Hair Colour

Black w/ white streaks

Eye Colour

Originally dark blue, they blackened over time


5ft 10 (5'10)


Not specified





Jaxon Endel (pronounced same as Jackson), or Jax (Jacks) for short, is the last remaining member of the now defunct Endel family. The Endel's were a human warmongering family, which died out decades after their heir, Jaxon Endel, was presumed dead after a rather risky tour through Morytania.

Jax is a vampyre character created and played by AxeOfKainen (known also as AxeOfKainen on RuneScape) 

Jax has been a part of the now disbanded Mallavian Coven, though he left before they fell and had decided to 'work alone'.

The Beginning

Jax and his father (unnamed) were touring Morytania when they were attacked by creatures that could only be described as bat-like humanoids (i.e. Vampyres). After being attacked, Jax managed to get away, eventually stumbling upon the town of Canifis, scared and out of breath. Young and naive at the time, Jax was approached by a figure who was indeed Vampyric, yet Jax initially saw him as his saviour.  

The Vampyre who turned him was known as something along the lines of Dracos Mallavian, who, after the Jax had completed his transformation from human to Juvenile Vampyre, invited Jax to join the Mallavian Coven. 

((In all honesty, I've forgotten most of his 'beginning'. When I remember, I'll update this page.))

The Middle

Jax had grown bored of his life and that which occurred around him, causing him to recede into a deep slumber. Before he went, however, he left behind a protege, whom would survey Morytania in Jax's absence and report back to him any changes upon his eventual awakening. 


Significant Events

  • Jax was awoken from his slumber by Ak'sel Khyza
  • Jax became a part of the Vaeyl Coven
  • (More events may be added)

The End?

Upon discovering that the Vaeyl Manor (and assumably all of its inhabitants) had disappeared, Jax uttered only two words to his companion and protege, Ak'sel.


He then disappeared into a column of shadow.


Significant Events

  • Jax discovered that the Vaeyl Coven was no more (Waiting for absolute confirmation from Charo)
  • Jax has disappeared, leaving all who knew him to wonder where he is
  • (Will add more later)
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