The following is an IC letter addressing the public. It was dispersed through the kingdom over the course of a week and a half, addressing all Asgarnians, though specifically Camp Donblas.

I'm not one for writing letters. I'm not even one for writing much, or doling out royal decrees left and right. I'll even go as far as to say I'm not one for nobility, the fancy clothes and the posh talk. It's not me. So why am I King? Why did I take the throne? Because the rebellions springing up, little and large, were only strengthening the hold Kandarin had on Asgarnia. Those of you who were up in arms in Lassaria, who sit down in southern Asgarnia chipping away at that mine, I want you to think long and hard about this. The Empire is at our door. All I've done so far is show them outside, in a method way less destructive and divisive than yours. I didn't have to kill or pillage, I didn't have to become another worry in the average joe's mind. I just had to pull some strings and put people in play that wouldn't let our kingdom collapse the moment Jacob left. I saved you, and I'm still trying to save you. I can't do that if you keep this up.

I was Sicarius once, yeah. It wasn't long-lived, but I kept the name for a while after. Yeah. I did that. I've been walking a straighter path ever since then. I helped shove the bandits out of Burthorpe, I helped fight back Sliske's forces, I tracked his nightmares down and I buried them. I've walked with you for years, and even recently I broke Volon's jaw and shut him up for good, let him rot wherever he lay. I hoped I proved myself a better man than I was last Age. Apparently I haven't.

That doesn't mean I'm moving on. The moment I step down, this kingdom collapses again. When it's stable, I'll go. You'll be rid of me. But for now, I'll make this known. The rebel factions rising up and wrecking your homes, taking your resources all "in the name of Asgarnia", are doing nothing better than the Empire did as they shipped your taxes overseas and sucked Asgarnia for everything it has. These rebels are not your friend. They're blinded by patriotism and can't see that what they fought for is already here. So I will bring down my fist. I don't want to, but I will see these people gone. What good they might have done before is warped, now, and actively seeks to welcome the Empire back. Now is the time to turn your weapons outwards, away from your own kingdom and towards the foreign nations that seek to take everything from you. If you refuse.. I'm sorry.

Heavy lies the crown, but I must wear it.

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