Jiub Wareater is a human character played by the user Thane Nol/Thane Krios0. He is also known as The Wicked One, The Hellraiser, and Red. Jiub is 33 years old and single, motivating himself with the self-interests common to the neutral evil alignment.


Jiub was born in Rellekka. He was the bad one of the village, and so many people scorned him. Soon after he turned nineteen, he left Rellekka and went to Asgarnia where he joined the Kinshra. He served for ten years then he left at thirty. He then decided to make his own army, working hard for a year and got ten people to join his cause.

Jiub Kinshra

Jiub in his Kinshra days The armor he mainly wears


He normally wears red leather armor and is waiting for a custom Zamorakian blessed leather armor to be made for him.


  • As you can tell, chances for me caring about this character are very slim.
  • Jiub is the name of the person you first see on the boat before you enter the censas office in TESIII Morrowind, and he's also that ghost in the soul carin in Skyrim who claims he killed all those dumb cliff-racers. Yes, both Jiubs that were in The Elder Scrolls series are same person.
  • Jiub has plotted a lot against Falador, but all his plots have failed
  • He fought Thane once; Jiub ran.
  • Jiub is known to be generally hated.
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