Klaus Nourom
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Dat Klaus, posin'

Full Name

Klaus Vladimir Viktor Nourom


Emperor of Morytania
Lord Regent of the Sanguinesti
Incumbent of Darkmeyer
Count of the Varré
His Omnipresent Self


Olrun Constantina Varré


Klaus II Viktor Varré
Maximilian Ilaryi Varré


House Nourom


Date Obscure, Late Second Age


Apparent supporter of Drakan;
Follows no Gods



Klaus Vladimir Nourom (/'klaus vlɐˈdʲimʲɪr ,nɔ'rum/) is a Vampyric roleplay character created and currently played by Daniel/Space Pony (IG name subject to change).

He is a Vyrelord of Morytania and the Nourom Coven, and the Count of the House of Varré. He is the brother of Taralani. He has no other apparent close relations.

He is wed to Olrun Varré, and is the formerly style Lord Regent of the Sanguinesti, Emperor of the Dominion of Morytania. These, however, were forfeit once Olrun and himself receded from Public life.

Pre-Vampyre life

Klaus Nourom was born Joseph Gadren, on a small farm, south-east of where modern day Varrock stands, during the late period of the Second Age. He grew up the son of a small farmer, and had a loving mother. His family was not well off, but they did not struggle within Zaros' Empire. Klaus had three sisters, all younger, and all in training to be brides. From here-on-out I shall Klaus shall be referred to as Joseph, until the day he becomes Klaus.

Joseph had great ambition - His idol was the only Human General of Zaros' army, though such an idol was not uncommon. He would train with a wooden sword every day, before dawn and the work began, and at dusk, as the farm slowed for the evening. He was an average lad, not taller than many and not broader than most of the farming community. 

The God Wars


After the War

Morytania Life

The Conquest

The Morytania Campaign

The Morytania - Misthalin War

Period in Exile

Nix, and a Son's Lament

Rebirth unto the World

Taralani, and the Nourom Coven

Exploits West of the Salve

A Second Social Reclusion

Modern Morytania

Politics, Pity and Pledging

The Second Conquest

The Character

Physical Description


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