I was cast away by my people. My only goal now is to prove to them that I'm better off without them.

–Jerera Zaltana

Ramokee "Jerara Zaltana"






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5'4" (6'1" with horns)


Dragonkin Worshipper




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Jerara Zaltana is a Gorajo Ramokee who was born as a Stormbringer but practiced the ways of a Bloodrager.  He is roleplayed by Derp on W42.  He's the Atinaese of the Dragonkin Worshipper's military.


Jerara is 5'4" tall (5'11" with horns) and weighs 91 kg.  His body type is somewhat stocky, but fit and absolutely ripped, considering he's a swordsman.  His skin is a pale shade of bluish-grey with darker, tattoo-like stripes below his mouth and coming from his jaw, stopping by his eyes.  Jerara has an intimidating face.  His chin height is rather high, but it protrudes quite far.  His chin is very chiseled and his jawline is defined, making his appearance very tough and masculine.  The thick horns on his head ridge protrude forward above his eyes and curve up, adding a total of 6" to his height.  Jerara often wears a black bandana below the ridge on his head where his horns start.



A cub like you wouldn't understand where the power within my blade comes from.

–Jerara Zaltana

Tk 59 tkuj
Jerera's gorgonite dha.

Overall Length

91 cm (36 in)

Blade Length

65 cm (26 in)

Handle Length

26 cm (10 in)

Jerara's primary weapon is a gorgonite dha.  Jerara obtained the sword shortly after he began his journey to the surface after being exiled. 

While still in the depths of Daemonheim, he met a Ramokee named Kaiya, whom he used to be in a romantic relationship with, until she was exiled.  Happily reunited, the two former lovers traversed the dangerous tunnels of Daemonheim; however upon coming closer to the surface, trouble arose.  Jerara and Kaiya found themselves in a long, tight corridor, surrounded from both sides by hydras and frost dragons.  Kaiya was wounded, and unable to fight; Jerara found himself wielding her sword, Gieahoe, to fight off the creatures.  The monsters eventually retreated, leaving Jerara with heavy wounds and Kaiya dead.  Before dying, Kaiya entrusted Jerara with her valuable sword, which he gladly accepted. 

Jerara keeps the sword close, as it reminds him of his lost love and the cruelty that he was subjected to in Daemonheim by being exiled.  With each enemy that dies by its blade, Jerara believes he distances himself further away from his past.

Dragon Metal Shield

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