Joseph Cattaneo
Joseph Cattaneo

Date of Birth

Fifth Age, 124

Place of Birth

Cattaneo Capital City






The Cattaneo Family








Ubaldo Cattaneo, Patriarch of The Cattaneo Family


Rosa Cataneo, Matriarch of The Cattaneo Family

Joseph Cattaneo is a character created by Kimojuno.

Physical Appearance


Joseph Cattaneo is a young, strapping, fellow. He has a wonderful smile and brown eyes. He wears the clothes of a noblemen. He is six feet and five inches in height and is always dressed for success. He looks to be in his mid thirties.


Although he wears a mask, his general demeanor is that of a well brought up country gentlemen. His manors are top notch and he is loyal, family-oriented, and always willing to help family members.

Personality Quiz

Motivation: What is it that really gets your character’s motor running?

Service, Fiddly Details, Loyalty

Instinct: What is your character’s first reaction to a threat (physical or otherwise)?

Stand Ground, Dig In, Establish Defenses

Approach: What archetype is your character best known for being?

Stalwart Defender

Constriction: What does your character fear or feel beholden to?

Power, the Criminal Element, Secrets

Confidence: In what settings is your character lucky or otherwise foolhardy?

Among the Wealthy, With Money, Defending Others

Value: What is it your character cherishes above all else?

A Valuable Item, Capital, Autonomy

Personality Traits: One of your character's cardinal traits is being power hungry.

The character's greatest weakness is daydreaming.

Most Prized Possession: The character's most prized possession is a/n silver-handled hairbrush.


Fifth Age

Early Life

Joseph Cattaneo was born into a life of luxury. His parents were the next in line to be the Patriarch and Matriarch of the Cattaneo family. He was destined for greatness, which his parents reminded him of every day. Moreover, Joseph was taught and trained in the life of a Noble from birth.

Joseph was trained in the art of swordsmanship, along with the art of the bow, as both arts are considered hobbies of a gentleman. His senses were trained as he went through grueling years of training; his father refusing to hear of complaint.

The Mask

Although Joseph was a Cattaneo by birth and, therefore, was protected he still had enemies. Among those he had five especially who hated him, or rather more so hated that they did not have what he had. During his 15th year, while he was at school, Joseph was attacked by these five boys.

Although he put up a fight, wounding them as much as possible, in the end he was no match. These five boys had planned to kill him but wanted to have some fun before this happened. In order to do so, they broke into a smith's shop and heated the branding iron. They held Joseph down and branded his face with the heated iron, leaving a permanent scar.

Thankfully for Joseph, his screams were loud enough to attract attention before the bullies managed to kill him. This would be the last time these five boys were ever seen. Joseph, on the other hand, continued to live and would eventually marry. Nevertheless, he hides his mutilation behind a mask.

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