Jun is a Dream of Mah role-played by Bit Bot. This particular character has such a long played out history that it would be nearly impossible to type it all out, and the fact that the creator is extremely lazy. This being said, Jun's profile will only contain his appearance and personality, alongside with a few pictures and quotes.
Jun disguised as Dr. Robert Bolas




Dream of Mah








Normal Form: Jun stands at 8'3" and is usually dressed in long Zarosian robes, he has no tribal marking on his face, but horns hardly peak through the skin around his skull. Jun's eyes are black and empty, and his face holds a stone expression.  

Human Form: Jun in human form goes by the name "Dr. Robert Bolas". Bolas has dark black hair, usually tied back. He sometimes rocks a short beard, and can be found in dark purple mages' robes, while also holding a dark colored staff. Bolas uses a pair of reading glasses time to time, and if seen in a public spot, he's usually drinking tea. Robert Bolas is a talented mage, to say the least. He tries to stay away from combat if possible, as a human form isn't the strongest form to be in.


Today Jun is a quiet, peaceful being. His thousands of years being alive taught him well. His past is filled with hate and destruction, memories that haunt him every day. Some could say Jun is insane, but to him he is the most sane person alive.

Jun writes a lot of his thoughts down, keeping a personal track on how his mind changes over the long amounts of years.

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