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Julianna Candy Rodriguez is the character of Dm885 & Dora T Ex. Julianna lives in Varrock, and has history throughout many lands. Julianna Rodriguez is a Human and is 28 years of age.


Julianna left her house at the age of 15 due to love conflicts. Not having anywhere else to go, she became a prostitute and a woman of high-power in her uncle's bordello. With this said, she went out to many lands, one of them being Lumbridge, pleasuring men and saving up money. She also served in bars as an exotic dancer, entertainer and bartender under the supervision of her Uncle's underlings.


Julianna fixing up an ale in her Cabaret.

As the days went by, she decided to move her name onto Varrock. Her life was completely changed here after getting assaulted on the job. She moved on with her life as an entrepeneur, where she made twice as much money as she was making before, allowing her to get a different house. She later had an affair with a werewolf that was roaming around in Varrock, resulting in her motherhood. Pregnancy was quite painfull, considering she had fratenal twins. In Varrock, she met her best friend, Jiliian Rofle. She was also a temporary guard.

Months passed by, and thus, Julianna was running short on money. She made a ditch effort on spending the rest of her savings on a pub, which was converted into a cabaret. She has daily Performance Nights at her pubs, each night making her a load of coppers.

Julianna later had an affair in Karamja, resulting in her pregnancy. So far, she is 8, going on 9 months pregnant with a baby girl. She also owns another bar, naming it "Julie's Tropical Palms Pub".


Julianna has an adoptive child, whose name is Alex. She also has her own two children, who are twins; Rehn Dion Rodriguez & Raven Celine Rodgriguez. Barren Kivail was a lover of hers, however, he commited suicide right infront of her eyes. After that, she fell in love with a mercenary, however, she betrayed him for another man, resulting in a break-up. Her brother is Emile Rodriguez. Dora Rodriguez is her niece and Diego Rodriguez is her nephew. Julianna is currently married to a Kharidian man, whom she met in Karamja.

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