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Lady Kairi Stone is a White Knight of Falador. She holds the rank of captain, currently serving in the section led by Sir Braddock Kohtlund and Sir Vye Ver. Stone spent a short time as a Temple Knight under Sir Guiney until her return to Tain's Section. As a lieutenant, Kairi served as the head cook in the White Knight's Castle, working alongside a quartermaster named Lady Erin Ture. Since the beginning of the Novtumberfest celebrations, Kairi has been heavily involved, often as the head serving girl and mascot for the event, being the Novtumbergirl for the most recent event.


Kairi was born sometime in the year 142 of the 5th Age on the island of Entrana. She spent the first 15 years of her life with her parents and sisters. She has three older sisters, and one younger. Their names are Eleanor, Julianna, Samantha, and Melody. The second oldest, Julianna, was mysteriously found dead infront of her family's home when Kairi was 12.

Three years later, Kairi (now 15), along with her 12-year-old sister Melody, leave their home in Entrana for a better life. They both followed Saradomin, but they felt that Entrana was too heavily involved with the religion, they didn't want to spend the rest of their lives as monks. They first took a boat from Entrana to Port Sarim, and later moved to the city of Falador.

The White Knights

Kairi soon found her way into the White Knights which were led by Sir Bool Cowbra at the time. After serving her time as a squire, she was knighted by the commander and given the title of Lady, giving her the status of an Asgarnian noble and White Knight of Falador. As an initiate, Kairi performed very well amongst the other knights. She was promoted several times until she reached the rank of lieutenant, where she led as one of the main officers in the section in many events such as the Battle of Lumbridge and the Bandosian-Armadylean Conflict.

After the situation with Vile, Kairi stayed with the almost dead section until she was invited into the Temple Knights where she operated for many months. With the return of some other White Knights, Lady Kairi rejoined Tain's section under Sir Kohlund and Sir Ver, where she was promoted to the rank of White Knight Captain.


  • Lady Kairi Stone was created and is played by Kairi9154.
  • Lady Kairi is an owner of a cooking cape, given to her by the Varrock Chef's Guild.
  • The name "Lady Kairi Stone",unlike most white knights' names, is not a play on words.
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