island along with Krusning. The raid was successful with only a few casualties, and thus, a feast was held. Lofn would've been considered beautiful then, if not a brutal fighter, and she caught the attention of one the men her age. A few hours into the feast, she'd drank more than a barrel worth of beer. When the young man approached her, Krusning sensed danger, and jumped on the man. What resulted was a bloodbath, and barely any flesh was left on the man's carcass when Lofn finally pulled her wolf away.


Lofn and Krusning were chased out of Rellekka after the wolf was dragged outside the long-hall. The villagers were honorable enough to let her have her sword, shield and armor when she left, but they swore to hunt her down sooner or later. Knowing the stubborn nature of her kind, Lofn developed slight paranoia towards other Fremenniks, only trusting them if they had not been in Rellekka during the incident.

Lofn fled southwards, passing the Seer's Village, only stopping when she reached Ardougne. There she took refuge in one of the inns, where she hoped no-one recognized her. Needing food for herself and Krusning, she resorted to hunting north of the city. Here she met a group of warrior women who she trained fighting with, but her time was limited, so her swordsman skills are still only adequate.

When Lofn heard rumors of a group of Fremenniks entering the city, she fled southwards again, settling in the small city of Yanille. There she took unofficial jobs from the city guard, mostly involving killing rampaging ogres outside the city. For a few years she honed her skills on the dimwitted race and gathered enough money to buy herself a decently sized home. For a while Lofn was happy with her life. After she turned 27, the Fremennik group had caught up with her, and to only option for her was to escape Kandarin, and travel to Asgarnia, where the Fremennik were more rare.

Lofn took a ship from Port Khazard to the fishing town of Catherby. Not wanting to waste any time, she gathered enough equipment for a trek across the White Wolf Mountain. During the trek, Lofn and Krusning ran out of food faster than she anticipated, but they were only about a descend away from the druid town of Taverley. Rationing their food had however left a mark on both their stamina. Both were hungry and tired, and thus, easy prey for the local wolves.

When a pack began their hunt on the pair, Krusning sensed the danger behind them and hurried it's mother along. Lofn understood her wolf's panic and complied, but their efforts were in vain. The pack caught up with them in minutes and attacked. Normally both Lofn and Krusning would have survived, but the lack of nourishment had taken its toll. Krusning was killed by the wolves first, so they could concentrate on the stronger foe. But as cunning as wolves are, they did not expect what happened next.

The moment Krusning died, Lofn lost all control. Losing her only friend, she went berserk. Swinging her sword and shield in a flurry of swipes and blows, the wolves were unable to land a scratch on her. Her sword slicing in crude arcs and using her shield as a blunt instrument was her natural instinct at that point. When she was finished with the pack, Lofn ran to her dead wolf, hugging the corpse and crying her eyes out. The alpha wolf had survived the Fremenniks fury, and pounced on her. Lofn couldn't react in time, but her chain-mail armor was able to deflect most damage. The slaughter had turned into a brutal wrestle between a woman and a wolf. Lofn eventually managed to crack the wolf's spine with her elbow, ending the conflict with an audible crack.


Lofn appeared in Taverley a few days later, covered in blood, and sporting a wolf-pelt cloak and an ornate amulet she had fashioned from Krusning's remains, after she ate it's raw flesh and buried it's bones. If one were to ask the druids, they'd say that her eyes were a void of emotion. Lofn slugged her way to an inn, where she slammed her money pouch onto the counter and continued on into a vacant room. Scaring three sleeping patrons by kicking their doors in, before finding an empty room where she fell on the bed.

After emerging from her room a few days later and washing herself in a nearby lake, she noticed a scar the alpha wolf had left under her left eye. After dressing and heading back to the town, she noticed that many druids had the ability to summon spirit creatures. Lofn found the house of Pikkupstix, the master of summoning. There she saw an adventurer learning to summon for the first time. The spirit summoned was what caught her attention: a wolf.

Lofn was quick to learn in the arts of spirit summoning, and developed a way to summon spirits of one's own choosing. She plucked a hair out of Krusning's pelt and added it into the pouch, resulting in Lofn successfully summoning the spirit of her wolf companion. Pikkupstix hoped for Lofn to stay and train due to her knack in summoning, but she had learned what she wanted to learn and was ready to continue her travels.

Falador and Saradominism

When Lofn arrived in Falador, her first priority was to drink. Stepping into the Rising Sun Inn in blood caked armor was not the best idea she ever had. In an attempt to be friendly with the locals she managed to scare away one of the patrons, almost being jailed in the process by a guard posted in the inn at the time. Later she ended up smashing a table during a heated argument with an elf who insulted her heritage. Lofn stayed in the inn for the night and left to clean her armor and find new clothes in the morning.

During her second night at the inn, she met the same guard again, who allowed Lofn to stay at his old house. The guard had kept an eye on her during the two evenings, and had noted her vague reasoning for why she was so far south. When he confronted Lofn about this, she finally revealed her past to him, finding him trustworthy. So far, through her years running, this was the first time she told the truth. When she was left alone and was preparing for bed, she simply ended up hugging the pelt of Krusning and crying herself to sleep.

A few days later when Lofn was exploring the park, she found a preacher spreading the word of Saradomin. After a lengthy conversation she finally found peace in the preachers words, and dedicated herself to His name. The true reason for this was her mentally unstable state at the time, losing her only friend had caused permanent damage to Lofn.

She eventually joined the St. Rimmington's Sarothic Church in hopes of companionship and new-found purpose. She left to explore Asgarnia and Misthalin on her own, often returning to Falador to relax.

The wolf in Wolf-Mother

During one of these adventures, a highwayman trying to rob her managed to rip Krusning's pelt off Lofn's back. The sudden separation from her memento caused her to re-live the pain she felt on the White Wolf mountain. Lofn went berserk, mauling the highwayman with ferociousness rivaled only by werewolves. When she came to, she was at a clearing in the middle of a forest, blood splattered on the rocks and trees, and drowning the grass around her. Looking down, she saw one of the most gruesome sight of her life: A bloody pulp. The body was barely recognizable to be human. The sun had settled by now and the only thing she was holding was Krusning's pelt. Lofn soon lost consciousness due to fatigue from the hours she had spent mutilating the corpse.

After waking up and cleaning herself, she promised to avoid such an incident from ever happening again. When Lofn arrived back in Falador, she went to the church and tears in her eyes confessed her deeds.

Descent to darkness

Lofn hasn't been mentally stable since arriving in Asgarnia. Starting fights with little provocation in bars, and going on adventures to kill those who she deemed worthy. She never starts a fight or kills without reason, although she can be easily persuaded into such actions due to her mercenary attitude.

Lofn attended the final campaign to the desert with the warrior-monks of the Sarotic church, lead by Dion Magnan and Sander Stoneman. Lofn was hesitant to attack the bandit town when she heard Dion's speech, but didn't protest. During the battle and the retreat to Pollnivneach she proved her capabilities as a warrior and as a saradominist, and was promoted at the end of the campaign for her efforts.

Lofn realized that her beliefs in Saradomin differed from Lord Dion immensely. While she was willing to follow orders to the word, and maybe even go further; she found that killing others over religion was idiotic and barbaric from her point of view.

A week after the campaign, Lofn returned to the desert to seek answers. While crossing the desert, she met a demon of Zamorak.

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 15.55.41

The Zamorakian demon

The demon sensed her wavering faith, and tried to seduce her into the arcane beliefs of Zamorak, bribing her with power and wealth. Lofn knew what the demon wanted, so she held firm, not admitting nor denying anything. After a day of debate of their beliefs, the demon had enough of the fremenniks stubborn nature, and threw a last pitch effort at her. Gifting Lofn with weapons suiting her suppressed brutal nature: a pair of Dragon claws. The claws were corrupted with magics of Zamorak, and hold rage and brutality in them, ready to be released when blood is shed by their talons. He gifted them to Lofn in her dreams, causing her to see nightmares of hellish planes, where she would then find the claws within an arcane pentagram.
Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 15.50.29

Lofn discussing ethics with the bandits.

She returned to the bandits after receiving the claws, donning her own equipment to make sure that she wouldn't be recognized. There she had long discussions with the bandits about their beliefs, to learn why Dion would ever attack them. Lofn found no answers, the reasons for a genocidal crusade were lost to her. When Lofn retired to her room for the night, she was visited by more nightmares in her sleep. The creatures in the dream spoke in supernatural languages, whispering forbidden secrets and screaming mad propositions to her. When She woke up from her dread dream, she was standing in the town center at dawn. Looking around, she saw evidence of gruesome acts of violence. Blood had been sprayed on the walls and tents, bodies lied around her, the sand had turned red. The scene shocked Lofn, but she didn't cower because of her gruesome actions, instead she laughed. The manic laughter woke the bandits who were unaware of the slaughter from their peaceful sleep. When the first made their way outside and saw the horrid sight, the Fremennik had already fled from the town. The only thing that left that town unbloodied was the necklace Lofn had made from Krusning's remains.

Savagery incarnate

After the incident at the bandit camp, Lofn continued her travels across Geilinor, crossing the River Salve into Morytania and north into the Wilderness and down into Deamonheim. Wherever she went, blood would follow. Some of the werewolves of Canifis who witnessed her outrage there would shudder at the Wolf-Mother's deeds and the bandits and outlaws of the wilderness now avoid the path she took, almost with superstitious fear.

After a while, Lofn returned to the church in Rimmington where she met Dion Magnan for the first time since the desert. Voicing her concerns about her mental state, the Lord of Entrana told her how her rage was rightful, and should be directed towards the enemies of Saradomin. Whether Dion knew how Lofn would take his words, they would change her drastically.

While Lofn would never attack defenseless citizens, or followers of Saradomin, she'd occasionally find a highwayman, a member of the Kinshra or groups of outlaws whom she'd discreetly proceed to brutally slaughter. If asked, she'd use Dion's words to justify her needs for nigh needless bloodshed.

Only a select few have ever been told about Lofn's actions, which she prefers too keep it that way. Needless to say, if she appears in a bar smelling of blood or otherwise bloodied, Lofn will have struck somewhere again. At times like these, she's outwardly more calm but prone to anger, if provoked.

Storm before the calm

Dion Grace & Lofn

Members of the St. Rimmington's Sarotic church do not take lightly to sexism.

Dion, Grace and Lofn meet in Falador to share drinks together. During a pleasant conversation a Zarosian warrior starts making comments to the trio about Lofn and Grace's presence and their religion. As words are exchanged between the parties, tensions begin to raise and Lofn snaps at the warrior. She lost her sense of reasoning and was about to launch upon the offender with the intentions of ripping him apart. Right before she was about to pounce, Dion placed a hand on her shoulder which snapped Lofn out of her rage.

This caused a chain of events that finally released Lofn weaker side. She fell to the ground mumbling about Krusning and Grace helped her outside. When Dion and Grace managed to calm Lofn down, the warrior appeared behind them, challenging Dion to a duel. Lofn and Grace managed to hold themselves at bay, not risking their lives and respecting the privacy of the duel. Another person was present during the duel as well, trying to calm them down. Lofn found out that this man was named Hörik, and was a member of the Moon Clan of the Lunar isle. Despite the grudge between their kin, Lofn decided that he could be of assistance to her, and set up a meeting between them in Port Sarim.

The warrior ended up teleporting away as more support came to Dion's aid, halting the duel. Before he managed to get away, Dion managed to hit him with an enchanted bolt.

Calm after the storm

After the incident the trio made to the St. Rimmington's church to calm down and relax. The peace was soon broken after a friend of Lofn arrived in the church, Lance. The two had met on several occasions during Lofn's adventures and had developed a bond between each other. Lance proposed to Lofn under the gaze of the the Lord of Entrana and she accepted.

Life was looking up to Lofn, but after her outbreak at the bar, Lofn needed to forget something. She met with Hörik at the docks of Port Sarim and she asked him to remove a certain memory. Hörik peered into her memories and found the unwanted incident: the bandit camp slaughter. He was reluctant, but agreed to remove the memory, and alongside with that, any memory she had of him.

The process of the memory removal required or Lofn to fall asleep. As Lofn woke up, she had forgotten about him, and saw a stranger next to her, talking about tuna. As she made to leave, she called back to the now stranger Hörik, calling him 'moonclan' as she had before.

Second meeting and hardships at home

Lofn returned to Falador for more drinks, and to celebrate her engagement with Lance. She had not expected the same Zarosian warrior to appear in the bar however, and she decided to keep a close eye on him. Later on the evening, she had lost the initial suspicion towards the man, and went back to talking with other people, one of them being Hörik. Lance also came around searching for her, but as they were talking, the Zarosian warrior took action.


The heated argument

He pulled a crossbow on her and started asking questions about her and her beliefs. Before Lofn would have been eager to attack the man despite the risks, but with the recent removal of one of her most scarring memories, she managed to stay calm and try to talk the tension out. The warrior ended up firing the bolt at Lofn's leg, gracing the flesh. The wound would heal, but would leave permanent damage to her left leg as some muscle was torn. Lance teleported her to his home in Rimmington where they took shelter for a while. When Lance left the house for work, Lofn retreated to her old home in Yanille.
Escape to Yanille

Lofn travels back

Lance arrived in Yanille a few days after Lofn to look for her. She'd been crying and living in the care of her butler, Oswald. Lance tried comforting Lofn about what had happened, but ended up angering her. This resulted in a nasty headbutt to Lances face and Lofn, realising her childish outburst, crying on her knees.

The two managed to make up, Lance doing his best to make Lofn feel better with some results. He left Yanille for a day, and came back with a newborn wolf pup. The next time Lofn emerged from her home, she had once again rightfully called herself the Wolf-Mother.

New leaf

Lofn quieted down and settled in Yanille with Lance. She'd occasionally leave to wander Gielinor in search of adventure or to relieve boredom. During one of these trips, she stumbled across Hörik being held captive in Camelot and she aided him in escaping. Hörik returned her memories of their meeting in Port Sarim, and when she inquired about one hazy memory from the desert, the one originally taken, he only replied that it was better for everyone that she didn't remember that morning.

It didn't take long for her to realise that her new life didn't suit her and she quickly started going mad. The demonic magic from her claws and the blood she had spilled were weighing on her conscience, so she snapped again. Lofn skinned Duskregn and threw the carcass in a ditch alongside her husband, whom she'd knocked out earlier with the aid of Oswald, her butler. She fashioned crude boots out of the bones and pelt of the wolf for her upcoming journey.

Lofn left Yanille in a hurry, and arrived later in Falador clad in fur armour she had made from various animals she had hunted down on her way back to Asgarnia. In Falador, she got in contact with an exotic arms dealer and traded her claws for a pair of dragon-metal boots and chainbody.

That was then... This is now

Lofn settled back to normal life after the disappearance of Lance was confirmed. The two have not met since their time in Yanille, and Lofn has calmed since her escape. She received a promotion in the ranks of the St. Rimmington's Sarotic Church. She proved her worth to the higher ups through her actions during some of her adventures, where her loyalties to the order were brought to question. Lofn owes the church more than to anyone in Gielinor, after all, she has been in their company since her arrival in Asgarnia.

She has recently began hunting as a past-time, and has acquired a few odd pets she likes to keep at her house in Yanille. Her most prized of these is an owl she named Charles, who has taken a liking to Sander Stoneman and Dion Magnan.

Every step I take, I'm moving on

As Lofn's life kept a peaceful status quo, she spent time with the other members of the order and started developing feelings for one of them. As time passed by, she kept travelling Gielinor in search for something she couldn't quite explain. Once time came, she climbed the White Wolf Mountain to where she had buried Krusning, to mourn him and to contemplate on her future.

When she finally descended the mountain, she headed to the Seer's Village to seek advice. Unsurprisingly for the depressed borderline alcoholic, she ended up in the local pub. She spent a while drinking her sorrows away until Sander Stoneman found her in a dreadful state. After a short conversation, he decided to cheer her up by showing her the Baxtorian Falls.

After a few days travel, they arrived at the falls. Lofn having never seen anything like it, was shocked by the nature's beauty, and finally felt like she could understand what she was looking for. Home.

Following her instinct, Lofn pulled the necklace she'd made from Krusning's remains and threw it into the lake, vowing she'd come here again to lay Krusning to rest. And once time would come for her to die, she wished she'd be laid to rest here as well.

Some time later, she returned to the White Wolf Mountain to dig up Krusning's bones and took them to the Baxtorian Falls, where the ever vigilant wolf now rests. Ever since then, whenever Lofn summons Krusning's spirit, the wolf seems to be calmer and friendlier than before.

What matters is who you are, not who you were. A.K.A. Homecoming

Lofn sent a letter to the heads of St. Rimmington's Sarotic Church, to plead for someone to help her return to the Fremennik Province. She snuck on a boat to Miscellania and awaited for someone to arrive. After a day of hiding from the local populace, Sander was the one who answered the letter. With the moral backing of a friend, Lofn managed to talk to the locals.

She was met with suspicion and hostility at first, but with the help of Sander's authority and the backing of her cousin, Lofn managed to regain some of her old image in Miscellania. Some were still unwilling to accept her back after a few days, when she left for Rellekka with Sander.

Upon arriving in the Fremennik capital, the pair made their way to the longhouse to meet Chieftain Brundt. When the chieftain found out that Lofn had returned he was furious, but after some talking he was willing to hear Lofn's request. She thought the best way to explain her point was to tell her whole story after being exiled, and after a few hours and beers, Brundt had to make a decision. After thinking for a moment, he agreed to lift Lofn's exile, on the account that the Sarotic Church would pay a hefty sum to Rellekka and those whose relatives were affected by the incident. Lofn was also to be kept under a close eye when in Rellekka.

Family matters

After receiving her pardon, Lofn spent time catching up with her family and building trust between her and the Fremennik people. She found out that her brother, Borrokar, had married and now had a small daughter, Hillevi. Borrokar was delighted to see his little sister again, and Hillevi was more than delighted to see her aunt for the first time.

Lofn found out that her father had perished on a raiding party against the Dagannoths, which was most likely for the better, as she figured that her father would have been less than disgruntled about her return. Lofn's mother was sadly in the same mindset, and was not pleased to see the "Killer of Kin" return. After an argument with her mother, Lofn promised not to bother her any longer, and would instead turn her efforts to the other Fremennik who might still accept her back.

Since then, Lofn has been making slow process in reforging her image and trust with the Fremenniks of Rellekka. Hillevi is always happy to see her aunt, and has taken upon herself to become a master spirit summoner, to follow in the footsteps of Lofn.

She spent most of her time in Rellekka ever since, rarely returning to Asgarnia.

Wilderness and missing days

Lofn left Asgarnia after the Invasion of Falador and headed into the Wilderness for solitude. She spent some time there, and joined a small warband of bandits as a sellsword for a while. After the coin stopped coming from the bandits she left and wandered alone once again. She hunted the elusive Dragon Wolves for months, seeking comfort in creatures whom may accept her amongst them. Lofn would tell you that her endeavour was to become stronger or to seek wisdom in their primal ways; in the end those are just hollow excuses. She'd begun to miss the companionship of a wolf, and actuality simply wanted to chase her past as if to fix it or begin anew.

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 15.47.59

Eventually when the Dragon Wolves had pups, she stole a newborn during the night and fled. Naming the pup Drago, she once again set sight on the civilised world. Once again travelling from place to place, not staying two nights in the same place, Lofn became familiar with the teachings of V and begun adventuring to gain some recognition around Geilinor. She eventually ended back in the Wilderness on a task to destroy her old warband. After sneaking in the night, silently taking the bandits out one by one her job was done, and she set course to Edgeville, uncertain of her future.


Lofn is trained to fight with a sword and a shield, which she occasionally carries around. However, in her recent past, she has picked up a few new weapons and armor that she has taught herself to fight with.

  • Sword. Lofn still carries her Fremennik made steel sword around whenever she's in full armour. The design is comparable to an Ulfberht.
  • Shield. She possesses a small collection of shields she likes to carry around. Her first and most used is her Fremennik round shield, which is sturdy and light, while her steel kite shield is made to take more of a beating.
  • Demonic dragon claws. These were Lofn's go-to weapon for a long time, as they seemed to draw her to them. Incredibly tough and sharp, these claws have spilled blood of innocent and guilty alike. Lofn developed her own fighting style with these as she went along, not unlike that of a boxer. She used to use the plates covering her arms as small shields and often blocked incoming sword slashes with and X shaped guard, only to open her arms quickly to bounce the blade away and go for a headbutt.
  • Seaborn Dagger. During her many seafaring trips, Lofn caught glimpse of this multipurpose blade and grew interest in it. During her last trip to Port Sarim, she managed to get hold of one, which she often carries around, either hidden or in sight.
  • Chain-Plate armour. Lofn's original armour, made from metal chain-links and fitted with the occasional metal plates for extra protection
  • Hooded robes of the St. Rimmington's Sarotic Church. Lofn's usual outfit that often has a few hidden secrets underneath.
  • Dragon chainbody and boots. A recent addition to the arsenal that Lofn wears alongside her church's robes. Durable and easily hidden.
  • Summoning pouches. Lofn carries around summoning pouches with the spirit of Krusning. These may sometimes release by themselves when Lofn is angered or in a weak state of mind. The druids of Taverley beleive this to happen because of the inseparable bond between the two.

Lofn's beliefs

Lofn is an active member of the St. Rimmington's Sarotic Church, and thus appears to be a devout Saradominist. This however is far from the truth, she grew up as a Guthixian, and even then wasn't too much into religion. After her arrival in Falador, she found solace in the teachings of Saradomin, which she later realised was because of her unstable state of mind.

Lofn isn't a true Saradominist by any means but she still follows his teachings, finding them to be better for the future of Geilinor. She finds debates about religion interesting, and more often than not finds more devout followers of any religion either amusing or unbearable. This means that her relationship with the Sarotic church can be difficult at times.

Her sell-sword mentality has earned the Sarotic church Lofn's unyielding loyalty, even when she doesn't agree with their actions or beliefs. To keep up good relations, she acts like a devout follower and doesn't mind doing so too much.


  • Lofn is prone to extreme mood changes after she becomes enraged. She can go from berserk, to panicking, to cold blooded murderer, and to calm and collected in a span of minutes, depending on outside interference.
  • Her favourite drink is the Dwarven Stout.
  • Krusning is Swedish for 'Ripple'.
  • Lofn hates showing any signs of weakness to others.
  • She has a demon butler, whom she hired from Ardougne, in her house in Yanille named Oswald.
  • Her left leg took a hit from a crossbow, and thus the leg is slightly weaker than her right.
  • Lofn's new wolf's name was 'Duskregn' which means 'drizzle' in Norwegian.
  • Lofn is unusually lax towards mages, but is still suspicious towards them.
  • Lofn suffered concussion from a sparring match against Sander Stoneman. She forgot the combination of words "Dwarven Stout"
  • To end a fight quickly, Lofn is not shy to make a cheap headbutt after getting extremely close. This resulted in headbutting a shield while dueling Sander.


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