Janus Delmoran
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For all the world's secrets, none should be kept."


Master Janus
Baron Delmoran


Late twenties






Wizard's Tower
Kandarin, Order of Arcanists
The Godless


At the Wizard's Tower

Janus Delmoran (the Grey) is an adventuring human wizard, demonologist, accomplished spell-crafter, and magical scholar. As a ranking master at the Wizard's Tower, Janus earned a reputation as a dark wizard hunter during conflicts against the magi-supremacist organization known as the Ordo Magi.

In his youth and as an apprentice at the Tower, Janus was a member of the Grey Order, duelling club, Aether Guard, and Order of Seekers. He also authored a spell tome on tasking spells. Under the tutelage of Eadric Eldridge, Wyndi Rainweaver, Magus Concendo, and Ariella Ardennes, Janus became enamored by the legacies of greater wizard's and sought to carve out legends of his own. For this, he's dedicated to magical theory, collecting artifacts, and studying Gielinor's magical secrets.

After nearly a year in the Kharidian Desert hunting Ordo agents, Janus returns to the Tower as a ranking Master with the clandestine goal of gathering apprentices to his own cause.

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