Joruney to Mazcab
Mazcab Forrest
Vital statistics
Start 29 Septober, Year 1, Sixth Age
End Unfinished
Prerequisites None
Level None
Location Al Kharid; Mazcab
Rewards Unknown
Previous Next
None. Unknown
Journey to Mazcab is the first quest in a player-made plotline that is yet to be named. Characters begin the quest after hearing about an expedition to the remains of Tuska, lead by the Guild of Heroes. Characters heard about the expedition through either word-of-mouth, or reading one of the many fliers placed around Gielinor.
Guild of Heroes is leading an expedition to explore the remains of the Giant Space Pig, more formally known as the Goddess Tuska. Whispers of a gateway to a new world have begun to encompass her name, but who knows what adventurers will find on her back?

In-Character Sessions

Filling the Roster

This sessions took place on 29th August 2015.


  • The main purpose for this quest was to increase roleplay interest in the desert.
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