Jaconda Arniket (real name: Herstis) is a Mahjarrat played by Leopulence on RuneScape W42. She is one of the rare ones, since she only hurts humans when feeling threatened, otherwise she isn't really bothered.


A New World... And A New Leader

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It Sure Is Dusty In Here...

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Zaros, Zaros, Where Art Thou Zaros?

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Time For A Makeover

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Ardougne, What A Quaint City.

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In human form, she appears to be a 20 year old woman. Her dress if of red velvet and blue silk, and her long glossy hair is tied up in a bun. A red corset on the outside compliments the dress, and a silver fur coat would line her arms. She has chocolatey brown eyes, and crimson lips, long eye;ashes and toned eyebrows.

In lich form, she appears to be laden with age,standing at 76, her eyes pure red with black slits in the middle, like a snake's. She has no hair, and her skin hugs on to her, revealing her skull-like face. Her canines are long and her lips are lilac, and her eyes are surrounded by purple circles, one to each eye. She wears black clothing, a black hood which covers her hideous face, black chestplate armour, and a long flowing robe bottom adorned with the symbol of Zaros. On her feet she wears bigger, black heels.


In human form, she is bubbly, facetious, mischievious, intelligent and she will not take insults lightly. She usually gets along with people who aren't idiots.

In lich form, she is strict, highly intelligent, miserable, and she will get angry easily. If she gets angry, pray you do not get in her way...


  • Jaconda is taken from French, the word La Jaconde meaning smiling lady, subject to her personality.
  • Her real name, Herstis, was a mix of two Greek goddesses, Thetis and Hestia.
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