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Leon Rahl was born in the small town community of Edgeville. Many years he lived a small city lifestyle with the occasional cries of horror coming from the nearby Northern Plains. Growing up he has seen much violence coming from this land which persuaded him to become a Saradominist to create order in this world.

Appearance & Gear

"Leon", short for Leon Rahl, is currently age 24. Heavy, built tough human with medium length black hair and brown eyes. Leon is seen with 2 standard variations of clothing. He wears dark coloured armour almost navy blue in appearance. He carries around with him 2 heavy black axes stolen from a dead black knight he found during a raid, as well as several hidden knives located in his boot in a homemade style holster. He can occasionally be found wielding a large steel kiteshield bearing a skull logo, hand painted by Leon himself.

Personality and Skills

Leon has an unusual personality within the Order Of St Rimmington's Church. His time alone in the north has made him very distrustful and lacking in social graces. He is always blunt and to the point, and never afraid to speak his mind. Leon can be quite cold and calculating, but he always ensures that his objective is accomplished and accomplished well. He will generally relax in the presence of fellow Saradominists but has a deep seated hatred of the followers of Zamorak and Zaros. If not surrounded by his fellow monks to calm him, any encounter with followers of those gods would almost certainly end in a fight. Leon is highly skilled in combat and his time surviving on his own has given him a great deal of experience with hunting and tracking.



Leon was the only child of a very religious, very conservative family who followed the god Armadyl. They also had a strict zero tolerance policy for violence, even when lives were threatened. Being a minority religion in the area, Leon and his family were generally looked down upon in the community. From an extremely young age Leon was fascinated by swordplay and had dreams of becoming a city guard when he grew up. Those dreams all changed when one day when Leon was 10 and the city was attacked by a large group of bandits and thugs from the north. Leon was horrified to see his friends and neighbors in danger and demanded that his family take action to protect their home. Instead they chose to barricade themselves in the cellar and wait for the danger to pass. When the family emerged from the cellar they found many people dead and many homes burned to the ground. The city survived and rebuilt what was destroyed, but Leon was forever scarred. Even as an adult he would vividly remember the destruction and horror of the battle and the refusal of his family to do anything about it. After that, he began sneaking out and visiting the monastery near his home and learning the ways of Saradomin. He loved the idea of maintaining order, and taking whatever steps were necessary to maintain it. After turning his back on the religion of his father Leon knew what needed to be done next. At the age of 13 Leon finally worked up the courage to leave his home and combat the evil that lurked within the world. One night he stole a great deal of coin from his home, bought all kinds of supplies and traveled to the Northern Plains.

Growing up and Returning Home

After running away from home, Leon spent most of his time learning how to survive. The first few months were bordering on unbearable and almost convinced him to turn back. But Leon persevered, he knew he had to become independent and strong if he was to face the evil in the world. He learned things like building shelters and making fires as well as slaying beasts and thieves. After teaching himself Leon decided it was time to act on making the world a better place. One day while cooking a scorpion on a campfire, Leon noticed a black knight sneaking southwards back towards the Black Knights fortress. He decided to stalk the knight until it was a good chance to surprise attack him. He successfully ambushed the knight, slaying him and taking his axes as his own. He spent a few more years after this in the Northern Plains slaying and ambushing evil tribes and groups until he finally decided to move back to civilization.

On his way home he thought to himself about showing his parents his new skills as he was not afraid to be truthful about what he had done. Feeling he helped the world. As Leon approached his old home he noticed that the door had been kicked in. Rushing to the entrance Leon saw a lone robber threatening his parents, and demanding that they hand over all their valuables or be killed. Filled with rage Leon approached the robber from behind and decapitated him before he was even aware of Leon's presence.

Even though he saved his parents' life, Leon was viewed as nothing more than an "experienced murderer" by his parents. After a heated argument, Leon was disowned by his parents and never allowed to return home ever again. He was unsure of where to go next or what to do, so he decided to head east where he discovered a group of Monks in the Order of St Rimmigton's Sarothic Church.

The Order of St. Rimmington's Sarothic Church

About 4 years have passed since Leon joined the monks in their quest to have order in the world. Leon turned out to be one of the biggest and toughest monks in the order. But he was still respected for his intelligence.

During his time Leon participated in a couple of large scale battles including the Battles of Lumbridge and Falador, protecting innocent people from evil aliens and Gods. At the age of 22 Leon Set a good example for the younger monks, teaching them the ways of Saradomin.

The Recapture of Falador

After the battle of Falador, the people of Falador found themselves persecuted by the city's new corrupt leader known as Lord Vile.  After some time had passed and animosity towards Faladors new leader grew,  Leon and his fellow monks of St. Rimmington's Sarothic Church set out to reclaim the city.  With the brave Rebels of East Falador alongside them, the saradominist monks attacked the city, attempting to dethrone the evil Lord Vile.

The group met no resistance when entering the city and headed towards the castle.  Upon entering however
Rebellion 1

The forces of T.S.G at the gates of Falador Castle.

they found the castle empty.  Vile, his soldiers, and all his supporters had fled without a trace.  The rebels and Saradominists had reclaimed Falador without losing a single warrior.  Both sides cheered and celebrated their victory over Vile.  Shortly after their victory, the warrior monks silently left the city, leaving the rebels to decide the new ruler.  No matter who they chose, one thing was certain.  The city of Falador was controlled by Saradominists once more.

Leaving the order

Leon spent several long years in the Order of St. Rimmington's Sarothic Church, but longed for adventure and conquest like in the days of his youth. He eventually made the difficult choice to leave the order. After many hours of prayer and meditation inside the church of St. Rimmington, Leon tossed the robes of a saradominst monk warrior aside and walked out of the church, never to return again (or so he thought). He became a lone wanderer once more, killing followers of other gods and spreading the word of Saradomin whenever possible.

Time away from the order

After Leon left the Order of St. Rimmington's Sarothic Church he traveled alone for quite some time, as he had done in days past. Eventually he chose to surrender his solitary lifestyle and join a small mercenary group operating primarily around the kingdoms of Misthalin and Asgarnia. For a time Leon felt satisfied with his new life and felt as though he was making a real difference in the world. This happiness was short lived however, as

Leon Rahl 2

Leon with his shield and traveling hood equiped.

his new life would be tragically cut short. One day while Leon and his company were traveling the roads between Falador and Varrock they were ambushed by an unidentified group of bandits. They fought bravely but the bandit's superior numbers proved too much for the group to handle. As his friends were cut down one by one, Leon knew that they had no chance of winning. Swallowing his pride, Leon fled the battlefield as the dying screams of his friends filled his ears. The ensuing chase lasted almost a full hour, but eventually Leon managed to evade his pursuers and retreat to the city of Falador. Leon had lost many friends over the years and expected casualties in his line of work, but to lose everyone all at once greatly shook his resolve. He remained in Falador for a short time praying and meditating on his future. It seemed almost by divine intervention that the next step in his life became so unquestionably clear. Leon knew he had to return to the place where it had all started, he had to go back to the order.

Returning to St. Rimmington's

It took some time, but Leon eventually managed to track down his old order. To his surprise he was welcomed back with open arms. Not only that but after proving his loyalty Leon's status as captain was reinstated. He immediately put his old title to work, using the resources of the order to spread the word of Saradomin, and to fight against those who would threaten the innocent. At long last Leon had finally found his purpose. He knew at last that his thirst for adventure and conquest could never compare with the work he was doing with the order. to this day Leon remains with the order, doing what he believes to be right and attempting to make the world a better place.

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