Kelmek Oakley
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Non-religious Saradominist


True Neutral


Craftsman and Scholar of Magical Arts.





Kelmek was raised by his father, Karad Oakley, a craftsman living in the south-eastern part of Varrock. At a small age he began crafting pottery objects, as well as woven goods. He spent most of his early life in Varrock, only traveling with his father to other towns like Lumbridge and the village of Draynor to sell their products.


As he grew older, Kelmek became a renowned craftsman. Rich merchants from distant lands came to Varrock to seek his famed jewelry and ceramics. At the age of 17 his father, Karad, fell into sickness. With his small fortune, Kelmek sought out physicians from far away lands, yet to no avail. Eventually he met a druid from the village of Taverley who, with his skill in herblore, crafted a potion that gave life back to his old man. With the druid traveled a wizard who told him stories about the famed Wizard's Tower and the mysteries of magic. He told Kelmek about the crafting of runes and other powers that magic had in store for him. With his father in good health once more, Kelmek gave him all the money he had left and set out to travel the kingdom of Misthalin. He eventually stumbled upon the Wizard's Tower, where he sought apprenticeship from the greatest wizards in the land.

Wizard's Tower

During his stay at the Wizard's Tower, Kelmek was most interested in the theory of magic and runecrafting. Being a craftsman himself, the latter became his main study within the tower. He also learned many combat-based spells, as he was no good with a sword and knew that the time would come when he would need to defend himself. After many years, he wrote books and essays on the art of runecrafting and his studies about the nature of the Rune Altars. With this, he became an honorary member of the Runecrafting Guild. He also wrote several essays on magical theory and a handbook on the Lodestone System. After some time, he decided to retire from the Wizard's Tower, as he felt that there were unknown secrets that he would not find within the Tower's grounds.

Present Day

After he took off his blue robes, Kelmek traveled back to Varrock to visit his father. Karad was weak and old, being taken care of by neighbors, yet still had money to live. Kelmek told his father about what he learned at the Wizard's Tower and explained why he had left. Karad told his son that he was right to have left, as he wanted Kelmek to travel to other places to learn what could not be learned there. After a few weeks, Karad passed away with a smile, happy to see his son again. After that, Kelmek has roamed the land, learning different crafts and skills, always welcome to return to the Wizard's Tower for further research and to share his findings.

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