The Capricon under Sail.

The Kandarin Imperial Ship Capricon is a Sarim style Frigate of the Zodiac Class of Warships.

The Capricon

Launch and Early History

The K.I.S Capricon was one of 12 Zodiac Class Frigates built during the Reign of Emperor Russia I. Launched simultaniusly with her 11 sister ships from Port Kazard. They were the Vanguard Ships of Russia's Fleet when he started his War. The Ship was armed with 60 8 pound Cannon.(40 below deck,16 on deck with 4 chasers).

She served in several battles against Asgarnian and North Kandarin Ships. She was most Famous for sinking the White Knight Ship Blade of Saradomin, a 2nd Rate Man'owar, The Capricon was out gunned 3-1. Using her superior speed she managed to circle the Blade of Saradomin,sinking it.

The Ship recived 2 Battle commindations.

Post War

After the Fall of Russia, the Ship qas sent to Ardougne to be re fitted for the New Ardougne. The Signiature horned Goat was added to her bow. Her Cannon were upgraded with Avrey enterprises Rifled Cannon. She Became a esscort ship for Ardougnian Trade ships. In the Ardougne-Kinshara War, she ingaged a fleet of Kinshra ships off of Crandor. Capricon recived heavey damage and was towed back to Khazard.

Navy of Yanille

The Ship was sold to Yanille because the cost of her refit was to high for Ardougne at the time. Yanille Restored her to working order. She Sailed as part of there fleet for the next few years. In a weird Twist of fate,at the Battle of Catherby,she ingaged a Zenthara warship that was a gift to Zenthos during peace time. The Z.I.S Canceron,the sister ship of the Capricon. The Capricon was able to sink her sister after a 2 hour gun fight.

At the end of this conflict, the ship was put into mothballs,sent to the Kandarin reserve docks in Karamja.

United Kandar Armed Forces


K.I.S Capricon after her Refit and return to service

After a few years in mothballs,the Capricon was pulled from the reserve fleet and taken to Khazard. She recived a complete overhaul of her frame. Mithril plating was added to the side of the hull,Increasing her Armor but reducing speed. She also recived new Cannons and masts. A Long range Dwarven Style Multi Cannon was placed on her deck,just aft of the 1rst Mast. She was Redesignated K.S.I Capricon and regestered FG-36. she currently serves as part of the North Kandar Deffence Fleet,under the Command of Captian Atreyu Syvian.

Other Zodiac Class Ships.

There were 12 Zodiac Class Frigates built.They are:

  • K.I.S Arieon (FG-27) - In Mothballs.
  • A.R.S Tauron (FG-28) - Sunk
  • K.I.S Geminon (FG-29) - Active
  • Z.E.S Canceron (FG-30) - Sunk.
  • K.I.S Leon (FG-31) - Mothballs
  • K.I.S Virgon (FG-32) - Active
  • K.I.S Libron (FG-33) - Active
  • K.I.S Scorpion (FG-34) - Active
  • A.R.S Sagittarion (FG-35) - Sunk
  • K.I.S Capricon (FG-36) - Active
  • K.I.S Aquarion (FG-37) - Active
  • A.R.S Piscon (FG-38) - Sunk

(Notes- A.R.S= Ardougne Royal Ship. Z.E.S= Zenthiran Empire Ship)

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