Lawrence Foryx
Lawrence Full

Full Name:

Lawrence Carthach Foryx





Birth Date:

The 13th of Ire of Phyrrys


Truly worships no one, but regards Lowerniel Drakan as a "Spiritual Leader" or divine being.


Neutral Evil



Lawrence Chathead
Lawrence Foryx is a Vyreling, turned from the human Lawrence Jamieson. He was born towards the beginning of the Third age. He lived the first years of his life in Senntisten, which at the time was still loyal to Zaros at the time, working in the middle class. He was turned by a Vampyric outlaw who was later executed, eaten by a Cthonian demon as punishment. He is now a part of the Foryx Coven and works as a Vyreling in the 'Watch.

Lawrence is played by the user LazarusSmith.


Humanoid Form

In this form Lawrence stands at 5'9 with a slender, but well defined figure. His skin is pale, like all vampyres, with the electric blue eyes standard to all Foryx. In this form he usually wear a coat and undershirt with black slacks and Gothic style shoes. He also occasionally wears a small amulet embedded with a blue gem to show his fealty to the Foryx.

Vampyre Form

Lawrence's height does not change during the shift from his humanoid form. His skin turns dark brown like tanned leather, with his wings are transparent when stretched at full length, almost see-through. His head becomes bat-like, much like all vampyres, with his ears reaching far above his head, being pointed at the tips. His physique in this form is slender and aerodynamic, but still with visible muscles, making for a balance between maneuverability and speed along with sufficient strength. In this form he wears blood red and navy blue clothes. These clothes are relatively scarce, leaving his legs and arms exposed to make flight easier, which is the style of clothing common to most Vampyres.


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To be written... Slowly.

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