Jarren'tok, often called just Jarren, is an aviansie settler from Abbinah, who hoped to establish a home for himself on Gielinor under the guidance of Armadyl, but has found much more. This character is played by Raltin Avarr.
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Jarren, armored and ready for battle.



Jarren was born on Abbinah as a commoner on the middle tier islands, and spent his juvenile years with the rest of his tribe; learning from them his heritage and the skills needed to survive on his homeworld. As he grew older and into his teen years, he was sent to the higher tier islands to finish his education with children from other tribes; being educated alongside them by the wisest elders from all the tribes of Abbinah. It was during this part of his life that Armadyl returned to Abbinah, and Jarren took part in the year long celebration the aviansie held for the return of their god. It was close to the time that Jarren was to finish his education and begin his rite of passage, having finally learned how to fly as he neared maturity, that Guthix was assassinated and Gielinor was finally reopened for aviansie to travel to. As Armadyl once more wished to establish a home for the aviansie on Gielinor, Jarren was immediately eager to leave and explore the new world; to find out what Gielinor had to offer to his people, and to serve Armadyl in the pursuit of justice. Despite his family not wanting him to leave until he finished his rite of passage, Jarren went against their wishes and traveled to Gielinor; choosing the military as his chosen profession in life, and thus set off to find his own future on a new world.

The Bird and the Beast

Jarren first came to Gielinor in the battle against Bandos, and it was this event that shaped a lot in his life that follow. Although not at first trained to fight, entering the military required this, and before they could use him on the battlefield, he was forced to go through many training exercises. He was, however, already adept in crafting various items of use, something he learned on the demanding homeworld of Abbinah. He helped Armadyl in the beginning by tending wounded followers, learning divination, keeping up defensive barricades around Armadyl's tower, flying above hot zones and planning out convoy routes, taking on exploration and reconaissance missions, and even trying to learn how to construct golems. He also searched for a place to settle down and live at after his service in helping defeat Bandos was over.

The Bird and the Beast

The war begins.

Home Hunting

While given leave for a short time from the war effort, due to the general success of the campaign against Bandos; Jarren flew far North to the icy mountains in order to find a safe, secluded, and protected place to live besides the citadels. While looking for ice-free valleys between the frozen peaks he spotted a two man team sitting next to a campfire on a frozen plateau. He did not have much time to look however as a giant ice creature formed to attack the two men. Jarren was not able to get much detail of the two people as they were fighting with the creature and moving about quickly, but he aided from above and attacked with aerial support.

Due to the long range nature of his attacks, the two people he was aiding were confused about what was happening but did not question the help, and were unable to find out who was lending them aiding. In the end, after the creature was defeated, Jarren was able to get a better look at the two men and found to his surprise that they were Bandosians. He then looked down into the crater near the battlefield from above and saw what the Bandosians had come for: a huge stone hand of some kind that had a symbol of Bandos on the back of it. Disturbed by this information; Jarren flew South to tell his superiors what he had seen.

The Godless Agenda

Jarren was sent on a scouting trip to look for possible Bandosian convoys, which were taking advantage of a position North of Al Kharid. Joining him was a new Icyene recruit to the forces of Armadyl: Aniise. During the scouting trip they found signs that Bandosians were indeed trying to dig their claws into the area, and found the skeleton of an ogre which had been eaten by the scorpions. They found some arrows pierced into it and some cloth. It was discovered that this was the act of godless supporters, and Jarren saw a blur of movement on a rocky outcrop above, able to pick it out with his keen hawk-like eyesight.

It was a godless archer, who had drawn his bow and shot at Aniise. Acting on instincts he had honed during his training, he pushed Aniise out of the way and took the shot in his right shoulder. Aniise managed to dispatch the archer with a throwing knife and kneeled down to tend to the wounded aviansie. The arrow was removed and a tight cloth bandage was bound around the shoulder. After this they were able to return to Armadyl's tower and report what had happened. Jarren was given a promotion in rank in his scouting position for his selfless act, then had his wound more expertly tended to. He then retired for the night, on a perch in the tower to rest.

Destination Divination

Another assignment the next day sent Jarren, Aniise, and an unnatural humanoid by the name of Alpha (looking like a cockatrice mixed with an aviansie), to a small energy area containing minute traces of divine energy; they were to gather some and return it to Armadyl's tower as a side supplement to the main divine energies that the convoys brought in. As they were doing this, the three were able to talk to each other regarding their pasts, Jarren and Aniise talked lengthily about their own homeworlds as well. Over the course of their time at the divination location the three squad mates were able to learn much about each other, though Alpha was less revealing than either Jarren or Aniise. The opportunity to share things about themselves helped to make them more trusting of each other and improved compatibility between the three as squad members of their scouting team. They later returned with a pot of divine energy and added it to the convoy collections, then Jarren retired to his assigned quarters for the night.

Ogre and Out

It was late at night that Jarren was helping build a golem when Alpha and Aniise came to watch. Jarren demonstrated the pure talent that aviansie possess when it comes to crafting commodities as he put the right leg of the golem together and added it on to the main body, completing the task the Golem Master had given him. For a little while, the three talked about why they were fighting the war and Jarren gave some insight about his views regarding the other gods' followers, how he did not blame the Bandosians for fighting for their god, as the majority of them were raised that way, just as Jarren was raised to believe in Armadyl.

Ogre GWD

It was after this talk that Aniise and Alpha started asking Jarren to go talk to the Task Master downstairs for an assignment, and he did just that. They were assigned to scout out the two ogre villages, both the male and the female. While it was known that the male ogres were fighting for Bandos, it was so far unobserved if the women were taking part: their mission was to determine this, and then disrupt the male ogre forces guarding their home village in order to make them paranoid about their home front.

Jarren and his companions eventually made it to the Southern female village, and observed it from above on the rocks, seeing no war related activites. They climbed down and were met by an elderly elven woman. After a bit of unease where Jarren instructed his companions to be at the ready, the woman talked for a while and Aniise let her guard down at her words, despite the fact the woman had showed them a Zarosian symbol scarred into her palm, while Jarren and Alpha remained ready for action. To his surprise and worry, Jarren saw Aniise step forward to shake the woman's hand, at which Aniise was vulnerable to any attack the woman may have had at the ready.

The two shook hands and Aniise turned around, telling Jarren he was overreacting, as did the elven woman. Jee'ran replied with pointing out the mistake Aniise had made if she had turned out to be wrong about the elf, as well as the mistake she was making right at that moment with her back being turned to a possible threat. He next stated that one could never be too careful during a mission, as enemies can be anywhere at anytime and in any shape or form. It was then that recognition hit Jarren and his squadmates, as the old woman looked like an older version of one of their other squadmates currently back at Armadyl's tower: a half elf girl by the name of Ana.

The old woman revealed her name to be "Grey", an alias of hers, saying that she was the grandmother of Ana. Jarren appologized and said that he still had to remain wary of her, as she had come to him at the wrong time and place to form trust between them. He told her that he would let his guard drop around her if she set foot into Armadyl's tower and if the guards posted there recognized her as an ally. If Grey did this and did not get sent away by the guards, Jarren would be satisfied enough to let his own guard down. Grey told him that she usually avoided such places, but she would nonetheless prove her innocence to him by preforming this task.

Both satisfied by this outcome, Jarren told her that they had to get back to their mission and the old elf left. Jarren determined that the only way to tell if the ogresses were hostile is to walk up to them blatantly as Armadyleans and see if they were attacked. Aniise told him not to go to the front entrance and led to way to the back of the resort to a secret entrance, in which she and the rest of them entered. They ended up next to a mud bath and Aniise said she would scout it out, dipping into it. Jarren and Alpha watched while facepalming, and Jarren asked her how she knew of the secret entrance. Aniise told him that after the Battle of Lumbridge ended, she was able to move about Gielinor freely for a few months, traveling about to and fro, eventually winding up here and having spa treatments.

Jarren, with much exasperation, decided to conclude this trip by simply walking up to the ogresses to see if they would attack him for being an Armadylean, which they did not. Jarren made joking fun of Aniise for a short while, mocking her for making a fool out of an important mission, but not rudely. They went North to preform their duty at the male ogre village and killed some of their guardsmen on the outside and on the South side, so as to fool the ogres into thinking that the Armadyleans had gained a foothold in the South of them, which was less well guarded. They later returned to the tower and Jarren was exhausted, the previous night having spent sleepless building a golem per the instructions of his tutor, and turned in for the night to his quarters in order to get some rest; saying a short goodbye to his companions.

Battle of Gunnarsgrunn

Jarren requested his superiors to let him aid the human forces in the coming battle near the forests of Edgeville, and he and two other aviansie lent their aid to the human Armadylean armed forces. He and his two companions played vital air support for the ground based human troops. Jarren proved incredibly effective as he flew high up beyond enemy reach of even their long ranged attacks, and nocking multiple arrows at a time onto his bowstring then firing; letting gravity take the arrows downward, repeating this process quickly and multiple times to create small arrow storms. He was able to force back enemies into cover and keep them away from vital areas.

1000px-Barbarian Village

The village where the battle took place.

Jarren also helped transport wounded into the healer's building, one of which was one of the two fellow aviansie that came to help. Jarren provided ground fighting support as well, he was able to stab a human Bandosian in the back with his large spear blade and even stabbed an ogre in the neck, but for the most part he stuck to the sky. His arrow storms proved to be invaluable as he forced the Zamorakian infiltrators, who had come to steal the divine energy for themselves and were thinking of assaulting the medical building, to retreat from the battle with several arrow piercings. His attack against them started when one of the Zamorakians, Arthans Rodite, shot a crossbow bolt at one of Jarren's wings while he was on the ground fighting an ork.

Jarren was able to avoid the bolt, as his agility training on Abbinah taught him how to be very aware of surroundings, so as to avoid oncoming debris and not smack into them, and this saved him from being stuck on the ground. Jarren ducked just before the bolt was shot, and was able to jump away from the ork he was fighting and go airborne. Jarren flew high into the sky and returned fire with an arrow storm, and despite Arthans' best efforts, the young man was severely wounded by multiple arrows slamming into him. He repeated this process at the other Zamorakians which was what forced them away. At some point in time he even preformed the same tactic against Kobalos with one of the another aviansie, named Ckree'aa, following his example. The combined arrow storm forced the Bandosian warlord into cover behind large stones and trees.

Once more his arrow storms were worth their keep: as dragonkin worshippers showed up late in the battle with fresh troops to prey upon those who were left drained from the fight and unable to continue adequately. Jarren flew high and far behind their troop lines, once more raining arrows, this caused the worshippers to become pinned down behind trees and forced into cover; unable to move. He continued this until the majority of the wounded had been evacuated from the medical building and Commander Alexander Aerendyl, an elf who had chosen to command the human Armadylean forces, was able to contact the worshippers for a temporary truce while the rest of the injured were transported to safety.

While the battle had not been a victory for Armadylean forces; both Jarren and his fellow aviansie were able to stop many good lives from being lost through their air support and steely determination. After the troops were evacuated to more defendable and safe positions, Jarren was able to return to Armadyl's tower for a night's rest, but not before helping to ensure Commander Aerendyl was able to walk away from the worshipper meeting unscathed. Sadly Jarren was not present to help defend the man from the later attempted assassination that was to follow from the worshippers. Jarren was commended for his service and bravery later at Armadyl's tower, recieving a promotion and new armor.

Fun Festivities

Jarren met his squadmate Aniise in Armadyl's tower one day, as often he did, and she showed him some claw weaponry that she tried mimicking off of aviansie smiths. Jarren scoffed at the shoddy work and told her to follow him. After a very long and complicated smithing process, he replaced the majority of her work with his own, creating the intricate and beautiful work that his race is well known for. He presented her with the new claws and she was thrilled with the craftsmanship. He noticed her fairly weak looking armor as well and told her she should go down to the quartermaster with his orders for a new set. Jarren also joked around for a little bit how the new armor would be less revealing than her usual attire, much to Aniise's displeasure, but she was quickly able to turn the joke around on him which left Jarren in a awkward spot.

Aniise returned with the new armor set and had a bout of discussion with her aviansie friend, and towards the end her headdress of feathers that she kept from her old armor set blew off and was lost in a stray wind gust, saddening her with the loss of it. She and Jarren talked for a while after that and Jarren told her he had some free time, saying that there was a celebration at Lumbridge for something called Christmas. Jarren, having seen how sad she was at losing the headdress and knowing some of the basic concepts of the holiday by asking some humans about it, decided it would be a good thing to cheer her up.

Aniise flew off, while Jarren decided to go see if Alpha wanted to come with them but could not find the strange creature. Jarren went to Taverley for a brief moment before going to Lumbridge, making something special for Aniise as a present for Christmas from the items he bought from the merchants there. He wrapped his gift up in a nice package and then off he flew for Lumbridge. When he got there, Aniise talked with Jarren for a little while about Christmas, him explaining the basic concepts to her. Aniise then questioned what the present was for and Jarren told her that she would have to wait until after they had a snowball fight before she could open it and find out.

2013 Christmas event

Merry Christmas!

Jarren and her did indeed have a snowball fight after that, with many slips and slides. Afterwards they walked back to the tree that Jarren had placed the present under and he then handed it to Aniise. She opened it to find a red feather headdress, one that matched her new armor. She was overjoyed to have a new one to replace the one she lost and hugged Jarren tightly without him having time to prepare for it. They briefly talked after that, both admitting they wished Alpha had been able to join them. They later walked to the banquet table and sat down. Jarren discovered the glory of red wine at the table not too soon after that, having never really had any alcohol before in his life, and seeing as fruit was a valuable commodity back on Abbinah, he greatly enjoyed the fruity flavor. His lightweight body frame was not good at holding the liquor however, as after one glass too many, it knocked him right off his stool.

With Jarren growing increasingly intoxicated, he and Aniise talked once more about life on their old worlds and certain standards that their races had. Jarren revealed what aviansie think is attractive in others, which led to a short awkward silence, once Jarren figured out what he had said about the feathers on Aniise's wings through his alcohol addled mind, and he had to clarify a few things after that. Aniise revealed some personal background information on herself when it came to actual love in her life; saying that with her nomadic and solitary life back on New Domina she didn't really know many people for very long, not even an ainimal like a pet, and that being on Gielinor and staying in one place for so long was a change of pace for her.

Jarren kept drinking more wine, not knowing that there was a bad side to it he had yet to discover: hangovers. As he got even more drunk Aniise decided it was best to take him home with her to keep an eye on him, she having bought a small property from a house portal in Taverley and begun building a home for herself there. Jarren said he could get there himself and she relented, leaving him there; Jarren drank another glass before leaving and very clumsily managed to fly to Taverley. When he got there he landed in a heap inside her home after tumbling through the portal, then dragged himself up off the ground very wobbly.

Aniise showed him a couple of the rooms, one of which was the kitchen, where he instantly spied the wine barrel she had, and sneaked a quick drink when she wasn't looking. Jarren slept in a parlour room that night after Aniise showed him to a chair, him quickly passing out after laying down on the soft cushions. Aniise left him like that, and little did Jarren realize he was going to wake up with the worst headache of his life.

Armored Aid

Jarren built a large golem to aid the Armadylean forces at the battle below Falador, in the dwarven mines. Once there, the construct battled like a war-born tank; tearing through Bandosian forces who were more than eager to get out of the way of the charging mass of metal. The construct, with its heavy attacks and large mass, managed to collapse several areas of the ceiling in the tunnels, and was a great distraction to many of the Bandosians. The construct suffered massive damages but managed to keep functioning until the end of the battle, eventually deactivating after taking too many hits to vital areas from Bandosian spellcasters and a chinchompa thrower. The golem provided essential support, even though the battle was lost, and helped at least some Armadyleans to make it out of the tunnels alive.

The End of Bandos

After the campaign against Bandos ended, Jarren was finally able to rest, relieved that he and his god had escaped the anger of Bandos unscathed. As many began to abandon the tower that Jarren had taken up residence in due to the war activities; the aviansie took a look around and decided that it reminded him the most of his home on Abbinah, and decided that since it had quieted down that it might just be able to become his permanent residence. He liked the area and thought it a good place to live for the time being, until he might find something better.

Life Choices

Despite everything; finding a new home on a world where life could be easier and coming through the battle with Bandos alive, he had not found contentment. He looked upon the world he saw and became disillusioned with it, seeing the chaos and the fighting, the injustice and the wrongdoings, and sorrow struck him. He thought for a while on his course in life, about how he could finally have a comfortable life while innocent others were being denied this right; and then decided that it was within his power to make a difference, that he wanted to make a difference, and made up his mind on what he was going to do next. He had always been selfless at heart, and always willing to help others; it just wasn't in his blood to sit down and watch things happen, he felt the need to act, and that was exactly what he planned to do.

The war against Bandos changed him a little, while Jarren was always a firm person; the battles hardened him into a weapon, honing his edge and turning him into a fighter. With his newfound skills as a soldier, he began to become more uneasy, wanting to do something about injustices or other things that were beyond his control: to set things right where there was only wrong. His already rock-firm determination was pounded into a bar of steel where it was once only stone, he grew to believe that no matter the odds, no matter the circumstances; one person can make all the difference. He set out from the tower he took residence in and began searching for those who might aid him, to train him further and grant him the skills he would need to become something more. He did not have to look for long.

The Letter

Jarren began a silent duty, helping out travelers and protecting roadsides from bandits, in hopes of attracting someone's attention. It was during one night that Jarren was staking out a road near Rimmington that a courier from Taverley ran by, being pursuited by two men, one in red robes and another in black armor. Before Jarren could act, the mage let loose an earth spell that smashed against the back of the courier; breaking his spine, only for the mage that had done to deed to be shot by an arrow let loose from Jarren's bow, just a moment too late to save the courier. The mage fell and Jarren opted to take the black knight out from a distance with his bow, as the warrior was not carrying a shield. The knight attempted to run but was soon felled by several arrows.

Jarren jumped out of the tree he had been perched in and walked over to the dead courier, searching a sack that he had been carrying. In it Jarren found a letter with no address on it and thus had no knowledge of where it was to go. He did not open the letter, as he thought better than to do so, and decided that the lawful thing to do would be to return it to where it had came from. Jarren looked over the courier, noting that the man was a druid and had likely come from Taverley. After giving the courier a roadside burial, he left the two murderers to rot and set course for Taverley.

After arriving at the village, he began asking questions at the local tavern and on the streets, but made sure to be careful in how he questioned those he met: as he did not want someone who did not own the letter to recieve it, and asked those who were interested in the courier if they could meet the description of the item he had been carrying. Eventually the right ears heard Jarren, and he was approached by a druid who told the aviansie to follow him. Jarren was taken to a large home in the middle of Taverley and introduced to two other men wearing hooded robes. After a short few questions, the men met the description of the parcel and of the courier, the men were revealed to be the true owners of the letter. Jarren offered to hand it over to them, and they declined. When the aviansie questioned why they would not take it, they told him that they wanted him to deliver it to a person named Archemedix, who lived in an old manor near a lake North of Ardougne.

The two men told him that they wanted Jarren to undertake the task, as it had now become obvious that sending a simple courier was no longer safe. Jarren asked them who they were and what this was all about, but they did not tell him what he wanted to know. Jarren refused to take the letter unless they answered him, as he was tired of secrecy, and would not consent to the task unless he knew what he was getting himself into. The two men relented and revealed that they were what was left of a secret order known as the Crux Eqal, dedicated to protecting balance from those who might disrupt it. Jarren viewed the beliefs of Guthix's balance as those akin to Armadyl's process of law, in which all things are weighed and balanced to render fair judgement, and decided to trust the men. He asked them what they did, but they answered very little, revealing that their order was not in the best of shape, but still had some resources.

It was then that Jarren told them of his goals to become a true fighter, one who could do something about the sorry state of the world, and asked them if they could use their resources to find him someone who could train him on how to do so, telling them that he would find some way to repay the debt if they did. The two men looked at one another and told him to deliver the letter, and he would find the person he was seeking. Jarren set out immediately for the address the men had given him, and arrived within a day by flight.

The Old Man

Jarren arrived at the old manor near the lake and knocked on the door, which was opened by the frail-looking old man named Archemedix, holding a cane to support himself while he walked. The old man raised an eyebrow when he opened the door to see an aviansie, but his expression cleared when he was handed the letter, which he opened and read in front of Jarren. the aviansie then cleared his throat and said that he was told that the old man could offer him training. Archemedix immediately said no and shut the door. Jarren kept knocking on the door, to which he was responded by the old man opening a window and telling him to leave, then slamming it shut. Jarren refused to leave and bedded down in the manor's barn that night.

He woke up the next day and began once more his pestering of the old man. After knocking on the house enough times and recieving nothing but rebuke from Archemedix, Jarren shouted at him; asking him what he was afraid of. Archemedix opened the door and responded: 

Afraid, you think I'm afraid?, least of all of some self important little scamp like you?! Listen boy, you might dream of running to rescues, of saving others, but stay this course and the only thing you're gonna' be is dead. World's moved on boy, I suggest you do as well...


The old man turned and walked back inside his house, closing the door behind him. Jarren shouted that he was not going to leave and walked into the forest to hunt some game for dinner that night. 

He slept in the barn once more that night, only to be awakened by a storm and looked outside the barn doors. He was greeted by the sight of some men in black and red clothing trying to break down the front door of the manor. Jarren grabbed his spear and assaulted them, killing two of them before disarming the third and grabbing him by the shirt collar, then demanding to know who he was and what he was doing here. Jarren was then hit from behind by a club and dropped his spear, falling to the ground. The man who hit him then began to interrogate him, asking him what he knew of them and what it was he was doing here; just as the aviansie had been doing to the other person moments before.

While this was going on, Archemedix had slipped out the manor's back door, and quietly slit the first man's throat from behind, before silently stabbing Jarren's interrogater in the back. Archemedix helped the young aviansie to his feet and invited him into the manor. It was there that Archemedix began telling Jarren about the Crux Eqal, and their role in keeping the balance between good and evil, as well as nature, and many other things. The old man revealed that since the death of Guthix, the order had fallen into disrepair, and many of it's remaining members were being killed off by Zamorakians from the Z.M.I. and the elite of the Black Knights. Archemedix revealed his own personal history involving his skills as a field operative of the order, and agreed to train Jarren.

No Pain No Gain

Archemedix gave Jarren a bed in the manor, and woke him up early the next morning to begin the long task of training. Jarren was physically pushed each day to the point that he collapsed, and for every lesson that involved the body there were two that involved the mind. Jarren was being taught not only how to fight but how to think his way into and out of dangerous situations; this came naturally to him with his lifestyle back on Abbinah, and it didn't take much for the training to sink in. Many times did Archemedix try to press his philosophies of balance on young Jarren, but the aviansie always brushed off the beliefs of the old man in favor of Armadyl. Jarren did see that balance was required in his actions and skills, he may not have liked the idea of being pressured into following Guthix's ideals, but he saw how some aspects of Armadyl's law fit into Guthix's balance. While he did not convert he did adopt personal morals from the teachings of Guthix.

JArren was tested in his ability to move stealthily and was also trained in the art of disguise, which was a problem for the young aviansie, as his appearance was not very inconspicious. The old man had this to say:

Your looks make it hard for you to hide in a crowd true, if you cover up the feathers and wings in heavy clothing and keep your head bowed down, with the beak concealed in cloth and under a hood, you might pass for human. Of course, with this world's ever increasing diversity, this may not matter in certain situations. You must know how and when to exercise stealth, your life could depend on it, blend into the shadows while you can and you may just have a shot.


Much was the physical training, Jarren was taught how to move and attack as silently as possible, to utilize all parts of his body as a living weapon; not just to hold a weapon but to become one. He was showed how to move efficiently across obsticles without the use of his wings, as Archemedix told him that if he should ever be without the use of flight he would need to know how to get out of such situations. Use in all manner of weaponry was incorporated into his training, with improvements on techiniques he already knew and developments in those he had no knowledge of. Weeks passed in a blur, Jarren continued to fail in his tasks less and less, and eventually the day came that the old man was satisfied with all the physical conditioning he could provide the young warrior.

There is nothing more I can train your body to do, there are things other than the body but that will come in time. You are faster and more agile than a human and thus I cannot provide anymore of what you require. You still have much to learn if you want to stand a chance in the world boy, and I believe I have the answer. Far to the West of here, there lays a forest across the mountains that is the home of the elves, they can teach you what you need to know. Ask to be taught in their arts of stealth and weaponry, then after you have done so; return to me and I can set you on your next path.


Jarren thanked Archemedix for all he had to teach him, and Archemedix told the young warrior that he always had the room upstairs in the manor for a home. Jarren packed all his supplies and journeyed West to the elvish lands; seeking that which could improve him further.

Darkness In Tirannwn

Jarren arrived in Tirannwn by flying over the mountains, in his haste to enter the lands his keen eyes did not manage to pick out the elven village of Lletya through the dense forest, he did however, sight the crystal city of Prifddinas. He flew towards it only to discover an empty forest contained within the gates, and was very confused. He flew out towards the forest once more and ended up near a stream of water, which he used to quench his thirst. He heard a rustling in the thicket behind him and turned to the sight of two elves in dark green clothing emerging from the brush, who had weapons drawn.

The two elves began a short conversation, not knowing what Jarren was, and decided to attack as they wanted no outsiders to "interfere with the return of their dark lord". Jarren went immediately on the offensive, and used his spear to counter the first elf's own spear strike. Jarren used his taloned left foot to grab onto the shaft of his opponent's spear then press down hard; breaking it. Jarren then grabbed onto the man and jerked him into a meat-shield position just as the other elf let off an arrow shot, which killed Jarren's first opponent. Before the other elf could knock another arrow, Jarren set upon him with his spear, which the elf jumped back to dodge and then leapt forward while drawing a dagger to stab the aviansie. Jarren leapt to his right to avoid the elf's blade while holding his hand out, his taloned left hand grabbed onto the elf's neck and Jarren used the elf's own body weight against him while continuing to hold onto his neck: Jarren used the elf's neck like a spinning pole and quickly circled around his opponent while maintaining his grip, and his sharp talons easily made short work of the elf's fleshy neck.

After dropping his second opponent, Jarren was confused as to why the elves attacked him, and quickly realized his mistake at not leaving one alive to interrogate. He tried searching their pockets for any information, but could find none, it was as he was pacing around deciding his next course of action that more rustling came from the thicket. He saw an elf in light green and brown clothing step out from the shadow of the forest, and the elf, after assessing the situation, quickly asked the aviansie if he was a friend. Jarren pointed at the dead Iorwerth elf corpses and said that it depends on wether or not that the elf was a friend of those who had attacked him. The elf quickly replied no and Jarren began conversing with him at length; asking who those elves were, who the elf that stood in front of him was, and what this was all about.

The elf revealed the conflicts in between the Iorwerth clan and those of the free rebels that wander about the forest. Jarren told the elf that he would help in this conflict if he were provided training for the skills that he sought in return for his aid. The elf said that this could likely be done, and guided Jarren through the forest to Lletya, eventually meeting their goal, having been hindered by little in the deep and dense forests of the elven lands.

An Explosive Encounter

Jarren met up with a commander of an elven task force, charged with culling the dark elf numbers, a man named Aewendyl. Jarren introduced himself and told the commander why he had come to Tirannwn, the man said he could aid him, but not while the dark elves were pushing into the territory of Lletya. Jarren then offered his services at disposing of the Iorwerth scurge in return for training, to which Aewendyl shook his hand and agreed. Jarren wasted no time getting ready, and prepared a pack for himself while he stayed in the village, getting ready to head to a base of operations camp in the forest West of Lletya.

Jarren arrived at the camp and began discussing a plan of attack on the dark elf outpost near the West coast of the forest. After reviewing plans brought back by Lletyan scouts, Jarren began pouring over them with Aewendyl, and ultimately decided that a frontal assault or even a side attack was out of the question. Jarren began talking with the scouts about everything they saw at the camp and one thing caught his interest that they all agreed on; there were explosive barrels of coal-tar all across the encampment, likely part of an Iorwerth plot to use them on the rebel elves. A plan formed in Jarren's head, one of ironic justice, a plan to use the dark elves' own weapons agains them. He immediately walked back to the command tent and told Aewendyl: "we're going to need a ship".

Jarren went to Port Tyras on the South Western end of Tirannwn, and with some help from Aewendyl, was able to convince the Tyras guard to lend them a ship; explaining to them their attack against the dark elves and that it would be a hard blow to them, that it would help avenge King Tyras's murder. They were then granted a ship with the necessary cannon power for Jarren's plan of attack. They set sail after beginning preparations with the land based attack unit, then Jarren boarded the ship while Aewendyl stayed behind with the forest attackers. The ship set a course Northward of Port Tyras, and eventually lined the starboard side up with the direction that the Iorwerth base had been set up at.

After soaking the cannonballs in a flammable oil, Jarren gave the order to fire. The cannonballs blasted out from the ship and into the forest where the Iorwerth encampment lay concealed, and it took but moments for the cannonballs to hit their explosive barrel targets. The base was set up in a blaze, those dark elves not consumed in the fires and explosions ran out from the camp only to be greeted along the path by hidden rebel archers, who picked off the survivors easily as as continued his bombardment.

Jarren and Aewendyl met up in Lletya after the event, and the two shook hands on a job well done. Jarren was then permitted to stay in Lletya, was given living quarters with a bed and a shelf, and was told to wake up bright and early for training in the morning. The next few weeks went by in a blur, Jarrens previous training aiding in his new training with the elves and helping him achieve his goals all the much faster. When all was said and done, Jarren thanked Aewendyl for all that had transpired, told the man that he could always count on him as an ally, shook his hand, and then left to return to Archemedix.

Rumble in the Jungle

Jarren's return to the old man was short lived, as Archemedix had a new task in store for the young hero as soon as he landed on the front lawn of the old manor. Archemedix told Jarren to go to the jungles of Karamja, and seek the help of the natives from the village of Tai Bwo Wannai to learn the ways of their primitive yet useful weaponry. Jarren gave a nod to the old man and was immediately off to his next destination. The aviansie flew across the sparkling waters of the South-Central sea, and soon the jungle loomed in sight.

Jarren arrived and asked help from the natives, but the friendly natives mistook the aviansie for a jungle spirit in the guise of a hawk. It took some time to calm the natives down and explain what he was, to which their awe of him slightly decreased. Jarren explained his purpose for having come and, despite the friendly ways of the natives, they refused him training until he passed a set of trials. Jarren, eager to continue this path, accepted. Jarren made a small shelter for himself, somewhat like a treehouse, outside of the village for his stay, and went to bed in preparation for the tests ahead of him.

Jarren began his next day with a spearfishing contest between him and the local professionals. After hours of long work, Jarren placed second by but a few small catches, and this was sufficient enough to pass him on this test. Next came a test of comradery, as Jarren helped work on the village for the day by building fencing and hacking away at underbrush, there was even a moment when a Broodoo victim attacked, causing a comedic scene for a few moments. Jarren's long day of work was rewarded by the villagers in thanks, as they ate the fish caught in the contest earlier that day in a small feast, beside the campfires in the middle of the village. Jarren spent much of the time talking with the son of the village chief, a young man named Unbutoo, whom Jarren was becoming a fast friend with.

The next day started later in the morning for Jarren, and he was told to rest and prepare himself for the rest of the day for his last and greatest trial, which would come that night. Jarren gathered with the village warriors around a campfire under the jungle sky after the sun set, and was given ceramonial clothing to wear. Jarren dawned the clothes of the natives and village women began coloring his feathers with paint made from crushed berries and herbs. Jarren walked back to the campfire after this was done and saw the warrior men of the village painted in a similar fashion, he then spied Unbutoo and took a place next to his new friend.

The village chief, Garunga, stood in ceramonial dress in front of the fire and addressed the warriors, declaring that this was the night that they were to hunt the dreaded shaikahan, the lion-like beast that had been preying on their village for the past few weeks. Jarren was then guided in a tribal ceramonial dance around the fire, involving singing and jumping around the blaze. Towards the end of the ritual; the warriors lined up and were given a bowl of graahk blood to drink, and the aviansie was told that this was a ritual to imbue him with the strength of the wild animal. Jarren, skeptical about the credibility of this ritual and slightly disgusted with the prospect of drinking blood, but not wanting to offend the natives, drank the contents of the bowl like one might take liquid cold medicine (the bad kind), and with a grimace he quickly swallowed.

He and the other hunters hiked out into the jungle with poison tipped spears to track down and do battle with their fearsome adversary. They walked long and hard, across roots and rocks, streams and brush, until finally they found the beast's lair. The shaikahan was trapped and would not exit the cave it had taken shelter in, and going in after it was too dangerous. The hunters piled up twigs and tinder then lit it in an attempt to smoke the beast out, and this was successful. The monster charged from the cave and attacked the hunters, several of them falling to its teeth and claws not long into the battle. Unbutoo threw his spear at the beast, which pierced its side, but the monster refused to die so easily, and with endurance to rival that of Hati, charged at Unbutoo, who was now defenseless.

Jarren was upon the shaikahan just before it reached his friend, and bloodied the beast with his spear just enough to catch its attention. The monster began attacking Jarren, but he was able to back up and defend himself. This turned out to be a wrong move however, as Jarren was pressed back too quickly by the monster's rageful onslaught and into a thin wall of vines, and he was unable to back up any further or spread his wings to flap upwards and away from the beast by the short jungle brush overhead. The beast savored its triumph as it pounced to maul Jarren, and the young aviansie did a last act of desperation; plunging the butt of the spear into the ground with the tip pointed towards the shaikahan's chest.

The monster crashed into Jarren and tackled him, ripping through the thin wall of vines that Jarren had been backed up against and sending the two mortal combatants tumbling down a short fall into the bed of the creek below. The other hunters rushed to the ledge to look down on what had become of their comrade. The shaikahan lay on top of Jarren, who could not be seen under the mass of the large animal. The shaikahan began to move and its shoulders rustled, the hunters' hearts fell in that moment, as they saw that the beast was rising.

Appearances can be decieving, as they say, and with a mighty heave; Jarren flopped the massive muscled body of the monster to his right, the broken tip of his spear embedded in the chest of the beast. Where but a moment ago there were somber hearts, they were now filled with amazement and joy, and the warriors above on the ledge held their spears high; letting loose shouts of victory into the air of the night. Unbutoo slid down the ledge and stood in front of Jarren with a big toothy grin on his face, and Jarren a smile on the edges of his beak. The two clasped arms and patted backs while chuckling heavily.

Jarren returned that night to the village with the pelt of the shaikahan and the bodies of the fallen warrios, after the village gave a burial to the fallen; a great celebration was held the next day in honor of the warriors' victory over the beast, and Jarren was made an honorary member of the village. After much feasting and celebrating, at the end of the day Jarren was given the skin of the shaikahan as a trophy and to serve as a memento of his great deed for the village, Garunga congratulated Jarren and told him that he was free to train in the use of their weapons with his son, and so the young aviansie went to bed that night to resume his training again the following morning.

Once more did a few weeks go by, as Jarren was schooled in the use of bolas, whips, blow darts and throwing darts, sagaie, and further spear techniques. After his training with the village warriors and hunters was complete, he bid farewell to Unbutoo and his father, promissing them that he would visit again some day, and they told him he always had a place in their village. Jarren took flight with his new skills and the heavy pelt of the shaikahan, and returned to the manor North of Ardougne where his journey began: back once more to Archemedix.

Having a Blast

Jarren was able to rest and relax fore a few days while he told Archemedix of his recent accomplishments, the old man, as ever, took it all in quietly as the young aviansie told his stories. Five or so days later, Archemedix directed Jarren to his next goal: a former member of the Crux Eqal by the name of Sebas, a Kharidian explosives maker who now resided in a quiet alleyway in Al Kharid. Jarren arrived at the city in due time, seeking out the address that Archemedix described to him.

Jarren entered a small shop where a small man dressed in dull robes was tending the counter, the shop was but a small firework dealership that sold tiny things like little colored smoke grenades and those little pouces that make popping noises when they hit the ground. Jarren asked if the man's name was Sebas, and he replied yes, to which Jarren handed him a letter that Archemedix had written. Sebas opened the letter and read it, he then ushered Jarren into the back room, which held large stores of powder and other implements that went way beyond what a simple fireworks store would need, and shut the door behind them. He began questioning Jarren and after a short round of conversation, he agreed to help the young aviansie only because Archemedix had requested it.

Jarren began learning from Sebas about the delicate art of explosives, from small smoke bombs to fiery barrel bombs. Jarren's skills as a craftsman helped him greatly in learning how to craft the outer shells and containers inside the explosives that he was tasked to make, but his greatest challenge came from having to learn the appropriate portions of powders and other materials needed to make an explosive. As the days went by, Jarren talked with Sebas and inquired to how he learned his craft in the first place. Sebas told him that he had once taken a journey to the Wushanko Isles, and stayed there for many years, which is where he learned many of the finer points of his craft. The man already had knowledge of explosives prior to his trip, but the skills of the fireworks craftsmen of the isles refined his own skills further.

Jarren's progress went well in the coming days, and it was as he was nearing the end of his explosives training that it happened: he returned from the market to the small shop that Sebas owned to find it ransacked and emptied, Sebas taken. Jarren, not knowing what to else to do, picked up some supplies that he could find and began trying to track the kidnappers through the city. After many hours of eavesdropping on gossip from the city dwellers and following occasional signs of struggle, Jarren arrived at a building in another alleyway that had several men in black robes patrolling around outside. The building was well fortified and the door barred, the guards alert.

Jarren began assessing the situation to see if his suspicions were correct that this was the place, and his gaze met a window on the upper floors that had Sebas's face slumped downwards in view. Jarren very quickly started through running scenarios in his head, trying to find a way that he would have the upper hand against the guards, as they looked well armed and trained, and the tight buildings offered him little room to maneuver. Jarren took out the supplies he had taken from the shop from his pack and began rummaging through them, and an idea began to form in his head.

It took a little while, but he made several different small clay covered explosives, each with a different purpose. He then lit the fuse of a small green colored smoke grenade and threw it to a corner of the building on the street, which drew the attention of the thugs. After they gathered around the smoke cloud and started barking orders to look around, Jarren tossed a larger baseball sized bomb with a thick clay shell, which shattered between the guards' feet and sparked a powder with the shattering of the shell, which caused a small explosion that could do little harm, but it was not the explosion that was the key of the bomb; but rather the small sharp metal shards and shavings that had been placed inside. The shrapnel tore up the guards as they fell, some still alive and yelling in pain.

Jarren then tossed a smoke bomb through the upper story window, which shattered and filled the room with a thick dark cloud, and Jarren leapt up with his wings and entered through the shattered window. He covered his beak and saw a man with a sword standing there choking on the smoke, Jarren drew his shortsword and dispatched of the man who had been Sebas's interrogator, then began cutting at the rope that held Sebas in place in the chair. Sebas, who had not expected the smoke bomb, was coughing heavily as Jarren lugged him out of the building and carried him across the rooftops.

When they arrived back at the shop, Jarren asked who the men were that kidnapped him. Sebas told Jarren that they were more of the Zamorakians that had been hunting down the Crux Eqal, and thanked the aviansie for being on time to save him from a lengthy torture. The two men became closer as friends after this, and Jarren was able to complete the last of his explosives training in the next few days. Jarren left Al Kharid with a book that Sebas had given him, in thanks for his help, which detailed how to make colorful fireworks for celebrations, that the man had gotten from the Wushanko Isles so many years ago. Jarren returned home with a sense of accomplishment, but felt bad for Sebas, who had to relocate now that the Zamorkians had found his location. Still, Jarren was glad to have made another ally and another friend in his quest to become great, returning once again to Archemedix.

New Tricks

Jarren, having learned much in the arts of fighting, returned to Archemedix to find the old man waiting to teach him something more. Three tasks Archemedix had for Jarren; one to go to the Wizards' Tower and learn basic magic and advanced ways to defend against spells, two to go once more to Taverley where he would be tasked to learn summoning, and three to go to the Lunar Isle and learn how to "balance his inner self". Jarren understood most of this, but the way Archemedix said to balance himself was almost cryptic, and left the young hero with much to guess upon, as the old man would not reveal what laid ahead. Archemedix did reveal to Jarren that these were skills that would not come so easily to him, and that they would be learned in time as he traveled and practiced. Once again did Jarren leave to travel the difficult path.

Magic 101

Jarren went unto the Wizards' Tower, where he asked instructors teaching there to give him basics on magic. This did not take long, as Jarren was shown the use of runes and given the standard adventurer's spellbook to begin practicing with. The harder part was the lessons he had to learn through books and lectures on magical theory, he did not grasp this as well but took to it in stride, eventually he began to have some understanding of the way magic works and the multiple different types that could be used, and this took a few days of hard study. It was after this that he asked to learn how to defend from spells that the instructors began quizing him on his knowledge of magical theory, and Jarren was able to understand most that they were talking about.

They told Jarren to make a magic-based shield, which was ideal for absorbing hostile spells, similar to how those with enough faith could pray away damage. They also told him how rune essence could be used to absorb magic if used correctly. Jarren began to study some more and after consulting with those who he had begun to know more personally at the tower; he came up with a method that he believed could help defend him from magic, involving not magical runes, but divine energy. Using some of the energy he had gathered from the nearby anima rift outside the bridge to the tower, he had a wizard throw a fireball at him, and Jarren channeled the divine energy he had gathered into a sort of shield; like those that guarded the convoys during the war with Bandos. Naturally, the fireball was negated, and Jarren proudly smiled at the edges of his beak with his accomplishment.

Jarren thanked the wizards for the base knowledge that he had come to gather, and was on his way to Taverley, and on the way he began to think of the practice he would need to perfect his defence against magic, for magic is a tricky thing, and not to be underestimated.

High Spirits

Jarren returned to Taverley, where he was greeted by druids that had come to learn of him through letters from Archemedix. The aviansie explained his purpose for being there, and the druids were happy to help him on his path. Jarren was given practice charms, shards, and ingredients to use on the obelisk in the village. Jarren, not being the most magical of sorts, had difficulty at first, but started getting the hang of it. The druids told him that it takes years to master summoning, and with enough practice he was off to the right start. He thanked the druids for showing him how to summon spirits, and was off to his final destination on the Lunar Isle.

Inner Reflections

Jarren, after much travel, arrived at the quiet island known as the Lunar Isle. After landing and walking around for a bit, he saw a woman and walked up to her, he was about to speak with her but she interrupted him and told him that she knew why he was here, that everyone on the island already did. Jarren, confused, was about to ask another question but the woman interrupted him again, and told him to go to the building at the center of the town. Jarren went on his way and opened the door, to be greeted by yet another woman, who was dressed in a slightly more regal manner than the rest.

Jarren talked with her about why he was here, about balancing his inner self, and the woman told him that he was to take their cultural trial. After explaining the basics of this, Jarren was very curious about this dream ritual and what it entailed. He went through the long process of gaining ceramonial clothing and a waking sleep potion, as well as a lunar staff. When all was said and done, he took his place at the hall in the middle of the town and lit the brazier with the prepared logs.

Jarren nodded off and fell into a dreaming state, he found himself in a strange land inside his own mind. After traveling for a bit, he found a passage to his first trial. He found a place that resembled a jail, and there were vicious looking monsters guarding haggard looking humans behind bars. Jarren immediately pittied the people as the monsters were taunting and throwing things at them, and took action to free them, but try as he might to fight the monsters, they kept beating him down despite all that he had learned; they seemed to know every move of his before he could make it.

It became clear that this was a trial of mind, not of what he could do physically, and he sat down to watch and meditate. It took long hours, he talked with the monsters, talked with the people behind the bars, and searched all that he knew. Long moments of frustration and confusion continued to torture him, until one of the monsters uttered a phrase that seemed to call to Jarren as it grumbled at the human prisoners, something about breaking laws. It took some time for it to register with Jarren, but after thinking it over, and talking with the creature who had uttered the phrase, realization dawned. While Jarren may not agree with the laws of other places, they are still laws to be respected, and careful decision must be made before blind action is taken.

The monsters and people told him that this was correct, and they faded, leaving the aviansie to continue his waking dream. But this part of the trial troubled Jarren, it pitted his faith and his ideals against one another, law against justice and morals. Jarren was uncertain what this entailed, and was left to wonder what this might mean to him in the future.

Jarren soon entered another part of his dreamworld, to find that another trial awaited him. An aviansie that appeared to be Jarren was sitting near a table, drinking from a cup, and gestured to the chair in front of him. Jarren sat down and they talked for a while. The other Jarren said that in order to choose one's path through life, one had to know themself inside and out. The other Jarren began talking with his other self about their lives and what was to be achieved, he was a good debater; he picked at and tried to scratch away at the real Jarren's convictions, for his goal was to show Jarren his inner feelings on his path through life, by bringing it out through argument.

Jarren was stuck with difficult question after difficult question, and ultimately he was asked why, why he wanted to do what he was aiming to do, why he wished to walk a path that could bring him grief and sorrow. Jarren thought very hard for a while, and came to an answer as he realized what he wanted. He responded to the copy of himself that he walked the difficult path because he could, that it brought enrichment to his life, and that seeing contentment on the faces of others whom he had helped brought contentment to his own life as well. The other Jarren, content with the real Jarren's answer, faded away and the world began to blur.

Jarren woke up within the hall of the village, and saw the leader sitting on a bench not far from the brazier. When she asked him what he had learned, he replied that he had found many things that confused him but also made sense at the same time, if that made any sense. He told her that whatever he may learn now, life is a journey that cannot be ignored, that new things are learned along the way and opinions may change during that journey, that to know one's self is to know that one cannot stay the same through life forever, and that life still had much to teach him. The woman told him that this was a wise thing to say, and told Jarren that should he ever need inner council ever again he should return to the isle and repeat this ritual whenever need be. Jarren thanked her and He went on his way; back to Archemedix.

Coming of Age

Throughout his journey to learn what he had sought, Jarren was growing to full maturity, where once he had been only a young man. While he was learning, his feathers were slowly changing to match this maturity, and as he returned to to Archemedix he greeted the old man once more at the manor. It was the first time he bothered to look in a mirror since his training had begun, and he was shocked to see his feathers had turned a mix of black and pure white. He came downstairs to Archemedix and asked the old man why he hadn't said anything. Archemedix told him he did not think it a big deal, and Jarren was left in a frantic state as he had now to face the custom of the tribes of Abbinah: the coming of age ceremony, known as the rite of passage.

Jarren did not know where to go to return to Abbinah for this, as he had lost track of where his fellow aviansie had gone during his time training, and was crestfallen to find that he would not be able to preform the ceramony with his family or his own kind in reasonable time. He looked to Archemedix, and for all he had been through with the old man and for what he had given him; Jarren decided that he could count as family. The aviansie asked if the old man would act the part for a small ceramony that needed to take place, and confused about all the fuss over a simple molting of feathers, Archemedix agreed to go along with it.

The ceramony was short and brief, as it lacked the resources of family and friends, the floating islands of Abbinah, and others of his tribe that understood the ceremony. Jarren explained to Archemedix the basics of the ritual and had the old man repeat the words he would need to say. After preparing the yard outside near sunset, Jarren walked to his mentor while he wore ceremonial clothing, and Archemedix asked the questions that Jarren had told the old man to ask. The final one was the question if Jarren was ready to accept the duties to his tribe that came with adult life, and he answered yes.

Jarren then took off on an overnight flight to Taverley to the lake there, flying all night without stopping, and as he reached the waters he took from his belt a vial, then filled it with the liquid. He rested there for a while, and in the early hours before dawn he left Taverley once more for the clouds. As the sun rose over the horizon he arrived back at Archemedix's home, still carrying the vial of water. Archemedix rose from his bed and came outside to greet the young aviansie as he arrived, and Jarren presented the old druid with the vial of water.

Archemedix took black paint from a bowl and marked Jarren's face with it, proclaiming to him that he was now a man. The next day at breakfast, Archemedix sat down and had a talk with Jarren. The old man told him that there was little more to offer him that he could give, and that the rest of his experiences could only be gained out on his own. Archemedix told Jarren the time had come, and he was ready to go out in the world and decide what it was that he was to do. Jarren thanked Archemedix for everything, but did not know where to begin. Archemedix told him to go out and use his training to find where there is discontent, and he would know what to do, and so it went that Jarren said his goodbyes to his mentor, but not a true farewell, for the aviansie planned to visit Archemedix regularly, and took off to find his calling.

Birds of a Feather...

It quickly became apparent to Jarren that the best thing he could do at this point would be to unite the aviansie that stayed on Gielinor after the Bandosian Conflict. He stuck around Armadyl's Tower and waited for more of his kind to eventually show up, and as he found a small group forming in the war room he proposed his idea to the rest of them. Jarren announced to them that they needed a more permanent place to stay and gather while on Gielinor, and announced his plan to use the Empyrean Citadel as a temporary settlement while they waited for a stable portal to Abbinah to open.

The others listened to his proposition, eager and willing to make this idea work. They set out immediately to make this thought come to life, as they journeyed high into Gielinor's skies to reach the great citadel. When they arrived, they decided to do as little converting of the space as possible in respect for Armadyl, and try to keep the space as intact as they could. They turned the darker rooms into living quarters, simply placing beds, then the room near the memorial into a training room. The last addition was a small altar in the throne room to make it a makeshift temple. After the work was done, the small group of four decided to begin searching for other aviansie, and sent out Ckree'aa, the other aviansie that Jarren had fought alongside during the Battle of Gunnarsgrun, to spread the word.

...Flock Together

It soon came to pass the Ckree'aa's work to find others payed off, as many aviansie soon found their way to the citadel. There was much mingling and some more planning. Eventually it was decided by the assembled group that more preparation was needed, and with some eagerness in their hearts, many set out on their own ways, aiming to return later with the spoils of their set goals. Jarren, in the meantime, busied himself in fortifying the citadel's defenses, increasing ease of access, and improving the conditions in general. Jarren made many aquantances while he prepared, and even invited a fellow kinsman to watch the interesting going-ons of the bar of Falador. Eventually in his quest to improve the citadel for settlement use, Jarren required access to a library in order to make copies of Armadyl's holy book, which be planned to hand out to new arrivals. It was in this search for a library that he found the Sanctum of Heros, and a person more than willing to take a challenge.

Man Vs Machine

Jarren arrived to make copies of Armadyl's holy book, and after doing so he was about to leave, but spotted the impressive man known as Baldor, a leader at the Sanctum. As he listened to the boastful Fremennik, Jarren decided to challenge the man to fight against one of his golems. Jarren issued a friendly challenge to Baldor, who accepted without hesitation, and a self-imposed stipulation he would not use any of his own weaponry. The fight, while brutal, was short, as the golem was defeated by one of it's own blades, which the Fremennik had ripped off and used to pierce the midsection after pummeling the head down into the body of the construct. Jarren congratulated Baldor and left, impressed at the Fremennik's strength.

Hitting the Books

Jarren returned to the sanctum several times to make copies of Armadyl's Book of Law, and at least two times he found a new friend. The first was when a young man came up to him, he introduced himself as Chiron, and he said that he had watched Baldor's fight with the golem. The young man wanted to learn more about Jarren and golems, and Jarren noted the boy could use some work in training his fighting skills. Jarren took him to the courtyard after finishing his book copy, and made a makeshift golem out of straw sacks and bronze armor. He gave the golem to Chiron to spar with and returned to the library. After Chiron defeated the golem in a sparring match, he returned to Jarren and told him the outcome. Jarren prepared to leave, but first handed Chiron a notebook he had pieced together in the library, and in it Jarren had written directions on how to make and repair basic golems with divine energy. Chiron was very grateful as Jarren flew off.

The second occurred when Jarren was once more in the library, copying books of law yet again. He exited the library, and saw Chiron talking to some of his colleagues. He walked up to Chiron so that he could speak to him regarding his progress with golems, and was spotted by a young girl. She was fascinated by the aviansie and walked up to him, the seven year old girl made herself known to Jarren and spoke briefly to him. After talking with him, Jarren gave her a small bronze armadylean symbol, telling the girl he had high hopes she'd grow up to be a good and lawful person. Jarren later spoke to Chiron after his meeting with the girl, after that there was a short run in with a sword accident and one of the sanctum masters and a new arrival, then a zombie attack in the medical room. Jarren returned to the medical room later to see how the clean up went. He saw the girl from earlier in one of the beds, trembling with a nightmare. He walked over to check up on her and she awoke in a terrified state, her eyes red. Jarren, knowing humans didn't usually have red eyes, became suspicious.

The little girl hugged Jarren as titely as she could as the red faded from her eyes, Jarren patting her on the back, but ready to spring into action if she tried anything. She had tears in her eyes as she described her nightmare to Jarren, telling him of a strong scent of blood and of a monstrous wolf. Jarren began asking her questions on these, and it was soon revealed that the young girl was a werewolf, who not having taken a life at her young age was not yet a creature of Zamorak, and thusly was able to be across the River Salve. Jarren thought long and hard about these things, asking her about her family and life so far. The girl revealed she had no close family except for a man named Edwin (whom she despises) and an adoptive brother. Jarren took the Armadylean symbol from the drawer next to the bed, the same bronze symbol he had given the girl earlier, and pressed it into her hands. He, knowing of Zamorak and his involvement with creatures like werewolves, told the girl to keep justice and good in her heart, and she would not become a monster.

He sat with her for a while, listening to her as she spoke, and offered advice where he could. Jarren was not used to dealing with children, but his words came well and his actions well fitted it, despite his inexperience with those younger than him. Towards the end of his time with her, he gifted her with one of his Armadylean book copies, and strung the symbol he had given her earlier into a necklace. The girl, whose name was Akiko, asked him if he would be her friend and if he would come visit her. Jarren replied that he would and, then he ruffled her hair and told her to sleep well that night,  he then exited the room. He took flight from the courtyard and thought to himself that he now had a reason to return to the sanctum for more than just copying books.

Trouble with Trolls

Another aviansie by the name of Julan'do was in the training room of the settlement one day, when Jarren came running out of a nearbye corridor. Jarren ordered Julan to follow him and to bring weapons and armor, as they had a situation on their hands. Jarren sprinted and dove through the hole in the training room floor without waiting for a reply, and Julan followed without hesitation. The two sped towards Gielinor below in a steep dive, gaining speed as they plummeted towards the Fremennik Province and the mountains nearbye. They soon landed in the forest nearbye Rellekka, and Julan asked Jarren what this was all about.

Jarren replied that there was a convoy of aviantese fresh from the settlement that decided to go out and gather resources for it, and they went missing in this area. He said that they were more along the lines of civilians than soldiers, as the group was inexperienced in combat, and had only one trained fighter in the group, the rest were mainly diviners from the Bandosian conflict. They wanted to find mineral deposits above ground to gather metals for the settlement, which is why they had gone close to the mountains, a decision Jarren viewed as a very poor one. Jarren ordered them to spread out and search, and they later came across the wreckage of the convoy; broken and smoking as it had been burnt somewhat. Jarren observed the signs of struggle, checking the ground and discovering the footprints of trolls around the convoy. Jarren began assessing the situation, telling Julan that the aviansie convoy team did not simply fly away because trolls are accurate at hitting objects with rocks, so it made takeoff risky. They decided to follow the tracks and find the missing team, in hopes that it wasn't too late to save them from being made into stew for the trolls.

Jarren ordered Julan to keep and eye out and avoid going airborne, for there was the risk of being spotted and rocks being thrown in their direction. They followed the trail out of the woods and into the mountains, the two came across a tunnel entrance, but the tracks had not led that way. Jarren noted it for later, thinking there could be a chance that it was a shortcut into the troll's base of operations. Jarren and Julan continued to follow the tracks, which lead to a pass full of the brutes on guard duty. Jarren ordered Julan to scout out the pass to see if it could be managed, while Jarren looked for an alternate route, or for signs of where the troll raiding party had gone after passing the guard post, as it was quickly deduced the convoy team was not nearby.

Julan returned to Jarren, telling him that there were too many guards to pass through silently, there would definitely be a more drawn out fight than simply picking off the guards quietly. Jarren said that he needed a higher view to see where the raiding party went, and they climbed up to a higher cliff, staying behind rocks to avoid being seen. It was there that Jarren was able to get a good look at where the raiding party took the convoy members, as there was a trail of aviansie feathers outside the troll stronghold, which Jarren was able to see from his position on the ridge. Jarren climbed down to Julan, who was keeping watch, and told him a direct assault would be a poor decision. Jarren decided that it was worth a try to see if that tunnel they found earlier led anywhere, and they circled back around to have a look.

Amusingly, the tunnel turned out to be right what they needed, as it indeed led into the troll stronghold. It led into the jail of the stronghold, and after sneaking past two sleeping guards, Julan and Jarren encountered one of the convoy team, the scout who was the only one that was a trained combatant in the group. He whispered quickly, getting their attention, and he told Jarren and Julan what had become of the rest of the team. The scout told the two that they had been taken up the stairs, and he had been left in the jail cells to be maimed later then cooked. Jarren slipped a teleport tablet through the bars for the young scout, and told him to break it after they left the jail room, so as to not wake the guards while they were still there. Jarren and Julan made their way up the stairs, and came across a door.

Jarren put his head against it and listened, discovering there were only a few trolls on the other side. He noticed that Julan forgot his bow, and told Julan to rush in with a spear after Jarren hit any trolls nearbye, hopefully with head shots, with the heavy headed arrows he was knocking on his bowstring. Julan nodded and the two rushed into the corridor, quickly making short work of the trolls. It was only a matter of following the smell to find the kitchen that the rest of the convoy team had been taken to. They journeyed down the corridor. They found the kitchen door, after peeking inside they saw no sign that the team was being cooked yet, but a broth was being worked on, and they found another door nearbye that led to sleeping quarters. Jarren got to work on jamming the quarters door shut while Julan hid the bodies from earlier.

Jarren ordered not to kill the cooks if possible, as they were not armed warriors, and it might be possible to scare them off, though they risked them alerting the rest of the stronghold. In Jarren's words; "a life is still a life, even if it is a wasted one". They charged in, Jarren shooting his bow and Julan wounding with his spear, the cooks ran off in fright up the stairs. They quickly searched for the rest of the team, and found them in another cage in the back of the kitchen. After briefly assuring them that they were safe now, Jarren gave them the last of the teleport tablets he had, and watched the convoy team teleport away to safety. Jarren then turned and told Julan that they had to move quickly, as the stronghold was about to become much more dangerous with the cooks running off to tell the others what happened.

The two ran as fast as they could, wounding or killing any trolls that got in their way as they exited the stronghold down the same route they had gone before. It now only occurred to Jarren how strange it was that the trolls had taken the long way through the mountains to the stronghold main entrance instead of going through the shortcut that the two of them had taken, and took it as a sign that the stereotype of trolls being dimwitted was indeed correct. They exited the stronghold and continued running, the trolls hot in pursuit. The two aviansie could not fly off as the trolls had boulders ready to throw at them if they tried. Jarren led Julan down the mountains and into the forest to shake the trolls of their trail, and there he got a bright idea.

Knowing trolls avoided the fierce warrior people called the Fremennik, Jarren ran for the gates of Rellekka, ordering Julan to follow his lead. After sprinting through the front gates, the guards were bewildered as they saw two strange creatures they had never layed eyes on before run past them, but were quickly greeted by the angry party of trolls. The guards made short work of the trolls, true to their reputation of being adept in battle, much to Jarren's relief. Jarren entered the longhall to speak with the village chief, and thanked the Fremennik for their help, telling them where to find the wrecked convoy which held a useful number of smithing materials that they could take. After apologising for bringing trolls to the front gate and gifting the Fremennik with metal materials for their help, Julan and Jarren returned to the settlement.

Building Barriers

Jarren visited the Sanctum again, one of the last times he would do so, and found a man named Rokrem attempting to break a woman of possession. Jarren lended his aid, and after many trials it was discovered the possession was not from within the woman, but from an outside source. Jarren used divination energy to reveal and ethereal tether to the woman, which led into the dark land of Morytania nearby. Jarren ordered Rokrem to carry the woman and to follow him. They walked a distance down the cliffs and to one of the stronger divination energy rifts known in Gielinor. Jarren preformed a ritual of sorts, and gathered divine energy into a very large wisp ball; channeling it into himself. He used all this energy to slam down a strong barrier of divine energy around the woman, snapping the ethereal tether that connected her to her possessor in Morytania. After all was said and done, Jarren took his leave with thanks from Rokrem, and left the area for quite some time.

Tracking Down Leads

As the Empyrean settlement was not needing him, Jarren decided to begin some sleuthing on finding out who was responsible for breaking down the Salve barrier, which allowed vampyres from Morytania to attack Varrock not long ago. It took a few days of digging, but he found a criminal who, with a large amount of "persuasion", was able to point Jarren in the direction of a local thug who may have had involvement in the deed. Jarren tracked the man down to a Tavern outside Varrock called the Jolly Boar, and disguised himself in a plague doctor's outfit, using the gas mask to hide his beak and a thick cloak to tuck his wings behind. He found the man in the bar as predicted and trailed him upstairs a few minutes after the man had gone up the steps. All the while, a young elven woman, also disguised with a hood to hide her features, was interested in Jarren, noticing his subtle movements in trailing the thug. She followed him upstairs to find the door to a room quietly closing, and took a seat at a table outside the room.

Jarren caught the thug making his bed for the night and pressed his long dagger against the man's throat, while shoving his hand against the man's mouth to silence him. After threatening the man into silence, Jarren interrogated him about the Salve incident, to which the man told him about the Foryx Coven paying him and a few colleagues to kidnap the newborns that were sacrificed to bring down the barrier. Jarren slew him for his involvement in the murder of the children, and gave a short mental prayer before going to exit the room. He stopped when he reached the door, thinking he heard a noise, and peered above the door, in the gap between the ceiling and the doorframe. He glimpsed the woman sitting at the table outside the room, who was pretending to be asleep. Jarren noted who she was from earlier, having also noticed her interest in his activities downstairs. His curiousness overcame his cautiousness, and he exited the room quietly and carefully, ready to react to whatever move she made. He took a seat at the table and addressed her, knowing she was feigning sleep. It took a few minutes but he prompted her to sit up and speak to him. After short conversation, she revealed herself to be an elf, and Jarren produced a small crystal amulet from his satchel, which marked him as a friend to the elves of Lletya.

She asked him how he got this and he revealed his tale about how he had helped the rebels blow up Iowerth powder barrels and repel an attack from them. They spoke only for a few more moments and Jarren, after discovering the woman had never been to the elven lands, gave her a teleport crystal to Lletya, stating that he was capable of flying there whenever he wished, and that walking was a much slower way of getting there. the word "flying" caught the woman's attention, as she looked at Jarren in question, and Jarren pulled back the gas mask, revealing who and what he was. He told the woman "I am Jarren of Abbinah, aviansie". The woman was shocked, as she had never seen one of his kind before, then Jarren stood from the table, bade her goodbye and jumped from a nearby balcony out a door, and flew away into the night.

A Familiar Face

The same elf woman whom Jarren had met the previous night was searching the woods nearby Varrock for ingredients when a man came rushing out of the underbrush, a roadside robber by the looks of his clothes, yelling for help. Jarren came soaring out from the trees, and grabbed the robber with the talons on his feet. Whilst in the air, Jarren looped a noose over the man's neck and allowed himself to fall towards the ground near a tree. Jarren threw the other end of the rope around a large branch and fell with it, the man falling to the ground from the other side of the branch. As Jarren landed on his feet he pulled the rope, and the man was held fast by the noose around his neck. The force of the fall and the pull of the noose broke his neck, and the man was hung dead by the branch of the tree.

The woman, surprised, stood with her hand on her belt where she hid her weapon. Jarren let the corpse fall to the ground, and after searching his pockets for the papers he needed, he buried the body, using divine energy to open and close the ground. After doing so, he stood in prayer for a short while, and turned his attention to the woman. They talked for a time, Jarren asking her about if she used the crystal to travel to Lletya to which she replied no. Jarren had to work at her for a while in order to open her to conversation, and offered to take her to Lletya, as she refused to travel to unfamiliar places alone. She was untrusting of Jarren, and he had to continue whittling away at her through conversation.

He told her that if he wanted her dead, he would have walked up to her and stabbed her by now, instead of some elaborate ruse to slice her neck from behind. She suggested he wouldn't be able to get close enough to do it. Jarren laughed in a friendly manner, with no menace in his voice, and said he took that as a challenge, saying he was likely one of the few non-elves capable of doing the deed. After more talk, she told Jarren she still did not quite trust him, and Jarren replied that she needed to give him the chance. This finally did it, and she agreed to let him take her to Tirannwn. Jarren told her that she knew his name but he did not know hers, and stepped closer to her, holding out his hand. Cautiously, she stepped forward and shook, careful of the talons, and said her name was Mara.

Jarren laughed in a friendly manner and told her that he had indeed gotten close enough to her. She pulled him closer to her and spoke into his ear, saying that she was keeping him close to keep an eye on him, her usual cold voice had a hint of playfulness to it while she did this. Jarren, having allowed himself to be pulled close as he had noted she didn't have entirely quick access to her weaponry, was slightly unnerved about that. Jarren pulled back after she did this and stated that he'd be keeping an eye on her as well, then told her he would meet her again soon to take her to Lletya, taking off and leaving her on the ground. Mara was left with a rare moment in her life that she regretted having to say goodbye.

It's A Trap!

Jarren had received a communication from an Armadylean in the desert, asking for help to save a wounded phoenix in the area, which the Armadylean contact said should now be considered a holy symbol of Armadyl; due to Armadyl representing himself as such. Jarren went into the armory in the Settlement and found a soldier named Skrwaa'a, and asked him to help him in this task. Skrwaa'a agreed and Jarren had him help prepare a golem to be placed on smaller floating island in the middle of the hole in the floor of the room, which would be stationed above the desert they were about to journey to so it could provide an air drop in case they needed aid. Jarren and Skrwaa then flew away from the Settlement and to Gielinor below, gliding towards the desert.

They landed nearby Pollivneach and entered the town, being attacked by bandits in the alleyway. After disposing of them, Jarren saw an clothes merchant stall missing it's vendor at the moment, and he walked over and placed coins on the table, taking clothes and other cloth to help disguise Skrwaa'a and himself, at least at a distance. They made it through the town and out the other end, managing to find the Armadylean contact they had been looking for, and were directed to a smoking dungeon outside the village.

Jarren and Skrwaa'a made it and as they climbed down, they began coughing heavily, having to tear up cloth and make themselves makeshift facemasks to protect from the dust and smoke. They traveled through the caves and found five trees, which the human contact at Pollivneach had directed them to take branches from for the phoenix's rebirth ritual. They gathered twigs from each tree and continued through the caves. Jarren eventually stumbled on something on the cave floor, which appeared to be a spear tip. Jarren examined the tip and found it to be of goblin design.

Jarren ordered Skrwaa to be on alert, as he began to think they were not alone in the caves. They traveled on and found the phoenix's chamber, but upon looking at the great bird they saw it was chained to the floor and mortally wounded. Many footsteps began to clammer through the cave passages they had traveled through, and Jarren exclaimed that this was a trap. Jarren ordered Skrwaa to make the basket for the phoenix while he defended the chamber opening, and Skrwaa'a did so while Jarren began to place arrow after arrow into charging goblins emerging from the cave passages.

After forcing the goblins back, Skrwaa called for Jarren's help to remove the chains from the phoenix, and the two aviansies pulled at the chain's anchoring points on the floor with all the strength they could muster. The chains broke loose and the phoenix began to move towards the basket with great difficulty. Jarren heard more footsteps and rushed back to the chamber entrance, defending from the goblins once more. The effort, sadly, proved too much for the mortally wounded bird, and the phoenix collapsed before it reached the basket that skrwaa'a had woven, and it died on the cavern floor not but a few feet from what could have saved its life.

Jarren looked back at the now blackened bird as it's flames went out, and skrwaa'a was stunned to silence, as was Jarren. Outside the chamber, goblin priests began casting teleport blocks to help trap the aviantese inside. Skrwaa'a tried in vain to push the blackened bird towards the basket, but the phoenix's body crumbled to dust and the aviansie fell to his knees in shock. Jarren began ordering Skrwaa'a to crush his teleport tablet as there was nothing left they could do, but as they broke their tablets to return to the Settlement nothing happened, and Jarren then realized a teleport block had been created.

Jarren was about to yell that they would have to make a run for it when a noise in the North corner of the chamber caught his attention. In the alcove that Jarren was looking towards, he could now make out the shapes of many eggs, and the noise that caught his attention was coming from one such egg, which was now moving. Jarren directed Skrwaa's attention to the egg, which had become magically fertile with the death of it's parent, and an eggling hatched into existence before their eyes, being born to fill the gap left by the phoenix who had created the egg. The aviantese stared in amazement as the hatchling chirped happily as it saw them, and came running over on stubby little legs to the nearest aviansie it saw, in this case Jarren.

The aviansie looked down at the newborn chick and decided they could not leave it here for the Bandosians, and he picked up the eager eggling, placing it in a large pouch at his belt, to which the newborn was eager to be stuffed inside, safe and cozy. The two turned to leave but as the aviantese were about to run out of the chamber: a large wall of stone rose up to block their exit. Skrwaa'a was not able to stop in time, and hit the wall face first. After a few attempts to remove the wall, the ceiling opened up above Skrwaa'a and a hobgoblin fell from the crack, bashing its shield into the aviansie's head as he fell. Skrwaa'a fell unconscious and the hobgoblin stood over his limp form. Jarren recognized the small hairy creature as Drok, a high ranking warrior from Bandos's ranks during the recent war.

Jarren knew the hobgoblin was an earth mage, and with him being in a cave, with his companion unconscious and a very precious little life now hiding from a sack on his belt, he knew he was out of options. Jarren sat down and channeled divination energy from his reserves on another satchel on his belt, which erected a shield around him like that which protected the convoys during the Armadylean-Bandosian Conflict, and created a target ring inside the cave chamber which glowed away from his shield between him and the hobgoblin.

Jarren worked at keeping Drok distracted from the limp body of his companion as the floating chunk of rock the golem was on moved into position above the caverns. Jarren began asking the hobgoblin questions on how the Bandosians managed to set up this trap, including why they bothered chaining the phoenix to the ground. Drok stated they did none of this, and they had been alerted by a contact that there would be an easily disposable Armadylean scouting team beneath the desert in this cave. Jarren and Drok both realized then that the both of them had been set up, and unknown to both of the warriors; their "contacts" had been godless agents attempting to get the two sides to destroy one another.

It was then that the golem dropped from the sky, smashing through the cavern ceiling where Jarren had created the magic target for it to lock onto; creating a wide open hole for Jarren to escape from. The golem lunged at Drok with one arm, forcing him back, while the other arm grabbed Skrwaa'a's limp frame and tossed him towards Jarren, who caught his friend with a stagger. Jarren then jumped for the ceiling, beating his wings as hard as he could to ascend with the extra weight of his companion in his arms. Once free of the cavern, Jarren was able to teleport himself and Skrwaa'a to the Settlement, along with the small bundle of warm feathers still hidden in the pouch at Jarren's belt. After a long battle, Drok managed to destroy the golem and escape, salvaging some metal from the construct's frame afterwards.

New Alliances

Eventually the plans to turn the Empyrean Citadel into a settlement were successful, but not as well as hoped. Many Aviantese were gone for extended periods on tasks of their own, and the settlement grew quieter and quieter, until only a few stayed within the citadel at a time. Jarren, seeing his people spread out once more, decided to take to the skies himself and seek out some of the new wonders that the Sixth Age was already beginning to bring, and continue his good deeds along the way while he could.

A Cold Encounter

Jarren began a trip to see the newly raised city of Prifddinas, and took to flight in its direction. As he was nearing a great mountain range on his way to the city, a skypouncer pet of an icyene on her way to a posting at Ashdale took notice of the aviansie, and flew after him, curious of the bird-like creature. Jarren noticed the pouncer following and decided to speed up a bit to outpace it, beginning to fly over the mountains, while the icyene took notice of this and began a pursuit to retrieve her pouncer. As the trio reached the peaks of the mountain, a freezing blizzard began to hammer them with high speed winds, having mysteriously appeared out of nowhere, and gusted the three travelers out of the air and hard into the snow-covered ground of the mountains. Jarren took notice of the icyene just before the winds hit, and began to search for her in the whiteout.

Eventually he found her by a glimmer of her shield in the snow. He approached her with caution in an unaggressive manner, trying to make it clear he meant her no harm. The icyene was suspicious of Armadyleans, and began trying to question him above the howling winds, but Jarren noticed a dark form approaching toward her from behind in the blizzard. He threw a knife at the dark creature as it leapt toward her, and it nearly knocked her down as the creature tumbled into the ice and snow, bleeding out as the knife had struck it. The animal Jarren had just killed lay dead in the snow, and through the snowfall they saw it was a large white wolf. The icyene, surprised at this turn of events, almost thought the knife was meant for her until she saw the dead beast, and soon the chilling howls of other wolves began to echo on the wind.

A few more wolves attacked and they fended them off, killing one more and injuring another, but the main force of the pack was yet to come. Jarren yelled to the icyene above the tempest that they needed to find cover, there was a nearby tree and Jarren told her to cut off what wood she could from it while he began to skin the large beast as quickly as he could. She was loath to follow the orders of an aviansie, but she complied. After skinning a wolf and gathering enough fur, Jarren used his exceptional eyesight to try and find some place to weather the storm. It did not take long for them to come across a shallow cave. Jarren began crafting makeshift blankets from the pelts while he asked the icyene to make a fire near the cave entrance to keep the wolves at bay.

After all this was done, the two sat down and sized each other up like cornered rats do to a dog. Jarren tried offering her a pelt blanket but she was too proud to except it, not wanting help from an Armadylean, and instead she sat shivering and dripping near the meager fire of the cave. Jarren shook his head and told her she would freeze to death if she didn't cover up with something, as she was wearing meager cloth along with her armor. Eventually, Jarren was the first to attempt honest conversation, and after a few minutes the icyene told him that her name was Lidrana Hadriel. She had little interest in conversation, but Jarren began to whittle away at her little by little, and she started sharing a little more about herself.

As the hours passed and the storm failed to move on, the cold eventually began to take it's toll on Lidrana, and her mind began to get more and more paranoid and aggressive, thinking that this was a plot by the aviansie to find out her race's weaknesses and kill her. As Jarren was sitting in the corner huddled up and dry with his wolf pet, Lidrana finally snapped and yelled, attempting to attack him with a magic blast, ranting about how his trap would not kill her. She overdid it as Jarren was taking a defensive stance, and her magic attack misfired and caused a small explosion that hit Lidrana against the cave wall and knocked her out cold. When she woke up, she was wrapped in a wolf pelt and was closer to the fire, Jarren having tended to her need for warmth while she was out.

Lidrana sat up in shame and thanked him for his kindess, regretting her loss of clear thought and apologizing for it. Jarren simply nodded, no longer wishing to talk to her as he had shown her kindess previously and she had continued to reject it. Her snapping had been the last straw, as Jarren now looked on her with an expression in his eyes that a man would give a rabid dog or a loaded gun which was pointing at him. He refused to move his gaze off her as she continued her silent repentance of her murderous act, and Lidrana kept looking towards the cave entrance, hoping that her pouncer would find his way to the cave.

Eventually she could not take it anymore, and Lidrana stood up, stating she had to find her companion. Jarren told her that going out into the blizzard was suicide, especially in the dark, but she would not listen and ventured into the storm. Jarren told her he would try and help her find her way back if she got lost before she left, and as Lidrana trudged into the storm she could hear behind her a piercing shriek coming from the cave, sounding like what would come from a bird of prey, and the loud noise rang through the blizzard in the direction of the cave; Jarren was doing as he had promised. Quite some time passed and Jarren was unable to continue his call, and against his better judgment he ventured out of the cave to find Lidrana. Lidrana was kneeling in the snow across a ridge, as she had found her pouncer, which was half frozen and bleeding out from a wound in the leg caused by one of the wolves on the mountain.

As she was trying in vain to save her companion, she heard a softer peeping noise echo above the quiet snowfall and bursts of wind, wondering what was causing it as it did not sound like Jarren. She then heard footfalls in the snow behind her, and expecting it to be a wolf; she turned with her weapon drawn, only to see the snow-covered form of Jarren step towards her in the wind and snow. She lowered her weapon as Jarren came near, and seeing the dying pouncer he took action. He ripped off a portion of the pelt he was wearing and bound it around the animal's wounded leg. He asked Lidrana, unable to have lifted and moved her pouncer on her own before Jarren showed up, helped as Jarren began lifting and they made their way back to the cave.

As they reached the cave again, Jarren and Lidrana placed the pouncer on the ground near the fire, letting it warm up as Jarren, with unusual care, placed more logs upon the blaze. Lidrana now felt herself in debt to the aviansie, and asked her how she could ever repay him. Jarren told her that he needed no payment and sat down, and he opened a large bag with round holes near the edge of it close to the fire. Lidrana's eyes widened as she saw a small orange chick step out of the flames and snuggle down onto the bag. Lidrana wondered what it was and asked Jarren about it, and the aviansie told her the tale of how he had come to be the caretaker of a baby phoenix.

After the story, Lidrana asked if she could hold the youngling, and Jarren complied. Eventually he had the tired chick placed back in its comfortable travel bag, and then he and Lidrana fell asleep in the warm cave. They woke up the following morning, the blizzard having ran its course, and the two began to part ways. Lidrana, still feeling as though a debt had not been repayed, told Jarren how to contact her, and the Aviansie nodded as he neared the cave entrance. As he was about to leave Lidrana there, as she still had some preparations to do, he turned and told her that he looked forward to further meetings with her. Jarren then turned once more and took off, flying on once more to continue his journey to see Prifddinas.

The Price of Revenge

Eventually, Jarren and Lidrana did meet again, as Jarren contacted her for help. He could not explain the details over the communication, and asked her to meet him in a hidden hideout of his in Varrock, where he would tell her what he needed of her. She made her way there, having been shown to the hidden room where Jarren was staying at by a human. As she went down the ladder, Lidrana noticed the aviansie's impressive set up of a headquarters, and her eyes came upon a board which had rough sketches of different humans, most having red X marks across them, leaving only two left. Jarren greeted her when she came down, and Lidrana asked him what this was all about.

Jarren needed the help of a warrior and someone who could pass as a human for what he had planned, someone he had trust in, and Lidrana was the only one who fit the bill. He explained to her more details about the godless men who had sold him and his team out to the Bandosians during his adventure with the phoenix, and told her that they had been responsible for a chain of Armadylean deaths around the same time that Jarren and his companion had been betrayed. He had decided that it was time to take action, and had been hunting down the godless men who were responsible for the acts. He had only two left, one a criminal named Hallan who was only in the godless to take advantage of their need for equipment, and the other a former Armadylean man by the name of Jonathan, that Jarren had served with in many scouting missions during the short war with Bandos. Both of these men were in Varrock, and the criminal leader had arranged the former Armadylean with a new identity and disguise for a new life in the city.

After the mission briefing was over, Lidrana agreed to help and they set out after the criminal leader first to learn where Jonathan was hiding. They made their way through the sewers and found Hallan's hideout after taking down many criminals along the way; using non-lethal force so the Varrockian guard could deal with them later. They cornered Hallan and Jarren aggressively forced the man to comply, much to Lidrana's surprise, as she did not think Jarren to be the type to beat information out of a criminal, but she was right. Jarren was not much of an aggressor, but this had become personal for him, as men he had known died because of these godless conspirators: good men. After forcing Hallan to comply, the criminal arranged a meeting with Jonathan over a strange magical orb, stating his cover might have been blown.

After helping, Hallan said he would be on his way, but Jarren grabbed him. The aviansie stated that he was a criminal, and that he just couldn't let him go. Hallan was afraid Jarren was going to kill him, but the aviansie stabbed the man in the leg with an arrow, and then knocked him out with a sturdy punch to the right temple. Lidrana helped him tie Hallan up, and they left the sewers to find Jonathan, the man who started it all.

They made their way to a dark alley in Varrock, where Lidrana's wings were bound under some clothing with a very uncomfortable set of leather straps, and she was given a cloak to help her pass as possible human. Jarren took up position on a tall rooftop while keeping in contact with Lidrana through a small communication orb, and they waited for Jonathan to show up. Eventually Jarren spotted him, dressed in ragged clothing, bone thin and pale with his health failing him. Jarren was surprised at this and asked Lidrana to wave him over. She did, and began talking with Jonathan while Jarren lined up the shot. As they talked, Jonathan found out that Jarren was in contact with Lidrana, as she had let it slip.

Jonathan seemed relieved, and told them to get it over with. Jarren paused as he was about to take the shot, and Lidrana encouraged him to do it. The aviansie asked Lidrana to question the man for a few moments, and it all came to be clear on how he had betrayed his Armadylean fellows. The godless agents managed to get to his family, first killing his wife to get him to comply, while keeping his son hostage to force continued cooperation. With Jonathan's help they were able to lure in several Armadylean teams and take them out. Jarren knew the man was telling the truth, as he had heard of his wife's demise and missing son, though did not know the cause of it until just then.

Food has no taste... Drink doesn't make me forget... Each night I wake up, covered in sweat, and I see the faces of the men I killed standing in front of me... Each accusing me...

–Jonathan describing his current life, his past actions haunting him.

Jarren's purpose faltered, and he lowered his bow. He told Lidrana to let Jonathan go, and she questioned him as to why. He told her to look upon the man; he was already dead, there was nothing left to kill. Lidrana told Jonathan to leave, and that he was a lucky man. Jonathan told her that he would make it up to Jarren somehow for what he did, and he left. A few hours later Lidrana met up with Jarren back in his hideout, where he sat upon a crate; just staring at the wall where he had the sketches of the men responsible for the betrayal were pinned upon. Lidrana wasn't quite sure what to say, and asked if it was really the right thing to let Jonathan go. Jarren replied that he had watched later as the man turned himself in to the Varrockian guard, confessing to the murders he had indirectly committed.

After short conversation with Lidrana, Jarren sighed and thanked her for her help, and stated he needed a vacation to take his mind off all of this. They then got the idea to do so together the next time Lidrana was off duty, as she too had been working hard as of late. Jarren suggested several locations and eventually they settled on the resort at Oo'glog. They said their goodbyes and Jarren was left in his hideout, continuing to stare at the sketches upon the wall.

Time Off

Jarren and Lidrana did take the vacation, Meeting outside Oo'glog, where Jarren had to intervene in an accident with the local ogresses and his icyene friend. They later got to their hotel room within the resort and they had a screen placed between their beds. Lidrana changed into some casual wear she had received a while back but had not worn yet. When Jarren saw the pants she was wearing, he was stunned and started laughing. She asked him what was so funny and he then asked her where she had gotten the leggings. She said from a tailor she met a while back, and Jarren told her to describe the tailor. After she described the man Jarren bursted out laughing again, and Lidrana demanded an answer.

Jarren told her the man who had made her leggings was a tailor that had helped stitch cloth onto warpriest armor for the Armadyleans during the war with Bandos, and that he had picked up some clothing types influenced by the Aviantese tribes of Abbinah. The leggings Lidrana had been given by the man were similar to Aviantese tribal wear, and Lidrana's face went red in embarrassment. She followed Jarren out of the room, now very conscious about her legwear, and began saying silent prayers to Saradomin to forgive her. After eating dinner, several soakings in the resort's various water pools, and an incident with a platypus, they retired to the hotel room for the night.

After talking for a while and exchanging songs from their cultures, the two went to bed, but this was exactly what a certain someone had been waiting for. A demon, incorporeal in form, slinked into the room as a shadow, and invaded Lidrana's dreams as she slept. The demon tormented her, forcing her friendship with Jarren into question and played on her suspicions, as well as demoralizing her view of herself. Lidrana woke up in a cold sweat, unwilling but forced to acknowledge the words of the demon. After several silent freaking out moments, and some very concerned actions from Jarren, she asked him to follow her.

They took flight and she put Jarren into a dangerous situation, forcing a trust exercise and a high speed fall from the sky. Afterwards Jarren was understandably angry, but forgave Lidrana for her actions. The force of her sudden stop while they plummeted towards the ground as Lidrana unfolded her wings seriously damaged the joints that connected her wings to her back, and Jarren was forced to tend to the damage. Their vacation ending on a somber note; Jarren took her to the medical quarters in the tower of Armadyl outside of Falador using his token to teleport them. After retrieving her items from Oo'glog, Jarren eventually got Lidrana back to Ashdale, bruised but unharmed.

Taking Up Arms

Weeks after, many Armadylean operations became plagued by Zamorakian ambushers; who would mysteriously attack and vanish without a trace. After doing some digging, Jarren discovered that the leader of these Zamorakian fighters was tied in with the ZMI that was plaguing the Crux Eqal and that a demon was organizing the raids. After attempting to track the beast, the men that Jarren had assigned to the strike team took heavy casualties and injuries. After Armadylean mages managed to start tracking the movements of the demon, they discovered some of the most recent locations of the beast was at the resort of oo'glog and the Armadylean tower. Jarren saw the patterns and he instantly grew very worried. He and a fellow Aviansie organized a special diplomatic trip to convene with Lidrana's holy order to see what might be done.

After meeting Lidrana and her commander on their small island outpost, Jarren explained that they needed the Saradominists' help to slay the demon, as their own weaponry proved unable to kill it; not being blessed with the potent enchantments that Saradomonist weaponry has against demonic entities. Although Lidrana's commander, Hybris Baran, was extremely unwilling to cooperate with Armadyleans, his favorite pastime was demon hunting, and this drew his interest immediately despite his racist views. After Jarren pushed his military agenda, the aviansie that he had accompanied, Ciran'fera, began trying to push a cultural exchange agreement with trade rights in order to promote good relations, which was not as successful as she had hoped. She and Jarren left the isle not much later, much to the joy of Hybris, who was growing tired of Armadyleans sullying his "sacred island".


Immediately beginning his tracking of the demon, Jarren followed what trail he could and found the most frequented place of the beast to be somewhere near Ardougne. Wanting backup for this scouting trip; he had come to rely on Lidrana recently and sent her a message with the communication crystal he had given her. She replied she would be there and managed to slip away from her order without the notice of Hybris, and arrived near Ardougne within an hour. Jarren took this opportunity, being close to Ardougne, to visit an old friend of his: Archemedix, the old man who had helped him train to become a great combatant.

He guided Lidrana to the old man's home, and the retired druid was surprised to see him stride in with an icyene close behind. After a bit of explaining, Archemedix was at ease and Jarren introduced him to Lidrana. After some banter, Jarren asked the old man for advice concerning demons, and Archemedix had two things to give to Jarren. First, the old man gave Jarren a book on the subject of demonic foes, which was written by an accomplished druid summoner. The second was a gift that Archemedix has planned to give to Jarren for quite some time, and the elderly gentlemen leaned to the left on the chair he was sitting on towards the grandfather clock nearby, and grabbed a polished wood staff. He handed the staff to Jarren, telling him it was made from the branch of the dramen tree, and that if he wished to find out where it would take him he was to bing the staff to a small shack within the swamps of Lumbridge. Archemedix went on to explain that the staff was a way of quick access across Gielinor and beyond, saying that the staff had served him well in his youth among the Crux Eqal; and that he was happy to finally pass it on to a worthy successor.

Jarren, honored and humbled by the old man's gift, thanked Archemedix with deep sincerity. Lidrana was curious about how the two had met and eventually she was treated to the story about Jarren's adventures after the war with Bandos, and how he and Archemedix had come to befriend one another. After the story, Jarren wished the old man a fine day and left with Lidrana, while Archemedix yelled to him as the aviansie left the house; saying that he should stay and visit the next time that he could stop and catch his breath. As Jarren and Lidrana stepped outside and off the property, Jarren's newly obtained heightened awareness from his long hours of divination training caught onto something, and he was put on edge in an instant. He told Lidrana to draw her weapon as he looked around, not able to find the source of the disturbance. That was when the mansion behind them Suddenly burst into flames; the force of the sudden blaze knocking away brick and wood from the foundation.

Jarren ran towards the fire, calling out for Archemedix, but Lidrana grabbed him as he was about to run head first into the inferno. Jarren demanded that she let him go, as he could tell Archemedix was still alive within the building. Lidrana kept him back and attempted to talk sense into him, as she tried dousing the fires with water from the nearby lake; but her attempts were thwarted by Zamorakian fire mages as they intercepted the water spells. Jarren ordered her to take care of them and do what she could with the fire; as he could tell that Archemedix's life signs were failing rapidly, and so he rushed as quickly as he could into the burning building.

Not finding Archemedix on the ground floor, Jarren looked around and the staircase suddenly crumbled down; forcing him back as he used his wings to shield his face from some of the heat. Taking a gamble; Jarren used the warm air to aid him in a jump to the second floor as he spread his wings out, which ended up burning some of his flight feathers, but it was worth it. As he landed on the second floor he saw the frame of Archemedix pinned under a burnt beam which had collapsed from the ceiling. He rushed over, and began lifting the beam, while Lidrana was finishing off the mages outside. Archemedix demanded that Jarren leave him, but the aviansie would not give up as he finally lifted the heavy beam off his old mentor. He picked Archemedix off the floor as more of the ceiling began to give way, and Jarren started as quickly as he could for the hole where the stairs once stood. Dropping down to the ground floor; Jarren spreading his wings again to soften the fall, which burnt his flight feathers further in the nearby fires.

As Jarren made his way to the ground floor, he could hear Lidrana calling to him outside, she having finished off the Zamorakians and hoping to guide Jarren out if he was still alive. Jarren called out to her that the doorway was too heavily blocked by fire, and lidrana used an air spell to suck oxygen away from the flames. She kept it up as long as she could while Jarren shambled out with Archemedix in his arms. Lidrana followed him onto the edge of the property where Jarren laid his former mentor down upon the grass, propping him up with one arm behind the old man's back. Unfortunately, the heavy wooden beam that had fallen on the old man had taken its toll, and Archemedix was badly burnt, too badly. Jarren weakly told his old mentor that he was going to be alright, that they were going to get him someplace where he could heal, but Jarren knew this was a lie, as did Archemedix. Lidrana wanted to comfort Jarren but could say little as he held the dying man in his arms, while Jarren wanted to use a sign of life to restore Archemedix; but his former mentor was too old and the divine object could only heal so much, and so there was nothing Jarren could do.

Archemedix accepted his fate, and with his last breath he told Jarren that he was proud of what the young man had made of himself. Archemedix passed in the arms of his pupil, and Jarren was left with a dizzying sense as he could not grab onto a single emotion amid the waves of grief and anger. It was then that they heard a noise behind them near the crumbling mansion. The demon that had been tormenting Lidrana stood within the walls of fire at the front of the building; watching them in near silence. Lidrana's spine chilled as she saw the beast that had been stalking her, but Jarren flew into a rage as he saw the monster, and drew his weapons, only to watch as Avorax disappeared into the fires and faded away to somewhere else. Jarren was filled with an anger he had never felt before, as he paced around shouting to the air that he would avenge Archemedix for what had been done.

Lidrana eventually calmed him down out of his stupor of hate, and shamefully revealed that she had seen this demon before: telling Jarren of it's visits to her. Jarren listened in silent anger, although it was not directed at her, but instead towards the demon. Lidrana assured Jarren that they would hunt Avorax down, and Jarren mournfully turned back to his dead mentor laying down in the grass. He asked Lidrana to leave him for a while as he had to tend to the old man's will. Lidrana respectfully left Jarren to see off his old friend, as the aviansie carried the now deceased Archemedix to the garden outside the mansion; where two gravestones sat upon a hill, the family that Archemdedix once had and now would soon rejoin, and so Jarren began to add another grave next to the wife and son of the old man he had grown to know so well, but only to have lost before he could say a proper goodbye. Jarren left the ruins of the mansion after burying Archemedix, and gripped the staff that his mentor had given him with a renewed purpose.


Following Archemedix's death, Jarren sought to honor his old mentor by placing a candle for him at the memorial within the Empyrean Citadel. Seeing as none of his fellow aviantese knew of Archemedix, he decided he wanted Lidrana to be with him while he placed the candle, as he did not think he could do it alone without someone to coax him along. He arranged a meeting with Lidrana, and told her he was inviting her to the Citadel, much to her amazement. She asked him why, to which he replied that he saw her home on the isle which was home to her order, and that it was only fair that she see his home. It was necessary however, that Lidrana be disguised, as the Empyrean Citadel is considered sacred by Jarren's people, and Lidrana's presence would be considered a violation of that sacredness.

And so they sought out the wisdom of the famed Makeover Mage, having heard of the mage's expertise in changing appearance. With some help, the mage made a temporary aviansie potion for Lidrana, and she was then able to enter the Citadel without suspicion. They entered the citadel from a hidden teleport, requiring a special key to access, and Lidrana's jaw dropped as she beheld the beautiful Citadel of legend. They walked through a few small parts of the Citadel, passing a few aviansies along the way, until they came across the memorial. They held a small service there, both Lidrana and Jarren offering prayers, and with Lidrana's encouragement Jarren lit the candle for Archemedix. They talked for a short time before leaving, and Jarren was finally able to feel at ease about his deceased mentor.

Time to Think

Lidrana had become stressed by many recent happenings, much to do with her recent fiance and the troubles he was bringing her, so she decided to contact Jarren on the communication crystal. After a brief talk, they decided to meet in person, and Jarren envited her to Armadyl's Tower outside of Falador, telling her to let the guards know she was there for a diplomatic meeting. She arrived and did just that, making her way up to a room in the tower, and found Jarren sitting at a desk with a decent looking meal off to side, along with several papers in front of him. She began voicing her troubles to Jarren, who listened to her words with interest. It was then when she mentioned her fiance was to have another wife along with her that Jarren began to express disbelief, as his own people are monogomous.

This started a conversation about eachother's cultures, and the two started swapping stories of their past lives before Gielinor, and how they had come into the call of service and duty. Jarren mentioned leaving behind someone whom he had grown attached to while growing up with them, a woman by the name of Tallah'rin, and how their relationship had become strained when he decided to take up arms for his people; effectively ending the relationship. Lidrana was amazed by how close her story was to Jarren's, differing in slight ways and circumstances, but ultimately similar, then she told her tale. After that was done, Jarren invited her to try some of the meal which he had on the desk, looking similar to large shrimp meat. After she tried the dish, Jarren told her it was prepared similarly to tobi'it, a delicacy made on Abinnah from a naitive insect.

He then told her she was eating meet from some kind of large desert beetle called a kalphite, and Lidrana began to lose her appetite, despite the fact the food was actually quite good. They then started talking of more serious subjects, and that brought up another part of Jarren's training, as he planned to leave for the Wushanko Isles soon, but not before finishing what business he had on the mainland; chief among that work was to make sure the demon wouldn't be around to harm Lidrana while he was gone. Lidrana told him to be careful, and left soon after, while Jarren began preparing for his next outing.


Jarren visited a friend named Scree'tak at the Empyrean Citadel, a smith and skilled craftsman, who was just finishing a special new bow at Jarren's request. In the final stages of its creation, Jarren began placing blessings on the bow and channeling divine energy into it. After it was finshed, Jarren thanked his friend and left for Ardougne, which was thought to be the location that the demon frequented the most. Jarren arrived at the ruins of his former mentor's house outside the city, and began planning his next move, that was when he noticed the noise of a snapping twig near the brush outside of the garden. He jerked his head just in time to see a man dressed in red and black armor to rush out and point a crossbow at him.

Jarren reacted quickly, diving to the side to use a tree as cover, but he was not quick enough as a crossbow bolt struck his right wing near the joint. Left unable to fly, he heard the sound of more footsteps, and more assassins were rushing in from the North of the property. He threw a knife at the assassin who had wounded him, forcing the man behind cover as Jarren made a mad dash for the South; towards the city. His pursuers were hot on his trail as he rushed through the city gates, attempting to find cover, but as he rounded each corner there seemed to be more and more thugs with crossbows, and he was forced to keep moving West, as he tried teleporting away, each of his attempts failed, and he found that his foes had mages on their side that were further preventing his chances of escape.

He guessed that they were attempting to herd him somewhere, and his assumptions were correct, as he came upon the entrance to the Underground Pass. The continued flight of crossbow bolts forced him into the cavern, and there he was greeted by a large circle of elite black knights with spears, and from that group stepped the demon that had been tormenting Lidrana. Jarren readied his new bow, but the demon merely laughed, thinking it could not harm him, and he was soon to find out how wrong he was. Jarren let fly an arrow that had formed upon the bowstring as he drew it back, brimming with divine energy and blessings, which struck the demon upon the chest, and caused a wound quite unlike that which he had ever felt.

A glowing ragged scar formed upon the area of the chest that the arrow had struck; similar in color to a divination wisp, as it caused the demon's energy to start leaking out like blood would from a wound on a normal creature, and the energy imbued inside the divine wound prevented the demon from quickly healing as his energy continued to leak out in the form of a red and black powder. Avorax fled quickly after the wound was inflicted; escaping by fading out, leaving his knights confused and cautious as they wondered what the bow would do to them if an arrow struck.

Taking advantage of their momentary confusion, he rushed the weakest looking knight in the spear wall and shot an arrow at him, causing him to break formation as Jarren jumped over him. The aviansie then ran deeper into the pass to get away from his crossbow using pursuers, which had begun chasing him further into the caverns, along with the knights and the mages after Avorax's coup failed. The mages made sure he could contact no one, blocking his attempts to send a message out with his crystal, and the aviansie continued to be backed farther into a corner, like a rat in a trap.

He eventually found the old temple of Iban in the pass, but the well had been tainted by the Zamorakians again, who had resumed their occupation of the pass after the overland pass to Prifddinas had opened up, and Jarren was left without an escape route, so he held his ground at the temple for as long as he could. Two days would pass before he finally managed to get a scrambled message for help out during a lapse in the mage's concentration, and both Lidrana and a few Armadyleans at the Citadel managed to hear it.

Lidrana began her assault on the pass as quickly as she could, arriving within a day, having been contacted by Scree'tak who told her that he was sending her some help. As Lidrana arrived an Armadylean golem was teleported in to aid her, as Scree'tak was not a warrior himself, the mission was beyond his skills, but not the skills of his creations. Lidrana and the golem assaulted the pass, but towards the end the golem fell into a deep chasm, leaving Lidrana alone to find the rest of the way. She eventually found the path to Jarren, who was still cornered at the temple; flagging from lack of sleep, food, and water. After telling her how he had gotten into this mess and about the bow, he asked her to begin work on restoring the well with her magics while he continued to fend off the Zamorakian attempts to reach the temple.

Lidrana succeeded in removing the taint within minutes, and the Well of Voyage was reopened. Jarren was the first to make it through, Lidrana following quickly before the temple was overtaken, but this was what someone had been waiting for. As Jarren leapt out the other side into the Tirannwn cave, a large red hand grabbed him by the chest. Lidrana herself came into the cave a few seconds after, only to be greeted by the sight of the demon hauling the struggeling aviansie over to cave pillar. Avorax smashed Jarren thrice against the thick stone, then threw the limp aviansie against the far cave wall, leaving a blood smear on both the pillar and the wall which Jarren had hit. It was then that the demon realized that Jarren had dropped the bow that had harmed him a few days prior, and it was laying on the ground near Lidrana's feet.

A vicious battle ensued between the two, resulting in Lidrana winning by a hair, as luck was the only thing she had on her side during the fight; the golem had managed to crawl out of the chasm and to the temple in the pass, where it then used the well to join the skirmish. It took Avorax by suprise, who thought that it was his troops emerging from the well, only to be greeted by a huge golem, that then used the wing shaped blades on its forearms to inflict deep ragged wounds on the demon's chest and gut before being destroyed by a large fireball, which had been ignited inside of it by Avorax. Lidrana used what the golem had given her, and supercharged her lance from the power of the well nearby, she leapt at Avorax and thrust the lance inside the ragged wounds before they could heal.

The demon began to combust, promising revenge before he exploded into an ashen heap. Lidrana then began limping towards Jarren, who had been kept safe from the worst of the battle by the stalagmites he had landed behind. As Lidrana reached him she saw how serious the wounds were; Jarren was laying in a pool of his own blood, and seemed unconscious. Lidrana cried out to him, and the sound of her voice stirred him from his stupor, as he choked out blood from his lungs; his rib cage broken and rock shards sticking out of his chest. He weakly reached for a brown card-like object near his belt, and in a last bit of hope Lidrana helped him grab onto it, praying that whatever he was grabbing at would help.

As Jarren grabbed onto the card, which was later revealed to be a sign of life, divine energy flowed into Jarren, who glowed on the floor for a brief few moments, and when the light cleared his wounds were healed on the surface, but underneath he still had heavily bruised ribs and a damaged wing, albeit with the high probability of a full recovery. Lidrana was overwhelmingly relieved, as she helped him up and they made their way out of the cave, and into the forest of Tirannwn.

Broken Chains

As they stepped into the light of the forest from the cave, Lidrana and Jarren were greeted by sight of Tirannwn, and both were filled with a sense of ease, having finally dealt with the demon that had been making their lives miserable for quite a while. While happy for her tormentor to be vanquished, Lidrana confided to Jarren about her new woes; she had been excommunicated from her order by her leader Hybris, which was the fiance she had mentioned to Jarren. Jarren began quickly brainstorming on ideas to help Lidrana, as the order she had been in was known to be extreme, thinking that she could find absolution with the main branch of the Saradominist military or another less dangerous group. But this was quickly put behind them, as Lidrana fell unconscious to her wounds and from exhaustion.

Jarren carried her as best as he could deeper into the forest, despite his chest wound causing him great pain, until he found a suitable clearing with water to make camp. After removing her armor, he used his weakest healing portent to mend what wounds he could on her, as her body was not used to channeling divine energy, and he even removed a shard of metal from her spear that had embedded itself in her side. After that was done, he began to start a fire with what tinder he could find, and he heard her mumbling something in her unconscious state about lavender. He knew that lavender was a flower from what little herbal training he had picked up, and saw a flower next to Lidrana in the grass. Although it was not really lavender, and he did not know this, he decided to pick the large blue flower and lay it in the grass near her head, hoping the scent would bring her some comfort as she slept.

After making the fire and treating Lidrana's wounds, Jarren removed his armor and patched himself up as best he could, he then laid down and soon fell asleep from his own exhaustion. He slept that night with a blackened sleep, as no dreams came to him as he lay on the forest floor next to the fire. When he came to, he painfully got up, his ribs causing him discomfort, and looked to Lidrana. She was still asleep where he had left her. He had trouble rousing her, but eventually she woke, and she noticed the flower; questioning why he had laid it next to her. He answered her about the lavender thing, and this caused her to reveal that where she had been raised; lavender was a common but luxurious product. The two later bathed in separate pools near the campsite, where Lidrana brought the flower Jarren had laid next to her, as she rather liked the blue color of it.

After bathing, the two began talking about the future, and Jarren told her that he might have a place where she could lay low for a while. She followed him through the forest, and they eventually reached the gate to the village of Lletya, where he told her to wait outside while he would try to get the elves to agree into taking her in as a refugee of the new wars. Nearly half an hour passed before Jarren returned and gave her news that she was allowed into the village. It was then that Jarren told her that they were to part ways, as he had to return to the tower, and for Lidrana it was a sad moment, but thankful. She realized that Jarren was the only person on her side for the time being, and for all the help he had given her, she drew him close and gave him a hug. Although he let out a grunt of pain because of his ribs, he was happy that she was able to escape from the troubles of the world for a while. He bid her goodbye, and used his Armadylean token to teleport back to the tower near Falador.

Tales From Wushanko

After some time passed, Jarren's injuries started to fade and he was ready to begin his preparations for his long overdue trip to the Wushanko Isles. He was curious to seek out the warrior masters and craftsmen of the land, and attempt to impart Armadylean culture on the East. So it was that he gathered his things and set out for the Arch region; the first area on the map and closest to the mainland.

Wushanko Isles map detail

A map of the isles.

Bahns of Steel

Jarren set out for the island of Waiko, which he read was a center of cultural exchange and a trading center with the West. On his way, he became lost from the bad map he had received, and instead found his way to an uncharted island just South of the Arch region. He circled above, seeing it had suffered from an attack recently, noting the damage to the small fishing village inland, then sighted to men on the beach. He landed to talk to them, one being an odd, large green man, and the other a native man. The native, who he learned to be named Ming, did not speak the tongue of the West, and could not understand Jarren, but the green man, named Serafino Velare, understood and translated for Ming, who initially thought Jarren was a sky orphan before Serafino explained he was something called an aviansie.

Through an odd turn of events, Jarren was directed to speak with the village elder, who was not all that pleased to see him. The village elder advised Jarren to return to the West, and rejected his offers to help repair the village. Further persistence by Jarren finally caused the elder to relent, and he told Jarren where he could buy a better map to the isles in the village. Jarren was preparing to leave, but then a rather brash looking Western man stormed through the door of the elder's house. Serafino and Ming were instantly aggressive, as they knew the man was out for blood, meanwhile Jarren was left confused. It took only moments for things to take a turn for the worst as the man, who was named Bahn Feroce, attacked and the men in the house responded in kind. Jarren lent aid, but through the use of trickery with magic, Bahn was able to get past the defenders and stab the elder in the chest.

Bahn stole chi energy from the elder, who had hid it in his heart, and Bahn used that energy to escape the house before Jarren and the other two men could stop him. Ming was outraged and shouted orders that Jarren did not understand, and it was left to Serafino to translate. Ming wanted Jarren to come with him as they hunted down Bahn, and Jarren was obliged to help them after witnessing the murder. They went to the docks, where Jarren purchased a complete map of the isles, and then they boarded Mings ship, stocked with supplies and loyal mercenaries. They set sail for the Hook region, but on the way they were delayed by the ships of a Khan from the skull region, and they were forced to follow the Khan's ships, which were under order to escort them to his palace. When they arrived, they were greeted with the sight of a fortress island, full of heavily armed soldiers.

Jarren was fascinated, but aggressiveness from Ming put him in a bad position, as he was not yet sure of who was the true authority here, and Jarren did not want to risk angering the law enforcement of the isles. Serafino managed to calm Ming down, and they were escorted to the Khan's palace. Along the way, people of the village were frightened by the appearance of Jarren and the green stranger Serafino, and many fearful glances were greeted with that odd word "sky orphan" again. Eventually they reached the palace, and Jarren was hidden from the sight of the Khan as the large Serifino was in front of him, and Ming at the head of the group. As the Khan talked, and through later translation by Serafino, Jarren learned of the difficult position that Ming was in, along with his men, due to a promise they had not fulfilled with the Khan; involving the wanted man Bahn Feroce, and a seasinger he was allied with.

It wasn't long after those moments that Jarren was forced to part ways with Ming and company, to avoid and further misgivings about his alignment with the Khan's of the Skull region, and Jarren said his goodbyes; now flying for Waiko as he intended. It would not be long before he reached his original goal.

The Way to Waiko

When Jarren arrived on the island, he landed on the beach to avoid attention, and began his walk for the large settlement farther inland. As he reached the village, he saw firsthand the extensive damage the recent earthquakes had caused, but was impressed with the island's people, and their fortitude at not abandoning their home. As he was walking down the main street, looking for shops and an inn, he received many fearful stares, and he was still unsure of why the people of the East were so afraid of his presence; Waiko was supposed to be an accepting place in the isles, but he was receiving no such feelings from the general populace, who continued to avoid him. But one man on the street took special interest in Jarren, but not for friendlier purposes, as he walked away to tell others about what he had seen.

Meanwhile, Jarren finally found an inn willing to house him and he placed his things inside his room. He walked back out to the streets and that is when things began to take a bad turn. Many of the people began taunting him, some going so far as to throw things at him such as glass bottles and trash. One woman cursed at him and told him to go back to Hyu-Ji where he belonged, with the rest of the orphans. Jarren was starting to become increasingly worried, and upon hearing the word "orphan" again he was beginning to think that these people were mistaking him with something else. Things came to a head when two men rushed at him from an alley, brandishing knives and declaring that he was a blight to be purged. Jarren retaliated, heavily wounding the other men, who had not expected him to be a skilled combatant. They managed to retreat and Jarren let them go, and turned to see that many people were fearfully avoiding him now, rather than continue trying to goad him into leaving Waiko.

They did not need to convince him any further, as he returned to the inn and retrieved his belongings; Waiko was not the hospitable place he had been led to believe. Although the trip to Waiko had been fruitless, he did have one lead to a place that might be worth investigating: Hyu-Ji, the island the rude woman shouted at him to "return" to. He looked on his map and discovered where the small island was; North of several larger islands in the Skull region, very near to the island known as Ai Jei. As there was very little information about the island on the map; Jarren set out immediately for Hyu-Ji to discover what was there and why the people of Waiko would prefer that he go there instead of being in their village.

Hello Hyu-Ji

Jarren arrived on the island and quickly discovered two things: one; it was fairly well populated and oddly Saradominist for an island in the Wushanko archipelago, and two; the residents were a very odd combination of human and fish, ranging from tentacles, to gills, and fins to everything else in between. When he was seen by the inhabitants, they were almost afraid of him, and yet at the same time astonished. A man who had fins on his forearms and lower legs came running up to him. He introduced himself as Zetso and welcomed Jarren to the island, exclaiming that he was astonished that he was seeing a real, living sky orphan survivor. Jarren, who had grown tired of the title "orphan", told the man what he really was, and Zetso seemed confused. After explaining further, the man learned that Jarren was not a sky orphan, but of an actual race known as the aviantese.

Jarren then asked him what an orphan was by the Wushanko definition, and Zetso explained that the orphans of Wushanko come in two types; the sky orphans and the sea orphans. Zetso told Jarren that the sea orphans, who were the majority of the people of Hyu-Ji, are those who were born with parts of sea creatures, while the sky orphans resembled the birds. Jarren was rather interested to know this odd fact, and recalled the amazement Zetso had displayed when he had believed Jarren to be a sky orphan. Jarren asked why this was such a big deal, and Zetso explained that the sky orphans had been hunted to near extinction by a fanatical group called the purists. This was a rather concerning development for Jarren, as one group's fanatical and cruel actions against a birth defect had now made traveling a rather dangerous game for him; if they thought him to be a sky orphan, they would attempt to kill him, and with how rare sky orphans had become it would not be very hard for them to track him across the isles just by asking people if they had seen him.

Jarren then thought about the safety of the Hyu-Ji sea orphans, and asked if his presence on the island endangered them in any way. Zetso told him not to worry, as existence for the people of Hyu-Ji had become quite peaceful and safe, thanks to the recent protective efforts of a missionary warrior named Tomlin. Zetso said that out of all the places in the isles, this island would be among the most welcoming for him, despite the gruesome reputation the Skull region had for extreme paranoia. Jarren thanked Zetso and asked for a tour around the settlement, which the man, who was revealed to be the village leader, was happy to give. Zetso showed them their market, the shops, the houses, and lastly the fine temple to Saradomin that the missionary warrior had built for them. Jarren was impressed with the friendliness of the orphans towards him, and was determined to pay back their hospitality in kind.

Jarren asked if there was anything he could for the village, but Zetso was quite adamant that he did not have to do anything as their guest; he was free to do as he pleased. On hearing this, Jarren asked if Zetso knew of any master smiths in the isles, and Jarren was both very surprised and incredibly pleased to learn that the resident smith in Hyu-Ji, named Leng-Yi, was considered a master craftsman of the smithing arts. Jarren planned to visit the man soon, then asked Zetso if he knew of any master warriors worthy of note that were willing to pass on a few training tips to him. Zetso advised Jarren to seek out the Gu masters in the shield region, who were famed for training pupils who had went to become known as some of the greatest warriors of the Wushanko Isles. Jarren thanked Zetso for all of his help, and went to see Leng-Yi at the smithy.

Exchange of Cultures

When Jarren reached the smithy on Hyu-Ji, he was surprised to learn that the man was not a sea orphan like much of the rest of the settlement. Rather, as he continued to listen to the story of the old man, he learned that the man had fathered two children; one who was a sea orphan currently living on the island, and the other a deceased sky orphan; one of the many victims of the purists. He was one of the few parents of the Wushanko Isles who had not rejected his children at birth, and instead brought his family to Hyu-Ji in an attempt to hide them after the death of his sky orphan son. The man was rather happy to tell his story to Jarren, and was more than pleased to exchange smithing techniques with him, as the aviansie greatly reminded him of his deceased son. Leng-Yi showed Jarren the metallurgy processes that the Wushanko residents used to create stainless steel, and the strong metal known as plate, thought the raw materials for plate were rather rare. Lastly, he showed Jarren the metal folding techniques they used in the isles to create their vicious katana blades.

Although Jarren wasn't the most skilled of smiths, not quite able to create anything much better than his usual stock out of these materials due to that lack of skill, he was still able to pass these techniques on to his kinsmen. He then showed Leng-Yi some of the aviantese forging methods, and how magic is often introduced into the weaponry towards the end of the smithing process. Jarren even went so far as to explain some of the golem crafting methods of his people. Both Leng-Yi and Jarren were grateful for the exchange of information both received from the smithing trade, and the old man invited Jarren over to his home that night for dinner. Jarren joined Leng-Yi at his house when night fell over island, and met his wife Wuyen and sea orphan daughter, Yao-Lin. Jarren enjoyed a night of conversation, both Leng-Yi and Jarren telling one another of their people, and surprisingly good eastern cuisine; particularly the noodles. He thanked the family for their hospitality after the dinner and left for his temporary housing elsewhere on Hyu-Ji.

The Purist Problem

It was not long before Hyu-Ji had come under attack, as the purists had heard of Jarren's presence in the isles, and mistaking him for a sky orphan; attempted to sack the island, having assumed that the sea orphans were harboring him in their village. This attack was prevented however, by the very brave efforts of Jarren and Leng-Yi's sea orphan daughter Yao-Lin. It started with a small scouting ship from the purists arriving on the island; depositing off a few men who searched the settlement for Jarren. When one found him, he attacked with a dagger. Jarren felt him coming with his diviner's sense, and was able to easily overpower him and place a blade on his throat. Many of the villagers who witnessed the attack went into a panic, and Jarren was forced to interrogate the man on the street; demanding to know who he was and if he was with the purists. The man confirmed this and threatened Jarren that they were going to wipe Hyu-Ji off the map to finish the purge work they started on the sky orphans.

Before Jarren could explain to the man that he was an aviansie, he quickly grabbed Jarren's sword hand and pulled the blade towards him. Jarren, who had expected any movement he would make would be to break away, instinctively tried to push the blade closer to the man's throat, which only aided the man in his intentions: which involved killing himself to avoid any more interrogation. The other purists left once they discovered Jarren was on the island to deliver the news to the purist base of operations on Ai Jei. Meanwhile, Jarren was left to explain the situation to the now distraught townspeople of Hyu-Ji, who were becoming ecstatic from the threat of the attack. Most were becoming disabled from fear, but Yao-Lin walked up to her father's new friend and told him that she wanted to help him take down their base of operations as Ai Jei; as she finally wanted to personally pay them back for the murder of her brother. As Yao-Lin began to show courage, other townsfolk began to follow her example, remembering the pain and loss that they had all suffered at the hands of the purist fanatics, and the fear began to leave them.

Yao-Lin began to proclaim to the villagers of all the hardships they suffered from the purist blight, and that it was due time for justice; Jarren backed her up on her claims for justice, and soon the whole village was ready to go up in arms. From the village were chosen some good men and women who knew how to fight or how to sneak up behind with a blade. Soon the village had a small strike team ready to fight back against the purists, and Jarren and Yao-Lin were ready to make the first move against the fanatics. Leng-Yi came to his daughter when the plans for attack were announced, and begged her not to go, but she told her father that this was something she had to do, not just for her brother, but for everyone else on the island. Her father relented and let her go with Jarren and the others in the strike team. They set sail in pursuit of the purists' ship, with Jarren flying ahead to track it down and guide the orphans' ship towards its destination. Jarren eventually led them to a small bay on the North side of Ai Jei. The orphans docked their ship a ways of the coast to avoid being sighted, and they swam for the shore while Jarren flew on ahead once more.

The orphans and the aviansie set up a temporary camp East of the cove the purists were docked at, and Jarren scouted out their base from the cliffs above. He found a few things worthy of note; they were poorly manned and their second ship, which was not the scouting vessel, was a large frigate lined with very large cannons, and their camp was lined with large barrels of gunpowder for the cannons on the frigate. Jarren returned to camp and announced his plans to the orphans; send a small team to sneak into the camp and, after a signal is given, light the gunpowder barrels on the beach and on the frigate, then send in the less stealth oriented warriors waiting in the forest at the edge of the beach to hit the panicked purists hard. Satisfied with this plan, the orphans waited until nightfall to begin.

Jarren sneaked in with a few orphans and Yao-Lin, and spread out across the camp. The purists, who were overconfident and not expecting retaliation from the orphans, presented little in a guard force, so the first part of the plan went off without a hitch. When ready, Jarren did his best imitation of a sea eagle he could manage, and the orphans struck the powder barrels with flint and tinder. Jarren did the same for his barrels on the ship, and moments after he and the orphans got clear; the powder barrels exploded, sending shrapnel and fire across the purist camp. The warriors hidden in the brush at the edge of the camp stormed out as planned, and the fighting went quickly along, and it was not long before the surviving purists were corralled up in the center of the camp. Jarren confronted them when the fight was over, and one of them spat at him, calling him "bird-born scum". Jarren put his blade to the man's throat and told him that he was aviansie, not a sky orphan, and explained simply the differences between them.

After the little bit of education, Jarren threatened that if the purists ever made a move against Hyu-Ji again, he would personally hunt every purist down that he could, just as the purists had purged the sky orphans from the land. The purist leader for the strike against Hyu-Ji scoffed at Jarren, and said that one day they will still get what want; Hyu-Ji would not last forever. Jarren then curtly asked him how many orphans he had killed, and the purist man told him he had taken the lives of many with his own hands, and threatened to do so again. Having heard enough, Jarren grabbed the man's tied wrists, and with his sharp blade, lopped off both of the man's hands, in a bit of ironic justice. As the man screamed in pain, Jarren proclaimed his hands would no longer take the lives of the innocent, and for the murder of many others, his own life was now forfeit. With those last words, Jarren used both his hands to aid his coming blow, and the man's head soon followed his severed hands. Jarren looked back at the now other terrified purists, and told them that they were to go and deliver the message he had said to the now dead man to the other purists: Hyu-Ji shall never be touched again, no matter what kind of orphan calls it home.

The orphans shoved the tied purists down to the ground and cut their bindings, and they scrambled for the intact scouting vessel, which had survived the blast which destroyed the frigate. They left as quickly as they could, and Jarren and the orphans returned to their own ship to set a course back to Hyu-Ji. When they returned victorious, the whole village celebrated, and Jarren was named an honorary hero and protector to its inhabitants. After some time of fine company and celebration, staying a week or two to make sure the purists would not try anything further, Jarren bid them farewell, and as a parting gift he made a golem to help protect the village further even with his absence. As he left, Leng-Yi thanked him for all the good he had done, and that he was grateful for the safe return of his daughter. Jarren said goodbye to Leng-Yi's family last before he left, and he then set out to find the legendary Gu masters of the shield region that Zetso had told him about.

The Way of Gu

After a long flight from the Skull region, Jarren eventually reached the bleak region of the Shield; known for its black rock and rare deposits of Azure. After landing on one of the islands, he searched his map and found the Tengu Archipelago in the middle of the shield region on the map. So it was that he journeyed there, and found one of the famed sages that he had been looking for. When he first came across the man, Jarren did not know what to expect, and after getting his attention, the man's name was revealed to be Yu; Gu Yu. When Jarren asked for the training, Yu denied him, as he was already a warrior, and from what he could see, a well trained one at that. Jarren asked if there was anything at all that he could impart to him, the Gu went into thought for a few minutes. Yu finally replied that if he was able to pass his tests, he would impart knowledge unto Jarren.

Jarren agreed to these tests, and soon he was tested indeed. Over the course of a few days, Yu walked across the island, and Jarren followed without question; barely even talking to the old sage, as the aviansie imitated the Gu in his every day life. Jarren believed that whenever the Gu was ready to test him, he would say so, and if what they were currently doing was a test, then pestering him with questions would do no good. After a few days of silence and meditation, Yu seemed satisfied with Jarren, and told him that he had passed the tests of patience, silence, and concentration; he would now take the aviansie's questions. Jarren impressed Yu by saying it was not his place to ask what he should learn from the master, and so Yu had Jarren tell him and demonstrate for him what he had picked up over time from his training pilgrimages that Archimedix had sent him on. After getting a thorough assessment of Jarren's abilities, Yu passed on knowledge of Katana fighting techniques; of this Jarren was pleased, as the warriors of the isles were known for their great skill in one on one combat, though sadly the aviansie was not permitted to keep the katana that Yu allowed him to train with.

After the fighting techniques were said and done, Yu began to tell Jarren of the ways of honor that the warriors of the isles often believe in; similar to the code of chivalry that the knights of the mainland live by. Jarren was intrigued by the odd ways of the Gu, and how the sages were far more than just warriors; they were wise men, each with great knowledge that they do not always show on the surface. As the old man deemed Jarren was ready to leave, Yu wished him luck in his travels, and told him that he was indeed a fine warrior, then handed him a large scroll that contained advice and knowledge from the Gu to help aid him in his journey through life. Jarren was humbled and bowed to Yu, as was the custom in the isles, and went along his way.

Back to the West

After getting what he had came for; smithing secrets and training from one of the Gu sages, Jarren was ready to return home. He brought with him the scroll that Gu Yu had given him and the detailed set of instructions for Wushanko metallurgy processes that Leng-Yi had passed on to him, but he was not finished yet. Before he left the Shield region, he made sure to find a small above ground deposit of azure, of which he did on top of a small black mountain. He took some stones from the deposit and left the Shield region shortly after. As he flew away from the Shield region, he stopped by the Loop region on the way back home; as he had heard that many fine pearls might be found from the oysters that call the region home.

He came to find the area known as the Reef That Lies to Mapmakers, and combed its beaches for any washed up oysters he could find. After managing to put together a collection of many small pearls, he used a few of the pearls to buy a small amount of terracotta, then flew away from the Loop region, and on to the Bowl region. While there, he used yet a few more pearls to trade for a small collection of jade. His next stop was the Scythe region, where he cut a small bundle of cherry wood to carry back home. On he then went to the Arch region, the last stop before home, and used what few chimes the village folk of Hyu-Ji had given him to purchase an expensive string made from bamboo fiber. He was now ready to return to the West, and he had all the materials he needed to make a gift for someone he owed a great deal to.

The Return

This part in Jarren's long story marks his return from the Wushanko isles, and he brought back with him all that he had learned from his adventure in those vast expanses of islands. After returning with accomplishing what he had set out to do, he was ready to continue doing what he did best; finding trouble and solving problems.

Gift Giving

When Jarren returned to the tower outside Falador, he began using the equipment there to make a special gift out of the resources from the isles that he had collected for his friend Lidrana. It took a few days, but at last he had made something for her that he felt was worthy of the skills of his people: a necklace. No ordinary necklace was this, for it was made of the finest the Wushanko Isles had to offer; a bamboo fiber string held together a beautiful weave of pearls, alternating with expertly cut stones of jade, and the centerpiece being a large amulet stone of pure blue azure; with a gold metal trim surrounding the stone, and a Saradominist symbol, likewise made of gold, inlaid into center of the of the gem. To top that off, a fine jewelry box made of cherry wood with terracotta sidings was made to hold the necklace; with a special enchantment on the box to make sure that the necklace would always reappear in it if lost.

He once more sent a message to Lidrana to join him at the tower. She came and the guards let her pass, having received word that she was a foreign relations emissary, and she was guided up to Jarren's office in the tower. Once there, they talked shortly and Jarren gave her the necklace. Unbeknownst to Jarren, Lidrana had recently been through a very traumatic experience involving a false and terrible reality, that was created by a foe to contain her. This reality had been very despairing, having involved the death of many of her friends, Jarren included, and the fact she was seeing him alive now with a beautiful necklace for her caused her to shed tears as she hugged her friend, and in a rather awkward moment for Jarren she gave him a kiss on the top of the head. After all was said and done, they had talked for a while longer, swapped a few stories, though Lidrana did not mention the illusion world, and they went on their own ways. It would not be long before Jarren saw Lidrana again.


This marks the coming of Tuska to Gielinor, and Jarren's efforts to help his fellow Armadyleans deal with the situation; as well as aiding other factions in their effort to stop Tuska from reaching Gielinor. For Jarren and his fellow aviansie, this matter was personal, as he and many of his brethren felt indebted to the humans for their help against Bandos, without whom the Armadylean victory would not have been possible, and the aviansie were ready to help repay that debt by helping the humans in their charge against the mighty beast.

Tuska Comes

The beast approaches...

Heart to Heart

-To be added.

A New Face

-To be added.

Battle for Draynor

-To be added.



Jarren is a person who has great confidence in himself, but not cockiness, and has steely nerves when it comes to dangerous situations. He rarely thinks of his own well-being, as he is a very selfless person; he is one of the few people who would be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice if it is called for. He works incredibly well in groups and will not hesitate to do everything he can to aid in the survival of his assigned company. He has the heart of a warrior, and is a person that could be looked up to in times of strife for his ability to remain calm. As a follower of Armadyl, he is a firm believer in both peace and justice, and hates to see suffering. He is not the most joking person, prefering to remain serious on most matters, and only drops this trait when in a home setting or among well known friends. On the whole, he is a good, noble, and friendly person.


Jarren will earn additions onto his name as can be seen with some aviansie. His first was technically his birth name, though the first title-oriented one was gained by being inducted into the druids of Taverley, and for his affiliation with the Crux Eqal.

  • Jarren'tok (Abbinaan birth name)
  • Jarren'ix (Taverley/Crux Eqal title)
  • Jarren'tai (Tai Bwo Wannai village title)


Since his coming of age and reaching full maturity, Jarren can most easily be compared to a black-and-white-hawk-eagle in feather color: white body with black wings and tailfeathers, along with the black tufts of feathers around his eyes with a black beak, while his eyes are a vivid blue. At times, his look can be fierce as befits most birds of prey, but the majority of the time he is rather friendly looking but with a mixture of seriousness to it. The clothes he wears can vary; he prefers orange, gold, faded red, and white colors to show his support for Armadyl. He has casual robes, his usual warpriest armor, and a whiter set of ceremonial Armadylean armor.


Although not a very skilled fighter at first, he joined Armadyl's forces in the war against Bandos and went through constant drill practices to increase his skills and became an amiable warrior, this was futher taken to the extreme by his later trainings with Archemedix; turning him from a soldier into a deadly combatant. He is also masterful flyer, and can do complex and difficult maneuvers in flight, something he trained to do since he could first flap his wings. He is not well versed in the ways of magic, although he possesses some notable skills when dealing elemental air magic. As a defense against magic, he can create temporary energy shields made and fueled by divine energy, which he carries with him at all times.


Jarren is a skilled craftsman in many areas. He is a fine builder, familiar with aviantese architecture, and became familiar with Gielinorian construction while serving Armadyl's armed forces during the Bandos skirmish. He is a fine smith, able to work various metals and craft superb armor and some weaponry using aviantese techniques. As a craftsman he is finely adept in the use of delicate and decorative materials such as gems and gold; as he likes to decorate what he makes. He also learned how to craft golems during the Bandos skirmish as well, and has since grown to be adept in the art.


Jarren is now a force to be reckoned with, he knows deadly combat techniques earned through many consecutive Rps that were aimed to turn him into a fighter in his own class. Should one become his target, they must remain ever vigilant, as his fight for justice will give him cause to enforce the law of the land. He carries a small arsenal on his person, and uses divination energy to switch weapons in his hands that all together would be too much for convenient traveling, he stores these weapons in a specially prepared container at the Empyrean Citadel. He also uses divine energy, anima, for direct combat, and not just for switching weaponry.


Perhaps the greatest of Jarren's talents is his ability to channel anima through his body, and use it for all manner of purposes; ranging from combat to simply mundane tasks. He absorbs anima and stores it within his own body (and sometimes in specially crafted vessels) by harvesting it from the various wisp colonies dotted around Gielinor. Jarren first learned about this strange skill, among many other things, during the Bandos skirmish, and has achieved a level of mastery involving the craft. Through arduous and steady practice; he has reached a high enough level of skill that he has the "sixth sense" as many diviners call it. If his vision is impaired, he can use this sense to replace his sight. He also uses it to aid him in combat; to tell if an opponent is coming from behind with a weapon, or where exactly an archery target is hiding at. This extra awareness has become one of his greatest assets.

Other Information

  • His full Abbinaan name is rarely mentioned, he likes to keep it short as "Jarren" rather than "Jarren'tok", to keep it more simple and memorable for Gielinorians.
  • He loves music, both listening to it and playing it. His talons aid him especially in playing stringed instruments.
    • He owns a cithara that is shaped like Armadyl's symbol.
  • He has several mementos he has picked up over the course of his adventures, many of them very dear and close to his heart.
    • The aforementioned cithara, which was passed down to him from his parents.
    • The pelt of a shaikahan, which he killed during his stay with the tribesmen of Tai Bwo Wannai.
    • A book on making colorful fireworks, which was given to him by Sebas after he saved the man's life.
    • Archemedix's dramen staff, which was passed down to him after his old mentor met an untimely death.
  • He likes to eat chicken, surprisingly, but has a good reason for doing so and will tell it those who are willing to listen.
    • He once had a strip of bacon, which he liked even more than chicken.
    • Although he likes poultry, his favorite food was a delicacy on Abbinah called tobi'it, a kind of insect native to the planet. Because of this, he enjoys large roasted insects from Gielinor, such as kalphite. He has not yet had lobster or shrimp.
  • Because of the scarcity of plant-based foods on Abbinah, Jarren especially loves a good piece of fruit when he can get it, which is now far more readily available to him with Gielinor's abundance of water for raising crops.
  • In a rather awkward moment for Jarren; an elf woman once made a pass at him.


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