We apologise for any unwanted dismemberment of limb or head.

– Extract from the 'Gielinorian bar enigma' an essay by Reldo Trimmly.

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A wild Laura in it's natural habitat.

Some vary travelers might whisper a rumor about an odd barmaid every once in a while. These stories may sound like nonsense to some, while all too familiar to others. Some say she speaks all tongues, others say she speaks nonsense. I mean who'd believe that she swept the floors of the Rising Sun inn like nothing was wrong, while two dragons were dueling inside?

Laura is a mysterious enigma that can be found in various bars around Geilinor. It is presumed and is addressed as a female, looking around mid-twenties with longbow-brown hair on a neat bun. She (as she will be addressed as from now on) appears to stand at around an average height for a woman of the aforementioned age. The accounts from this vary from person to person, depending on their standard of an average. She is found walking around bars with her broomstick, sweeping floors and serving customers.

This being has only recently emerged in most bars around Gielinor, appearing at a single bar from time to time. Most sightings originate from Falador, the Rising Sun inn.

Gielinorian bar enigma - by Reldo Trimmly

Throughout the history of Gielinor, bars have been hotspots for adventurers and heroes to gather in hopes of enjoying a cold ale and relax after a long day. Some of these bars have a rich history of intriguing events taking place, while others are quiet and hidden with only a few locals ever aware of their locations.

The arguably most infamous bar on Gielinor is the fabled Rising Sun Inn, located in the capital of Asgarnia, Falador. Each day patrons walk in to enjoy a drink, but their drinks are not always their main attraction. Adventurers from all across gather here to exchange information and stories with each other. Often they also arrive to change blows, and why this happens and keeps happening is yet to be understood. The Rising Sun Inn is a melting pot of all cultures and beliefs. Even the great White Knights of Saradomin are unable to stop Zamorakians from making their way into this bar.


Roleplay guidelines for Laura

  • Laura is by all means untouchable, whether it be magic or sword. Magic dissipates and weapons break on contact if harm was meant. Afterwards she seems to be oblivious to the fact that she was assaulted and proceeds with her work.
  • No harm can be made to the building as a whole while she is present. Tables and other such objects are unaffected by her presence.
  • Laura cannot cause harm to any patrons of the bar.
  • There is no language she cannot speak fluently.
  • She exists simply to be an interactive barmaid and to keep RoflRp from affecting others who want nothing to do with it.


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