Kebrundai "Keb" Ironblade was the leader of the Bandos Battalion when it was still an active fighting force. He is half Fayrg- half Hobgoblin.


Keb was born in the mid God Wars. He was a prevailing commander within Bandos' army, and was a veteran of many battles when he was chosen to fight as second in command by General Graardor during the battle for the Godsword. Keb was trapped in the cavern when it was frozen. He recently was freed and escaped to an island in the southern sea. On the island he built a small dwelling and eventually established a small group of buildings. He went to the mainland occasionally and managed to gather a small following. He formed them into an army and had them build a small town on the island. From the island he commanded many missions to the mainland. The settlement grew into a small port city and Keb finally mobilized his army. He ordered an attack on Lumbridge and they successfully slaughtered a third of the cities population while burning several buildings.


Keb has a dark grey top knot tied by leather bands. His eyes ore slightly angled like any other Fayrg and are deep black. He is completely unshaven, allowing his reverse bite to be obvious. He has short tusks that protrude slightly above his lip that are a steely white in color.

Physical Appearance: Keb is slightly less bulky than the average Fayrg due to his mixed descent, but still as strong as most. Due to this he is slightly more agile
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