Karith von Entrana is a human originating from Varrock, Misthalin. His occupation is that of a priest.
Rune Scape - Karith



Karith's parents were low ranking Varrockian Nobles. Karith having shown an affinity for holy magic even as a child was soon sent to live and be trained as a priest on the island of Entrana. It is because of this he donned the surname "Von Entrana".


At a very early age young Karith showed signs of having an affinity to Saradominist holy magic. As a result Karith was sent to live on the island of Entrana at the early age of three. There he began his initiation into the Church of Saradomin. He was trained to be a priest, having excelled at this due to his natural abilities with holy magic.


Karith became a full fledged priest at the early age of thirteen, excelling much more then the other initiates. His teachers praised him for his natural abilities. Karith however, seemed like a socially awkward child, not having many friends. He preferred to keep to himself, and the other initiates avoided him, thinking he was strange. Some even thought he was derranged, having heard him murmur strange things in his sleep.

Not long after Karith was initiated did strange rumors arise about a cave found on the island. Multiple witnesses reported to the High Priest that they saw demonic creatures around the area of the cave. Not long after a group of the most skilled priests on the island were sent into the cave to investigate. What they found was a massive group of demons hidden underneath the cave. They fought their way though the cave as best they could (which was not very good, seeing as they were all priests), alas their entire party was killed except for the skilled Karith, who was able to escape, but not alone...

In the cave he was forced to take on a pack of hell hounds. Successfully exorcizing the others, he was left to fight the leader of the pack. However, he could not overpower the being, and in desperation, cast a seal on the demon, holding back it's own immense power. As Karith readied to finish the creature it spoke to him in an evil demonic voice: "I submit priest, you have bested me. I am now yours and shall do your bidding..." Karith was stunned by this, and did not know what to do. Finally he replied, "Will you be my friend?" to which the hell hound responded "Your wish is my command master".

With the hell hound Karith fought his way through the rest of the demons and escaped back to the island. It was then that he decided to conceal his new friend from the other priests.The demon revealed it's name to be "Sodum".


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