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This page serves as a source for information about how this subject is applicable to World 42 Roleplay. It may contain Lorebending information and such should not be considered 100% Jagex canon.
177px-Lep shamus

Shamus, a stereotypical leprechaun.

This page serves as a source of information about leprechauns as it is applicable to World 42 roleplaying characters. If you or someone you know feels this page is incomplete in any way, please do not hesitate to contribute as best you can.
This subject has limited lore.
Lore Tome

This page covers a subject discussing an area of lore which JaGex has not thoroughly developed. Canon lore available is limited and some contents of this page may be based on popular non-canon standards.

A Brief History

Please enter a succinct outline of known leprechaun history throughout the lifespan of the Gielinorian planet or a section of their history which you feel you can most accurately describe.

Accepted Lore

This section addresses details about leprechauns that are widely accepted throughout the world 42 roleplaying community.

  • Leprechauns are a very diverse race able to live in many enviroments from Morytania, to the Kharidian Desert to the top of the Troll Stronghold.
  • Leprechauns are one of the few races other than Fairies and the Adventurer that can access Zanaris.

Debated Lore

This section addresses details about leprechauns in RuneScape that are still subject to speculation and discussion. This can be either because of conflicting information in-game or because use of the detail in roleplay creates an unfair scenario (usually involving overpowering or another common roleplay problem).

  • All Leprechauns are skilled farmers, this would make sense given that all the Leprechauns seen in game have worked on farms or allotments.
  • All Leprechauns have ginger hair, this again seems likely as there are no blonde, brown or black haired Leprechauns in game.
  • Leprechauns cannot access the Elven Lands, this is possible as the allotment in Lleyta is the only patch in RuneScape that is NOT run by a Tool Leprechaun. This might also be because a Leprechaun is unneeded there.
  • It is unknown what religion leprechauns typically follow. It is often believed to be Guthixian.

Common Mistakes

This section addresses traits that inexperienced roleplayers often bestow their leprechaun characters but that aren't actually seen in leprechauns on RuneScape.

  • Not all Leprechauns have to wear green clothing. Although this is the most common, the Leprechaun in Morytania wears black clothing and the Wilderness Leprechaun wears dark blue clothing.

Other Info

  • Some leprechauns are known to live in trees.
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