We are nothing without our contracts, my employers and the higher ups of our company prefer everything to be in writing. Please sign on the dotted line.. And do remember... No regrets and no breaking our contract.



Not much is known about the engimatic entity that is known as "John". He claims he works for some sort of company and that he is the head of "Human Resources". He claims Gielinor to be an "Underdeveloped" plane, meaning it possible for him to have seen other planes. He is rarely seen, though almost always is filling out paperwork or chooses to not interfere with things directly. He has mentioned on several occasions to have a direct contact with an entity he knows as "Upper Management". He is currently under investigation by the Mage's Guild. See report below.



The contract.

The known abilities of "John" are all within a mysterious spell he refers to as "The almighty contract". His abilities do not seem to exceed the stated rules in each individual contract other than his uncanny ability to appear in random and unusual place          

Known Appearances

"John" has been seen in the following areas:

  • Canifis
  • Burthorpe
  • Varrock
  • Ardougne
  • Morytania
  • Falador
  • Kharidian Desert

Report on subject "John"

A report on the subject known as "John"

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