Throughout the years, the Le'Gaunt have accumulated a large amount of wealth and treasures. While the majority of their monetary wealth is stored in banks around Kandarin and Gielinor, there exists 7 Vaults. Inside these vaults contains untold riches and treasure from over the years. The Le'Gaunt are very much hoarders, they collect, and collect, and collect. So for this reason, Vaults have been created to store their findings.

Locating or entering the Vaults is no easy feat, for they are hidden far from civilisation, and protected by numerous magical traps, spells and beasts.

Most have been lost to time, however a single scroll remains - somewhere in the Arcanum, listing how to enter the vaults, and only a rough idea of their location

Vault 1 - Kandarin

Located far beneath the Ardougnan Sewers.

Vault 2 - Kharidian

Under the Temple of Enlightment.

Vault 3 - Trollweiss

Under the second slope.

Vault 4 - Morytania

Into the swamp.

Vault 5 - Karamja

Centre of the Vine.

Vault 6 - Wilderness

Deep into the volcano.

Vault 7 - Tirannwn

Crystal mine.

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