Krae'rah is an Aviansie, who was born on Abbinah. He is an Aviansian guardian, who loyally follows Armadyl in his pursuit of justice, truth and wisdom. In combat, he is most experienced in melee, although he can be seen honing his neglected ranging skills.
He follows the religion of Armadyleanism. He despises Zamorakian Chaos and also heavily criticises Saradominist's unjust extermination of any thing subjectively deemed evil.

This character has membership an was made by ConnorAvian (in game name: Originally Connor1461, changed to WoIf Macey and finally, Krae'rah) and is currently active.

Personality Traits

Krae'rah does not often speak, for fear of saying the wrong thing. He requires that everything he says is as close to the wider truth as possible, so this leaves him unable to speak freely. His quiet and stern nature leads many believing he is anti-social, however, this is a misunderstanding as once Krae'rah is comfortable, he speaks freely and kindly.

Krae'rah has immense generosity and empathises with the poor and injured greatly. He has been known to donate by the 100ks to those in desperate situations. However, Krae'rah does not take kindly to dishonesty and anyone who tries to take advantage of his generosity will realise that he is not so easily fooled.

Upon being attacked, Krae'rah is more ready to retaliate than most of his kind. He has great distaste to unprovoked hostility and will take it upon himself to seek justice. He has been known to hold grudges for years, thirsting to achieve retribution from those who have wronged him and wrongs witnessed upon others.


Wanting to pursue a life of service to his race, Krae'rah became a sky guard on Abbinah so he could protect his friends and family.

Upon hearing of the return of Armadyl to Gielinor, Krae'rah left his parents in Abbinah to pursue the protection of the Aviansie race in Gielinor.

Krae'rah has not yet been paired under Wedding rites.


Wearing full sky guard attire and wielding his awarded sky guard bow, Krae'rah displays typical aviansie features. He takes great pride in his cape, which was awarded to him for

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