Lieutenant Winter at the Arrowstorm Op center.

Lt.Winter is an antagonistic character involved in the Caedo plotline.

Lt. Ryan Winter is an elite sniper operative working for the Gravitic Swarm, an organisation that provides soldiers to armies in a fashion not dissimilar to mercanaries, though on a much larger scale.

He belongs to the 3rd Regiment, Bravo Team, being the most highly decorated member. His medals include the elusive Gravital Sniper Merit for a kill at over 450ft, using a rubium propelled Grade Six long range crossbow.


Lt.Winter uses an advanced crossbow named Severence, sporting a tri-limbed steel frame. The limbs fan out equally around the crossbow, forming an equilateral triangle. The 24.c steel wire strings propel the bolt at speed through the rubium combustions chamber, where the bolt is propelled by an explosion up to 502ft, maximum. It's killrange however stands at 461ft, at which point the bolt is so highly affected by wind that an accurate shot would be nearly impossible. (203ft wind surpassal). Despite this, Lt.Winter has earnt The Gravital Sniper Merit medal, for a kill at 450ft during the Sicarius Wars.

Participation in the Sicarius Wars

Lt.Winter was reportedly hired for a sum of 6000gp for 2 days, by a sub faction Vampyric Bloodline. During his time there, he made 2 kills, one of which was a Sicarius, and was made from 450ft approx. The other was a close range kill against an assassin. At this point, Winter was merely a Range Skunk - a Gravital Drone favouring ranged combat - but he was promoted soon afterwards.

Current affairs

Currently, Winter is hunting the Caedo Brotherhood members, with the aid of 2 Range Skunks and 2 Blade Skunks.

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