James farming

A wild James has appeared farming instead of actually doing his work.

James Mioré is a twenty-year-old human male member of the Mioré Family. Religiously, he is a Zamorakian.


James was one of the youngest members of the Mioré that was to accompany them in attempts to wipe out the Zarosian side of the family. He was one of the few who survived and managed to escape back into the desert. The trip to Catherby was a long one back. His arms were badly wounded and frost bitten from the magicks, unable to treat them because his supplies was back home in Catherby. To this day he still suffers to small pangs of pain in his arms seeing as they failed to recover properly. It forced one who was used to close range combat to learn to deal in other forms in order to survive.


At one point free and out going enjoyed dealing and trading with the locals by selling balms and potions, now after the war he is more quiet and self centered unless it involves the family he keeps to him self and will stop at nothing to silence a threat.



James's polearm.

Weapon in question • Pole arm

Short History • The weapon is of vampiric origin made from a fabled wood called Blisterwood, the only know weapon at the time for combating vampyre's... Now its believed to be extinct died out during the god wars the destruction of them being by the vampires them self. Few remain in existence that are known of roughly one thousand still possibly exist only know ones are estimated in less then the hundreds seeing as they were crafted ages ago and are possibly weak from years of decay and use.

Abilities of the Blisterwood pole arm

1. Leech: Taking blood from an open source I.E blood magik it absorbs the blood converting it into energy to repair the damages to the pole arm.

2. Renewal: The blood stored within the staff can be converted into energy to heal the wielder of small wounds only.

3. Overgrow: this only works against vampyres and vampires only, the wood upon the staff will become more lively moving wildly allowing the blade to be more accurate against the opponent.

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