Lain Silent like a Baleful Curse is a song and exploration into the futility of questioning fate and opposing one's own nature. It was written by Rosaline Haines.


Life is not a fable where right is wrong
Or wrong is right from the start.
It is a journey filled with mistakes,
Those to learn from, forging the path.
But some of us never had the choice
To truly live as we want,
For fate has chosen our lot in life,
Lain silent like a baleful curse.
The Mahjarrat Ptolemos was one who
Could not escape the cage fate had made.
Endlessly he struggled with the void,
Contained from within by design.
Pursuing the salvation he sought
And the love of his kind.
Facing alone an elder god,
robbed of his quest by those less,
Ptolemos was struck down and undone.
A lesson to be had and
A lesson to be made in light of his
Great, forgotten sacrifice:
Destiny cannot be fought nor unmade.
It is, it has and will be, always.
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