Another one for the pile, then?

–Kolya, in response to a Vyrewatch standing atop a pile of dead bodies.

Morytania Elite Task Icon Kol Praven Zamorak symbol curved
Kolya Bearded
"I have a duty to my family. Though, I believe I have paid my alms to my country."


Canifis, Morytania


Werewolf (1/4th Human)






Chaotic Good

Religious Affiliation

Zamorakian Zamorak symbol curved




Kol, by his lover. Koyla, by his idiot friends.

Physical Description

Black Hair, Crimson Eyes with Black Sclera, Broad Shoulders, and a Well-muscled figure, 6'1", 185 lbs.




Gail Alida

Kolya "Kol" Alexei Praven-Vilkarovo-Konstantinovo is a Canifisan-born Werewolf and part Human Noble, and native. As a member of the House of Praven, he is fiercely loyal to Canifis, and her packs, as well as Zamorak. As such, he is the bastard son of Garrett Praven, and Alenka Konstantinova and the half-brother of Nikola Praven, Aleksander Ivailo, and Luka Praven. He quietly oversees the slave trade in Canifis, and the Tsardom's surrounding territories, while also quietly ensuring the laws are enforced.  He is also the grandson of Zavak Praven, and the grand-nephew of Cralix and Chris Praven. Although he was born out of wedlock, he has since been recognized as the full son of his father, and acts as his right hand, at times. Although loyal, Kolya does still have a mind of his own, although sometimes his passion get in the way, as he has a sharp temper and an even sharper tongue. Kolya currently travels with his fiancee, Gail.

Kolya is role-played by Matt.


Kolya, the lovechild of a pair desperate for offspring, as it was rare for those of their kin, Lycanthrope, to have children.

Origins- An Anecdote of a Mother's Love

I owe her everything, yet she still says I owe her nothing. All she wants from me is my love, and appreciation.

–Kolya, on his mother.

As the nights go in Morytania, it was dark, and the skies were covered in clouds. It was an average night for the denizens of Canifis. A single, cloaked woman trudged bare-foot through the Myre, frightened and alone. Her path was a long one, across miles of swamp from Mort'Ton, to Canifis. Her pace was quick, whatever had caused her this fright was on her tail. The growls and screeches of several, large creatures could be heard in the distance. Still, she ran, her feet unfaltering, despite all the mud and dirt that had covered her figure. She was determined to save a life, but not so much her own. Her stomach appeared bloated, abnormally so for her lithe frame. She was with child.

All the woes and terrors of this life never amounted to the fear of losing one's child, she thought as she ran. The creatures were gaining on her, though their clawed hands seemed to have more trouble traversing the mire than her bare feet. She dared not look back. She had already seen what evils made pursuit. Just in the distance, the sight of the gate could be seen. Relief struck her, but, a pain echoed throughout her body. She couldn't continue on like this. She clutched her hand over her stomach, which kicked and writhed within her. It was time, and she knew it. She lurched forward, trying to find a safe place in the paths. She still had time to protect her precious unborn child. She continued forward, even though the sound of the creatures was growing ever closer.

The howls of a nearby pack could be heard in the nearby distance. From the sound of the howls and barks, it sounded as if they were looking for something, just as the hungry creatures that lingered behind her now did. Whatever it was time for, it was too late. Four of the creatures had circled her, their snarling maws, and their hollow, red eyes were the highest of note. She was a warrior, but, she had not been accustomed to any sort of pain like this. She remained lurched forward, holding her arms out. She wanted to transform, but, she knew there was no way she could do that, now. Not with the child. She would not give into her fate, this time. Still, it was not her survival that mattered to her, but, that of her unborn child. She began to limp towards the fence, which was still in the gateway. She didn't know if she was hallucinating, or not. The last thing she saw at that moment were the silhouettes of several, large beings, moving almost in a blur. That, and she saw the eyes of the face of the man who was the father to this unborn child, telling her to run. Perhaps she was going crazy.

It didn't matter, now. The young woman once again, took off towards the gates. One of the feral bats remained in her path, but, she had tried to beeline around it. The creature was about to make its leap forward before a roar was heard, and the pained screeching of the creatures could be heard in the background. Halting in place, she turned around to see a large werewolf holding two of them by their heads, and crushing their skulls. The other two were engaged by two more wolves, and were soon brought down, one with its throat ripped out, and the other having its stomach ripped in half. The largest werewolf threw down the corpses as if they were nothing, and shifted his byzantium gaze to her. He started to walk over, his figure beginning to shrink a significant amount, to reveal an older, greyish-brown-bearded man, hooded and armored lightly. It was her father.

Her eyes were glazed, and tears welled into her eyes as she moved forward to throw her arms around him. They muttered but a few words during their embrace. He only looked to the other two Lycanthropes, who had also reverted to their human forms, one with black hair like hers, and one with brown hair like her father's. The two offered warm smiles. It was time to return home, she thought. She was stricken by another fit of pain. The baby was coming soon. The gate was only a few hundred feet away. Sweeping her up in the bridal carry, the long-bearded wolf began to carry her off, trying to get her to safety, and way from the beings that they wouldn't be able to fight off, at this very moment. The Ghasts.

Taking a brisk pace, the four exited the swamps, to be greeted by another young man. He had laid out a bedroll, and several other things in preparation for the girl's arrival. After being set down, she began to howl in pain, once again. The young wolf took her hand, as her father instructed her on what to do. After the feeling of a thousand pains, finally, a child emerged from her womb. It was a boy! The worst was done. The baby was cleaned, and but in swaddling cloths, and handed to her by the young man who had been waiting for her there. She smiled up at him, and then looked down to the baby, "Kolya..." She muttered, resting her head on the man who had held her hand, for a while. It was a night of relief, for the young woman.

A Dreamer's Disaster

Something I never mention, and will probably never mention to anyone but the one I choose as mate.

In a household full of males, and one woman, there was hardly a father figure to be found for the young Kolya. Even as a toddler, Kolya heard his grandfather's tales of what it was like across the polluted River Salve. Tales of blue skies and clear waters had always brought something more into his mind. Still, the toddler eagerly awaited his grandfather's arrival each evening, to tell him new stories. He hadn't quite grown to appreciate what his mother had given him, just yet. It was a phase of dreaming for the young boy. One evening, his grandfather didn't come around. His mother assured him that he'd be home the next day. But, he felt something was wrong. Kolya's curiosity had gotten the better of him, that night. After he was certain that his mother had gone to bed, he sneaked out the back way to search for 'Grandpa Roman'.

Through the swamps, he followed a certain scent. He climbed over a small stump, remaining undisturbed by any of the foliage, or the snails. He knew what parts of the swamp were safe from the cowardly ghasts. The product of two adventurous souls, and two adventurous families, it was only natural for him to explore. Looking under every rock, touching every hollow shell, and looking into every hollow log. He seemed interested in his surroundings, still. He never was allowed to do this alone, and it was with good reason, though, this was unbeknownst to him. One such hollow shell gave him a bit of a fright once a snail poked its features from it, and began to crawl towards him. He took off in a random direction. He saw some smoke in the air, and wondered what could be the source of it. With that, he traversed on, running into little to no resistance on the way there.

His confusion was released as he saw a campfire in the distance, and he stared in bewilderment and bemusement. He could hear grunts in the distance, perhaps a struggle. Was there a fight nearby? He didn't know, but, he had to see what was going on for himself. He moved onward, peeking through some of the thick swamp grass, his eyes widened as he saw his grandfather there. The bearded man was in the nude with some woman he had seen, and she was bent over, continuing the sound of the odd grunts and groans. A shiver ran up and down his spine as he watched the scene go on in horror. The image forever imprinted into his mind, now. It wasn't long before the horror welled up in his body caught up to him, and he began to scream. Alarmed to the sound of the scream, Roman pulled away from his concubine, and got dressed. The woman was alarmed as well, and she covered herself up. Kolya turned to begin running. In fact, after a few moments of his starting burst, his feet felt like they weren't even touching the ground at all.

They weren't. He was lifted into the air by his shoulders, and was turned to face him. He saw the angry, nearly glowing, byzantium eyes of his grandfather staring back at him. Kolya's gaze trailed over the man, unable to erase the image from his mind, despite the fact that Roman was now armored and clothed. The old man's features softened as he saw the terror in the boy's eyes, and he drew him into an embrace. He was only able to say that he was sorry for it, at that point. Kolya was soon sent home, left with his first form of mental scarring. Roman had told him not to tell his mother of it, and he obeyed, not wanting to talk about it, ever.

When he returned home, he was scolded by his mother, and was beaten with a switch by his mom, who promised that it hurt her more than it hurt him. It truly did. It was something the young Kolya wouldn't quite understand for quite some time. After putting him to bed. When he woke up the next morning, his mother began to read to him.

Just the Basics

I was taught temperance, and patience in combat. Even if I was on the offensive, I was told to study their every move. As for language, my Uncles told me that if I learned both this "Infernal" and Common, then I'd retain it better than if I were to learn them when I was older.

–Kolya, on his training.

It wasn't long until the young Kolya had learned how to read on a level much higher than most his age. Even with all of it, Kolya had learned a valuable lesson that few years before, now. During the day, when his mother was resting, and Kolya was to be reading or studying. Instead, he once again sneaked away, but this time to the shed that was shared by his Grandfather and Uncles. Perhaps he didn't learn his lesson the last time? Perhaps he did, and his curiosity and adventurous spirit still got the best of him. The now five year old found his way into the shack, looking around. After a short while of scanning, he found a bookshelf, and began to rummage through the books.

There were only two that he found interesting. One titled, Duelist's Manual, and another titled Linguas Infernus. He delved firstly into the Duelist's Manual, which taught him a thing or two about the fighting styles of his Uncles. So engaged was the young Kolya, that he didn't notice the breaths on his neck. Behind him was his Uncle Rurik, peering over his shoulder. A voice was heard behind him, asking him what he was doing in here. The poor boy was given quite the fright. Rurik only chuckled, giving the white grin only a Lycanthrope could produce. Rurik placed his hands on his shoulders, and then moved over to a bucket, pulling out two wooden swords.

Stepping over, he handed them to Kolya, who looked at the sword. It was then that Kolya decided he'd begin his training. Rurik also took a particular notice to the second book that the young wolf had picked up, remembering that he'd probably retain the basics of a language much better at this young age, than if he was older. Rurik then promised to teach Kolya all that he knew about combat, as he was already quite an experienced combatant, even though he was only twenty-nine or so at the time. Most of his experience was that of fighting Vampyres, during the upheaval of the Red Lycans. Kolya was soon led out to an open space with Rurik, where they began their sword combat training, allowing Kolya to charge wildly several times before telling him what he was doing wrong.

It went on like this for many years, with his Uncle Xenophon joining in as well, the training continued on, with Kolya refining both his combat techniques and tactics, as well as learning that special language that was defined within that book, a book written by his grandfather. He always wondered why his grandfather never truly held that same accent that his brothers did. This was a bit of an explanation to him. The training went on for ten whole years, of both sword training, learning mathematics and other mental skills that sharpened Kolya's mind.

A Hunt of Intrigue

I used to see his face every night. Hear his voice in my thoughts.. Asking me why I took his life that night. Even if he were standing here today, I couldn't give him a straight answer.

Kolya's training kept him in tip top shape, and it was easy to tell. There they stood, a group of five. Kolya was noticeably now, wearing a crimson warpaint, produced from the crushed shell of a red blamish snail. There had been one rule of the hunt. It was to not die. Kolya looked to his grandfather now, who had held a man by a rope, which was tied to his neck, and another which kept his hands bound. A young man, that Roman swore was an innocent. Kolya certainly wasn't one, by now. The scarring that imprinted on his mind only caused him to seek pleasures that only could bestowed by the young Werewolf girls of Canifis. And so he made his rounds, telling them that he "only wanted to propogate", so as to have a reason to have sex and remain emotionally detached from the situations as a way to relieve his fear of it.

The thought still haunted him, even at this very moment. A hand was placed on his shoulder, that of his mother. His gaze flickered to her, and she smiled. She had the same warpaint on as him, as did the rest of them. Roman looked between the group, only taking the time to remind Kolya of the one rule he had for the hunt: to not die. He cut the boy's hands free, and then handed him a spear. They had spoken in Canic to one another, so the innocent couldn't hear what they were saying. Finally, Roman told him to run free, and that he was free. He ran off into the Myre. Kolya did as he was instructed before, counting to a thousand, at a slow pace, before actually making chase.

Only a short five minutes after the innocent had taken off, and Kolya had started his counting, the young Lycanthrope took off, given a one handed spear, a shield made from thin planks and covered in split-bark, and a sturdy, steel arming sword, which her weapons of choice. Trailing behind him was his family, watching as the young Kolya eagerly traversed his way through the swamp. Even without using his heightened sense of smell, he had learned tracking and hunting from his mother, and grandfather. Although he wasn't an expert, he was still well-versed. Travelling down the path he had seen the man start on, he saw a piece of tattered cloth, freshly torn on a nearby branch. He took it in hand, sniffing it. It was the scent of his prey. Footprints lay in the mud nearby, leading to the southwest.

Following the trail further, he found that he could hear lingering screams. This time the sounds of a young man. Agonized, and pained screams. Travelling through the thick swamp grass in the easiest paths, he found his quarry, leg trapped in the jaws of another hunter's trap. Around him were several, small, hunch-backed creatures with brown fur and bat-like creatures. He was poking at them desperately with his spear. Kolya looked on the man with pity. A few of the little brown, bat-like creatures lay bleeding nearby. One by one, the clumsy, slow creatures dropped. He looked to Kolya, crying out for help in the Common tongue. He hadn't realized what was going on, or what Kolya was here to do.

Kolya shut his eyes, and lowered his gaze, before stepping towards the man. He quickly took to slaying the remaining man-bats, with a few thrusts of his spear. Once they were all toppled, and lay there bleeding, he stepped up to the man. Why did this bother him? He didn't know. It was just another man. It was part of the young Lycanthrope's coming of age, and they had done it for many centuries. Why now was this a problem? Still, he didn't have the answer to it. The man looked up to him, in relief, still thanking him for his help in Common tongue. Kolya only smiled and nodded, dropping his spear and examining the man's wound. There was little he could do to help him, at this point, and setting him free would only get him punishment. No. This was his only option. His gaze fell to the man, before his fist swung out and hit the man in his lower left jaw, knocking him nearly unconscious.

As the man lay there, he looked down, taking the spear in hand again, muttering only, "I'm sorry." as he drove the spear through the man's chest. He felt nothing different in his physicality. Nothing. It was only emptiness, and a certain guilt as he watched the man choke blood, and then go limp. Still nothing. He frowned. Looking behind him, he found that his family was behind him, watching. None of them looked all too astounded, but they seemed to force smiles. They looked at the other dead, that had been both produced by the late young man, and Kolya himself. It was over. His mother walked up, pulling him into her embrace and offering words of encouragement.

There was one final task of this hunt, and it was that he was to drink the blood of the slain innocent, to signify his connection to Zamorak. Roman produced a bowl, as Rurik lifted the body up, and Xenophon sliced his stomach open so the blood fell and poured into the bowl with little issue. Roman brought it to Kolya, who stood there, watching. His hands were trembling. Why were they trembling? Again, he had no answer for that. He put the bowl to his mouth. It was the blood of human, something he had never tasted before. He never wanted to taste it again, truly enough. Wiping the blood from his mouth as he emptied out the bowl, he held onto his stomach, an aching, churning feeling was in it. There was still no different feeling. Had the blooding been unsuccessful? Kolya didn't ask about it, again. Roman mentioned something about the trap not being his, or anyone he knew, and that it was in relation to the Vyre. Oh, how Kolya didn't know how that would come to bite him in the ass.

Kolya lay there, dreaming now, kicking in his bed. There he was, standing over the one he had slain that day. As the spear was driven through the young man's chest, and he saw his own face in it. So disturbed was he that he woke up in the middle of the night, unable to sleep. The memories would go on to haunt him for the next few years.


Being knelt there, watching as they violated her sanctity.. It was terrible. I swore to kill them. All of them.

In the middle of the night, nearly a year later, there was stirring on the outside of the house. Kolya awakened, already a light sleeper, and a product of his nightmares. Grabbing his sword and moving quietly, he crept about the house, not wanting to disturb anyone. It was just he and his mother that night, no grandfather, and no uncles. He heard screams coming from his mother's bedroom. Naturally, Kolya rushed to the room to see her in a scuffle with several gray-skinned bat-like creatures, slender in build. A cloud of mist traveled behind her, and was able to knock her unconscious.

Kolya prepared himself for a fight. He was nothing, if not a warrior, he thought. His blade was readied, but, there seemed to be a problem, here. A small skirmish raged on, and even though he was able to keep the man-bats at bay, he was unable to pierce their skin conventionally with the sword he held. Still, his brute strength and skill in hand to hand shined during this, as he was able to knock out two of the assailants without too much issue. Two left, now, and Kolya still wasn't tiring. He circled around, finding the table, before breaking off one of the legs, and brandishing the wooden piece in front of him.

A quick flourish kept his attackers at bay, and, when one of them charged forward, Kolya moved off to his side, flipping the table up, and onto its side. The bat-like creature hissed for a few minutes, before realizing what had happened. As it looked down, it saw that the broken leg of the table had impaled it through the chest. Its eyes rolled back into its head, and it fell limp. The remaining, conscious and healthy creature rushed into the room to likely grab his mother. Kolya would have followed, but something gave him a sickened feeling, and a fit of dizziness. His shifted to the source, realizing he was bleeding in his side, a spot he knew was non-fatal, but it still seemed to knock him out cold. The last he saw was the face of a human looking woman, pale in skin.

Next thing he knew, he was awake, looking at his body, bandaged up. He was somewhere, well-lit. Seeing the bars that was the place of his holding, he noted it that this was probably a cell. He was leaned up against a wall in the back, brick wall. The colors of the place were dark, and the bricks weren't quite the color he'd expect out of a Castle. It must have just been the basement of a manor, he thought. He was still regaining his sense, and he stood, feeling that his wound wasn't hurt. Still, he felt a little sick from earlier, holding his stomach, he suppressed the need to regurgitate his meal from earlier that night. What was that sickening feeling he felt? He had been told of the Wolvesbane, and the feeling was exactly what he head read and been warned about.

He looked at the bandage, which seemed unnecessary to him. It didn't matter to him, now; something had clicked in his head. Where was his mother? Kolya moved towards the bars, placing his hands around them. They were certainly made from steel, or something stronger, as he tried to bend them. Even with the smallest of success, as he was focused so highly upon the bending of the bars, he didn't see what was coming for him, next. All he knew was there was a sharp pain in his right hand fingers, and then the other. He drew back, feeling that the his fingers had gone numb. He looked up, seeing his attacker. It was a guard. A gray-skinned, snub-nosed guard, just as ugly as the ones he had fought in his own home.

His hands shook, but, the guard called for more help. In stepped two, even more bat-like creatures, with large wings. These weren't the feral Vampyres that he had once dealt with, no. Vyres, probably Vyreling status and power. They came in, Kolya, still sick and with broken fingers was unable to fight back, no matter how hard his body tried. He fidgeted, twisting and turning, but, it was futile. The two Vampyres wrapped their arms around his arms, and carried him up a flight of stairs, through a long corridor, and making a few winds, before reaching a large room. There, a group of Vampyres sat near a dining table, with a human woman laying on the table-top, looking to be in some sort of trance.

The Vampyres leisurely bit her in certain spots, and fed. There, they had chalices, goblets, and other things filled with the blood of the humans they used as cattle. There was no werewolf blood in there, and he could smell it. As he regained his senses, he could feel the wave of Wolvesbane dagger near him, that made him feel slightly more ill, again. His stomach churned, but, he was brought further. Into what seemed to be a sort of living quarters, a lounge. There sat a female Vampyre, dressed well, and reclined to her side, on a bench. There, on the nearby bench, he could hear baited moaning, and grunting. He looked over, seeing that it was his mother, whose eyes were directed towards him. He could see the tears streaming down her face as she was violated so brutally by what he presumed to be the master of the house. A trend in the house was that the banners were up, but there were none of Drakan.

His chin was grabbed, alongside his cheeks, and his face was re-directed from the sight of his mother. He could feel his body-heat going up, his blood was boiling in anger. He shook, but, for the sake of his mother's safety, he breathed in. The Vyrelady asked a little about him, his name, what he liked to do, and a little bit about him. He was very dry with his answers, though, she seemed content with them. She then commented on how handsome he was, which put a sickening feeling in his stomach, more than even the wolvesbane could produce. His eyes flickered to his mother, still weeping as she was forcefully taken by the Vyrelady's consort. She let go of his face, and his gaze immediately swept over to his mother, again, watching until a few moments later, when he was picked up, and taken back to the dungeon. What he had seen as a child didn't even come close to this.

Glory Fades

Whatever scraps I had of my childhood innocence were eradicated the first time she had me brought to that room..

Only a few days after he first woke up in the place, something disturbed Kolya's dreaming. Awakening again with a thin layer of sweat coating his body. He was wearing the same tattered shirt as when he was stabbed. It still had the stain of his black blood where he had been stabbed before. By now he reeked, his longer hair was matted, and dirty. He needed a bath, he thought. He realized why his dreaming was interrupted, as an annoying clanging could be heard from the front of the cell. The guard was dragging his hammer along each of the bars. He bit the inner side of his lip, suppressing his urge to snarl. The guard then yelled for him to get up.

Soon, the same Vyreling guards were let into the cell. Kolya may have tried to fight them, this time, but, he was far too exhausted and starving. His fingers were both wrapped in two different splints, wit linen around them, anyway. When the guards came to take his arms and carry him out, he was brought up to a room, with a large, round tub. There he stood, and was undressed by another werewolf attendant. She had a slender frame, looking to be decently fed, with bags under her eyes. Still, you could see she was still quite beautiful. Her eyes were fully black, showing that she had probably never killed an innocent. Kolya watched, and the guards exited the room, and closed the door behind.

Kolya began to ask her questions, even though he was made slightly uncomfortable from being stripped of his clothes by her. She answered some of his questions, dryly, starting to wash him, running a special type of oil over his body to clean the dirt and such off of him. They continued to converse, and he tensed up once her hand washed over his man-parts. It was only a natural process for him, here. He asked why he was being washed, and as she finished washing his nether region, she made him turn around so she could wash his back. Soon, it was over, and she had him step out of the tub to dry him off. He was led to the mirror, and she began to groom his hair.

He asked her why she was loyal to these people who treated her and the others like dirt. She only replied that she had been with them her entire life, and that there was little else she knew other than this servitude. Kolya told her of the life outside, but, she told him to hush after too long. She knew that that kind of talk would get her flogged. She got him all dressed, again, in new clothes, that were too big for him, even though he was still tall. All primped up, now, his gaze shifted as the guards entered the room, this time simply ordering him out. He looked to the girl, quickly, asking her name in a hushed tone. Nikolina was the name he heard, and it was the one that was on his tongue when he was led away, and up to the room of his now mistress.

There she was, shorter than she had been before. She took on a completely different form, in fact. One more permissible to his height - that of a human woman with blonde hair and light blue eyes. Her skin was still pale. She wore a red dress, that was a bit more revealing than it could be. She ordered the guards to exit the room while Kolya's gaze shifted around and about the room, scanning his surroundings. The most notable thing he was able to see was a strange, ceremonial looking dagger, that looked to be made of silver.

She told him to make himself at home, as he would be visiting here often, if she liked how he worked. A feeling of unease settled about his figure, something he didn't quite often get. He didn't like the feeling of her eyes prying over him, or the lustful gaze she gave him. No matter how beautiful the form she took was, it didn't matter to him. He stood stock still as she stepped up to him, feeling at his already sculpted muscles, a result of his training. She reached about, feeling every inch of his body, except for that around his nether realm. Each time, she got dangerously close. He hated every second of it, and each touch gave him an uncomfortable chill. This was wrong.

She didn't care how he felt. Soon enough, he was out of her clothes, and he was being ordered around the room. He was her toy that night. Whatever fears he had of sex were increased exponentially, just from that one night. He shut his eyes, trying to pretend he was elsewhere. Soon enough, the night was over.

His back bleeding, and bite marks all over his body, the young Werewolf was sent back to his cell. This time, with a plate of food there. He was unable to eat, too emotionally wrenched to have any form of appetite. Still, his stomach roared with hunger, and the meat that they had set out smelled delicious. It wasn't enough. He just wanted to go home, and to save his mother. Tears welled in the boys eyes, and he sat in the corner and wept.

The next time he was brought up there, he complained, but, the mistress gave her word that his mother would not be harmed so long as he kept this up. Soon, his heart hardened, and as the days past, it became easier for him to feel so used. He was empty, broken and alone. So much so, that even the words of his mother's safety were not enough to bring him joy. It was hopeless, futile.

A Withering Forge

I promised myself that I wouldn't let what happened to her, go unanswered. There had to be a way out.

It had been an unknown amount of weeks since the start of Kolya's captivity, and still an unknown amount of weeks since the start of his use as sex-cattle for the mistress. He didn't seem quite driven anymore. He didn't think anything was going to come of this. But, on this very day that he sat here, waiting to be brought up to his mistress' room so he could be used again. He would just suppress it, as always. Today, the guards didn't come, in fact, the guard who usually stood around his cell at these hours had been called up. Perhaps something else was going on, up there. He didn't now. He couldn't really hear anything that went on up above, even with his sharp hearing.

He laid his head back in wait for whatever was going on to pass, for him to be called up. As he heard the jingle of keys, and the cell door being unlocked, he looked to it. Taken by surprise, he saw that Nikolina was at the door, this time. She told him of what was going on, and what was to be done. She saw the anguish on his face, and that his muscles were starting to lose their definition, as well as the fact that he was withering in muscle mass, as well. She ran her hand over his cheek, telling him everything would be okay. Soon, she asked something that seemed as if it would be impossible. She wanted him to make love to her, or at least, give her the impression that he was.

Kolya sighed, if he could give this girl some form of happiness, even for a short time, he'd try his best. Starting off with a small kiss, he gathered his strength, and soon enough, their clothes were off. As empty as it was, he managed to feel a little spark of something inside him. Something had ignited during their time together. As she lay there now, exhausted, they could hear the trapdoor to the dungeon being opened. He held her mouth shut, telling her to be quiet, now. It was far too late. There was no other way out of this situation. Not only did the guard come back, but, the mistress had come down as well.

The two were taken, now, dragged away. He watched as they tied Nikolina up to a wooden post, out of the dungeon, and was still forced to watch as they branded her on her breast, and to listen as she cried out in pain. They left her with an "H" mark, branding her as a harlot for all the house to know. He then watched as the mistress personally slit her throat, claiming that she had betrayed the House by stealing the keys and sleeping with Kolya. He was in horror and shock, as he watched her body be tied to the railing of the upstairs, alongside the bodies of the 'rogue vampres' who had attacked their home. Quickly, all of what he had seen was forgotten as a sharp pain cracked over his body, alongside the crack of a whip.

He was snapped back into reality, with each crack of the whip tearing flesh from bone. Twenty whole times he felt this happen, and he was finally set back into his cell to recover, wounds tended to so that they wouldn't be infected. He continued there for a few days, finally eating his meals. Something had snapped inside of him, he knew he had to find a way to get out, and he needed the strength to do it.

Embers of Revanchism 

Me Vs. Maradona Vs

Me Vs. Maradona Vs. Elvis - Brand New LYRICS INCLUDED

The mood to this part of the story.

It was a gratifying experience, killing her... Relieving to get out of there with my life, and even more of a relief that my mother was alive, and well, unscathed, except for mentally. Though, it seems as though those can be the worst of scars.

It had been another few weeks, at least, he thought. Maybe months. However long it took for a Werewolf to regain the flesh that had been torn from his back. He reached behind himself, feeling at the skin, which had finished its peeling, and scabbing process. The guards delivered another plate of meat to him, raw as ever. They thought they had broken him, and Kolya knew it. They were wrong. They would pay for this grave mistake, and all of the others they had made in his time with them.

His ears twitched, hair standing up on the back of his neck as he heard the trapdoor open, again. He had surveyed his surroundings enough within the bedroom to notice where the dagger was, just on the nightstand. That was all that was on his thoughts as he was brought up again, to be washed, and groomed again, his now long hair being washed and his body washed as well. He tried his best not to look at the girl who had replaced Nikolina, as he had felt partially responsible for her death. Though, when he did look at her, he was relieved to see the face of a human girl.He didn't speak to her, though. He didn't want to befriend this girl, in fear of what might happen if he did.

Soon enough, he was done being washed and dried, and the guards brought him up to the bedroom. Kolya knew that he would have to do something special, this time around. A million thoughts ran through his head, but, only a few truly stood out. The biggest one in his head was that he had to make it seem like he enjoyed it, and that he had to allow her to take control, again. She approached, telling him that she was upset with him, over the whole incident with Nikolina, and how she was a good slave. Kolya suppressed his anger, at the thought. If she was such a good servant, then why was she killed? He would never get his answer for that.

He waited now, watching as his clothing was removed. As he did so, he approached her. He had learned a lot during his time with the different werewolf girls and women in Canifis. He took charge of the situation, the mistress fought back a little, but, he had done exactly as she wanted. He was in charge, now. He would give her a night that she would always remember, for the rest of her life. It wasn't long before it was over, the scratch and bite marks on his body freshly opened, again, his black blood creating that same aroma it always did.

The mistress had been exhausted by all of Kolya's maneuvering. He smiled, as she rested against him, and watched her beginning to drift off to sleep. He was holding her close, whispering words of laud as she lay there, body coiled against his. After he was sure she was asleep, he reached for the dagger. Without issue from her, he took it in hand. He could feel it burning his skin as he did so. He grit his teeth, and prepared. He moved atop her, and soon, the two began to scuffle. She didn't seem to scream, though. Perhaps she thought she could win, but, in the end, Kolya had driven the dagger deep into her chest, and had pierced her heart. Even her foresight couldn't have saved her in that position.

He watched, keeping her arms at bay as she fell limp after a few seconds. He sighed, dropping the dagger. It seemed as though something had been disrupted. He didn't know what it it was, but, he could hear something. There was commotion outside the room, no later than thirty seconds after. There was more fighting within, and it was worse than it had been before. This time, more and more people were dying. Kolya had only seen it, and had only heard the words "For Drakan" being thrown around. Finally, it all stopped, and someone entered the room. He was now perched at the edge of the bed. The man, a tall Vampyre, presumably some sort of high-rank in the Watch, thanked him, as the mistress or her husband were the last things holding up the ward, and with them dead, they were able to get in without a problem.

Kolya only nodded, examining the burns on his hand from holding the silver dagger. He had only had it in his hand for a twenty seconds or so, but, the damage was clear. It hurt to move it, though, he shook his head, and he stepped out of the room. The Vampyre told him that he would owe Kolya a favor. He looked down from the railing of the upstairs, and saw that most of the Vampyres were dead, and that many Vyrewatch had flooded the area. Despite them being his saving grace, he still held a deep-seated hatred for them, and would for many years to come. He quickly rushed to his mother, to find her curled up in the fetal position, at the other side of a room, where her continued rapist now lay, limp, and slain. Kolya approached her, quietly, and she looked up at him, tears of mixed emotion, and joy were in her eyes.

He held her tightly. It was over, now. All over. Kolya smiled gently to her, whispering of how happy he was to see her alive. He knew it would take her a long time to get over her mental scarring. It would take him a long time to get over his, but, he had taken his first step into overcoming it. Kolya took her back towards home, and there they were greeted with open arms by Rurik, Xenophon, and even Roman. Roman spoke about how he regretted not being able to take part in the death's himself, though he then said he was just glad that they were home. Everything was going to be okay, he thought to himself. Everything would be okay.

in nomine Patri

Modern days

Hey, do you want to buy some drugs?

–Kolya, to Nova Tepes.

Garrett's return, marked the return of the Pravens to Canifis, as well. Victorious in war against a group of Rellekkan occupants, the Pravens moved into Canifis, wresting control of the small area, and establishing a new form of rule that Canifis had yet to see: A Tsardom, and a Senatorial body. The establishment of the Tsardom marked the formation of Garrett's new pack, the Vilkarov, who generally act as the enforcers of Canifisan law. With a newfound activity, and a raise in trade and land for the Tsardom, the problem of having no food had been all but eradicated, and Kolya was able to start dealing his drugs again, though, only selling natural things.

This allowed Kolya to become a bit more mellow, as he used the herbs to calm his nerves, and keep his sharp temper at bay. Kolya rarely showed himself to the public eye, and remained in secret for some time, before deciding to be less reclusive. He found himself engaging in more and more conflicts, though, a few of the times potential conflict could have arisen, the people seemed to flee the scene. After one of these incidents, Kolya took the time to offer to sell to a Vyre woman, Nova Tepes. Nova would eventually accept the drugs, when her lover, Vicktoria, was wounded in a small skirmish. Another time, when Cain Grimmoon challenged Fiore, a Vyre who had been causing trouble, to a duel, Kolya oversaw it. Throughout, neither seemed to have the edge over one another, and in the end, they stalemated.

Winds of Change

Okay. Five shots.

–Kolya, challenging Gail.

The next day, when everything had cleared out, Kolya went out for his usual rounds. He decided to take a break, near to the Salve, taking casual drags from a joint. When he was mostly finished, a young looking woman had crossed through Paterdomus, and the Salve, to make her way toward Canifis, perhaps in search of her friends. Kolya didn't notice her at first, but, as she passed by, he called for her. When he saw examined her, he seemed to sober up a little. Maybe it was love at first sight? He didn't know, but, he was definitely attracted to her angular features, pointed and her crimson hair. It wasn't the first time he had met an Elf, either.

He took this opportunity to warn her of the threat of impending Vyres, and the fact that a few of them had gone rogue. As well as this, he told her of the fact that Vampyres viewed Elven blood as a delicacy, as it was such a rare thing to have. The two then introduced themselves, after she realized he wasn't threatening her, and was more concerned for her safety. Her name was Gail, a name that would be upon Kolya's lips many-a-time. After offering to take her into Canifis, and protect her, two Werewolves approached them. 

Kol was able to recognize one as a Canifisan Senator, Cain, and the other from the duel the night before, that being Astridr, a crimson haired Werewolf, and a former lover of Cain. After finding out that Gail knew the two Weres, Cain told them of the conflicts going on, and he then invited the two of them back to his manor. After continuing the conversation a while longer, the two walked off, Kolya taking Gail to the manor, and then leaving again to get his actual equipment. He ended up falling asleep in the closet of the room she had picked.

The next morning, he woke up, and snuck into the room. After he woke her, she yelled at him. Despite all of that, the outfit he had chosen to sleep in was a bit more revealing than what he had worn the prior night, and she couldn't help but be attracted to him, in secret. After getting readied up, the two headed into Canifis. After meeting a former Bandosian Ork, dubbed 'Swork' , since he lived in the swamp, the bar was attacked by the Skalov Coven. As it was being burnt, Kolya escaped alongside Gail, via the makeshift tunnels under Canifis.

Once returned to Grimmoon Manor, the two had a small argument, which was halted by the interruption of Cain and his friend Theia. Cain informed the two of his burning of the manor. Theia tended to Gail's needs, while Cain helped out Kol by grabbing his first aid kit, and allowing him to tend to his own wounds. Soon enough, the two left to get ready for a party, and Kol checked on Gail. After mention of a party by Cain, only  a little while later, the resulting night was an utter mess for the house altogether. For both Gail and Kol, the result was that of damaged livers, as they had mostly avoided contact with the rest of the guests. This included Kolya's grandfather, Zavak. After an interruption of their merriment by a distraught Cain, the two spoke on travelling together, and Kol admitted some things. Inevitably, the two passed out, just before their sobriety really hit them.

A Heartbreaker, and a Lifetaker

I'll fucking gut you!

–An enraged Kolya, to a fleeing Vyrewatch

After they woke up the next day, a few more events transpired involving Cain. The pair were able to meet a friend of Cain's, Zexion (or Zeo), a half-elf. Gail seemed very excited for it, and she ended up half-accepting an offer to the Elven lands. Kol, who had already caught some sort of feelings for her, found himself unreasonably jealous. Gail walked out in the middle of conversation to go clean her clothes, carrying a bag. Kol followed after, and he expressed his distaste at the idea of her travelling with Zeo. This had resulted in the two's first non-inebriated exchange, but, it was cut short when they heard Cain rampaging through the woods outside the house.

The two were quick to respond, and eventually, they talked to Cain, before ending up in the room she had picked again, and eventually passed out. The next day, they were able to finally get their clothes washed, but, not before Kol pushed her into the water, and she pulled him in. The two had a brief spar, and afterwards, talked a little bit about one another, and then collected their dripping clothes and left for their room again.

It wasn't long before the next Senate meeting, and the blooding of Xel, the Dire Commander of all Praven Forces. Here, Kol was able to pick up a weapon made of Blisterwood, which had been obtained from Lorelei, who had in turn retrieved them from the Caedo vaults. After meeting with his grandfather again, Zavak revealed that he now knew of his relation to Kolya. The two shared a brief exchange, and then, he introduced Gail. The two left afterwards, scouring the Swamps, along with Kol's cousin, Diomedes. The three were met with a single Vyrewatch, who sat upon a pile of dead bodies, and a tomb. After winning an exchange of banter, the trio fought against the Vyre, who was able to end up picking up Gail.

This enraged Kolya beyond measure, and in his full, Wolf form, he made chase, with Diomedes in tow. The Vyre was able to escape, after Kolya launched his blisterwood spear at him, and it missed, resulting in the weapon being lodged in the tree. Kolya growled out, promising to kill the Vyre, before rampaging further into the woods. Gail came around, wounded and limping, able to calm him down. The two spoke a little bit, Kolya feeling oddly vulnerable, after having lost his temper in such a way. He realized the severity of the situation, and helped her walk back to Cain's manor, after dropping off their weapons in Canifis, with Kolya's mother. Eventually, he had to carry Gail back, and carefully tend to her cuts, bruises and broken ribs. After taking care of her for a while, with the aid of certain potions, she was able to get back to her normal self.

Blood is Rare...

This is a bit of a shitstorm.

–Kolya, to his grandfather, Zavak, in battle.

Kolya ended up at the Salve, where Kol ended up hanging about with his Aunt and Uncle, Selene and Pyotr, the respective sister and brother of his father. He was then introduced to a man named Ven, who was wandering about the same area. There seemed to be a crowd near the Salve, for whatever reason. The three chatted here and there, before Gail approached, and he introduced her to his family members. After a short while, making a few comments on Zavak, which started a small scuffle with Pyotr. Kol almost broke his uncle's nose, but, refrained from it, and allowed him to scurry off to lick his wounds. It wasn't long after, that some Vyre servant was sent by Allisa Foryx and her people, to explode and rain blood everywhere. The explosion knocked Gail out, and Kolya carried her away.

The two ended up at the battle, which was not long afterwards. After storming the Castle, a Vyre sent a Shadow Bomb into the room, and destroyed it, but, Kolya was able to pull out some of his friends before it went off, but not without sustaining injuries himself. The battle ended up in a massive cluster, with Gail disappearing due to some odd magics, alongside Cralix and Swork, who had been pulled into the Shadow Realm. Kol continued to fight, killing a Wraith, and having Chris move out to help Zavak. However, Chris was wounded by the same Vyre from earlier, and was forced to flee. After regrouping, Kolya and Zavak killed off a Vyrewatch, and from then on the battle went smoothly.

It all ended, when the Praven forces decided to withdraw, leaving their Skalov enemies battered and beaten, while they only had a few wounded. Kol then realized that Gail had disappeared, as the battle had only lasted for a short while. He went on a search, for Cralix, Swork and Gail. Finally, he returned to the Grimmoon Estate to find that Gail had returned behind him, in their room. The two argued for a short while, yelling and fussing, to where Kolya eventually punched a hole in a wall. They made up, and such, a few minutes later, before Kolya left again to deal with family business in Canifis, within the week. He was met with his younger brother, Nikola, for the first time, and the two immediately formed a friendship.

After a while of hanging around him, he ended up in Port Phasmatys, where he had to break up a fight, unsuccessfully between Percival and Nikola. The fight resulted in Nikola being stabbed in the shoulder by Pyotr, and Percival having a chunk of his hair ripped out. In the end, Kolya was made to apologize to Gail, who he had neglected, for a short while, and then half-introducing Nikola to her. He also made a new acquaintance in Valencia Dae. After Percy stormed off, Kolya took his stuff, and looked after his brother, who had his wounds patched up by Val. After reassuring Nikola, the pair walked off, since Gail and others had already left the building.

Mind of Chaos

I just want my children to be strong, and they won't be if they're mostly human. Humans are... Weak.

–Kolya, an observation made during a deep conversation with Cain Grimmoon.

Kolya headed far north, and into Forinthryan territory after that, to find Cain, who had since become somewhat of a mentor in his mindset. After his arrival, he found Cain contesting with a Wight. Cain's wife, Vicky, was sent after him, and the two had a short stand-off, and an equally short fight, where it ended with Kolya cracking her atop the head with a blisterwood spearhead. As Kolya recovered from the fight, and approached the Wight, to get a quick kill from behind, only to have Cain decapitate the Wight before it was over.

Seeing that Cain was convinced to go home by his wife, Vicky, Kolya departed, knowing that Cain would be safe. The two ended up speaking back at the estate, where his colors as a Zamorakian really showed, when talking about the status of Cain's marriage. They both knew that Cain was only suffering, but, Kolya let slip in front of the late arrival, Gail, his feelings. After she walked off, the two talked for a little longer before Cain told him to 'go get her'. It took him a few moments, but, he decided to go in and talk. The talk, overall, didn't go so well, but, they managed; however, this caused some great confusion for Kolya.

Kolya returned to Canifis, to clear his thoughts. However, it didn't work so well, and in-fact, it only served to conflict Kolya further. He found his brother, Nikola, who had been looking for him, and his grand-uncle, Cralix within the bar. He had been up the stairs smoking just before that, so, he was relatively mellow. Nikola asked him for some form of weapon, and in response, Kol brought him to their father's weapons room, in a shack in Port Phasmatys. Kol warned him about the one Silvthril sword that their father wasn't even able to wield. Nikola picked an iron sword and a crossbow off of the wall, before the two headed out, and returned to the bar.

Once returned to the bar, he went upstairs, as Percival was there. He retrieved the boy's cloak and sword, which he had left back in Port Phasmatys. The two had a brief exchange as he gave it away, and it ended in a short laugh. Kolya talked to Nikola, who asked him why he associated with swine, in Canic. This was followed by a short conversation, but, Kolya soon left to return to the Grimmoon Estate, where he began pacing about, his inner conflicts in need to be quelled.

It wasn't long before his thinking was interrupted by Cain, and the two began a deep conversation, where Kolya did some unexpected soul searching. The conversation led to Kolya's theory on humans being weak following on himself while Cain chronicled his life a bit, and mostly his loves to Kol. Kolya admitted (to Cain) that he loved Gail, but, he wanted children that were Werewolves. In the end, even that was brought down, and Kolya was brought to sense, but only after crushing a helmet in his hands. The two continued their conversation, with Kolya giving his thoughts on Cain's relationship, and his idea that he needed to move on with his life.

Inside the Revolution

He's a pariah... An outcast. I can't just leave without knowing he's safe.

–Kol, to Gail, on his brother Nikola.

I think this thing's gonna make me sick

–Kol's commentary, on eating an apple.

It wasn't long before a wet-haired, fresh-smelling Gail walked into the room, and took a seat beside Kol. They greeted her with smiles and hellos, and Kolya quickly released the helmet, before drawing his hands into his lap. Kol and Cain continued their conversation for as long as possible (a minute at best) before they really shifted attention to Gail, because he seemed slightly awkward. Cain stepped out of the room, to prepare some food for the three of them, leaving Gail and Kol to talk. Which, they did, Gail starting it off by saying that she was probably older than him. She seemed to confront him after he made a joke, and he quickly retorted, which caused her to rest her head on him.

Continuing their conversation, Cain returned to the room, after grabbing some drinks and fruits and such. Cain mentioned something about joining packs, and then proceeded to explain the mark that the Grimmoons obtained. Kol decided to explain the meaning of both the Chapel tattoo, the mark of the Vilkarov, and the Fenrir's Rune Triquetra tattoo, the Praven mark. Gail stated that she liked her freedom, after hearing of the whole blooding, and what she'd have to go through if she wanted to join a pack. Kol made a slick comment on how he wouldn't want to ruin her skin, to which Cain rolled his eyes. It was then that Gail made mention of the 'Warriors of the Tide' tattooing their bodies. Something had clicked in Kolya's head then, and he was progressively, and quickly becoming more upset after he mentioned how the Tide's warriors had killed many Pravonic Order men, some of those being his friends.

Cain reached for his blade, ready in case things got a little ugly, but, Gail somewhat withdrew, and began to try to space out. Though, Cain also made mention of Gail's enslavement, to which she agreed to. It put a bit of an inner conflict in him; Cain said they shouldn't do anything rash, and then asked if the two loved one another. It was the last thing he heard before he zoned out, now fighting back his rage. Gail then admitted that she hadn't felt the same way about someone before. Kol, after she had said this, shifted his gaze back, having fought back his anger. But, he was oblivious to the conversation. His gaze flickered between the two, not knowing what had been said. After a few moments, including taking a bite out of an apple, he asked what had been said. Gail quickly withdrew, not wanting to admit what she had said before, again. But, Cain then asked her to repeat, and after she did, Kol admitted the same.

Cain asked that the two of them didn't hurt one another, to which they both replied in their own way, that they wouldn't. Cain was getting a bit too emotional, at the time, feeling hypocritical by telling them all of this, since he hadn't done the same, himself. He then stated that, unless it was a make it or break it thing, not to come to him with their problems, because he couldn't do it. Gail then asked him what exactly he had helped with, which managed to piss Cain off and get him to storm out of the room to do angry Werewolf things.

Kolya took a moment to explain to her why he was upset, and what was causing all of this anger and mixed emotion from Cain. He had made her feel bad about her comment, and she asked if she should go apologize. He told her that to wait until he had calmed, repeating it gently and then stating he had something to talk to her about. He then stated his desire to leave Canifis to do some soul-searching, which he remained slightly vague on whether or not he was asking her to come with him, which she was curious about. He stated that he knew she was thinking about sticking around Canifis, but, he finished it off by saying that he, of course, wanted her to come along with. Much to his surprise and elation, she agreed, and asked when they'd be leaving.

Kol then stated that he couldn't leave without knowing that Nikola was under some form of protection by the higher up packs in Canifis. They both scooted in a little closer, talking quietly. He then explained, at Gail's behest, what it meant to be blooded, and what it meant to be exorcised, the two main options for a young Werewolf coming of age. He then explained his worry for him, stating that Nikola was an outcast, and needed to be protected. This seemed to set something off in Gail, who interrupted his tangent by saying his name. He questioned it, and the two ended up entangled in a different form of conversation.

The Hunt

I'm hitting that.

–Kol, whispering to Diomedes about Gail.

Kolya brought Nikola to the mansion the next day for him to meet Gail, who greeted him with a kiss, and Nikola with an insult. After a short amount of tension, Kol was able to get the two of them to stop butting heads. After the two were formally introduced, Kol proceeded to talk about the blooding ritual, to which Nikola chose to be blooded. After a moment's notice, Kol dismissed Nikola to let him sleep, and he did so, only to be quickly replaced by Diomedes, who had followed Kol's scent. The three conversed a bit, with a shaky introduction once again, Kolya calling Diomedes his bitch. After establishing that thy were all hungry, Diomedes checked out Gail as she passed by.

Kol proceeded to walk past him, stating something short before proceeding down the stairs after her, where she started to cook dinner and such, another rabbit soup and such. The three continued to converse as they ate, with Kolya being able to end it when Diomedes' departure with a joke that served to piss of Dio. After all, Kol returned his attention to Gail, and the two talked a little bit about hunting some Vyres and such. She stated her desire to train, which he replied by telling her he didn't want to damage her pretty face. The two ended the meal off by setting off towards their room, and continuing their conversation.

For Tsar, and Country

And, I apologize for prior hostilities.

–Kolya, to Primus.

Of course she couldn't resist the charm... Probably why she drew you making sweet love to that Elf.

–Kolya, to Cain.

While Kolya was meeting with a trader from Varrock, other things were brewing in the Tsardom's borders. Garrett, Kol's father, had pulled away Zavak to speak with him in private. The two were nearing an argument when they were stopped by Juliana, and Xel. Averting their attention, the two began a short conversation, in which Zavak questioned Juliana's loyalty. After punching Zavak a few times in the face, she pulled him into a hug and then tried to stab him in the spine with her dagger. This was prevented by Xel, who threw a knife that cut her hand open, and forced her to drop the dagger. This resulted in Zavak locating her a short while later and then branding her, causing something to snap in Xel's head, and he challenged Zavak to a duel. Kolya was there for the return of both Zavak and Garrett to the bar, where he had left a note and gift to Nova Tepes on the bar.

Kolya was informed of the duel, and he began preparing himself for it. He prepared his own daggers, in case someone else tried to interfere with the duel. The next day, Kolya stood ready, taking Zavak's cloak when it was handed to him. He saw a note left there, stating to open on the event of his death. Kolya waved his dagger, signifying the start of the battle, where he was joined by Primus, Joni Alfonse and Lorelei Amaranth. They made silent comments, but, Kolya had realized that neither of them wanted to kill the other very early on in the fight. It only lasted a few minutes, but, the two had wounded each other to a great amount. In the end, Zavak was losing blood a bit faster, and Xel began to retreat after Zavak refused to surrender.

Primus stepped in, and Kolya was prepared to kill the man. Primus continued to backpedal, Kolya quickly following his steps. In the end, Zavak collapsed as he took a thrown dagger to his chest. Xel soon followed, collapsing in his place. The two were carried up by either Primus or Lorelei, and they were both healed, Zavak getting the more painful end of the healing. After they were healed, Kolya exited the bar, collected his armor and such, and then left a while later to meet with Cralix in the Senatorial building. He arrived at nearly the same time as the Alpha of the Mad-Claws, Raktajar, arrived.

Holding a conversation completely in Canic, Kolya remained apprehensive, after hearing the name of the pack, as they were a group that had held a blooding that involved the slaying of an infant, as well as having threatened to eat a friend of Cralix's at the bar, Alfred Klios. The meeting was shaky, altogether, but Raktajar asked them to off one of their members, that being Vicktoria, who was also partly responsible for the death of the infant. Kolya and Cralix both offered a bit of a challenging taunt when Raktajar seemed angered at the protection of Klios. The meeting was concluded when Raktajar stepped out of the building. With that, Kolya revealed to Primus, who had been in the shadows for the entire time, trying to listen in, but not understanding any of the dialogue. The three spoke, but, Kolya's attention was halfway on the documents that Raktajar had provided for them earlier. After a few offered apologies from the three of them, Cralix was able to show his pride in Kolya. After a brief after-conversation, the two others departed, leaving Kolya to study the documents.

Afterwards, Kolya left to find Cain, to try to persuade him to come home. He found Cain in Seers, talking to a woman who was conspiring to kill Burthorpe's Prince. The woman was prepared to attack him, but, he quickly and easily diffused the situation with the aid of Cain. He gave the woman a fake name, and proceeded to listen in, giving a bit of valuable information. After the woman left, as well as the other man who had been accompanying Cain, the latter commented on him being well-informed. Kolya commented that he was able to read. The two talked for quite some time, on different issues, a slow way of Kolya trying to get Cain to come home to his pack, and to Canifis. After a while, Kolya looked at the light of day, and dismissed himself, asking if he'd see Cain soon before crushing a teleport tablet in between his feet.

Kolya made his way back to Gail, and such. It wasn't long after that he'd be back out for a hunt. After making quick work of his game, and a meal, Kolya returned to Canifis Bar to meet up with Cralix, Chris and Primus. Kolya found that there was a Deer-Wight within the bar. He was prepared to kill it, but, it soon disappeared. The man that it was attacking inexplicably escaped from it, beforehand. Despite all, Kolya sat immediately to begin sharpening his dagger. Instead, they were interrupted when he and Cralix both overheard the talk of the man who had been attacked by the deer, alongside Siri, the daughter of Raktajar.

After Cralix managed to floor the man, Kolya carried him up and proceeded to interrogate him. A small skirmish ensued up the stairs between Chris and Raktajar, which ended with Chris getting his ear bitten off by Siri, and the girl being knocked out by Val Dae. Cain entered the area, healing Chris' ear, and then escorted the girl out. Kolya, who was still interrogating the man, eventually knocked him out, thrust him through a wall and then ordered for him to be escorted out at the behest of Cralix. With this, he had found out only some valuable bits and pieces of information. He held a short converation with Val, and then the injured Zavak, who escaped his room. Kolya spoke with Percival for a bit after Zavak departed, and then followed Zavak out into the Swamps.

Turmoil at home

You want a place to rest? Sit down on the bridge, then.

–Kolya, putting Prince Arkhan in his place.

Let's hope you can keep your word, then, your grace.

–Kolya, to Prince Arkhan, before the latter's hasty departure.

It was here that Kolya was appointed part of a group meant for protecting the Tsardom's interests. After being told of what his objectives were, and who he would be working alongside, he departed. With that, he was off to begin hosting the trial of the Mad-Claw's Alpha, Raktajar, and their Beta. Kolya presided over it, at the behest of his father. He presented all the information needed for the accused, and with the assistance of Valencia Dae, Chris (who translated for her), Diomedes Praven and others, a confession was squeezed from Raktajar, with ease. After being sentenced to maiming, Chris came up from behind and cut his ear off. Val tried to clot the blood to stop the bleeding, but, it didn't help much. When Chris was given the option of challenging Raktajar to a duel, and Raktajar was kept in his shackles, Chris immediately moved in and ran him through, killing him rather quickly as the silver and mithril burned through him.

Kolya snarled, and slammed his fist into the stone ritual table, leaving a crack. However, the noise was not enough to stop the commotion as the room erupted into a metaphoric flame. Cralix, Pyotr, Rae, and Kolya all condemned Chris for his actions. Pyotr came around for the first time, and spoke to Chris, trying to remind Chris of his title, and why he had it. Kolya carried on with the trial, and heard Viktoria's motives, and why she had uttered whispers of rebellion, here and there. Chris tried to interject into the conversation and place his input, but, with a glare and a harsh tone, Kolya shut him down. She explained them, and Kolya, at the time found that she had somewhat of a point. After stating that, Cralix soon walked out, for he wanted her to be slain for her whispers against the Tsardom. He did not want to see another of his kin dead this day, so, he looked to Rae once again. This time, Kolya ordered for her to be branded, on the spot.

Kolya ordered Pyotr, over all others, to do so. He wanted his sparring partner and friend to grow up a bit, knowing Pyotr was becoming a bit of a pompous wuss. When he was reluctant to do so, Kolya cited that he was very quick to leave his mark on Nikola, which spurred Pyotr to perform what he was tasked with, albeit reluctantly. With her marking, Kolya ordered her escort and to be freed once they reached the surface. He then walked out, as the rest had already done so.

Kolya was then brought to a meeting with the Crown Prince of Burthorpe, Arkhan, an Elf of some degree, and an Armadylean. He was accompanied by an ally to the Pravens, Jacob Calderon, who was also serving as his Royal Guard. Kolya viewed the situation as amusing, and him as getting desperate, especially since he had viewed someone being hired to kill him just days before that. As the Prince greeted their entourage of Cralix, Zavak and Kolya, they responded back. Kolya first commented that he spoke like a girl, in Canic. Quickly finding that the Prince could speak Canic, Kolya grinned and continued co toss his insults in Canic. When the Prince asked for a place to sit, Kolya told him to sit on the bridge where he stood, which was quickly scolded by Zavak, who told him to be polite.

The three moved on into Canifis, at the behest of Zavak, now, since they had met at the Salve. Seating themselves within the General Store, they were joined by Chris, who made his way in as well to sit upon the meeting. The four men continued to meet with their guests, finding that the Duke had offered to give them something in return for their support in a war against the Chosen Battalion. What Zavak had asked for in return, meat, was not anything seeming big to them. Kolya, however, interjected into the conversation and added that the meat that they were after, were people. A wily grin was set on his features, and he watched the Prince's reaction.

Kolya was disappointed to find out that the Prince was actually willing to do such a thing, and in front of his Guard, Jacob, who had seen to the start of the war on the Slave Trade. Kolya had also known about it, which led him to not only dislike him for waging war on Slave Trade, but, also breaking that just to obtain allies. As their business concluded, Kolya made one last cheeky comment, before the man quickly teleported off. Jacob remained for a short while, and then spoke with Valencia as she appeared from the Shadows. After a short while, Kolya departed to take care of some business. The irony behind it was that the Prince was killed quickly after by his own guard. A little while longer, he and Cralix met to speak over the status of Canifis. After asking Cralix to give Zavak his regards, he stepped out to hunt once again.

In love and war

Do you understand what it means to love? As you love your brothers. My father. Those whom you call comrade. Those whom you call blood. As you love them, I love her. There is nothing that lay on this planet that could so easily change that. You see how Chris loved Skye. You see how I would defend Nikola from our own family, if need be. This is my code. My compass. I would die for you in a heartbeat, but, not if it is at quarrel with the one who I've fallen for. I had no control of my heart, or where it went. But, here it now lay, with one whom my kin would so easily condemn.

–Kolya, defending Gail to Cralix.

Kolya finally returned to the Grimmoon manor, and looked about for Gail. As he was leaving, he was met with just the person he was looking for. They spoke a little, and the two kissed a few times in greeting, stating that they had missed each other once again. Moving into the kitchen, the two took a few shots and spoke. Gail firstly explained what she had been doing, and Kolya explained what he had been doing, which he had a lot more elaborate on. He continued on being vague, and then Kolya eventually admitted that he loved her. With the arrival of other people into the house, he led her up the stairs, hefting their equipment and such before doing Gail and Kol things, and they repeated this the next morning after Kolya explained what his role in Canifis' politics were.

Kolya, as always, returned to Gail, though he soon had to leave again to begin a reconnaissance mission for the Tsardom. Not wanting to leave her behind, this time around, now that she was back, he brought her along. It was an early time, due to Kolya wanting to be early for the mission. The two stopped in the Jolly Boar, where he had agreed to meet with Cralix initially. Though, after Kolya asked Gail to not tell any of their family of her involvement of Rokrem, Cralix began to walk in. This question had called for Gail to tell him what had happened regarding Rokrem Ror'Steel. This led to a confrontation between them all, and a conversation that quickly led to Kolya losing respect for Cralix. However, it ended with Gail storming out, and then Cralix asking if this was the part where they fight. Kolya, however, was finished with the conversation, making to walk out, only to be stopped by Cralix. The two spoke for a while, and the situation was resolved peacefully. Kolya left to find Gail soon after, and stuff went down.

Kol made his way to Canifis bar a few days later, and spoke with Ame Devereux and Joni Alfonse, the two of them, after a little bit of persuasion agreed to help him, despite the situation. The turning point for Ame was him revealing that Cain had told him of his knowledge of Selene's true heritage. The three, via telepathy, solved their issues and secured a place for Kol and Gail elsewhere should something ever go sour. With that, Kolya spoke with Keldorn for a few moments, before diffusing a situation with the Ork, Swork. Kol offered his help to Swork, and the Ork decided to teach Kolya something of his language. Afterwards, the two left to hunt some Vampyres.

Kolya met up with Joni Alfonse in the bar, where Wade, a goblin named Spikeback and Ronald Praven all sat. Joined soon after by Gail, Kolya brought his attention fully onto her, and the two spoke for a little bit, beginnning to get a bit more drunk than someone should when working the counter. After a bit of back and forth flirting, Kolya introduced Joni to Gail, and allowed her to be occupied by a conversation with Joni, as he spoke to Ronald. After being introduced to Ronald, Gail promptly walked off, to which Kolya followed. After a short chase, he tackled, and she called out rape loudly, which annoyed him more. To add, Ronald grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him off of her when he was trying to get off. So, Kolya turned around and pushed him back, before storming off. After a conversation with Swork on the state of Canifis' Swamp Goblin population, he left for the manor, only to return to retrieve Gail later. The two made up, and then left to return home.

Later that night, Kolya snuck out of their room, wearing only a cloak and his pants. He had only been expecting to talk to Cain, and they did for a short time. However, the conversation was cut short with the arrival of Apphia and Theia, the former of which, Kolya had not yet made acquaintance with. He told them of the hunting of certain rogue packs, and Apphia agreed to join. Another conversation was cut short with the untimely arrival of Alucard Draculea, who proceeded to lurk about the room for some time. Apphia was off to bed, leaving the other three to sit with Alucard, who proceeded to perform odd, illusory magics here and there. With that, he shifted into the appearance of a Lycanthrope, and sat down at the table with Kolya, as Theia and Cain left to prepare tea. So, Kolya spoke with Alucard on a few issues, including the Skalovs, to which he got very vague answers, in general. With the return of Cain and Theia, Alucard departed and the three talked a bit longer before Kolya left to go to bed once again.

Kolya met up with a few others in the bar, before being pulled away by Zavak, who had him guard a meeting between himself and Kaire Viddins. Standing stalwart, Kolya was able to sniff out Percy, and eventually made chase before neither Xel nor Percival could obtain too much information. As the two escaped, Kolya was able to see the two trail indistinctly away from Mort'Ton. Returning to the meeting, the Kolya walked back to the hut and quietly met his grandfather again. Alongside Wade, Zavak gave the order for Percival to be captured.


I just got you to speak gibberish seriously...

–Kolya, teasing his cousin, Diomedes.

With the order given, Kolya trailed Percival into Varrock, where he had gone alongside Xel. With a hired hand, and a disguise of his own, Kolya first incapacitated Juliana, whom Percival was having a conversation with, with a dose of cadava, and then tackled Percival as the Merc engaged him. In the end, Xel had shot Kolya in the back with an arrow, but Kolya was able to escape with aid of a teleport tablet. Kol and another member of Cheka brought Percival to an abandoned hut deep in the Myre, and began to interrogate poor Percival. The boy was reluctant to give his information, but, eventually caved into giving it with a due beating and many threats. Stepping outside, with what information and closure they needed, including who Percival had been with the night before were now known to him, he headed home.

Into Silvarea Pass, and to the Grimmoon Manor, he returned. Ascending the stairs, and reaching the top of the stairs, he was noticed by Gail, who had been carving arrows as she waited for him to return. She quickly scolded him after figuring out quickly that he was wounded, him being given away that he was wounded by Xel's arrow. He had started venting, at that, feeling as though he was becoming something that he stood against, already. She, however, had been more concerned about getting the wound cleaned.

The two continued to talk, as they moved over to their little bathroom. Kolya, along the way through the room, continued to remove his armour, until he was in a position for the wound to be cleaned. With Gail cleaning his wounds, Kolya began to reflect upon himself as he looked into himself. Kolya continued to tell her of the things that she had him doing, with Gail becoming upset with Kolya telling of his possible capturing of human slaves. When she did so, Kolya began to calm her, and promised that he wouldn't partake in the taking of slaves. Kolya finally revealed that he wanted kids with her, after leaving her in a small amount of suspense, with her even doubting his faithfulness.

Not long after his wounds were bandaged and healed a bit more due to a prolonged amount of time in Wolf Form, Kolya walked into Canifis bar after Siri, the Mad-Claw girl who had been responsible for the killing of the infant in Canifis' square. With a swift punch to her jaw, he knocked her out cold, cuffed her and then carried her out of the bar and to the Senate Room to be tried, but not before giving a casual nod to Cralix.

Kolya was present for the re-union of Percival and his mother, Skye, who had been enslaved for a good fifteen years. A touching moment as it was, Kolya seemed unamused, and he showed this to Diomedes. The two exited the bar in the middle of it, while the others celebrated to talk about miscellaneous things. He soon returned home, but, left again after some rest and recovery, before returning to a spot near the Salve, where he smelled his grandfather, Roman Konstantinovo, somewhere nearby. He was met with an Easterner, Kishiko, and Keldorn. The latter and Kolya exchanged a bit of banter, with Kolya defending Gail on a few things.

Later on, Kolya rendezvoused with Zavak, Cralix, Rae, Wade, Swork, Percival and Yury Valok. Kolya found it a bit hard to hide his guilt at his treatment of Percy during his interrogation. He had taken an arrow to the back for it, afterall. He began to hum a lullaby that he had learned from Gail. They spoke casually for a while, before Cralix challenged Swork to an arm wrestle. Swork, however, refused the offer when Wade began to taunt him, and a small chase ensued. Kolya readied his dagger, his only weapon at that moment, and watched Zavak tripped Swork. With the intervention of Jacob Calderon, the situation was diffused, and the man and Swork exited to duel.

Being pulled aside, Kolya listened in on a conversation with Zavak and Cain, making sure no one else had. They spoke on the state of Silvarea Pass, and making it Tsardom territory. Cain obliged, and hastily departed. Kolya exited the bar, taunting about with Dimitri Voshan, and walking around. As Kol rounded his corners, Dimitri teleported off, and Kolya commented on him being a freak. With a failure in whatever was going to happen, there, Kolya met up with Diomedes, and the two continued to watch as Swork decided to tear up the bar. They simply shrugged, knowing that the construction would have to be done, anyway. Eventually, Dio, while trying to teleport Swork to Varrock, ended up teleporting himself along with the Ork. Kolya, bewildered by that notion, left to find Dio.

Good Will Hunting

I love you.

–Gail, to Kolya, for the first time.

After finding Diomedes, Kolya returned to Silvarea to speak with Gail. The two eventually ended up planning a hunting trip, and did miscellaneous things. After Gail was off to sleep before him, as always, Kolya headed to down to speak with Cain.

The next day, the young couple headed on their hunting trip, that was planned to be a long one. Kolya allowed Gail to take the lead on this one, not wanting to cheat and use his nose for the tracking. He wanted to see what she had to offer when it came to hunting. Before doing much of that, she set up some snares, and she had him set up some as well. He had some trouble, initially putting them down, as he had never done so before. With some difficulty, he finally set down his first one as Gail finished her first. She set off the traps, and forced them to shut as she pulled her hands back deftly. He was getting a little annoyed, but, he knew she was doing it just to tease him. After setting it up a third time, she finally let it sit.

After taking note of her distraction, he gave her the usual playful, challenging look he always did. After a brief exchange of words, and a quick kiss on the lips, he moved about to set up the rest of the snares. During this, Gail proposed that they stay for a few nights. After all was said and done, the two began to hunt deer with their bows and arrows, skillfully taking out each one with single arrows. After the first two were dead, they chased them to some snow covered hills. There, they were able to kill four more deer collectively, before they were engaged by a pack of wolves. Able to take down a few of them with relative ease, the pair found themselves almost overwhelmed. Gail was wounded a few times, and Kolya was as well. However, things changed when he changed to his Wolf Form, and began to bring the wolves down. One was able to latch onto Gail's cloak, and another pulled her down as Kolya killed one of the last few.

After it pulled her down, Kolya was quick to grab onto the Wolf who'd been holding onto her's legs. Since she had fallen, he slung it up and quickly broke it's spine with his increased Werewolf Strength. After doing such, he followed her down the mountain. Knowing more predatory creatures would be around, with all of the deer carcasses and such, as he found her, he was quick to pull her out. When she had gained some consciousness, with all of her wounds, Gail finally admitted that she loved him. Kol told her that he loved her, as well, afterall, he had done it before she ever had. With that, with little opposition, and a long journey, they were finally back at their camp, where he tended to her wounds and patched her up, including placing a splint on her broken wrist. After that was done, he saw to his own. Having draped his spare shirt and pant legs around Gail's legs, he asked her if he should make a fire. She, however, wanted him to stay close, and so he did, and the two exchanged I love you's a few more times, as they were able to fall asleep, safe.

Waking up at dawn, Kolya gazed about, examining the sky. Gail, who had not gotten a great night's rest was awake soon after, due to his stirring. Presenting her with a gentle smile, the two exchanged their usual greetings of, "Hey". After some other things, including a short conversation, Kolya left to check the snares they had set up. Upon returning with the snares, and the five rabbits they had caught in their snares, he saw that Gail had prepared a fire, which still impressed him. The two exchanged some banter, back and forth, before Kolya started skinning the game they had caught. Gail offered to get more firewood, but Kolya refused her, and said he'd get it. Gail swiftly agreed, and Kol left to fetch said firewood, uprooting a tree in the process and returning to her. Barring the fact she was impressed with this feet of strength when he returned with the tree, she reprimanded him for bringing a live tree. His response was to simply bring back another tree, this time, dead and preparing it to be burned.

After making some food, the two decided it would be good to take a bath. And so they did. After arguing a bit about retrieving her bow, and other belongings from their failed hunting trip the day before, Kolya retrieved her things. The couple waited until her wrist got healed, and he brought her out to begin training. The two maintained their casual flirting, and he taught her a bit about hand-to-hand, before delving into the basics of sword combat. Kolya helped Xel deal with a werewolf woman named Danika, and after making chase to her, Kol allowed Xel to help her, not knowing that his choice would allow the two to have a blossoming relationship.

Northern Tides

Continuing Gail's training, the pair decided together that they'd go on a trip up to the North, for a long while. While doing this, they got a set of tattoos. Kolya's was of Skoll and Hati chasing after the Sun and the Moon. The two made a camp near the beach, where he watched the ocean for a few hours to reflect while Gail rested. The two slept, and a few days later they made their way to the bar, where they met Luka Waters, and discovered his lineage. That being that he was Kolya's paternal half-brother.

Skills and Abilities

Vault Boy Kol's S.P.E.C.I.A.L Vault Boy
















  • Swordsmanship- Kolya is an aspiring swordsman, astute, and very disciplined when it comes to his sword combat. Having learned several different styles of sword-fighting, he has focused mainly on the use of an arming sword, but is perfectly capable of using a longsword, or scimitar, if need be.
  • Hand to Hand- Kolya has not only been taught the basics of hand to hand, but, knows the way around many different grapples, as well as different disarms for unarmed combat. His style, even though he possesses immense natural strength, revolves on using his larger, and stronger opponent's momentum and weight against them.
  • Strength- Kolya possesses great strength, much that over an average Human. As a Werewolf, even out of form, he is able to perform feats of strength that most humans wouldn't be able to do, especially with his intensive training, doing special push-ups and stretches to get his muscles into the shape they need to be.
    • Werewolf form- His strength is greatly augmented in Wereform.
  • Agility- Kolya possesses a high level agility, but, nothing unheard of for a human or werewolf of his size and weight. He is very limber, and likes to do stretches. When it comes to combat, he prefers to avoid hits, rather than take them head-on, and as such, he wears armor that accommodates his style.
    • Werewolf form- His agility and speed become much more potent.
  • Marksmanship- Kolya is a good marksman, able to hit a moving deer in the perfect spot to topple it in a single shot with he proper preparation.
  • Strategist- Kolya is a brilliant combative strategist, always picking new ways to defeat enemies, and analyzing their status. Though, most of his strategies were made for smaller skirmishes, as opposed to large-scaled battles. However, he has made several theories, here and there, as to what can be done.
  • Tactician- Kolya is a well-versed tactician, picking his fights on the best terrain suiting a certain combat situation, and likes to use the environment to his advantage when outmatched in a contest of strength.
  • Endurance- Kolya has great stamina, and endurance, and can usually outlast his opponents, if he doesn't take them down, first.

Personality and Traits

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Imagine Dragons - Monster (Lyrics on Screen)-0

Kolya's feelings.


Canifis is sort of a drag.

–Kolya, on his native home.

Kolya is a passionate, friendly, outgoing, charismatic person, but he remains rather bashful. He likes to take out some of his day, at the end of the day, to sit and think, and possibly smoke. He is very loyal to his friends and family, but, he is able to question where his loyalties lay, especially when it comes to his heart. With that, Kolya is very confident in himself, and can be a bit prideful, at times, though he's usually able to swallow this. He has a simmering, sharp temper, that seems to be triggered only when friends or family are being harmed, which makes him even more brash. Since he knows of his temper, it causes him to be much more cautious. Kolya, overall, when it comes to a love interest, he gets jealous very easily. As of late, Kolya has been doing his best to ignore his moral compass, only in the idea of duty and loyalty over personal freedom, a thing which had been beaten into his head.

Kolya is of a Chaotic Good alignment, as he is of a free spirit with his own moral compass. Though, the chaos in his life remains more of a fluctuation due to some time spent here and there. Kolya, due to his history with Vampyres, has a strong dislike for them, but tries to keep his prejudice at bay. Due to his friendship with Nova Tepes, he has come to hate them less. Furthermore, the history leaves him a bit more jumpy to a stray touch than one should be, normally. This is usually surpassed and suppressed when he drinks, though the PTSD and its showings seem to vary.

Physical Appearance

I think you want this.

–Kol, to Gail

Kolya is a growing, 6'1" young Werewolf. He is very well-muscled, as a result of his training in martial arts, and his frequent hunting. As such, he holds immense strength, and an ability to easily crush certain objects with some effort. He has black hair, just like his grandfather, Zavak, crimson irises and black sclera. His teeth are very white, and are slightly sharpened, as a result of his chewing of mint leaves and roots.

In his Lycan Form, he grows over a foot, and hits about 7'5". His fur is black, and his eyes change colors. His muscle tone greatly increases, alongside his stature.

Notable Relations

You're an ungrateful bitch.

–Kol, to Gail, during an argument.

Not all swine deserve to live in the sty.

–Kol, to his brother, Nikola, after the latter commented on why he 'accociated with swine.'

  • Gail Ulfricsdòtta- Kolya's closest friend, lover fiancee. A Half-Elf, and Half-Fremennik from a dissolved enemy faction of the Pravens, known as the Northern Tide; the two met while Kolya was hanging about near the Salve. Kol has admitted that he loved her.
  • Alenka Konstantinova- Kolya's mother, and a close friend. Kolya is very protective of his mother, and worries deeply for her safety.
  • Nikola Praven- Kolya's half brother. Kolya has felt a strong connection with Nikola, and he cares deeply for Nikola, who considers him one of his only friends. Kol worries that if he remains a pariah, then he will be killed.
  • Garrett Praven- A Half-Werewolf and Kolya's father. The two are slightly alienated, as their business seems to keep them apart.
  • Pyotr Praven- Kolya's adoptive Uncle, and (biological) second cousin. The two are getting relatively close, since his return to Canifis. The two are sparring partners.
  • Selene Praven- A Half-Were, Kolya's adoptive Aunt. She sees fit to treat him like a child, despite being five years younger. Daughter of Cain Grimmoon, and Ame Devereux.
  • Zavak Praven- Kolya's paternal grandfather, a shrewd, tough and cruel man. Kolya's father, Garrett, only recently revealed to Zavak that they were related.
  • Roman Konstantinovo- Kolya's maternal grandfather, a brutal, cunning and cruel Werewolf. Roman played a large part in raising Kolya into what he is today.
  • Diomedes Praven- Kolya's cousin, and close friend. The two have fought alongside one another on a multitude of occasions.
  • Percival Praven- Kolya's second cousin, once removed, and the son of Chris Praven.
  • Cralix Praven- Kolya's Grand-Uncle, and close friend. The two have shared many a passionate occasion.
  • Chris Praven- A Human. Kolya's Grand-Uncle, and comrade in arms.
  • Cain Grimmoon- Kolya's dear friend and partial mentor, and a Senator of Canifis. Kolya respects Cain, and appreciates that the man allows him to stay in his home, and fornicate on his bedsheets and carpet.
  • Nova Tepes- A Vyre, and an acquaintaince of Kolya, and one of the contemporary, but main, constituents of his drug trade.
  • Ame Devereux- A Lunar Mage, Ame is an aquaintance of Kolya, but, like most people who fight battles alongside one another, Kolya was, at one point, a frequent visitor of her brothels, and also sometimes works there.
  • Swork- An Ork, and perhaps Kolya's only 'Swamp Goblin' friend. Swork calls Kol, and many others by the name of, "frand."
  • Luka Praven- Kolya's half brother, and an acquaintance. The two have met once, but, Kolya finds him as a somewhat important part of his existence.


This section covers Kolya's own I.C. notes on people in his life.

I promise, I hate everybody equally. Except Vyres. I hate them the most.

–Kol, when being called a racist.

These notes are a bit of my ramblings. A strange bit of information regarding each and every person worth note in Canifis, and those I've met on the road.

Gail: Gail Alida. My better, more beautiful half. We've been together for quite some time. I owe her more than she might understand.

Garrett: Garrett or Garyt Christopher Praven-Vilkarov. My father, the Alpha of the Vilkarov, an off-shoot of the Pravens, and the man who didn't show up in my life until I was about seventeen. I'm not bitter about it. He's a good man, and didn't even know about me until recently. He's taken me under his wing and has made me his Second in the pack, and I'm forever grateful for that. He has a mind like mine, but, seems to have less of a moral compass.

Alenka: Alenka Ivana Konstantinova. My mother. The woman who raised me from a pup. I owe her everything for raising me as a single mother. She's a sweet woman, stern.. Harsh. I worry for her, a lot, now that I'm not at her house, much.

Zavak: Zavak Praven. My grandfather on my father's side. An evil, wretch of an old man who holds the current title of Tsar. Despite this, he is my blood, and my Tsar, and I still owe him my loyalty. Afterall, he does hold some wisdom, and certain determination. Probably one of the few that I'd consider myself subservient to.

Cralix: Cralix Praven. My grandfather's brother. One of the men I admire the most. Mysterious man, very reserved. While I have heard many an impressive tale of his exploits, I feel like I know nothing about him. I think he's proud of me, in light of recent events.

Chris: Christopher Praven. My grandfather's brother. One of the few humans that I hold any form of respect for. A warrior with an admirable prowess. Might ask him for a spar some day. Chris is a dishonorable wretch, just like my grandfather. However, I am not bound to him by blood.

Xel: Xel Praven. A recent addition to the family, and now the brother of my grandfather. I admire Xel, as well, even if he is a human. What he lacks in strength, he makes up for in skill. I'm honored to call him family. I admire him for defending the honor of his loved one. I can only hope to do the same, should that situation arise. Xel has found a new woman. Seems the last one went crazy. Poor fellow.

Xes: Xenophon Yermolai "Xes" Vilkarov-Konstantinovo. My Uncle on my mother's side; a strange fellow. Very loyal, and that can be taken advantage of. He's a strong fighter, and a valuable asset to Canifis. I know because he trained me, and helped raise me, at that.

Rurik: Rurik Sevastyan 'Roor' Konstantinovo. My Uncle on my mother's side. He helped raise me, alongside Xenophon. I appreciate all they did for me, including their training and teachings.

Eon: Eon Veldovik. Eon is a close, personal friend of my father's, and as such is sort of an Uncle to me, I think. I don't know him very well, but, he seems tough.

Nikola: Nikola Praven-Vilkarov. My half brother, and a son of that harlot Natalia. A social outcast, a pariah. I love him, but, he's hard to get along with. Need to get him blooded, soon.

Pyotr: Pyotr Praven. My father's younger brother, or Uncle, if you prefer. The Tsarevich and my old sparring partner. He's a pompous coward, but, he has some potential to him. Maybe if Zavak took the gold spoon out of his ass, then he'd be more useful to the Tsardom's operations.

Diomedes: Diomedes Praven. My cousin in some way shape or form. Diomedes is a good friend, and is like a brother to me. Trustworthy and loyal. A bit reckless. If I didn't know better, I'd think he was in love with Cralix. Oh well. It's fun to tease him, really. He'll be useful in future days, no doubt.

Selene: Selene Praven. Cain's daughter, and Zavak's adoptive daughter. My aunt. She's the daughter of Ame and Cain. Sweet girl, a bit reckless and violent. But, aren't we all? She's pretty tough, and still has room to grow.

Percy: Percival Praven. Christopher's son, and my cousin. Angry little shit. Sweet guy, though, when he wants to be. May have to settle whatever enmity remains between him and Nikola so they don't end up killing one another.

Cain: Cain Grimmoon. Probably one of my closest friends. Fun to mess about with, here and there. He's got a messed up life, and I can understand that. I like Cain. Lets me sleep in his house, and use his rooms for my own misadventures with Gail. Hopefully he'll be able to get over what troubles him, now. He thinks I have nice nipples.

Nova: Nova Tepes. A Vampyre Lady. I sell her drugs. Perhaps the only Vampyre that I've ever had any fondness for.

Ame: Ame Devereux. A mage of considerable ability. She acts as my boss, at least in public. She runs all of the bars in Praven Territory. I used to frequent her brothels. I believe Cain still holds some feelings for her, but.. I'll ask him another time. He does have feelings for her, but, she's with Joni, now.

Juliana: Julia or Juliana Leerson. A Werewolf who speaks terrible Common. A soldier and fighter in the family. The woman of Xel. I believe she's a little mentally unstable, but what her condition is remains to be seen. She's disappeared off the map, it would seem. Good riddance, I say.

Theia: Theia Amara. A Werewolf. A friend, by extension of Cain. She seems sweet, though my interaction with her has been limited. Maybe there's something in store for them in the future. I hope so. She took care of Gail when she was restless over that whole bar attack affair. I'm grateful for that

Danika: Danika. A Werewolf woman with no last name that is known to me. She is the new love interest of Xel. Can't quite blame the man for that. She's quite pretty, despite the scars that mark her past. She is similar to me in that regard, bearing both emotional and physical scars. I respect her strength. Reminds me a bit of a red-headed Elf I know.

Swork: Swork. A Swamp Ork that found his way to Canifis after the death of the War-God Bandos. He's a cool guy. More intelligent than he lets on. I've heard him speak another language, before. Valuable ally to have, really.

Astridr: Astridr. A Werewolf girl. She was at a duel between Cain. Cain told me of his fling with her. Last I saw her, she was rampaging in the forest with Cain when the two were in an argument.

Joni: Joni Alfonse. An associate of the bars around the Tsardom. Heard he runs the slave trade alongside Ame. I'm also quite sure he's fucking my boss.

Ronald: Ronald Jefferson Praven. Also known as Ronald, the Exiled. A cheeky individual, not afraid of joking. He seemed to be afraid of the fact I was a Praven when we first met, but, I think he's calmed down, now.

Lorelei: Lorelei Amaranth. This cool Elf woman, though, I think there is more to her than meets the eye. She provided us with Blisterwood. Think we owe her for that.

Alfred: Alfred Klios. A former Saradominist Zealot and Warrior. Cralix says the two have fought alongside one another on many an occasion. I trust him, only because I trust Cralix

Roland: Roland Jefforsen Prevan. He was at a fight alongside myself, Gail and Dio. Pretty cool guy. Might be a dirty scammer, though, because he flies around on a magic carpet.

Primus: Primus. Bastard son of Decimus, a man who was once an ally of the Pravens, but then betrayed them for the Chosen Battalion. He seems honorable enough.

Roman: Roman 'Reaver' Konstantinovo. My grandfather on my father's side. I've only heard what my mother has had to tell me, and what vague details I remember from my childhood. He is cruel, and strong, but he simply travels about and does nothing.

Raktajar: Raktajar Stormstrider, a Werewolf and the leader of the Mad-Claws. Raktajar was terminated within the Senate at his trial.

Val: Valencia Dae. A friendly mage with some odd abilities. She has an odd complexion, and my family seem to seize a bit when she mentions her last name. Let's hope history doesn't repeat itself.

Luka: Luka (Praven?). My half-brother by a woman whose name is yet unknown to me. He is.. Or was a monk born on Entrana. Not sure quite sure if I can trust him yet, and he seems too timid to be very interesting. Still, the blood alone, and blood alone, makes him worth note.

Kolya: This is me. Gail says I'm decent.


File:Weezer - Say It Ain't So
You know nothing about me, because I know nothing about me.

–Kolya, on himself.

  • Kolya's name in Greek, means Victorious Army. In Russian, it means Of the Conquering People.
  • Kolya's name is derivative of, and is a diminutive form of Nikolai, which is ironically, also taken by his half-brother, in another form. Nikolai means, victorious, or conquering of the people.
  • Kolya is the eldest of the New Generation of the Praven Family, although most members are second generation.
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