The Kandarin Occupation occured when King Varis Grey of Asgarnia fled his throne for some unknown reason and left it to Kandarin. The occupation was rather short, but it ignited a large rebellion that forced Kandarin to leave. The Rebellion was started by a Asgarnian Soldier named Erik Manak and a General of the Asgarnian Military. The Rebels mainly consisted of mercenary's, citizens, and Asgarnian Soldiers. There was only three battles during this Rebellion before a ceasefire was called: The battle at the southern gate, The battle of Falador Garden, and The battle of Falador Square.

Battle at The Southern Gate

This battle was the first battle of the Rebellion, Kandarin Soldiers that guarding the gate were ambushed by Rebels and were beat down before back up arrived and the rebels were forced to retreat to Falador Garden where they prepared for the next wave of troops to come.

Battle of Falador Garden

After the rebels fell back to Falador Garden, the next wave of Kandarin Troops arrived, Along with the dragon named Storm. It was a bloody battle but the rebels kept on fighting and taking out as many guards as they could before they were forced to scatter and retreat.

Battle of Falador Square

After resting and healing from the battle of Falador Garden, the rebels pulled together all of their forces for one final strike, they marched into Falador Square where they were met with Kandarin Soldiers and clashed in battle before forcing the Kandarin Troops to fall back into Falador Castle. Soon after they retreated back to the castle they aimed the cannons at the square and unleashed a barrage of cannon fire on the rebels, the rebels were forced to take cover in the bar with civilians. Kandarin stopped the bombarding and sent in a special forces team into the bar to smoke out the rebels, and after some fighting the rebels retreated again.

The Ceasefire and a New King

Seeing no end to this bloody conflict, a meeting was called between Erik Manak and the Asgarnian General with King Oliver Cleeves in east Falador. After lots of negotiations the King decided that his forces will leave and a new King of Asgarnia shall be chosen, that King being Joseph Adalhard. This led to a long interesting career for Erik and many of the rebels.

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