Job Copperhand is a human male character located in the Misthalin region. He is associated with the Misthalite Union and practices Saradominism.


Jon short brown hair and a medium length beard. His skin is weathered from years of farm work. He is Muscular and tall, to the common women he would probably be considered attractive.


Jon was born on a farm, he lives on a farm, and will probably continue to live on a farm. As he grew up in a family with three older sisters, and younger twin brother and sister. Being the oldest male child, he was expected to run the farm after his father's death. That came much sooner than expected. His father died on the day of Jon's wedding to the beautiful, young, farm girl Cassandra. Jon took his father's place and ran the farm until a recruiter from the Unification effort arrived in a village near his outlying farm. He and his brother left their sisters, wives, and mother to run the farm as they went to fight for Marius. Jon showed prowess with an axe and was chosen by Marius to be the commander at the Battle or Draynor Manor. During the battle he made many strategic failures but was overall successful, despite his inability to secure the village.


Jon is a simplistic person. He prefers to be blunt and often misses obvious things.

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