Lillian D'Aucourte


Lillian D'Aucourte


The Kind, The Good, Queen in Auvougne



Eye Color:

Deep Blue

Hair Color:

Light Blonde


No information


High Sorceress of The Lady of The Lake, Queen in Auvougne


The Faith of The Lady of The Lake

Lillian D'Aucourte is the Queen consort in Auvougne, reigning beside King Richard.

Early Life

Magical Prodigy

The Forest Princess and The Troll King

It was on returning from a tournament in Falador that she at first met Richard, a knight errant, on the road to Camelot. The two struck up conversation soon after, they took an instant liking to one another, completely unaware of what the future would bring.

One day Lillian was returning from gathering herbs and berries in the forest. It was in the forest path west of Catherby that she first saw a young looking knight riding past, he nodded and gave a "good day". She spoke up and asked "Sir knight, it seems that I have lost my way for I seek Camelot and have for a long while traveled off the normal way." To this he replied that he was headed to Camelot and she made it known she wished to accompany him there. Richard let her ride his horse and lead it by the reigns as the two spoke all the way to Camelot.

Once they arrived the pair stopped to lunch, overlooking the city. After they parted by the city's bridge they agreed to meet there the following day only this was not to be. Upon the arrival of a mysterious and wounded horse Richard searched its bags to find a strange singing crystal. Following the horse's tracks he met with Lillian, who had been picking berries in the wood, unaware of the time. Richard followed the tracks and Lillian caught up later, with a stable hand, Phillip. It was not long before the two came upon a caravan. The woman at it's head demanded the crystal from Lillian and the encounter turned hostile. In order to save the others Richard fended the bandits off as best he could before being captured. Now separated Lillian and Phillip lost their way while returning to find him. Richard's captors lost their trail as well. All now wandering into the depths of the Ancient northern forests. Richard's captors were then eaten by forest demons - trolls and he took this chance to escape. Lillian and Phillip however met a forest spirit, tortured and trapped by the evil forest gods whom pleaded for help. When the group were reunited they went of in search of the Forest Princess. Soon they were surrounded however and the trolls kidnapped Phillip. Finding both the boy and the maiden within the depths of The Mountain King's Lair they attempted a rescue.

Apprentice Sorceress

Sorceress of The Lady of The Lake

High Sorceress of The Lady

Queen in Auvougne

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