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To whom this letter reaches,

You may know me by different names, and some may have felt the consequences of my actions more than others, but I hope this message finds you well. On this very month many years ago, the Ryder Family experienced a betrayal that we have never truly recovered from. Many loved ones were needlessly slain, though we gave our hearts in their defense to no avail. We will never forget the dreaded Red Ryder Trial.

I never had the chance to atone to all of you in a past life, but the actions of Noctis Ryder will never be forgiven, nor should they be. He is undoubtedly a part of me, my alter ego that whispers dark desires into my very soul. In that life, I could not see past my selfish desire to protect the one I loved that it cost the lives of many of my brothers and sisters. The family's pursuit of power and immortality costed us our very souls, and many still bear the scars of our loss of humanity.

I write to you all now because I have recovered the one thing in my life that is more important than power or the promises of immortality that we were once slaves to. I write to you to tell you that I am finally human again. After years of suffering, my heart that was once made of the coldest stone has been broken by this new truth I have found.

My love for all of you transcends death, so why must I fear it? A mortal life is a beautiful thing, for when we die, we are given a new beginning in eternity with those we loved in this short life we are blessed with. Heroes like William Ryder are waiting for us on the other side. Would we really leave them alone in the afterlife when they are looking forward to another embrace when our journey comes to an end?

Remember our fallen but also take heart that we will all be together again. I pray one day the bonds we all once had with each other will be mended in this life or the next, and I hope I can count myself among you all when we are reunited. Octavius, Joan, Jason, Joshua, Christopher Soter, Brutus, Andrew, William, and all the others, you are the reason this monster found a purpose other than living a life where my only contribution to the world was placing it to the sword.

House Ryder will be redeemed. I believe that with all my soul. The Lord Commander you all know is finally laid to rest, but the Spectre has risen in his place. Our name will be defined by honor and commitment when I draw my final breath, this I swear.

Hail to the Fallen House Ryder. Hail to the Promises of Eternity.

Auron Ryder, the Spectre

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