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Mom,dad, Grandfather, Great grandfather

Religious allignment

Red Armadyllean






True Neutral... sort of.

A day is lost if you have not learnt something from it, I've only lost 3 days so far.

Dr. Sire. Jacob Johnathon Peterson Brian Southmage II M.L.G, also known as Jake or Legend Raptor, is a former adventurer, doctor and current Imperial Knight in the Kinshra Knights. He is played by magejake50. He is a human who originates from Burthope, though he practices no heritage, and is also skilled in acrobatics, craftsmanship, herblore, and certain distance combats. When fighting, he has an affinity for crossbows and throwing knives, as well as smoke magic. Jacob is currently age 37 and his favorite color is blue. He was the highest ranking non-Zamorakian in the Kinshra, he prefers to keep his religious identity a secret, but he has actually recently converted to an Armadylean, though he is very lenient with their beliefs. He is currently: Missing in action. This page is currently undergoing a large rework.


Jacob has a slim build, he tends to wear dark clothes that are easy to move about in, but has been known to dress up in red. He is roughly 5ft 10. Jacobs main attire is usually black leather armour, a black hood that completely covers his face, and an amulet that he prizes above anything else. His black leather armour on the back displays a red outline of a bird of Prey, however this is usually hidden by his cloak. He may sometimes wear a cloak, usually the cloak of the kinshra, but in battles he usually takes this off to avoid tripping. There is usually a layer of soot on his clothes and he smells of a fire, as he frequently experiments with smoke and smoke magic, however he always wears a mask to avoid choking as should everyone. He usually wears warm gloves as well. Jacob's favourite colour clothes is white, but white doesn't go with his hood, so he prefers black, that and it hides all the stains. In less dangerous places he is usually reading a book, they are mostly non fiction as he isn't a fan of the fiction at the moment.

Jacob only carries one meelee item on him which is a Keris, a Kharidian dagger built in the war against the scarabites. He may try to use it as a ranged weapon but because of its proportions it usually misses. Jacob does carry an array of throwing knives on him, they are mostly mithril, but he carries 2 adamantite ones for emergencys. His signature weapon is the bone crossbow, which he acquired during a expedition in the lumbridge caves. He has upgraded it to make it stronger, easier to reload and able to fire heavier bolts. He is also usually seen with his 'buckler', it is the invention jacob is most proud of. It is shaped like a ')(' and is made of a mixture of steel, (mostly) yanillean mithrill and a tiny bit of adamantite. It is capable of rotating 360 degrees in any direction and locked to keep it in position, it can also be folded to be used as a grappling hook and to use less storage space.

Under the clothing Jacob has the southmage hair colour which starts out White, then blonde, then brown, the dark brown, then black. Jacob's hair is currently black though there are still patches of dark brown, his hair long and wild, the same as his fathers. On his stomach you'd find a dark red patch where he was slammed with a fire enchanted shield. And on his leg you'd see the wound that ended his career as an adventurer. At parties Jacob wears a Lizard mask if it is required he not bring a hood. The mask is enchanted to make the mouth moves when he talks and to blink, This has led to some speculation that Jacob is one of the fabled Lizardmen, but this is untrue.

He has blue eyes.


Jacob is a quiet, intelligent guy. He'd much rather read a book than fight a man. His favourite drink is moonlight mead which he hates the taste of but keeps craving it, he is also a fan of asgoldian ale, a dwarven drink, made by dropping a gold coin into a asgarnian ale. He loves hearing stories of adventures, especially stories about the older heroes. If he hears someones conversation about a secret island or lost treasure he'll gladly join in. He has a good sense of humour, as long as the joke isn't about him. He was once a guthixian, while not a religous person he still made his choices based on guthix's teachings. However since guthix's death Jacob changed, he has now changed his god, not wishing to join the godless or as he calls them "A bunch of idiots that will get killed and bring us with them". He is now sided towards armadyll but is more of a red armadyllean, liking justice but preffering to use more aggresive methods.

Jacob dislikes stupidity, and will often comment on things he finds stupid. He has few friends as being in the military the only people he ever gets to hang around with are other kinshra. He's quiet, but if you mention adventures, far away places, monsters or books, he will take a general interest and try to join in. Jacob's intelligence has proved quite useful, for example the game of riddles which the Kinshra are currently leading in, is proceeding much faster because of Jacob.


Jacob possesses a deep knowledge on an array of subjects. As a huge collecter and owner of books you might actuallly find the rare book your looking for at his house. Jacob is also keen to share this knowledge with other people, apart from 1 book.

Jacob has a very limited knowledge of smoke magic, only practising it for roughly 3 years he can just about push a bit of smoke coming from a fire at you or make really bad shapes from smoke, he is practicing every day though.

Jacob has a almost pinpoint accuracy due to an extreme range potion overdose when he was a child, this led him to become long sighted in his right eye, because of his childhood of constantly training with a dose of potion every so often Jacob is probably one of the most accurate crossbowmen on Gielinor, as long as there are no sudden gusts of wind or sudden movements from an opponent, he has a 99.98% chance of hitting them, he is just as accurate with throwing knives, axes and javelins, however he is let down by his darts accuracy and even worse is his skill with a bow, which when last tested had a hit rate of 0.91%. He is able to reload a crossbow surprisingly quick with his record being 1.3 seconds (however when compared to the reload time of an able bowman (under a second, sometimes less than half a second) he can still be at a disadvantage when fighting other rangers) however he will sometimes replace the crossbow with knives or axes in order to reload quicker.

Jacob also possesed the ability to use a 'prayer' known as eagle eye, which he trained himself to use. In this state Jacob's accuracy is further increased.

Jacob was once ok with a sword but suffered from a mental incident which makes him unable to do anything good with a sword, barely able to slash with one, and sometimes even suffering panic attacks when holding one.

Jacob also has a great ability with herblore able to make Combat potions, Healing potions and even some explosive potions. This skill is limited due to an finite supply of ingredients in the world, and the fact some are rarer than others.


The history is currently under reconstruction.

Early beginnings

Jacob Johnathon Peterson Brian Southmage (pronounced Sowf-Mayj) was born in Burthorpe. He is the son of Jaqueline and Johnathon Southmage. Jaqueline was a former druid, who left to become a doctor for the burthorpe guard. Johnathon had been a craftsmen his entire life, he smithed swords and armour for the guard and also did a bit of fletching as a hobby. They both met in the toad and chicken. Jacob was homeschooled from 3 till the age of 12, as the school was replaced with an armoury for the burthorpe guard. While he was homeschooled he learnt about herblore and doctoring from his mother, he became very interested in herblore and kept it as a hobby for most of his life. He also learnt craft skills such as metal work, building and crafting from his father, one day his father gave him a maple crossbow, Jacob would train with it almost everyday, he had a natural skill with it (His father claimed he got it from his granddad) being able to hit a bullseye from 50ft away by the age of 12. After homeschooling he worked for his father, he would often get out of work and head to the agility course where he liked to relax, he could complete faster than almost anyone else in burthorpe, later he would head to the toad and chicken where he would hear stories about great adventurers like Radimus, Xenia and Dionysius, he wanted to become an adventurer now. At 18 jacob applied for the guard to fight the trolls in the ranger division, he failed the test miserably as they required you to use a bow, instead of a crossbow. However he managed to persuade the man to let him have a try with a crossbow instead, with the crossbow he scored 49/50 on the test just narrowly missing the last bullseye due to a sudden gust of wind, he was then trained in the Burthorpe guard to prepare for the war with the trolls.

Joseph Lenny Southmage

When Jacob was 1 ½ years old jacob's brother Joseph was born. Jacob despised Joesph, and Joeseph despised him back. There personalities were complete opposites, where as jacob used a crossbow, his brother preferred a big 2 handed sword. Their bickering personalities left them ready to completely outshine the other. This lead to Jacob wanting to become a better crossbowman then Joseph was a swordsman, and Joseph wished that his sword play was better than Jacob's shooting. The 2 would often fight, but jacob being older and smarter usually gained the upper hand. Joseph also chose to go into smithing as jacob was much better at herblaw. Joseph proudly made a adamant chainmail for a rich duke to show off his skill. When Joseph was 15 Jacob announed he wanted to become an adventurer, Joseph then chose to announce his plans. He had chosen to become a mercenary, taking care of monsters for cash and beating people up who didn't pay their bills. Joseph left the next day, Jacob doesn't know what became of him and the 2 never speak or write to each other.

Army days

Despite being in the rangers division he had to learn how to fight with a sword, he hated getting up close thinking it a stupid tactic to win a war. He picked up agility and ranged skills farely quickly, but wasn't as good as the other soldiers at sword fighting. He was no good with an normal longbow but could hit a target farely easily with his Crossbow. He also was quick to learn with throwing knives, prefering them to any other weapon as they could also be used as an melee weapon. Jacob learnt to deal with death and war at a very young age, he would be ok with killing trolls and other monsters, but he was always a little guilty if he ever had to kill a man.At the age of 20 after spending a night in the pub he met an Adventurer who had just come back from Karamja, he told him all about adventuring and all the rewards. He left his life and headed over to white wolf mountain to start his adventures, he almost froze to death up there, and ended up falling down the mountain landing in a allotment patch.

The first adventure

Afters a weeks rest he took the next boat to Brimhaven, however he ended up taking the wrong boat and ended up in Port Khazard. When Jacob first Arrived in Port Khazard, he was approached by another crossbow man willing to make a bet. If Jacob could beat him then he'd win a prize. Jacob won, the man was impressed and revealed himself as a captain of a ship, he was in port selling and buying goods. Jacob won a bar of Yanillean Mithril, Jacob liked the metal, and later in life he acquired a big supply of it. With a lot of his weapons made from the stuff. The captain offered him a chance to join his crew in a few months when they headed off to Brimhaven. Jacob accepted, but the captain said he had to pay him first. So jacob set off to Yanille looking for work.

The 'real' first adventure

Whilst in brimhaven jacob found a small tribal village. They were small, however the chief was incredibly rich, as there was a deposit of gold right below the village. The chief and most of the villages could speak the common tongue as well as the trading they did with sailors, enabled them to learn the common tongue better. Jacob said he was looking for adventure to a member of the village, so they asked if he wanted to do the 4 trials. Jacob without even asking what they were, accepted. These were the trials of air, water, earth and Fire. The first task was to catch a certain type of bird, that makes it nest on the tree's surrounded by the Harpie bug swarms. The locals would do this by running really fast, climbing up the tree then taking the nests then catch the bird as it attempts to get the nest back. Jacob had read about the harpie's, but unfortunately he didn't have a lantern, and he didn't feel like risking his life for 1 stupid bird. Jacob saw the bird flying around the nest, mocking him (jacob thought), so he loaded his crossbow and fired, shooting the bird right through the heart, landing close enough for jacob to avoid the harpie swarms.

The trial of water was next, which involved getting a some water found in a cave behind a waterfall. Luckily this just involved scaling down a cliff near the waterfall, jacob had plenty of experiance climbing before so he managed to do it with ease. After getting the water jacob climbed back up and prepared to do the trial of earth. This involved finding a root that grew near the Jade Vine. After fighting numerous giant insects jacob retrieved it and left. The last task was the trial of fire. Jacob needed a piece of obsidian from inside the Tzhaar caves, where the villagers feared. Jacob entered and spoke to one of the Tzhaar mentioning where to get Tokkul. The Tzhaar mentioned the fight caves, so jacob entered. Jacob got to round 4 before eventually succumbing to the heat and he was forced to retire. However he was given some tokkul as a reward and was known as Jalyt-Xil.

After obtaining everything jacob gave it to the chief who thanked him. The chief explained that it was ingrediants for a potion he needed, that would make him strong. Jacob was rewarded with a crate of gold jewelry. Jacob picked up a amulet he found in there and decided to wear it to remind him of his first adventure. After dragging the gold back to the ship he found out he had to give 99.9% of it to the rest of the crew, which left him with a piece of a gold bar. Jacob decided to set sail for another adventure

Jacob the slayer

After a few more minor adventures, a year after the events previously mentioned Jacob arrived in Lumbridge. The ship had made a lucky find off the tyrasian coast, so a lot of the crew was able to retire. Jacob got the smallest share but it was still worth quite a bit. Jacob with his new found wealth was able to upgrade his gear. His leather armour was upgraded to be more durable and flexible, he could now afford to use mithril bolts instead of steel, and he was also able to buy a basic spellbook, a mith grapple and an array of throwing knives. He also sported a rather fine hat.

Jacob spent this time in lumbridge training as a monster slayer, people would approach slayer masters with tasks involving dispatching various monsters and some of these contracts would be given to jacob. A lot of these were goblins who had broken into houses but there were a few contracts that involved going into the lumbridge caverns. During one contract which involved retrieving a necklace from a giant frog jacob found himself inside the tears of guthix cavern. Here he met Juna and drank the tears, raising his understanding of farming. also during this time jacob happened upon a cave goblin with a crossbow attempting to kill the frog jacob was after. The goblin was very skilled and managed to subdue the frog, but it then found the necklace and picked it up. In the dark Jacob mistook him for the frog and shot him through the heart. Jacob saw the goblin and just thought of it as another land goblin. He took the necklace, and the crossbow and made his way out. Jacob found this 'bone' crossbow was much better then his current model and so he started using the bone crossbow, providing him with varied looks from passers by. He did these sorts of contracts after  a year of this Jacob recieved a letter, which gave jacob a sense of pride that he was one of the better adventurers out there.


This is the old version of the story, for the updated one click [[1]] 2 ½ years since he became an adventurer jacob had been invited to try join the champions guild. Entering the building jacob met up with 2 other slayers who'd also been asked to try join the guild. The 3 of them were invited to meet Oziach whose task was to challenge the applicants. Oziach was a grumpy tired warrior, who looked like he probably hated his job. As the 3 walked in, he groaned and looked through a file about what mission to give. He found one that all 3 of them could do and he gave it to them. The quest was to help cleanse the pond in the wilderness. People drinking the water in the pond seemed to come over some kind of illness, resulting in nausea, deliriousness and sometimes death. This sudden change was noticed by some of the camps in the wilderness and 1 camp decided to alert the champions Guild.

Jacob introduced himselfs to the men, the other 2 were Ruthven, a keen fencer, craftsmen and ladies man. The other was chranon, a kandarinian mage who had left the tower 3 years ago to pursue a life of adventure, he was typically quiet and he'd often be in deep thought. The 3 started out in varrock to listen to the rumours to see if anyone had fallen ill unexpectedly, it seemed that the disease had not spread down the river lum as expected but seemed contained in the pond. The 3 took canoes seperately up the river Lum, Jacob noticed a certain fungus growing by the water which didn't seem natural to the region, so jacob gently took some. At the scene jacob took a sample of the water in a vial and applied some tests to it, it appeared to match the description of an ancient curse used to poison water, according to charon, The only way to cleanse it was to perform the 'Anti-Ritual' at the same place the ritual took place, Ruthven deduced it must have been down the strange crevice in the ground near the water. As they went down they found the ritual circle, along with the ones who created it.

2 lesser demons were staring right at them and said "Looks like they sent 3 humans to deal with this, I was expecting a challenge. And the first demon charged at them. Jacob and Charon dodged out the way, but Ruthven Unsheathed his Silvthril rapier and nimbly slashed at the demons arm. "En Garde" Ruthven said and followed it through with a stab at the demon. As the blade impaled the demon, his screams filled the cavern, thats when the second demon appeared and shoved Ruthven out the way, flinging him against a wall. "I'll head to Ruth, You head over there and shoot your spells at them" Jacob shouted to Char, Char acknowledging by releasing the fire blast he was charging straight at the second demon who was hit straight in the chest. Jacob ran around the edge of the cavern Throwing his Knives at the demons repeatedly injuring them and dodging with his quick reflexes. One of the demons shot a fireball at Jacob and jacob was knocked off his feet, as the demon went in for the kill Ruthven quickly got up and shouted "Have at ye!" and slashed the demons hand off in 1 movement. Jacobly then shot his crossbow into the demons chest who turned top try and dodge it but got the bolt in the back, and then Charron finished the job with a fire wave he had been charging for a while straight into the head of the demon. The demon writhing in pain then suddenly exploded into guts spraying them all over the 3. All that was left of him was a pile of ash on the floor. But it was too late too celebrate as the 2nd demon had been preparing an ancient spell. The spell was cast and the cavern shook, and crashing through the wall came a revenant demon, wearing ancient armour. The revenant quickly cut down the original demon then proceeded to charge at the 3 men. Jacob shot a bolt at the demon but it just dented his armour slightly, the demon carried on its path. It slashed its 2 giant blades at the cliff, and it would've killed the 3 men if they hadn't moved. The cliff shook demonstrating the power of the demon. Ruthven quickly made a slash at the demon who suddenly shouted as the blade dug into the ghostly essence. THe demon then simply backhanded Ruthven slamming him 20ft behind him and into Jacob (Who ended up breaking his fall) Charron had an idea and brought out some kind of pouch and ordered the other 2 to protect him. Instantly in front of Charron a giant minotaur that appeared to made out of steel appeared and snorted. Charron looked deep in concentration as the demon ran towards him. The minotaur brandished his his huge battle axe and swung it at the demon, parrying his swords and forcing him backwards, ruthven took this chance to get behind the demon and started slashing repeatedly as an unarmoured spot on his back, ignoring the demons shouts. Jacob was currently on the floor out of breath and rummaging through a bag for supplies. The demon backed off and then slashed at ruthvens sword knocking it out of his hand, disarming him. Ruthven waas then kicked to the back of the cavern and knocked out against the cave wall. This gave a chance for the minotaur to strike at the demon, swinging at his back removing a piece of armour into the process. Charron now back on his feet after summoning the minotaur began charging a fire spell, Jacob saw this and suddenly rushed through his bag to find an undamaged flask full of oil. Jacob threw it at the demon who ignored it as the liquid spilt over the demon. As charron released his fire spell the oil around the demon set alight and the demon collapsed to the floor screaming. The minotaur then smashed his battle axe into the demons head and the demon collapsed and faded away slowly, leaving behind a few rusted relics.

After the minotaur woke up ruthven by shaking him really hard, the 3 went into the cave where the revenant had just been, inside they found a pile of ash and some ancient armour and swords, along with a few books. In one of the books they found out how to stop the ritual and purify the water once again. Using the fungus Jacob found, they purified the pond and headed back down stream to the champions guild, with ruthven taking one of the old swords, Charron taking the armour and Jacob taking the books. When they reached the Champions Guild they were congratulated and pronounced Champion's. They could now accept missions given to the Guild and become slightly more well known throughout the land. That night the 3 men had a party, and they decided to form a Questing Group where they would Quest together in hopes of reaching new glory, and maybe even becoming 'Heroes'. Jacob was 23 at the time.

The 3 Champions

The 3 men were able to learn some back story about each other after joining the Guild. Ruthven was the son of an varrock noble and had started his love of adventuring by learning about his grandfather. Ruthven would always wear very light armour, sometimes just a set of travelling clothes when fighting with his Rapier, which was a gift handed down in his family from his ancestor who was a captain in the battles against morytania. Ruthven enjoys travelling into morytania as he prefers to go on slightly more dangerous adventures than others. Ruthven is surprisingly quick with his blade and can sometimes disarm a fan within 3 seconds. He is also a ladies man and will often pretend to be something he is not, like a fortune teller or travelling magician, in order to gain their attention. Ruthven had joined the slayer group in order to fulfill his want of adventure... and meet as many desperate woman as possible, it was rumoured that people wanted him so desperately that they'd dress up as women in order to get him to help them quicker. This rumour was of course started by Ruthven.

Charron had a very different story, he grew up in West Ardougne and had been studying magic since he was young. At the age of 12 he was invited to the wizards tower in misthalin in order to train magic. He left 10 years later skilled with pretty much the entire basic spell book. Charron spent the next few years of his life searching for new magics. He has been deep into kharidia and through ancient caverns and caves searching for knowledge of ancient magiks. After gathering countless information about magiks, he was now capable of casting medium level ancient magiks. He joined the slayer group in order to defeat ancient monsters and learn their secrets, unfortunately goblins (The usual contract) didn't usually carry ancient spell books. Compared to Ruthven, Charron usually only speaks when discussing magic.

Together the 3 could complete any quest, Jacob was an accurate archer, great craftsmen and expert potion master, he was also a great acrobat and could get them out of tight situations. Ruthven was a cool calm swordsmen who had a way with words that could persuade anyone, he was also a great lock picker and pickpocket, and a great cook. He was also a good smith and his knowledge of ores was astounding. Charron was skilled in survivalist skills and magic. He was also a skilled summoner and was strong and silent. Together they were almost unbeatable.

Jacob also learnt skills from the 2, Ruthven taught him how to pick basic locks, fight with a sword and play the piano. Charron taught Jacob the art of magic, so that Jacob was apt in teleportation and blast spells. Jacob also taught them and life was good.

The tasks they were given included them travelling to far off places, including trollheim, morytania, Gu'ttanoth and the Rising Sun Inn. There big break came when they were given the task of defending a small fremmenik village from a strykewyrm. This was the ultimate test for a slayer and the trio was successful as jacob and ruthven distracted him whilst charron launched barrage after barrage of fire spells at it. Charron also managed to acquire a ancient staff of light from the monster, this later became his signature weapon. The 3 became famous throughout the slayer community, however after almost 2 years later, Charron recieved a letter.

He was invited to a voyage to the Eastern lands, a place filled with rumour and magic. However Jacob and Ruthven couldn't come with him. The 2 waved their friend off from the pier and watched as Charron sailed away. Jacob and Ruthven later stayed in the tavern when they both recieved a letter with a Gilded H on the front. Jacob opened his first and started reading it out. Charron's adventures in Wushanko are described on his page

The 2 Heroes

"Dear Jacob Johnathon Peterson Southmage, Champion ('They missed Brian Jacob said, but continued reading) we at the Guild of Heroes have heard tale of the countless adventures you have had, so many we have heard, that we have decided to invite you to join the Heroes Guild. Should you accept we will put you through the ultimate test to determine if you are worthy. Invitations have also been sent to Ruthven Galand and Charron Armen. We hope to see you back in Burthorpe soon.


"Poor Charron" Jacob said as he put the letter away, "Well he would have preferred the eastern lands anyway". Jacob and Ruthven set off. They arrived in Burthorpe and stayed at Jacob's old house. His parents had travelled to Catherby to visit their relatives but Jacob had just caught them before they left. He introduced them to Ruthven and told them about his adventures, and then inquired about his brother. They said Joseph left for Menaphos, and this made Jacob curious about why he would go there. The next morning was cold and damp, a fog was rolling in from the north followed by the sound of trolls fighting. Achiettes was stood outside the door her head held out high, Jacob had no idea how she ended up a hero, or how she ended up giving out the entrance exams. "Good Morning." She said "you must be Ruthven and Jacob". Jacob started to talk but was interupted by Ruthven. "A good morning to you too!" he said in a cheerful voice, "My I never thought the legends about your skill would be true, or the legends about your beauty". 

Facepalming was a concept as old as time, it was said Guthix himself facepalmed at the site of a human saw off the branch he was sitting on, this was known as the F.O.G or facepalm of Guthix, or so the rumour goes. Countless people continued to facepalm after this, it was said that there was a teacher with so many stupid students, he facepalmed so much, his face turned purple from the amount of pain it was causing him. Yes facepalming was indeed a concept as old as time, and Jacob continued this concept right now as Ruthven 'embarrassed' himself. The sound of the facepalm wasn't heard by Ruthven or Achiettes, but the vibrations caused by it echoed through space deeper and deeper, until it arrived at an alien world where they were just starting their peace talks to their 1000 year end war. Their high tech magical devices picked up the sound as detected it as hostile carrying on the war for another 1000 years. Had Jacob been able to witness this event himself he would have surely facepalmed again. However Jacob had more important business to do than to facepalm and continued the conversation with Achiettes.

"So the challenge" Jacob said. "Right" she replied, "I'll get it for you". She disappeared into the building. Jacob already knew what the challnege was, her challenges were spoken of throughout Burthorpe. Inside the building Achiettes was looking through a bestiary of Items, searching for some good ones for the adventurers to collect, so she could add these to her collection. She later returned from the Guild and opened her scroll. ">You must collect the following items<" Jacob whispered to Ruthven. "You must collect the following items" she replied 'unexpectedly'. A troll generals hammer, The mutated tail of a Jadinko, and a cooked fish of Rock.". Jacob was confused at the mention of the items, "Whats a Jadinko?" he said. Ruthven then followed up with "Where abouts is this town called Rock?". "The Trial starts now, you have a year, get going." And she disappeared inside.

Jacob and Ruthven looked at each other, confused. "I say we start with the troll generals hammer." Jacob said. "So where are we going?" Ruthven replied.

"Were going North."



"Not south?"

"No, North."

"So its north then."


"Care to be more specific."



"Yes, its north."

"North of where?"

"North of here."

"So where is trollheim?"


"More specifically?"

"North of here."

This continued for about 10 minutes, after which Ruthven and his throbbing head marched North through Burthorpe and into the mountains. Jacob followed alongside him. After a days marching they had reached the summit of the mountain and ate some goat. "364 days left Jacob." Ruthven said before munching on some goat leg. "shhh, I think I've located the cave of one of them" Jacob replied pointing at a cave past an encampment of trolls. "How do you know?" Ruthven replied, and at this point a 10ft tall troll appeared shouting and holding a hammer and another troll, then later he threw the troll into another troll and disappeared into a cave. The 2 followed the troll into the cave, sneaking past the other troll's outside. The general was sleeping on a huge pile of rocks, Jacob started to sneak up to the guard when Ruthven rushed forward and slashed his throat with his rapier. They took the hammer and returned back to Burthorpe.

After returning to Burthorpe they went looking through Jacobs collection of books for a mention of Jadinko's or rockfish. The 2 decided to work seperately for the time being, and started researching through the books in the varrock library. They could find very few referrence to a rock fish in the fishing books, but Ruthven found a reference in a dwarven book. Having found this infomation, being a skilled fisher Ruthven set off immediately. Jacob on the other hand was having trouble finding information about Jadinko's. In an old book about Karamja he found a refference to the Jade vine which also mentioned the word Jadinko. Jacob decided to set off for the island and spent a week navigating through the jungles looking for the vine. He eventually found it. Jacob found an small hollow area in one of the vines. Jacob climbed through it and found a whole colony of Jadinko's, none of them mutated and also he found his Grandfather, Centauri Southmage.

To Jacob this wasn't normal, mainly because Centauri was in his late 50's, and to Jacob, Centauri wasn't a good fighter, slayer or traveller. So why was Jacob finding his grandpa, in the middle of the Karamjan jungle, in a room full of lizardy plant things. Centauri was a master craftsmen and slayer, he fought with an adamant 2 handed sword with a runite alloy. Jacob had met him twice in his life, both times he was working at the forge. Centauri explained to jacob the art of killing mutated jadinko's and then promised him a special reward when he got back. Jacob got the tail and then took the next boat back to Port Sarim.

Ruthven didn't have a good time. When he met up with Jacob in the blue moon inn, his armour was dented and his prized fishing rod had snapped in 2. However, on the end of the fishing rod was a dark brown fish. Jacob placed his jadinko tail on the table, and ruthven put his fish on the table. Unfortunately they were kicked out the inn for stinking up the place. Using an old ice box from when they had to kill desert lizards, the 2 went off to the guild and spoke to achiettes. They handed her the stuff and she congratulated them. "Congratulations, you've successfully collected all 3 items. As your reward, I bestow upon you the title of Heroes. You also have access to the guild, including the services and quests we provide. And your proof of title, are these amulet of glory's." The 2 put their amulets on and thanked her. Then they went to get a drink. Just in time for Jacob's 25th birthday.

Seperate ways

Life at the heroes guild was much tougher than the champions guild. Quests were much more difficult. In the champions guild, it usually involved dealing with bandits or a rogue demon. Ruthven was tired and found a way to get out of a lot of the work. The position for the morytanian quester had recently opened up. Ruthven theorised that noone would need work in morytania, and if they did they wouldn't contact the heroes guild. However after a month of no work, an assignment to escort a group of saradominist monks through the swamp came through. Ruthven went over and spent a long time there. Eventually he took quests through a commorb link and stayed with his 'cousin'.

Charron and Ruthven had both left the group. Jacob was on his own. He took many assignments all over the world. He also managed to 'acquire' a few tasks to Karamja, he spent a lot of the time killing mutated jadinko's. Jacob cut a vine off each one he killed. Though Jacob couldn't understand them, the other Jadinko's thanked him too. He was given a variety of strange fruit, jacob gained a craving for the different fruits. Jacob managed to acquire a collection of roughly 1400 tails. The effort didn't seem to stop the Jainko's much, jacob assumed they had a fast birth rate.

On one occasion Jacob managed to help escort a member of the wizards guild through a series of tunnels under Yanille, at one point saving his life. The wizard vowed to repay him one day. Another time he had to help stop an assassination plot to kill a kandarinian noble. Thanks to jacob's strategic planning, Jacob was able to stop the plot with no casualties, and only minor damage to the mans home. The nobleman tried to give jacob some of his treasure but Jacob refused. The nobleman thought jacob was being very humble, but the heroes guild rules permit any extra reward must be shared with the guild, and jacob wasn't very happy with Achiettes at the time. The nobleman said he'd find anotherway to repay him.

After more than 4 years Jacob was tired, the quests were becoming more and more repetetive. He had also fractured his arm in a mission in relleka. Jacob arrived home at burthorpe to find his family their celebrating something. They knew jacob was coming and had prepared a surprise party for him. He was joined by Hyacinth, Centauri, Johnathon and Jaqueline southmage, his family. He was also joined by a strangely dressed man who Jacob recognised as Charron. Charron had discarded his robes and gone with a set of strange armour made of crocodile leather, complete with tail and head. His staff of light was also wrapped in leather of another strange animal. That wasn't all, Ruthven was there, he looked extremly pale and battle worn, and was sporting yet another new hat, he was also joined by a much stronger bigger man, boasting a small set of leather armour and a granite mace.

Hyacinth had made the birthday pie, thanks to jacob's effort collecting jade vine fruit, he was able to make a huge jade fruit pie. "Wow the big three-oh, you know the life expectancy for someone in our line of work is a year after starting." Ruthven said, starting the conversation. "One day, maybe I'll even reach that age, a few more years yet though". "Hah! If your younger than 30, I'll eat my armour. Anyway you think thats old, I'm 42. " Charron said as he laughed. The man Ruthven brought along stepped in. In a deep growling voice he said "I'm Ruffven, with 2 f's. I'm a slayer and smuggler. I'm Ruthven's cousin, well technically 3rd or 4th cousin or something like that. Anyway if were talking about ages, I'm 54, beat that." Jacob and Charron both simultaneously realized something, whilst Ruthven smiled in them and tried to show everything was fine. "You look pretty young lookin' for a 52 year old..., anyways *Cough* 83.. *cough*." Hyacinth interuppted. "Now lets open the presents". The presents included:

  • A silvthril sword with a red tip and a square base from Ruthven, called the 'Ace of diamonds'.
  • A pile of books from Charron
  • A barrel of mead from Ruffven
  • An impressively crafted Buckler from his Dad.
  • An casket of various herbs and potions from his mum.
  • A portrait of Jacob from Hyacinth.
  • and finally...

"Now I have 2 presents for you Jacob." Centauri started. He then produced a strange mask of a strange material, that resembelled a jadinko. "This is a gift given by slayer masters to the top slayers of certain monsters, The amount of tails you've given is impressive, so I'm presenting you with this. The Helm of mutation." Jacob took the mask and felt it in his hands, the material felt strange and yet magical. Upon putting it on jacob felt a sharp pain in his head, and he lost all sense of what happened next.

He later woke up and could hear "--ast time, when you gave John that baby Roc. You didn't tell us tha--" "-on refundable this sword, I better not find it --" "Look the enchantments finally kicked in!". Jacob stood up, feeling dizzy. Upon trying to speak Jacob found the mouth of the mask moved. It was like Jacob had turned into a Jadinko, however upon closer examination, Jacob found he hadn't. "That is awesome!" Ruthven stepped in and said, Charron then said "It's some sort of mimic enchantment, I believe. I've heard of these masks, their quite rare".

After a brief examination in the mirror Jacob found the mask also blinked when he blinked, and the toungue moved as he moved it, it also appeared to be stuck. Which Centauri claimed was only temporary. After pie and mead, and chat and more mead the party had reached its end. Jacob's parents and Hyacinth had gone to bed. And jacob was sat down with a glass of mead. "So what was the other present, you said you had 2?" Jacob said with a slight lisp due to the mask. Centauri Produced a letter. "This came for you yesterday." Jacob started to read it out aloud.

"Dear Jacob Johnathon Peterssson Brian Sssouthmage, Hero. We congratulate you on your 10 year anniversssary of adventuring, mossst people retire by now or die. Anywaysss, we have recieved 3 lettersss, from high ranking people, commending your work. They have come from a high ranking knight of Ardougne, a high wizard from the guild and a high ranking ssslayer and Hero." -Centauri started to smile- "We hereby offer you an invitation, into the Legendssss Guild. On which, if you ssshould complete their tasssk, you ssshall gain memberssship. Arrive at the Guild which is north eassst of Ardougne asssap. From the Quesssting council."

Jacob cracked a smile, which in the Jadinko mask, looked sinister. He was going to join the legends guild. The next day Jacob sat around a table with Charron, Ruthven and Ruffven, drinking mead. Jacob still hadn't figured out how to take the mask off and had resorted to wearing a hood for the time being so as not to freak out anyone. Jacob asked Charron what he was doing in the eastern lands. Charron simply said "The only thing I'll say is that I'm a much better wizard now than when you met me". Ruthven stepped in saying "You've also gotten more grey". "Now I can formally introduce Ruffven Galand, he's my cousin but he's more like my brother. He's a --" "Werewolf...." Jacob bumped in.  "Is it that obvious... was it the accent?" Ruthven replied. "Or the fact he looks a bit young for 53" Charron said. "Anywayyyyy...., now that the lycanthrope thing is out of the way." Ruthven said. It wasn't.

Ruffven 'Wolf' Galand

"Now as I was saying, this is my cousin.. well more of a brother actually. The thing is... well...". Ruffven finally stood up, Jacob hadn't taken a good look at him before. He was more than 6ft at least, he towered over all 3 of them. He had a ragged red suit, which looked odd at first because there was wear that ressembelled leather armour overlay, which werewolfs didn't normally wear whilst in human form, at least, thats what Jacob believed. He was definetly a Galand though, if Jacob squinted he sort of looked like Ruthven after the Champions Guild exam. A belt ran across his chest which use to hold a large backpack, but he currently had some sort of mace.

Ruffven spoke "My name is Ruffven, named after Ruthven's father, of the same name. I never knew my father, mother said he'd been abducted. My real father was Ruthven's father. He looked after us, came up with our plan. Mother convinced everyone he was one of us, she hid him from the vyre's, old techniques to mask the scent. Of course Grandpa helped of course. When I was 17 he started our plan, a smuggling operation between Canifis and Varrock. He was determined I get used to crossing the Salve before the bloodening, hoped it would weaken the effects when it came to it. The plan was to sell valuable objects we'd collected over the years, sell it to collectors, use the money to buy food and other essential objects, then bring it back to Canifis to trade for more objects. IT was a huge success, not only for us, but the Galand family made a fortune. We had a huge collection of runes that noone used, a few pebbles for a good meal seemed like a good deal for most people. He had connections with the wizards guild, and knew the runes were running out, that's what brought the biggest profit.

When I was 28, he fell in love with another woman and had a child, Ruthven Galand the 2nd. However the mother fell into a coma and was bedridden. He thought Ruthven needed a proper family, so he came to Canifis with us. I also got use to the transformation's, they were less painful but I wasn't use to the strength. At 40 I was in your equivalent of teen's, me and Ruth looked practically the same age. Me and him were taught to fight with a weapon, as a present I was given my mace and Ruthven his Rapier. We use to spend our spare time fighting in the slayer tower, Ruth would say We would one day be the best slayers in the world, and here we were fighting giant hands.

We would train for hours there. We managed to presuade Mazchna for equipment to fight the tougher monsters. Then at 45 I matured. Ruth and I were taking on some banshee's, when a strange group of mages appeared and attacked us. Something clicked and it was mostly a blur, I remember screams, flesh being ripped and Ruth shouting. I also remember enjoying it. Then I remembered what happened next, I was standing over Ruth, a huge gash across his chest, a strong smell  of blood in the air. He was just sat there holding his wound then looked up at and just smiled that goofy smile of his. I started laughing, which while being a hulking beast sounds like a rather odd growl. I felt weak. I collapsed, slowly I got back up though. Ruth was still doing that smiling and just said lets get out of here.

Granddad and father were there, it must've looked a sight, a 17 year old bleeding and coughing, being supported by a werewolf who was also being supported by the human. They didn't find it funny though. Then I remember smiling then blanking out.

When I came to Ruth was next to me, bandaged almost everywhere. I looked fine and the wound's I'd sustained had healed. He walked over and said with that stupid smile of his "Well, it seems only 1 of us is premanently scarred. You almost broke my ribcage. There still a bit of fur coming out of your ears though", I was just happy he was still alive. "Dad said you've got your bloodening coming up. I'm not allowed to watch though".

I didn't want him watching. That didn't stop him from making a cake. The smuggling operations didn't change much, it required a lot more mental effort to cross the salve, but fathers plan had worked at least. I was always feeling under the weather across the salve, but it wasn't that big of a deal. However it was hard work when Ruth thought it was a good idea to throw a bucket of the salve water over me. Anyway a year later, Ruth announced he wanted to be an adventurer and slayer. And that he wanted me to join him. I managed to last a year over the salve but it became too much for me. Also the slayer masters gave me and Ruth odd looks, and I think it was because of me. I decided to take up slaying missions at the tower and in the haunted woods only.

and several years later Ruth turns up wearing one of those Heroes Guild amulets. He said he was exhausted and wanted a vacation to Canifis. He told me all about his "adventures" with Jacob and Charron. Then he explained Jacob's 30th was coming up soon which was apparently something important. Then Ruthven asked me."

"Assssked you what?" Jacob asked. Ruthven stepped in and said "I want to remake our adventuring group again, like good old times. But I want Ruffven to join us. We'd be able to take on more adventures near mortton and the Haunted woods, and Ruff gets to see this side of the salve and experiance the adventure", "After you get into the Legends guild I have a quest lined up already, something about a strange portal at the top of slayers tower. You know, where we were told not to go".

"Alright then." Jacob said. "I will make you all proud and become a legend". "So half your family our werewolves, and you were raised by some. Sound's like something out of Legend." Charron interuppted.

"Technically Ruffven's 7/8's of a werewolf." Ruthven retaliated with, and the conversation carried on into the night.

The Legend

The ship pulled into Ardougne, the waves splashed against the ships floor, so did Ruffven's stomach contents. "Blearghhhh!!" At the front of the ship Jacob stood, his hood blowing in the wind, the mask was still stuck on. Centauri said that this happens sometimes, and it would come off after some sort of stressful confrontation or combat encounter. The ship finally pulled into port, much to the relief of Ruffven.

It was a few hours walk to the legends guild, most of it was spent listening to Ruthven.

  • "...I took out at least half of those infernal mages, in fact I..."
  • "...oh wait, your not a hero, your a 'champion...', this just shows that..."
  • "...least I'm the most normal out of us, we've got Lizard face, Crocodile body..."
  • "...didn't have to hit me as hard as you did back..."

At last they arrived at the legends Guild, a huge Mithril fence surrounded the building, patrolled by guards wearing blue armour. Jacob, Charron and Ruffven were in awe, Ruthven was still rubbing his arm. Jacob showed his letter to the guild and was sent inside to speak to Radimus Erkle, the Grand Vizier. He spoke a bit about Jacob's reputation, the code of the Guild and finally the task. Jacob would have to find a safe way into the swamps in the far south east of the Kharidian Desert, update the maps of the area and try to find any locals and bring back a symbol of friendship.

"I thought these tasks were meant to be hard." Ruthven said. "Have you never been to the South Kharid, thats where menaphos lies, and also many camps of bandits. The swamps themselves are also hard to navigate, let alone cartograph. The crocodiles there are enourmous, so are the locusts. And no other questing guild members are aloud to help out." Charron replied, then taking in a deep breath.

The 4 were in Jacob's house, it was a modest sized house (Ruthven remarked how his was bigger) and it was filled with books and questing and slaying trophies. Jacob got out a load of gear for the desert, consisting of water tiara's, dry food, waterskins and other various item's. Charron managed to teleport all 4 of them to an area near Pollivneach, Ruffven was then sick again. At Pollivneach Jacob was discussing with the other 3 about what to do. "What will you 3 be doing while I'm braving the swamps?" Jacob asked. "You mean 2, Ruffven's going with you". Jacob and Ruffven both suddenly stared at Ruthven. Ruffven growled. "Look." Ruthven said. "you need all the help you can get, and Ruffven isn't a guild member, you'll both do great". Charron stepped in before an argument could start. "Me and 'Ruthven' are going to go explore the huge tower to the north, we'll meet you both in Al Kharid". And with that, Charron and Ruthven rushed out the bar. Jacob looked to Ruffven, "Are you any good as a cartographer?" he asked. "Making maps never really seemed to be a priority for me." Ruffven replied.

Jacob and Ruffven found themselves in Nardah, searching the marketplace for a Cartographer. As Jacob started asking around, Ruffven sat back, eating a choc ice. Eventually after 4 choc ices had been eaten, Jacob found someone. He wore a black mask and black leather armour, he also carried a giant Adamant sword and a strange dagger. He called himself Dark Menaphite. "2000 gold, thats my final offer" he said. Jacob with his mouth wide open replied "How about 500 now, and then 1500 when the job is done." "Fine" he replied.

As they neared the cliff's that seperated the swamp from the Desert, darkness fell. The 3 camped at the face of the cliff, with 'Dark' retreating to his tent quickly. "We should take turns guarding, this is bandit country, and I don't trust 'Dark'" Jacob said. Jacob decided to take the first watch. After a few hours he swampped with Ruffven. As they were switching Ruffven suddenly grabbed Jacob. "His scent, it leads away from the tent. There are also many people heading this way". "The b******, quick put the fire out." Ruffven quickly did so. Jacob quickly rummaged through his bag to find a small vial of nightvision, he quickly swallowed it. Jacob could see the men clearly, there were about 5 of them, 4 with scimitars and 1 with a bow. "How's your visibility?" Jacob whispered to Ruffven. "I can just make them out in the moonlight". Jacob loaded his crossbow. "I'll take out the guy on the left, when your ready, go for it." Ruffven nodded. Jacob pulled the trigger, releasing the bolt. It soared through the air before landing in one of the bandit's skulls. Jacob quickly reloaded, but the men were closing in fast. Ruffven took this oppurtunity to jump out and bash another of the bandit's skull in with his mace. The other 2 Scimitar weilders approached Ruffven from both sides. Jacob rushed up behind the one behind Ruffven and bashed his crossbow into his head, then unloading the bolt into his chest. Ruffven then knocked the scimitar out of the others hand then swung the mace into the guy's ribs. This left the bowman who took this moment to fire a shot at Ruffven, hitting him in the shoulder, Jacob quickly grabbed a knife from his belt and threw it at the man, it hit him in the throat, the bowman dropped his bow and collapsed to the ground. "This one's still alive".

Jacob turned to see the man who was fighting Ruffven earlier, he had broken bloody hands, and it was probably the same for his ribs. Ruffven grabbed by the shirt with one hand and said "Who are you?". The man shouted something in a language neither of them understood, so Ruffven threw him into the dirt. The man then shouted "The boss was right.", then he slowly stood up. Jacob walked over and kicked him to the ground again. Jacob placed his foot on his chest and pointed the crossbow at him, it wasn't loaded, it was just being used to intimidate. "Who is your boss?" The man then said something that isn't a nice thing to say to someone. Jacob kicked the man in the ribs, pulled him up and pushed him so he stands up. "Who is your boss!". The man spat out some blood and started to form a word, but at that moment, an adamant sword appeared where his heart use to be. Dark menaphite quickly pulled out the blade and walked back to his tent. As he walked back he said "I guess a few stragglers got away from the group I attacked. Don't worry, 'They' won't try anything like that again.".

The 3 men had reached the South coast of Kharidia, they marched along the coast, sweating in the baking hot sun. Dark marched on ahead, whilst Jacob struck up a conversation with Ruffven. "Not bad for a werewolf.", "Whats that supposed to mean?".

"I mean, most spend their whole lives never needing to swing a blade."

"Thats because... well when I change I'm strong, much stronger than any human.. but compared to the other villagers."

"So, thats your advantage then. You can actually use a weapon."

"Thats right, also avoids suspicoun when I'm in Varrock."

"So.... what was growing up with Ruthven like?"

"Strange, having a brother who grew up faster than you. But we got along. I never knew why he liked it in Canifis."

"Maybe he just liked having a brother."

Ruffven smiled. "Yeah a brother who enjoys ripping humans to pieces. He kept asking question about werewolves."

"What kind of questions?"

"Ruthven questions. 'If your tail gets chopped off do you feel like somethings missing as a human', 'Could you beat a dragon in a fight?' 'What does human taste like?'"

"And you answered them?"

"I wasn't about to chop my own tail off to find out, also I don't know what a dragon is."

"So, what does human taste like?"

"It tastes better than snail."

Now jacob smiled. "Your definetly his brother."

Dark signalled them over, above a hill, they saw a huge cliff stretching upwards. Dark pointed out the cliff on the map, and where a passage to the swamps existed. Eventually they made their way through the cliff and into the swamp. Dark started to climb the cliff and sketch the landscape onto a piece of paper. They did this for the rest of the day, sketching safe paths through the water, the coastline and the Crocodile's mainly gathered. Ruffven went hunting for crocodiles and came back with a giant 8ft long one. Jacob cooked the crocodile whilst Ruffven ate his raw.

The next day they sketched the north side of the swamp, going from east to west. Eventually they had sketched the landscape of the swamp completely. It wasn't the best, but it would definetly help any adventurer. Next they climbed up the cliff to where Dark said, the 'locals' lived. They camped by a water source and had leftover crocodile for breakfast. Jacob was woken up later that knight by Ruffven. "Darks headed into a cave. Quick lets follow him. Jacob grabbed a torch and headed into the cave.

Ruffven was able to track Dark further into the cave, eventually they found him conversing with 2 'people'. The 2 people made strange clicking sounds. Ruffven could hear what they were saying and repeated it to Jacob. "Look, I'm telling you, those 2 men up there are here to kill you" "We see no reason to meet them, even should they wish to find us, they would be forever lost in the caves." "Argghhh, I've had enough of this" They heard the sound of shell snapping and a scream that shouted "Keris!". Jacob and Ruffven rushed towards dark. On the floor was the body of some strange insectoid, there was another one of them standing towards Dark, with a dagger protruding from his chest. The hand that held the dagger belonged to Dark, who saw them and ran off. Leaving the dagger behind, he barged through also knocking the torch onto the floor.

Jacob knelt down beside the Scarab like thing. He pulled the dagger out slowly. "It is too late for me *click*, the other's will have heard us, they will be here soon. Take my lance, and get that man. The creature then stopped clicking. An explosion was heard a bit further up the cave and the floor gave way.

It had been a few hours later, that Jacob woke up, Ruffven shaking him awake. "Were trapped." Ruffven said. Jacob couldn't see anything, Ruffven could barely see at all. "Urghhh" Jacob went. "Can you still track him?". "Yes. I believe theres a way out up that way. I can hear the wind". That news gave Jacob hope. "It might be along way to go though, did you bring any food with you, I have water." Jacob took a swig of water, he then handed the waterskin to Ruffven, who drank the rest of it. "No, I rushed here after him, even my mace is back up top." "Can you see?" "I can find a way to see better." A few moments later, something big grabbed Jacob's arm.

Jacob grabbed onto Ruffven's arm as he led the way through the caves. Jacob was never a fan of werewolf's, not a lot of people are, so being lead through a long set of caves he couldn't see, by some hulking beast that breathed heavily, who only days ago talked about how he liked ripping humans apart, and  had his claws digging into his wrist. This was not a good day. However Jacob wasn't that concerned as he was getting aches all over his head. These aches turned into bigger aches when Jacob was slammed against a wall. Jacob pushed it and it moved a little, Jacob and Ruffven both pushed together and they fell out into the hot desert air. They weren't far from the camp, then Jacob turned and saw Ruffven. He was glad they weren't enemies. Dark wouldn't be so glad.

At the camp they actually found Dark waiting for them. Jacob's hood had ripped, and Jacob was now walking around with his Jadinko mask showing. "Seem's neither of you are human" Dark said calmly, he brought his sword up to his shoulders. "However, it seems that's a mask your wearing there, care to take it off." Jacob slowly took his mask off, air rushed back on his face for the first time in ages, the whole cave thing must have caused to mask to loosen."Now you take off yours." Dark laughed and slowly took off his mask, the face was barely recognizable but Jacob knew who it was. "Hello Brother" said Joseph.

"Why are you doing this!" Jacob shouted. "What, not even a hello. Heh. I've been dreaming of this moment, you ruined my life. It was obvious our parents loved you more, and becoming an adventurer. I'd never seen Gramps more proud of you, following in his footsteps, whilst I was still following dad's. But I was too good for that, down here people respect and fear me. I make money by the barrel load, noone can match my skill. Be they human or not. When I saw your book's I knew it was you, now your dream will never come true, you won't become a legend, and I am going to guarentee noone remembers you..."

Jacob had had enough, he threw the Lance from the Scabarite at Joseph, he deflected it back with his shield and rushed towards Jacob. Jacob dodge his strike and went to smash him over the head with his crossbow. Joseph dodged and punched Jacob in the wrist knocking the crossbow out of his hands. Joseph was about to finish Jacob off when a huge claw knocked him backwards. Joseph struggled to keep on his feet, but just faced Ruffven and smiled, if Ruffven smiled right then, then it would look less creepy then that. "Lets see if the mighty Werewolves can live up to their reputation". Ruffven charged at Joseph and repeatedly tried to slash him, Joseph tried his hardest to dodge them, but got hit on the arm. Then in an amazing manuvour, he deflected the claw's with his sword and brought the hilt down onto Ruffven's leg's with tremendous force. Ruffven howled and collapsed on the floor. But Jacob had gotten back up, before Joseph could seize the oppurtunity, Jacob, without his crossbow ran towards Joseph and tackled him over the cliff. The drop was about 10ft, but Joseph treated it like it was nothing. Jacob took this oppurtunity and stabbed Joseph in the back with the Keris. Joseph picked Jacob up and tossed him near the edge of the cliff. Joseph went to push him off when the Lance sailed through the air and hit Joseph in the shoulder, unfortunately it was the blunt end that hit him. However this was enough for jacob to kick Joseph backwards. Jacob picked up the lance, he was never could with meelee weapon's, and he was going against a much bigger opponent. Jacob decided to just dodge as many as Joseph's attacks as possible, after several attempts Joseph Brought the sword above his head for a final blow, Jacob got there first, the lance span round and went straight through Joseph's chest. Joseph dropped his sword in shock and said "How... this was going to be the epic climax to my story." Jacob replied with "This is my story now." and he pulled the lance out. "And I'm going to write you out of it." And Jacob kicked Joseph in the chest, sending him into the swamps below. Jacob looked up and saw a rope being thrown down by a more human looking Ruffven. Ruffven smiled. "Not bad for a human".

A death in the family

Jacob climbed up the rope, lance firmly held in his hand. Ruffven pulled him up and Jacob saw the damage to his leg. Ruffven coughed and said "I found his bag, it was full of strength potions and enchanted jewelry. A normal human isn't that strong." "Is your leg okay?" "It'll heal, perks of being a werewolf." Ruffven then walked towards the tent's and fell over. Jacob gave him the lance to use as a support. Fortunately Joseph hadn't destroyed the maps, or any of their equipment. After a day's rest Jacob was still sore, whereas Ruffven had healed completely. They both made their way to Al - Kharid. They had arrived earlier then expected so Jacob showed Ruffven around. A few days later Ruthven and Charron arrived. They mentioned fighting the demon from the champion's guild test again, among other monsters. Jacob made his way back to the Legends Guild where he was made a member. His dream had come true. They all went to Jacob's house to celebrate, Joseph's sword left in a corner somewhere. Jacob now listened to what the 3 of his friends wanted to do. Ruthven wanted to form a group of adventurers to take on all the Quest's in Morytania. And so they did. They renovated Ruthven and Ruffven's old house and refitted the basement. Jacob was the happiest he had ever been, and he wanted things to stay like this forever...


This carries on the adventures of the 4 questers, this particular pages references the major events that took place in the 4th year of the questers 5 year stint. The other years are covered in the Charron Armen, Ruthven Galand and Ruffven Galand pages.

Seeking Lost Memories

Jacob poured over the book as he wrote down the translation onto paper. He was slowly gaining an understanding of the culture this book was made by. He was also gaining a hatred over how much effort he was having to put in. There was a knock at the door to his room. "Mail call!" Ruthvens voice shouted. Jacob got up eager for a distraction, he opened the door and Ruthvens smiling face greeted him. "Another quest?" Jacob asked. "Don't know, it's blank" Ruthven said. Jacob closed the door, not giving Ruthven the thank you he was after. He opened it, it smelt faintly of smoke, as if someone had tried to remove any trace of where it came from. It read "Want to learn where your ring came from? It was around about your 16th birthday, confused? To learn more head to the following coordinates..." it read. Jacob took off his glove, a silver ring shone brightly, a bright small sapphire glistened at the top, around the edge read 'Raptor + Kestrel', 2 birds. Jacob had a deep attachment to the ring but he couldn't remember how he got it. His 16th birthday was also quite vague, all he remembered was that around then his future was decided. "A compelling read, but by an unknown author" he said to himself. He quickly checked a map for the coordinates, it was near Morytania, a blank area of ocean North East of Phasymystas. "Strange" he said to himself.

Jacob decided not to tell anyone about it, packing his things quietly and walking off towards Phasymystas. He used some of his left over tokens and looked for a ship for hire. He managed to find an old pirate who was selling his small ship. Jacob wasn't good at haggling and the boat cost him most of his gold, as he began to set up he someone walk on deck. "Where are you headed?" Ruffven asked. Jacob sighed. "I was hoping I wouldn't have to tell anyone..." He replied. Ruffven decided to help Jacob. "Were you following me?" he asked. Ruffven kept silent. "You never told me where your headed?" he said. "That's because I don't know the answer" he replied. "Are you just heading out to sea and never coming back?" Jacob gave a weak chuckle. "No, I just have some coordinates, it's about 2 hours north east of here". Ruffven simply gave a concerned look. Jacob sighed. "I'll probably need someone to keep the ship steady while I navigate" he said. "Sure thing" he replied.

Jacob took the wheel at first but handed it to Ruffven once they'd left port. Jacob checked the map, it appeared to be just a straight trip, no sea monsters, pirates or zombie reef monsters. "But what is there, nobody's marked it" he said to himself. He walked on deck to check the skies, Ruffven was looking nervous handling the ship. "Your doing great!" Jacob shouted. It was approaching noon, if they were lucky they might be back by nightfall. "What are we looking for?" Ruffven asked. "I don't know, we'll know when we get there" Jacob said. A wave splashed high and the water hit his face.

Jacob spluttered, he was lying face down on a beach, the wreckage of their ship lay around them. Jacob got up and brushed the sand off him, he couldn't remember anything about how he got here, he couldn't see Ruffven either. "Ruff!" Jacob shouted. There was a groan behind him, Jacob looked and saw the top half of the deck sticking out of the ocean, hanging over the railings was Ruffven, who threw up into the sea. "What happened Jacob?" he asked. "I don't know, it's like several pages have just been ripped out of our stories" he said. Ruffven jumped over and made a splash as he hit the ground. Ruffven growled. "This place, I don't like it" he said. Jacob nodded. "Well there's not much we can do about it now, let's look around" he said.

Jacob and Ruffven walked around for a few minutes, when suddenly the sun started to set, the sky changed so rapidly it felt like a few hours had gone in an instant. Jacob looked behind him, there was a cloud of wisps flowing around. As Jacob approached they dissipated away. "What's going on!" Ruffven shouted. Jacob thought he heard something in the nearby cave, he beckoned Ruffven over and they both walked in, it got dark quickly but Ruffven was able to see. "Jacob, there's light up ahead, very bright light!" he said. Jacob saw it too, it looked like an early morning sun, the ground had also turned a reddish colour. Jacob ran towards it and found himself a top a cliff, overlooking a swamp, a desert could be seen in the distance. "Were back here... it doesn't make sense" he said. Ruffven suddenly growled. "So, it is you, brother." a voice said. Jacob turned around, a fear deep within him. It was Scarab, Joseph, his brother.

"You seem surprised that it's me, brother" Scarab replied. "Your dead!" Jacob shouted. "Is that what you thought, no I've been making a new life for myself, a well paid life" he said. "We killed you, you fell off the cliff to your doom!" Ruffven shouted. Scarab laughed. "Well you must have me confused with someone else, now we finish this, I don't care if your human or not, my blade cuts all of you down!" he said. He charged and swung his sword directly at Jacob, Jacob was just frozen, unable to do anything. Ruffven managed to block it with his shield, deflecting the blow to the side. "Jacob, snap out of it, once we deal with him then we can try understand it" he said. Scarab moved to the side and lunged at Jacob, who dodged and fired a bolt into his shoulder.

Scarab grunted and then chuckled pulling it out. He charged again and once again Ruffven deflected it, however Jacob moved behind him and stabbed him in the back of the leg. Ruffven placed the shield above the sword, and Jacob wrapped his arms around Scarabs throat. As Scarab thrashed about to get Jacob off him, Ruffven disarmed him and then floored him with a blow to the chest. Scarab stood face up against the floor laughing. "I knew you couldn't kill me" he said. "Shut up! What's going on, why are we facing you again!" Jacob shouted. Scarab laughed. "I knew you couldn't kill me" he said. "Jacob, he doesn't have a scent, I just realised..." Ruffven said. Scarab just lay there laughing. Jacob got his keris and stabbed him repeatedly, over and over. Scarabs smiling face lay there, while his chest was covered in blood. Jacob smelt the blade, then licked it. "Nothing, no taste, no smell" Jacob said. "What's going on?" he asked. Scarab shot up. "That's not how it went" he said. Jacob suddenly found himself holding a lance, impaled on the other end was Scarab, on the edge of a cliff. "Don't you remember, you remember this so well, you broke your oath, you killed a man, your own brother" he said. Jacob was sweating, his head started to throb with pain. "And what if 'they' found out, your family, your friends, you killing your brother, what would they think, what would they say..." he said. "Shut up! Shut up!" Jacob shouted. Ruffven suddenly appeared behind him. "Jacob it's alright, ignore him, he isn't real, none of this is, it can't be" he said. Tears were slowly falling down Jacob's cheek. Scarab laughed. Suddenly he grabbed both of them and pulled them back, all 3 of them fell off the side and were heading for the ground. As they fell the world dissipated around them, Scarab disappeared into a bunch of wisps and the 2 of them found themselves lying on a cold tiled floor. "Memories can be painful" she said.

Jacob looked up. It was an old woman, she had grey hair and was about 5ft tall, she carried a staff in one hand and an orb in the other, her face was pale white with red marking all over, she seemed very familiar. "Who are you?" Jacob asked. She glanced over him. "You do not remember, no, I don't think I ever told you, I only spoke with 'him'" she said. Jacob stood up, and then helped Ruffven get up. They were in a strange tiles room with a plinth sitting in the middle, it looked like it held an orb. "Who are you?" Jacob asked. "I'm a historian, I collect stories to record the history of Gielinor. I'm also an editor, I rewrite parts, cut unwanted characters out, all so the perfect story can be made" she said. Jacob was getting tired of this. "Who are you?" he asked. "Persistent, when you look at me you find me familiar, trying to recall who I am, your getting a sense of..." she said, stopping before the end of her sentence. "Deja Vu?" Jacob added. She turned around and out the door. Jacob looked to Ruffven, he was just as confused as he was. They both walked out the door.

They were in the cave, but the whole area was furnished, there were some small shelves with various orbs on them, a desk and bookshelf in the corner, and a small habitat area with a pale white snake inside, it also had red markings on it. "How did you find this place?" she asked. "We got told them" Jacob said. She nodded. "I know, an anonymous letter, you have no clue, someone out there knows more than they should" she said to herself. Ruffven stood back silently, eyeing everything. "Can you tell me about this ring?" he asked, pulling his glove off. She didn't look at it. "I've had that part of the story removed, it need not concern you" she said. "Tell me!" Jacob said. She briefly looked at him, some wisps emanated from her staff and flowed towards him, forming an image in front of him. It was an image of a book, it was very dense, the pages flipped through to a section almost near the beginning, there were some torn out sections, filled with loose drawings, one of the ring, the other was a drawing of Jacob proposing to a dragonkin, the one Jacob had wondered about. "But what does it all mean?" he asked. "Your mind, it's in need of repair, though you will not like the outcome" she said. "Show me!" Jacob replied. The wisps started to form a message below the picture. It read. "It's Kath. Apparently it was an old Dragonkin word" however Jacob heard a woman speak the words, the dragonkin in the picture slowly turned into a woman, long blonde hair, a pair of binoculars around her neck, Jacob's heart skipped a beat when he saw her.

Suddenly more text started to appear below it. "Really you actually think they exist?" except it spoke with a voice, Jacob's voice. "Don't tease me, there's ruins in Brimhaven with their picture" "I'm not, I'm Jacob by the way, I'm a recruit in the military, it's nice to meet you Kath" Jacob was finding this all so familiar, there was a girl in his life called Kath, he'd met her when he was 15. The pages turned, and text flowed through quickly, conversations, details of meetings, there was a very detailed page about a night on the watchtower, finally the torn pages were nearing the end. "Will you marry me?" it said, and 2 rings appeared. It matched the one Jacob was currently wearing. "Yes" was the reply. Jacob couldn't believe it, how could he not remember this, more importantly where was she now, why did he leave her. "I have another surprise..." came the text. The text suddenly slowed down, writing one letter at a time. "I'm pregnant." it said. Jacob collapsed.

He remembered it all, his passion for adventure, he'd gotten 2 tickets for a voyage to Karamja. He was going to leave the day after the wedding, Kath his fiancée, she was an ornithologist she'd always wanted to go, Jacob proposed to her. He was so happy, but when she revealed she was pregnant, it was over. Adventuring wasn't always a well paid job, he'd have to find steady work, probably stay in the army, he'd never live his dream, he couldn't just leave his family, unless he forgot about them... "You take away peoples memories don't you?" he asked. She nodded. "Just one of many beneficial services I provide" she said. Jacob was struggling to speak. "Who... Who asked you to remove my memory of her?" he asked. She shook her head. "Ruthven..." "What!" Jacob shouted. "or maybe Kath, or maybe Joseph, I am not at liberty to say" she said. Jacob was shaking, Ruffven could see he was in pain. Jacob walked over and faced her. "Can't you tell me, please..." he said. She shook her head. "I cannot tell you, though I will say that most of my clients want their own memories removed" she said. Jacob fell on to his knees, that was what he was dreading the most. "What about my daughter, is she still alive?" he asked. "And what would you do if she was, you the father who abandoned her and her mother, for pure self interest, would it not be better if they never remembered you" she said. Jacob grunted and tears streamed down his face to the floor. "You don't care..." he said weakly. "I don't, this is why I don't give refunds, I cannot them the life they could've had, I can't bring people back, everything your suffering, the blame only goes towards one person" she said. Jacob shouted in pain at the floor. "There shouldn't be people like you, you shouldn't exist" he said. She ignored him. "I'm... I'm..." he said. "But you won't will you?" she said. Jacob wailed against the floor. "If you attempt to fight me you will lose, I know everything about you, I can defend against any attack you have planned, now let me erase your memory of this event" she said. She raised her staff into the air, when suddenly it fell to the ground, the orb she was holding smashed against the floor, she began to fall forward and started to disappear into wisps, soon there was nothing left but her possessions. Jacob looked up, there was a transformed werewolf in front of him, it had obviously just killed her, it stood there breathing deeply, it grabbed Jacob and pulled him up. Jacob wiped his face with his sleeve. "Ruff... I... Than..." he said, unable to say anything.

Jacob sat on the beach, the moon was just above the horizon shining down, Jacob sat on a log on the beach, he stared at the sand, the waves gently moving individual particles up and down. Ruffven walked over, he was still in his wolf form, he was using the improved night vision to gather tinder for a fire, he dumped a load behind Jacob. There was an awkward silence as Ruffven stood there. "Sorry... I made you go through all this... this was my problem." Jacob said. He took a deep breath. "And you'd gone so long without transforming too... why did you do that?" Jacob asked. "You were just in a massive amount of pain, but you weren't injured, I just couldn't let it continue, I wanted to destroy her" he said. Jacob looked towards him. "Ruffven... thanks" Jacob said. Ruffven sat down next to him, no longer transformed. "Don't thank me, you did the same for me" Ruffven replied. Jacob gave a weak smile, "But I have a child..." Jacob said. "So? You can always go see her?" Ruffven replied. "...I can't, me not being there could have ruined her life!" Jacob shouted. "You don't know that!" Ruffven responded. "Are you telling me your life wouldn't be any different if Orthrus had been around more!" Jacob shouted. There was a silence. "I don't ever recall telling you about Orthrus..." he replied. Jacob shook his head. "It was only a theory, you, him and Kanis had the same colour eyes, and it was a distinct shade" he said. Ruffven knocked him. "Are you saying I have a terrible life?" Ruffven asked. Jacob bit his tongue. "Sorry, I hadn't considered... well actually having Ruthven as a brother..." Jacob said, a smile creeping forward. Ruffven chuckled. "Your right my life is horrible..." he said, the two of them started laughing.

As the fire crackled in the night, the two of them discussed various things, until suddenly they saw a ship in the distance. It was heading straight towards the fire they'd lit up, as luck would have it, the captain was McDragon. "Fancy meetin ya lads 'ere, I's sailed these waters many a time, but I don' recall this islan before, I still owe ya from before, I'll take you back to the ghost port" he said. Jacob and Ruffven thanked him and they made their way back.

Back at the base Jacob was in his room going through his notes, Ruffven was with him. "So your going to leave?" Ruffven asked. "Not right away, I was planning on heading over when Summer starts, guess it will be permanent now, anyway if it all goes horrible... I'll talk about it when it comes round" Jacob said, pretending to fiddle with some papers. Ruffven turned around and left, closing the door behind him, Jacob sat back in his chair and breathed deeply. He looked at his ring. "Kath..." he said. "Why did I leave you, I'm so sorry... what am I doing, am I nearing this story's end" he said to himself. He decided to continue work on the book he was translating.

She was mad, she should have known, he was obviously clueless about how the other one felt. "Perhaps there is a way to make this story a bit more interesting, now what was his greatest fear?" she wondered, she stared deeply into an orb, the mists inside swirled round. "Ah this is very interesting, what if we turn the heroes into villains, extinguish the light of hope in this desolate swampland" she said. A snake slithered down her arm and stared deep into the orb.

Inner Demons

A month had passed since those events, Jacob always tried to avoid speaking about it, as Ruffven was the only other person who knew he didn't push it, however they didn't get a lot of work, but Ruthven felt something big was coming. Cerinţă on the other hand was not enjoying herself, she was stuck patrolling the Western wall with 2 juvies and some vyrewatch she hated but never bothered to learn his name. "Heh, so what did you do this time?" he said. "Shut it, keep your senses up" she said. The vyre laughed. "When did you become so serious, whatever happened to the rebellious vyre from 200 years ago" he asked. "She grew up and got stuck on patrol with some no hope dead end vyre" she replied. He chuckled. "What's the real reason?" he asked. She smiled. "We all know a wars coming, and the ones not on the front line will be the highest ranked" she said. He laughed. "You think humans are actually going to even scratch us, they were prepared last time, now they're even weaker" "Julius thought the same thing" "So it is true, you hired the myreque to kill him" She laughed. "Don't be absurd, I've got something much better" she said. The vyre eyed her suspiciously.

"Keep your senses up" she said. "Why bother, you know this is just a discipline, stick us with the inferiors and walk back and forth through mud, nothing out there can hurt us" he replied. There was a rustling in the long grass. "Finally some action, you Juvie, go check it out, if it's a Talon Beast bring it out alive, I know a Sentinel looking for a new pet" he said. The juvinate disappeared into the grass. "So you want to tell me how you killed Julius?" he asked. "Perhaps I'm stronger than you think" she said. "Or more likely she got 3 humans and a werewolf to do it" a voice said, it came from the grass. Cerinţă thought she recognised it, a person walked out, it looked like that human, Wolf, and he had some ridiculous mask on. "What's this now? You scheduled a meeting with your hit squad, I should have known" he said. She grew concerned, why was 'he' here, also something was off, he wasn't wearing that ridiculous cologne, he didn't smell of anything, but there was 1 scent she recognised, it came from a dark patch on one of his swords. "What do you think your doing?" she said. The mask's mouth curled upwards into a menacing smile. "Well, I'm always looking to show off, what better way than to take down a couple of vyre's" he said. Cerinţă stood there astonished, it sounded like him, but there was no way he would do something this stupid. "Ah another strong subject, the blood will be of great quality, juvie why won't you go get him" the vyre said. The juvinates walked over eager to please, Wolf stood there with both his swords drawn, as it approached, Wolf moved both of them forward and backwards incredibly fast, the juvie just stood there, suddenly Cerinţă smelt vyre blood and the juvie fell backwards.

"Heh who needs them, you may be fast but not fast enough" the vyre said. Cerinţă watched, intrigued by how this would work out. The vyre charged forward and slashed, Wolf was able to dodge and tried to get in slashes as well, as predicted the vyre was able to dodge every attack, being much faster, he then saw his chance and went to slash at Wolf's throat. She thought she saw him smile when he suddenly disappeared, the vyre claw going through thin air, and suddenly he shouted in pain, 2 swords had entered into his back, he batted them away and flew into the air. "What is he?" the vyre said. "Yes? What are you?" she asked. Wolf stood and blew a kiss towards her, "Care to dance?" he said. She was furious, she charged up a shadow spell whilst Wolf charged at her, she dodged each of his attacks and sent the spell at him, it contacted and she slashed at him, she hit and he started to bleed. The sight of it empowered her slightly, she tried to cast a blood spell against it to siphon more out, but nothing happened, she looked confused, her primal urge wasn't activating either, she realised, it didn't have a smell. Wolf smiled and slashed across her chest, she clutched it and flew into the air, she examined her arm, how could she be hit. "Oh the lords and ladies will want to hear about this, let me just kill your precious hitman first" the vyre said. Wolf chuckled. "Ooo a vyre scared of a human, why don't you come down here so we can finish this properly" Wolf said, beckoning the vyre down. "I don't satisfy the requests of scum like you" he said. Suddenly an axe buried itself into the vyres back, the wings made a snapping sound and he fell to the ground where Wolf slashed him, Wolf then stared up at Cerinţă and suddenly disappeared, she suddenly felt a weight pushing down on her, he had teleported above her, she moved out the way but slammed into the ground. The vyre moved towards her. "Your going to pay for this, let's demist and get out of here" he said, Cerinţă saw Wolf charging towards her, she saw an opportunity, she grabbed the vyre and shoved him towards Wolf, he ended up with 2 swords through his throat, she quickly demisted and headed back to Meiyerditch, an urge to get revenge going through her head.

Ruthven and the others were drinking at the Hair of the Dog, Ruthven recounting another of their adventures with some slight differences. "Of course I won the tournament and the crowd cheered, unfortunately Ruffven had killed the organizer but the crowd would forever remember my name" he said. The others looked at him blankly, but it wasn't any less than they expected. Charron ordered another drink. "These stories get worse and worse each time" he said. "Just wait, in a few years time you can read my autobiography and everyone will love me" he said. Jacob chuckled. "Will this include the story about how you helped a vampyre keep a human farm running, and how you killed a large group of people trying to set them free" he asked. Ruthven chuckled. "That's not how I remember it, anyway details, details" he said. Roavar brought Charron his drink and said to them "You four are wanted upstairs" he said. "Pay him Wolf" Charron said, turning round and heading upstairs. Ruthven sighed and paid for Charrons drink. They walked up, except Ruthven who ran up, he smiled and walked through the door, suddenly someone grabbed his head and slammed it into a wall.

"Oy, look it wasn't me" Ruthven said, he looked up and saw Cerinţă angrily staring at him. "Errr... nice to meet you again" he said. "What's going on?" Ruffven asked. "That is what I want to know..." she said, suddenly she stopped, Ruffven smelt it too, blood, she quickly lapped it up before throwing Ruthven down against the floor. "What did he do?" Jacob asked. "I want to know why someone who looked like him, killed 2 juvinates, a vyrewatch and attacked me" she said, her mood had calmed down after drinking the blood. "Ow... what all by himself?" he asked. She kicked him in the stomach. "No, he's right, no human could possibly do that" Jacob said. "Then tell me what that was, he has a werewolf brother, does he have a demon one as well?" she asked. Ruthven chuckled. "That would be awesome" he said, he got kicked in the stomach again. "Describe what was strange about the attacker" Jacob said. She stared at him then thought about it. "He wore a mask, he was able to teleport, and also he didn't have any scent, even when he bled it didn't have a scent" she said. "No scent..." Ruffven said, as if it reminded him of something, but he couldn't think what. Suddenly Roavar burst in, he stared at the 4 of them. "What do you want?" Cerinţă scowled. "It's just, these 4 are standing outside" he said. Charron looked out the window, and quickly walked downstairs. Ruthven finally got up to take a look, "Hey that guy in the middle is really handsome, how about we introduce ourselves?" he asked the others. The 3 of them went downstairs whilst Cerinţă watched through the window.

Ruthven ran outside, stepping past Charron in order to meet the mysterious group. She was right, one of them did look incredibly like him, he even wore the mask he'd acquired. The same was true with the others, it unnerved Ruthven the way he saw himself without being in front of a mirror, but he didn't show it, he just smiled. "Hey handsome, who might you be?" he asked. His doppelganger smiled. "I'm the most spectacular man alive, but most know me as Wolf" he said. Ruthven chuckled, this was so weird. "Well what are you doing here, we're sorting out any quests that come this way" he said. Wolf chuckled. "You see it was just getting sooooo boring, so we thought we'd liven it up, what better way than to fight ourselves" Wolf said, he started to laugh. Ruthven smiled awkwardly. "But it would just be a stalemate, anyway what's wrong with dragon slaying or..." he started to say. "Enough" Ruffvens doppelganger shouted. "You've got an audience, eagerly awaiting the next few pages" Jacob's said. Ruffven suddenly realised what he was facing, and an anger rose within him, he charged forward and swung at Raptor, but Talon stopped it with his shield. "Your nothing but a twisted memory" Ruffven growled. "More than that, unlike you I have no weaknesses" he replied. Ruffven pushed him back and they started to fight, a crowd forming around them. "Shame I wanted to start this off" Wolf said with a smile, suddenly rushing forward to fight Ruthven.

Ruthven was able to deflect all the blows coming towards him, but Wolf was just as capable. Ruffven was having the same problem with Talon. Jacob and Charron stood there watching as did Raptor and Croc. Jacob looked towards his doppelganger, he too appeared to be interested in the fight, Jacob took the chance quickly loaded his crossbow and fired it was Wolf, it hit him in the side and Ruthven was able to take advantage and slash him, suddenly a throwing axe hit Jacob's crossbow and it fell to the floor, Raptor was looking towards him he was immediately bringing loading his crossbow, Jacob threw an axe and disarmed him, the two of them faced each other, Jacob brought out an axe but suddenly Wolf teleported in front of him and slashed, Jacob deflected it and stepped back, Ruthven had decided to charge at Raptor and do the same thing. Jacob was surprised and kept stepping backwards, he caught the swords in his buckler but Wolf teleported again behind him, Jacob rolled forwards and held the shield above his head as the swords came down, he kicked Wolfs legs and as he fell Jacob got up and tried to stomp on his leg to break it. Ruthven was suffering from the same problem, he'd forgotten to change his tactics accordingly. "If anyone wants to step in and help, it would be very much appreciated" he shouted to the crowd, nobody helped, somebody actually booed. Ruthven quickly got up and spun around to Raptors side, faked a slash then stepped round again, slashing against him, however he was suddenly knocked to the ground, there was a vine wrapped around his ankles, Raptor kicked him in the head.

Ruffven was having a hard time beating back Talon, they were both able to deflect each other's blows. Fortunately for him a large ball of earth slammed into Talon. Ruffven took advantage and bashed his shield into Talon's skull. Talon fell back, but a staff whacked forward with full strength into his head, and he became disorientated, he saw Jacob, struggling to stop Wolf, Charron was trying to take on Raptor and losing, suddenly a large ball of ice slammed into him and he fell to the ground, small icicles piercing his armour, turning black from his blood, Talon slammed his shield down. Jacob fired his crossbow and it hit Wolf in the leg, he dodged out the way of an earth strike heading towards him as well. Charron fired a well placed Water Strike at Croc, which slammed into him, Charron charged forward to finish him off when a spike shot through his arm, Charron shouted and Croc got up an punched him hard in the head. Jacob was struggling to stay up, he was dodging attacks getting a through in, however he couldn't handle it all, he dodged Talons blow, but Wolf teleported to his side and slashed, Jacob fell to the floor in pain.

The 4 of them laid on the ground, too injured to get up, whilst their doppelganger's relished their victory. "Now that was a fight! I mean, I knew my other self would be stupendous but the rest of you were great!" Wolf shouted. Ruthven grunted in pain. "Maybe if you learnt to fight fair, take off those damn masks!" Ruthven shouted. Wolf chuckled. "And to think you thought these were so cool, were just showing you what your holding back, why care about other people, in fact, who wants to fight one on one, come on, show your better than these worthless humans" he said. There was a murmur amongst the crowd, a few growls but no one said anything. Wolf shook his head and sighed. "A bunch of scared little pups, what about you babe, I see you watching through the window!" Wolf shouted up at the inn, suddenly a Werewolf charged at him, 4 seconds later a dead werewolf lay on the floor. "Ah, you see, nothing can stop us that's why that vyre hired us in the first place, Julius wanted us too" he said, the crowd was getting angry and a few transformed and growled at him. "What do you want!" Ruffven shouted. "Oh we just want to show you what you can accomplish, I mean you created us, there's some part of you that looks like us, and now 'they' know it, know that you brought us into existence" Wolf replied. "What bollocks!" Charron shouted. Croc humphed. "Maybe it's time we started the next chapter, move on elsewhere" Raptor said. Wolf chuckled. "How about a few more moments, come on your angry, how about all of you try take me, not exactly even chances, though you might get a few scratches in, come on who wants some!" Wolf shouted. The crowd was getting restless, Jacob wanted to tell them to stop but he couldn't speak. "I'll fight you!" a voice from behind the crowd said. It was a man, Jacob thought he recognised the voice. He stepped forward, he wielded a single sword and a few knives, he looked fairly old but he had black hair and a small rough beard, it was Centauri.

"Come on old man, if your looking for a death wish you got it" Wolf said, he rushed over to Centauri, he responded by drawing his sword, and stopping both blades in mid air, he pushed upwards and punched Wolf in the head. "All bark and no bite" Centauri said, pointing his sword at Wolf, Wolf growled and charged again, this time swinging each sword in succession, Centauri was able to carefully position his sword each time to block the attacks but with little movement, Wolf spun to the side to attack but Centauri grabbed him and threw him to the floor. The crowd was no longer angry they were slightly excited. Wolf chuckled and teleported, Centauri immediately swung his sword in an arc behind him, sure enough that's where he'd teleported and the sword cut across his armour, he kicked him in the leg then punched with the hilt of the sword. Wolf lay on the ground, angry and breathing heavily, there were murmurs in amongst the crowd, Wolf shouted and charged, he swung but right before he hit, he teleported, Centauri spun and moved to deflect it but he teleported again, he moved his sword behind him and heard a chink, Wolf teleported in front and Centauri grabbed his wrist and disarmed his left sword, he grabbed it and deflected the incoming blow. Wolf shouted and teleported again, Centauri turned deflected the blow and stabbed Wolf in the wrist, he let go of the other sword, Centauri then punched him hard in the head. Wolf shouted at the ground. "You've lost, get over it" he said. Wolf chuckled. "Oh no, the real fight is just beginning" he said, a black aura suddenly surrounded him, Wolf got up but Raptor grabbed him. "Not here, not yet" he said. Wolf growled. Croc beckoned the two of them over and teleported them out. Centauri stared at the disarmed blades, they slowly dissipated into wisps.

The crowd was demanding answers, fortunately Centauri took them into the inn, but snuck them round the back to hide the fact they were going to the base. He let them rest in their chairs for a while before Ruthven spoke. "You know we could have handled that" he said. "Oh I'm sure they had no intention of killing you, they were just trying to anger the villagers and the vyres, your lucky I came here when I did" Centauri responded. "Why are you here?" Charron asked. Centauri looked towards Jacob, suddenly he understood. "You sent the letter!" he announced. "What letter?" Ruthven asked. "Never you mind, now I'm going to tell you about your opponent and how your going to defeat them, you may as well come out of the shadows now" Centauri said, suddenly talking to a dark corner, Cerinţă stepped out, a sly smile on her face. "You are certainly a curiosity old man" she said. Centauri shook his head. "Pfft, I'm only the 3rd oldest in this room" he said. "Wait, how did you find this place!" Ruffven shouted. Cerinţă rolled her eyes. "You havn't even protected this place with enchantments, Julius was likely spying on you all the time, it's a wonder you've survived as long as you have" she said. Centauri cleared his throat. "Now I have to tell you about a woman"

"Her name is unknown, but people refer to her as Deja Vu. She holds power over memories and is a hoarder of them, those things that attacked you are her creations, formed from your darkest memories, personae of the tiny bit of darkness in your heart." he said. "Well what do they want?" Cerinţă asked. "They want to ruin you, they're trying to get the vyre's against you and the werewolves, then leave you to fend for yourselves, either dying or becoming like them to survive, seems it's Deja Vu's attempts to make this 'story' more interesting" he said. "So we just have to kill them? Then their gone!" Ruffven said. "Yes, but your too weak at the moment, wait for your injuries to recover, give it a few weeks" he replied. "But they could do so much damage if we leave them that long!" Jacob shouted. "I don't think they have anything planned in the short term, but I'll make sure of it" he said. Cerinţă chuckled. "Fascinating, how could you possibly know about all this?" she asked. "I've studying her for over 30 years, I know almost everything about her, and that includes you" he said. She scowled. "What are you implying, you can't know anything about me" she said angrily. "But I do, Serena Sowfcoven, for you are her daughter" he said. Cerinţă was almost knocked back by the surprise.

"Wait Sowfcoven! As in Dimexius Sowfcoven, THE Dimexius Sowfcoven who wrote the spell book" Charron shouted. Centauri nodded. "I'm surprised she never mentioned it, I mean her Father did create it, alongside his wife" he said. Cerinţă stared aghast. "I havn't heard that name in millennia, where did you learn of this!" she shouted. "Wait, so were fighting another vampyre!" Ruthven shouted. "Don't be idiotic!" Cerinţă snapped. "My mother died, with my father whilst working on that stupid book, and my life went straight into the abyss, enough of this!" she shouted and she teleported out. "How do you know all this?" Jacob asked. Centauri looked away. "I've made a lot of contacts, I learnt of what she does and I despise it" he said. "Now get some rest"

4 more battles

A week passed and their injuries had mostly healed, however the 4 of them were restless and agitated, Centauri wasn't letting them out and being in a confined space for so long was driving them mad. Centauri was out that day, they didn't know where he had gone, but they did find a letter on the table. "That wasn't there a few minutes ago" Ruthven said. Jacob read it. "Your such an arrogant asshole Ruth" Jacob said. "What! I didn't do anything!" Ruthven replied. "Your other self did, he's challenged us to a rematch, each of us face our doppelganger one vs one" Jacob said. "Seems familiar..." Charron said. "Same locations in any case, we should tell Centauri" Jacob said. "Screw that, they're on their own, I'll tear them apart" Ruffven said. "I agree with Ruff, we should strike now" Dagger said. "Me too, but your staying here" Charron said to Dagger. Dagger growled. Ruthven nodded. "Right this is personal" he said. Jacob shook his head. "Unfortunately that's stupid, they're exactly the same as us but more powerful, so why are we doing it?" Jacob asked. "We've done it before we can do it again!" Ruthven shouted. "No, why are you facing 'your' doppelganger, you'd have a much better chance against someone elses" Jacob said. Ruthven cracked a smile. "Well then, combat triangle states that I'll beat a ranger, so I'll take Jacob's" he said. There was a soft chuckle amongst the others. "What!?!" Ruthven shouted. "Jacob would win, your actually the worst out of all of us at combat" Ruffven said. "How dare you! I could stab you through the chest quicker than you could blink" he responded. "Just don't stab with both swords at the same time and he won't disarm you, try get him while he's reloading" Jacob said. "I'll take Charron's because he's the slowest, Charron you'll have Ruffven's since he's the most armoured and that leaves you with Ruthvens, Ruff" Jacob said. The 4 of them agreed and set off.

Ruthven carefully snuck through the ruins, though trying not to get his armour scuffed. He peered round the side of the wall, he saw Raptor, he also saw a bolt heading towards his face, he quickly put his head back and heard a chink against the wall behind him. Ruthven walked out and drew his swords. Raptor stood there, reloading his crossbow. "Expecting someone else?" Ruthven asked with a smile. "Yes, I was expecting Centauri actually, it's actually quite a relief to find you instead" he said. Ruthven chuckled sarcastically. "This will be a very short chapter" Raptor said. Ruthven charged towards him.

Ruffven walked up the steps, he could smell very faint blood, Ruthven's, it had been there a long time, as he turned the corner he saw Wolf, examining his reflection. Ruffven gave a loud growl, Wolf suddenly teleported and appeared right in front of him. "Hey now we can -- your not that old man?" Wolf said. "Better, I'm even older" Ruffven said, he swung his mace towards Wolf.

Charron was nervous, and cold. An ice cave, it had to be a cave, his claustrophobia creeping in. He slipped slightly when he came to a large open area. Talon was there waiting for him, a faint look of surprise. "So, I'm facing a different human" Talon said. Charron drew his staff, runes already making their way into his hand. "Shut up, I'm tired of this place and of you lot" he said, starting to charge a spell. Talon growled. "Fine then" he ran forward shield raised, Charron released his spell.

Jacob walked across the marsh, the sea splashed against the shore, you could see the remnants of a horrific battle between monsters. As Jacob walked forward he heard talking. He brushed the reeds away and saw Centauri conversing with Croc. Jacob rushed forward. "What are you doing?" Jacob asked. Centauri gave a smile. "I knew you'd want revenge, so I sent these 4 a letter telling them I'd face them at each of these locations, then I sent you a similar letter" Centauri said. Jacob was confused and concerned. "But what if the others are in danger?" he asked. "They've got help, though you won't have to worry my boy, I'll take care of this one myself" Centauri said. Croc gave a smile, he put his staff on his back. "A honourable duel I take it?" he said. Centauri nodded. The 2 of them walked towards each other, Centauri bowed, but suddenly moved away from Croc, there was a dagger sticking out of his chest. "How predictable" Croc said. Centauri was dumbfounded. "But... you!" he said, Croc slammed his staff across his head and he fell to the ground. Jacob rushed forward and fired his crossbow.

Ruthven narrowly dodged out the way of the bolt, he circled around Raptor looking for a opening. Raptor held out his shield, already going to grab an axe, Ruthven moved to stab both swords forward, Raptor smiled and moved his shield forward to intercept the blades, he activated the mechanism and disarmed Ruthven, but Ruthven was ready, he carried on forward and punched Raptor in the head. Raptor fell backwards, Ruthven grabbed his swords and kicked the buckler out of the way. "No more tricks like that, now I'll show everyone" he said. Suddenly a vine moved from Raptor's back and grew along to his front, on the end was a black fruit, the Jadinko mask grabbed it and swallowed it, suddenly Raptor disappeared into the shadows. "Come on!" Ruthven shouted.

Wolf flew backwards, the mace had hit him right in the chest. Ruffven moved forwards, this might actually be easier than he thought, he moved forward, bringing his mace down, when Wolf teleported, Ruffven swore, knowing Wolf was behind him, he dove to the ground and rolled, using the momentum from the swing, he lifted his shield up and he deflected another attack. He stood up, and bashed forward, knocking Wolf away. Wolf chuckled and charged towards Ruffven, he teleported at the last minute, Ruffven was forced to deflect it with his mace, Wolf had already teleported again afterwards, Ruffven awkwardly managed to move the shield, he couldn't keep this up for long.

The fireball crashed into Talon and he was pushed backwards. Charron was already charging another spell. Talon charged again, and Charron released it, Talon was pushed back again. Charron was once again charging again Talon growled and strafed around him, Charron wasn't concerned, he charged it up further and fired it near the ground by Talon's feet. There was an explosion and Talon was knocked down. Charron quickly started to charge another one as Talon was getting up, he was about to release it when a large shard of ice thrust itself into his arm, the staff changed direction and the spell missed, Talon was already charging towards him and Charron didn't have time to charge another spell.

The bolt hit Croc in the shoulder, distracting him from Centauri, who started to crawl away. Jacob was already reloading. Croc fired a water spell at him and Jacob dodged out the way, firing another bolt, hitting Croc's leg. Jacob threw an axe at him but he deflected it with his staff, he was about to throw another when a spike shot towards him, Jacob deflected it with his buckler but another water spell was heading his way, he braced and was pushed back by the water. Another spike narrowly missed him, Jacob rolled out the way and threw an axe.

Ruthven charged and swung at the spot where Raptor was, to no avail. He backed off and looked all around him. He thought he heard a crossbow fire and he pressed to the ground, he heard the bolt go over his head but he didn't know where it had come from. He stepped up, nervous. "Come on! Of course I'll never win if nobody fights fair!" he shouted. "Pathetic" a voice said behind him. Someone dropped down next to him and there was a pulse of dark magic that propelled from around him, he heard a grunt and Raptor had emerged, fallen on the floor. Ruthven looked next to him, it was Cerinţă. "Oh, my hero!" Ruthven said. "Shut it, I'm not here for you, I'm here to kill these abominations" she said. "So I don't owe you a favour because of this then" he said. "No, you owe me your eternal servitude" she said. Raptor had stood up again, more vines surrounded him, different fruit hanging off. He ate a blueish one and a red one than threw a smoke bomb against the floor. Cerinţă laughed. "Please, I can dodge anything you send my way, just let me kill you already" she said. She looked like she was attempting to manipulate the smoke when she stopped, a vine had wrapped around her ankle, she easily ripped it out, when Raptor charged forward with incredible speed and drove an axe into her chest. She fell back, but Ruthven span and drove both swords into Raptors back, throwing him off her. Cerinţă grunted and ripped the axe out, it was a very deep wound. "Arrghhh, come here!" she shouted. She grabbed Ruthven and tore open his sleeve with her claws, she cast a spell and Ruthven felt immense pain. He nearly blacked out but it eventually subsided. Cerinţă had healed herself. "Aggghhhhh!!!!!!!" Ruthven shouted. "Shut it, now I'll finish him" she said. The smoke started to form around Raptor, vines were slowly covering his entire body, the smoke completely obscured him. "Come on, why won't you die!" Ruthven shouted. The smoke dispersed and there was a loud thud. A large Jadinko stood there, smoke being breathed out of his mouth, large vines draped around him. Ruthven sighed and charged again.

Ruffven managed to block one of the swords but got stabbed by another, he growled and went to the ground. "Heh, your too slow" Wolf said. "Then keep up with me!" a voice said, a sudden blur moved quickly in front of Ruffven and into Wolf, it slashed across him and pushed him back. Ruffven got up and looked, it was Orthrus. "Heh, if it ain't my own flesh and blood fighting a copy of my true son, what are the odds" he said. "Why are you here?" Ruffven asked angrily. "What, last time I battled Ruth he won, can't let that happen again" he said. Wolf got up and walked forward. "Ah, so you needed help after all, nice to see you too 'dad'" he said. "Hah, I'm going to enjoy this" he said. Wolf shook his finger at him. "Come on your transformed, I think it should be my turn" he said, throwing his swords away. Shadow surrounded him and obscured him from the others. "Hmm, wasn't expecting this..." Orthrus said. "Try not to die, he's arrogant enough as it is" Ruffven said. There was a chuckle as the shadow dissipated, it was the demon they had seen in the abyss, Ruffven had expected this, but Orthrus was shocked. "What! I wasn't expecting that, what even is that thing!" he shouted. The demon laughed. "Try to keep up" it said.

Charron held out his staff to brace, not that it would do much against a mace. Talon swung until a large water spell hit him in the head, falling backwards. Charron looked behind him, it was Dagger but he was wearing Silvthril armour. "Dagger I told you to stay behind" Charron said. Dagger growled. "I'm not your slave Charron, I can do what I want, anyway I just saved your life" he said. Charron huffed, looking back towards Talon who was getting back up, Charron charged and fired another fire spell at him, there was another explosion and smoke surrounded him. "You know, this is like that fight during the first year but not against a demon" Dagger said. Charron saw the similarity, suddenly the smoke was spinning around carrying bits of snow and ice, Charron felt like he was caught in a blizzard, suddenly it stopped and Charron saw a large demon with a mace and shield. "Quick Charron, put a load of fire runes in my mouth" Dagger said. "That doesn't work in real life!" Charron shouted. The demon seemed relived and it charged.

Jacob rolled out the way and grabbed 2 axes, he side stepped a spell and threw both of them, both hitting the chest with great force. Croc dropped his staff and Jacob smiled, however a red aura surrounded Croc. Jacob's smile disappeared and he quickly reloaded. A bright red light surrounded him and grew bigger. The red light disappeared and what was left was a giant Dagannoth. Jacob fired the bolt and it struck Croc in the shoulder, he growled and ripped it out, he gave a roar and the wound started to heal. Jacob swore and reloaded.

"What do we do now?" Ruthven asked. Cerinţă shrugged. "That thing has nothing that can hurt me, you just try to stay alive while I destroy it" she said. Ruthven charged at Raptor, he was about to slash when he tripped, Raptor bashed him backwards, and something caught him in the air, he was hanging upside down attached by a vine. Cerinţă looked at him with some sort of mixture between pity and hilarity. She fired a ball of dark energy at Raptor, it burst and Raptor let out a roar of pain. Cerinţă chuckled and fired another one. Raptor dodged out the way and breathed out a smoke screen. Cerinţă was wary, she flew into the air to avoid being grabbed by another vine. Suddenly Ruthven started to move, he was being swung back, he started to panic, than the vine whipped him forward, he crashed into Cerinţă and knocked her out the sky, they moved through the smokescreen and crashed to the floor. Ruthven seethed in pain, he'd landed on a bolt and it had dug itself into his arm, however he looked at Cerinţă and looked like she had landed on a large pile of bolts, she was moving slowly, and blood was dripping to the floor. "Rough landing?" Ruthven asked. "I will kill him first than move on to you meatsack!" she shouted.

Orthrus slashed at Wolf, Wolf made an eerie smile and teleported, he appeared behind Orthrus and grabbed him, tentacles wrapped around him, Orthrus bit one off and Ruffven slammed his mace into the back of him. Wolf dropped him and Orthrus ran back, "I feel terrible..." he said, looking like he was about to throw up. Wolf teleported in front of them, Ruffven narrowly deflecting his attack, before he teleported again, Orthrus ran and slashed at his face, it scratched across it and another tentacle fell off. Wolf roared and teleported behind Ruffven, he turned round to deflect it when Wolf teleported again behind him, Orthrus ran to slash him away, but he teleported once more and knocked them both down. "I'm really beginning to hate this guy" Orthrus said through clenched teeth.

Charron fired a large fireball at Talon, he blocked it with his shield and retaliated by slamming his mace against the ground, the ground shook and Charron lost his balance. Talon roared and charged Dagger shoved Charron out of the way and fired a spike at his head, it hit the eye and Talon stopped, roaring in pain. Charron got up. "Thanks..." he said awkwardly. Charron began to charge another fireball, which he fired, it hit Talon in the chest and exploded, disarming him, Talon went down to one knee. "One more attack should do it" Charron thought, he began to charge when Talon roared at the ceiling, he slowly started to change form, Charron fired the spell quickly but Talon slashed it out the way, he looked like a cross between a werewolf and an ice demon. "What now?" Charron asked Dagger.

Jacob reloaded his crossbow and fired again, aiming at the chest. Croc growled as it hit but he retaliated with a water spell. Jacob moved out the way and threw his last axe, it hit Croc in the jaw, he pulled it out, along with some teeth, as he roared the wound healed. Jacob thought he just had to tire him out, make it a battle of attrition. He reloaded and fired again at Croc's chest, he fired some spikes which Jacob dodged and he begun to reload, unfortunately Croc realised that he would do much better at melee range. He charged towards Jacob, Jacob reloaded his crossbow and tried to dive out the way, a claw grazed his shin, Jacob swore loudly, he decided to run back over to the throwing axes on the floor, a spike caught him in the arm and he tripped.

Ruthven got up and stared at Raptor, he twirled both swords in his hands. "Come over here!" Cerinţă shouted. Ruthven shook his head. "I like my blood 'in' my body" he said. "Fool!" she shouted and fired dark magic at him, Ruthven shouted in pain and his vision began to blur. Suddenly the pain stopped Raptor was moving much slower, Ruthven rushed forward, a vine went to grab him, he slashed through it with his blade, he dodged another then cut through another, he had reached Raptor, who attempted to knock him back, Ruthven dodged and slashed at him, then again, repeatedly. He then dodged another attack and thrusted both Rapiers through the chest. Raptor let out a loud roar and fell back, Ruthven began to collapse to the floor.

"Your too slow" Orthrus said to Ruffven. "Shut up, how would me being faster help!" he shouted. "Give me your shield, I'll block and you attack" Orthrus shouted. Ruffven growled but tossed his shield over, Orthrus fit the shield over his arm. Both of them stood up and moved towards Wolf. Wolf teleported behind them, but Orthrus was able to move the shield to deflect, Wolf teleported again but Orthrus was able to turn fast enough to block the attacks, Ruffven held his mace in both hands, Orthrus was blocking another attack when Wolf teleported in front of Ruffven, he swung hard, towards Wolf's head, the mace made contact and there was a sickening crack, Ruffven looked back, Wolf's head was facing behind him. His smile disappeared and he fell to the floor in front of them.

"Distract him!" Dagger shouted. "What?" Charron shouted, suddenly diving out the way of Talon charging at them. Charron fired a small fire spell at his head, it contacted and he growled in response, he began to charge towards Charron, he slashed and Charron braced with his staff, he got knocked back but was still stable, suddenly his staff lit up, Charron didn't know what it meant, the demon slashed and Charron braced, banging the staff against the floor, there was suddenly a bright flash. Charron rubbed his eyes and looked, Talon was stunned and not moving, Charron took this opportunity and charged an Earth Spell. Talon started to move, but Charron continued to charge, Talon suddenly slashed towards him but missed, as he shouted in pain, there was something shiny around his neck, it was Dagger, his jaws firmly placed around Talon throat, Talon thrashed about, black blood pouring down his body, but Dagger hung on, Talon slashed at his neck and Dagger let go, Charron fired the Earth spell and a giant boulder collided with Talon's skull, Charron ran in order to catch Dagger, just about grabbing him before falling to the floor.

Jacob stood up, Croc was facing him and began to charge, Jacob uttered a prayer and moved to an area with several axes lying on the ground, he picked one up and thrust it towards Croc's chest, it landed with a soft thud, Croc roared and began to charge, Jacob threw another one, it landed in the exact same place, burying the first axe in deeper, Croc roared louder and stopped in order to dig out the axe, it was messy and blood started to pour out, Jacob threw another axe just as Croc started to roar, it hit him in the skull, Jacob threw another one in the same place, it knocked the other axe out but removed a good chunk of flesh from Croc's face, Jacob threw his final one, striking in the leg. Croc roared, his flesh was healing, but much slower, his chest was still cut open, part of his face was still missing and he was breathing deeply. Jacob fired his bolt into the chest wound, Croc let out a loud roar and fell to the floor, still breathing. Jacob walked over and brought out his Keris, ready to finish him off. "Jacob... you wouldn't kill me" Croc said. Jacob stopped for a second but carried on. "Your a monster, and you deserve to die" he said. "Harsh words, but would you say them to Dagger..." it replied. Jacob stopped, when the face looked at him it reminded Jacob of Dagger, he was struggling to move to kill it, suddenly someone ran forward and thrust something into Croc's neck. "You forgot this!" Centauri shouted, letting go of Croc's Dagger. Croc let out a roar that was more of a gasping breath and fell.

"Come on get up!" Cerinţă shouted. Ruthvens vision was still blurry and he felt really sick. Suddenly a sharp pain ran through him. He shot up after that. "Why! You've already taken half my blood!" he shouted. Cerinţă looked away. "You'll make more, now you owe me again, I saved us" she said. Ruthven looked behind him, their was a bunch of wisp's dissipating and floating into the air. "What 'is' that spell?" he asked. "It's a gift, from your 'father'. You went through a lot less pain than he did getting it, it was the fruit of Julius's research" she said. Ruthven nodded. "So, should I be thanking him then instead?" he asked. Cerinţă responded by knocking him out with a spell. She wondered if she could get away with taking him to the farm, though he would probably affect the flavour of everyone's blood with his annoyances. "Your story is certainly different than with other's of your kind" a voice said behind her. Cerinţă turned around, it was true. "You! You abandoned your own daughter, do you like the monster she's become!" she shouted. The woman looked towards her. "I had a greater purpose to attend to, than looking after you" she said. Cerinţă growled. "He was right, the world would be better off without you!" she shouted, beginning to charge a spell. The woman fired a spell of her own at Cerinţă, she should have been able to easily dodge it, but she was angry and exhausted, it hit her and she suddenly collapsed.

Wolf's body slowly began to dissolve into wisp's they flew around the ruin's flying out the window's and into the sky. Orthrus chuckled. "Nice attack, though you swing like a human" he said. Ruffven grabbed his shield back and pulled it off Orthrus. "That's the point, you couldn't keep standing if you swung it" Ruffven replied. Orthrus chuckled and smiled, he began to revert to his human form. "You remind me of my father" he replied. "Did he die miserable like he always is" he asked. Ruffven shook his head. "He died knowing he had nothing to feel sorry about, you should have been there" Orthrus shook his head. "He was never 'my' father, nor my brothers, you were more like a son to him than any of us were" he said. "A touching story indeed" a woman behind them said. Ruffven turned round, an anger rose within him. "You!" he shouted, he ran at her, but she fired a spell at him, he collapsed to the ground.

The wisp's reflected in the ice, it created a scene of serene beauty, however Charron and Dagger wern't ones to appreciate such a thing. "Hah, if I hadn't been here you would have been killed" he said. Charron chuckled. "I know, though I've saved your life plenty more" he said. "I'm still growing, one day I'll reach my former size and we'll be a force to be reckoned with" he said. Charron laughed. "I think the reason the Sentinels were so feared were that there were two of them" he said. "Yes, and your my blood brother Charron" Charron laughed. "Yeah well, I can't heal your wounds by roaring, plus guard duty isn't for me" he added. "Why do you leave me behind now?" Dagger asked. Charron shuddered. "Remember when Diahara was killed, I felt part of myself die that day, and he wasn't anything special... I don't think I could carry on living if anything happened to you" Charron said. Dagger growled. "Hah, like that would happen, I've taken down demon's, monsters, fremmenik, nothing can stop me" he said. Charron laughed again. "Such a touching tale" a womans voice said behind him. Charron tried to look behind him but fell unconscious, as did Dagger.

"You have some explaining to do!" Jacob shouted. Centauri looked to him. "Your friend certainly fight's dirty, I'll have to expect that next time..." he said. "Almost 30 years ago, you started looking into her, why didn't you tell me I'd had my memories removed" Jacob shouted again. "Because I was the one who asked her to remove them!" Centauri responded. Jacob was taken aback. "You..., so I didn't choose to leave her..." he said. "That's why, I had to sacrifice my adventuring career because of my love life, I couldn't let that happen to you!" he shouted. "How could you! She was pregnant I had a son!" Jacob shouted. "Daughter! You had a daughter!" Centauri shouted. "I can't believe you..." Jacob said. "It was for the best!" he responded. "It was for 'your' best interest! I'm going..." he said. "Back to base?" he asked. "Back to Burthorpe, I'm not going to let this carry on any longer" he said. "What about your friends?" "They know I'm planning on retiring, and I'm sure they'll do fine without me" he said. "Jacob, wait!" he shouted. Jacob stopped. "I can't let you carry on" he said. "You can't stop me" he said. "He won't have to once I remove this chapter" a voice behind him said. Jacob swore loudly at Centauri before falling unconscious.

"And everyone's forgotten, the villagers as well?" he asked. She nodded. "Only you and I will remember what happened" she said. He nodded. "I should really just remove you now, your meddling started all this" she said. "Unfortunately for you, there's a lot of written evidence that I own, certain decisions that you helped enforce, people who have mysteriously disappeared from history" he said. She stared at him, the snake on her shoulder hissed. "I don't want to hear from you again, if I hear anything your story will end suddenly and quite violently" she said. Centauri nodded, he walked off into the distance leaving Jacob behind.


Ruthven woke up, he felt hungover, must've been the lack of jobs over the last few weeks, he could barely remember it. He talked with the others and they felt the same way too, they hoped some better jobs came their way.

Centauri was walking back into Burthorpe, he passed the church on his way back, there was a priest comforting a young girl by a grave, it had been freshly buried. As the priest left he walked over to comfort the young girl, she was in her young teens and had long light brown hair, it was blonde at the edges though. She did however carry a small spear on her back. "You okay?" he asked. She sniffed. "No, both my parents are dead now" she said. Centauri felt bad for her. "What are you going to do now?" he asked. She sniffed again. "I'm not sure, I mean I've still got a house and a fair bit of gold, but it will only last so long, what will I do?" she said, fiddling with a ring. Centauri looked at it, it said 'K + R' on it. "That ring?" he asked. "My mom's, my dad made it for her, he was apparently a really good adventurer and he could kill a troll from really far away with a crossbow, she says the K stood for Kestrel.. but I don't know who R is?" she said. Centauri looked towards the ground away from her. "Raptor..." he said. She looked up at him. "You knew my dad!?! What was he like?" she asked. "Errr... only briefly, I don't really know him at all" he said. She looked down. Centauri's heart began to hurt. "How do you know your father's dead?" he asked. She looked towards him. "He's not dead?" she asked. "Well errr... maybe not, if he was an adventurer you could try asking around about him..." he said. She began to think and cracked a smile. "Your right mister, I'm gonna train real hard, and then travel around until I find him, just you wait!" she said. "Wait? What's your name?" he asked. She looked awkward. "Pandemona..." she said. "Ahhh... so your friends call you Mona?" he asked. "Nooo! Pan, like Pan flute" she said. Centauri nodded. He wished her luck and turned back to his home. He wondered whether what he had done was right, he didn't know, but perhaps everything would work out in the end...

Temple of Sleep

The 5 of them waited in the private room of the hair of the dog, they'd been given another assignment by Cerinţă, but they were unsure what it was about. Slowly the door started to open, but it wasn't Cerinţă, it was Orthrus. "Hey everyone, how you all doing?" he said with a smile. Charron stood up and brought out his staff, but the rest were sat down. "Your supposed to be dead!" Charron shouted. Ruthven looked off to the side. "Woops..." he said. Charron turned to face him. "Is there something you forgot to mention?" he asked sternly. "He's not working for Julius anymore" Jacob said. Charron frowned. "So what were all friends now?" he asked. Orthrus chuckled. "No, no, I can't stand any of you, except Wolf, and that neat little dragon of yours" he said with a smile. Dagger growled. "Dagganoth. What are you doing here?" Charron asked. "Oh, I've got a quest for you, didn't you get my letter?" he asked. "The one written in Cerinţă's handwriting?" Jacob asked. "That's the one!" he said with a smile. "Thought you might be more inclined to come that way" he added.

"Anyway, see Julius had an ally, this group called the Rose Compass" he said. "Rose compass?" Ruffven asked. "They all wear pink, it's ridiculous, however they're still quite strong, they're leader didn't fear Julius, and he was always nervous when around them, North was their name" he said. "Can you tell us about him?" Jacob asked. Orthrus shrugged. "Not even sure it's a him, could be an 'it', I only met them once, thing is their attempting to gain some power for themselves in Morytania" he said. "I've been keeping an eye on them, even the lower ranks have some meat on their bones, so they must be quite wealthy" he said. "Anyway, recently they've begun excavation on an old temple, Julius was interested in it, not sure what's going on in there, but they've got a small army walking around" he said. Ruthven smiled. "So you want us to go there, clear them out, and investigate the temple" he asked. Orthrus chuckled. "Right on the ball there, anyway these guys mean business, I'd recommend bringing something to hide your face, I'll stay at the bar while you get ready" he said. "We never said we'd accept" Charron said. "Then don't come, simple" Orthrus replied, walking down to the bar.

Ruthven walked alongside Orthrus, up front whilst the others tried to stay back. "Why'd you ask us to come along?" he asked. "As I said, small army" he replied with a hint of sarcasm. "Please, I know you wouldn't have any problems with that, your not telling us something" Ruthven said. Orthrus faced the ground and chuckled softly. "Heh your here in case North shows up" he said. "It's just 1 person" Ruthven said. "Julius told me he could never find anything about them, no scent, always appeared in the shadows, shadows he couldn't manipulate. Julius feared no one other than Drakan, yet his nervousness around North" he said. "So were bodyguards in case they show up" he asked. "More like cannon Fodder while I escape" he said, giving a chuckle. He sniffed the air and smiled. "Ah, were getting closer, I can smell them" he said. "What does it smell like" he asked. "Sweat and disappointment, but that's usually the precursor to blood and fear, you better be quick if you don't want to miss it" he said. He quickly rushed off ahead. Ruthven turned back to his friends and shrugged, running after him.

Ruthven ran past the rushes and saw an old dilapidated temple, the familiar 4 pointed star of saradomin was impaled into the ground and missing 3 points. There were numerous tents dotted around the site and several guards moving around. Ruthven looked around, he couldn't see Orthrus, he tried sniffing the air, all he could smell was a pile of brown stuff on the floor in front of him. He rolled his eyes, and scanned around, twilight was setting in and the guards had lit torches around the temple, suddenly one of them went dark. A few guards went to investigate, Ruthven thought he heard the sound of armour crashing against stone. There was a small group of guards gathered around a fire, playing a card game. Ruthven walked over and pulled down his mask over his face.

"I hate this game" guard1 said. "Because your losing" guard2 replied. "You invented this game!" guard1 shouted. "Maybe you two should be on the lookout for once" guard3 said. "Maybe you should shut up" guard1 reminded. "How about we have a runeversi tournament?" Ruthven asked. "Thank you, I was actually Draynor runeversi champion in 152" guard2 said. "Draynors full of suckwads" guard1 said. "Your a suckwad!" guard2 said. The 2 of them started hitting each other. guard3 sighed and looked towards Ruthven. "This is always happening, we should really be keeping an eye out for..." he said slowly. "Guy's there is an intruder here!" guard3 shouted. "Shut it suckwad!" guard1 shouted. The 2 continued to fight. guard3 looking around, he couldn't see any other guards, except 1 nearby. Guard3 shouted to him but guard4 was suddenly attacked by a large black furred beast, tearing him apart. "Don't worry I'll stop them fighting" Ruthven said, he brought out both swords and stabbed both guard1 and guard2 at the same time, they both fell to the ground, where they used their dying breaths to continue fighting. Ruthven turned towards guard3, the guard turned around and met a snarling beast blood dripping from it's jaw, it smiled at him. "Fancy a game of runeversi?" he asked.

Jacob and the others arrived to find Orthrus lifting up a guard by the throat. He was pushed against a wall whilst Orthrus growled. "So, what is the Rose Compass's interest in this temple?" he asked. "There's something interesting inside" the guard said. Orthrus threw him to the ground. "What's so interesting about it?" Orthrus asked. "I just know it's interesting..." the guard said. Orthrus growled. Jacob pushed him aside. "Where's your leader?" he asked. "Inside, studying the artefact" he replied. Jacob kicked him in the head and he went unconscious. "Right, now we know the location of who we should actually be interrogating" Jacob said. Orthrus chuckled. "You know what, I'll let you deal with the guy inside, I think I'll stay out here, on the lookout" he said. Ruffven said he's keep a lookout as well, as did Dagger, which meant Charron also said he would. Ruthven looked towards Jacob and smiled. "Come on you, I'm not the only character in this story" he said. Ruthven followed him into the temple. "Strange, them all wanting to stay behind" Ruthven said. "I think it has something to do with their eating habits and the corpses on the floor" Jacob said. "Should it bother me that half our team eats human flesh?" Ruthven asked. "Yes, but you're in Morytania, just be glad we didn't set up in Misthalin"

As they walked further down they came across a man fighting with some sort of dark spirit, there were bodies of guards everywhere. "Errr... I think we'll come back another time" Ruthven said. "Who are you two? Never mind, just help me kill this thing if it gets out who knows the havoc it could cause" the man said. The two of them saw his point and decided to help, it looked humanoid in appearance but had a menacing aura about it. Ruthven ran and slashed at it, ectoplasm or something similar dripping off the edge of his sword, Jacob fired a bolt at it but the spirit managed to knock Ruthven away, crashing into an old pot. The man fired a fire spell at the spirit and it started to fade, then fell to the floor. The man looked to him. "Thanks, did North send you?" he asked. Jacob nodded. "We've got others outside, they're fighting some sort of spirit as well, it doesn't look good for your men" Jacob said. The man sighed. "It's mission accomplished though, we just have to find a way to capture this spirit" he said. "And what's so special about this spirit?" a voice behind them said, Jacob recognised it as Orthrus. The man looked towards him. "It's you! Julius' guard dog... arghhh! NO! How did this happen!?!" he shouted. Jacob pulled the staff away from him and threw it to the ground. "Start talking, what's so special about this temple?" Jacob asked. The man was clearly in pain, the fear of failure creeping across his face. "No... I can't!" he began to shout. Suddenly the spirit started moving about, it started to dissolve and flowed into Jacob and the man, as Ruthven ran forward to help a blast of energy emanated from them, and suddenly everyone in the room felt tired, they all fell to the floor and went to sleep.

"Wake up Jacob" a voice said. Jacob opened his eyes, he was in a vast library, dark grey walls stretched endlessly with long lines of books on oak shelves. Jacob looked around, he felt something nudge him, he looked down and saw a small Jadinko, it reminded him of the one's he use to protect. It let out a chirp and disappeared down between some shelves, Jacob quickly followed, as he turned the corner he saw something disturbing, the wall was falling apart, books lined the floor, all that was left was some sort of dark hall that lead to an even darker place, the Jadinko ran down it, Jacob followed still. He carried on walking down it, undeterred by the darkness, suddenly there was a flash and he ended up on a bright white plane. "Seems you've gotten the hang of your powers" a voice said. Jacob turned to see 'Ruthven', not the human, the demon, it smiled creepily at him.

"Where am I?" Jacob asked. 'Ruthven' shrugged. "No idea, the other guy calls it the dream boundary but I wouldn't trust him" he said. Jacob turned to see the ice demon behind him. "Fancy stumbling into here, I'm guessing you have questions" he said. Jacob wiped his forehead. "What happened?" he asked. 'Ruthven' chuckled. "You all got wiped out, all just lying there unconscious" 'Ruffven' shook his head. "The spirit you fought was Narcos, he was a Hallowvalian mage who worked on the magic of dreams, he became one of those things, a nightmare, consumed by power. The mage you were with was trying to gain the power for himself, however you managed to take half of it." "But why are you here?" 'Ruthven' got up. "Were here to guide you to the dreams of our hosts, stop the mage corrupting them" "You see as a spirit you gain power from dreams, nightmares give you even more power, so the mage will be trying to put your friends into an endless nightmare, you just need to stop him and banish him" 'Ruffven' said. Jacob nodded. "What are you really, your masks yet your power is only used once" "Were a way out, if death comes near we give you a new life. We also share our knowledge when the mask is worn" "So when Ruthven dies he'll become... that" "Heh you saw how powerful I was, the fact he was accepted proves he would consider it" "Did Julius consider you?" "Julius was never going to get the power, the masks aren't perfect and can be manipulated, now you need to get going, your going to enter Ruthvens dream, his perfect scenario" he said. Jacob was still struggling to understand this all when 6 doors appeared in front of him, each one decorated differently, 1 that was chained and emanated a dark aura, the one on the far left was bright red and a wolfs head was engraved on the front, there was a similar dark aura there. "You must go and defeat the nightmare" 'Ruffven' said. "Heh, I'll be joining you" 'Ruthven' said, he smiled and teleported. Jacob just scratched his head and walked through the door.

Jacob looked around, it appeared there was some sort of celebration going on. It looked like the hair of the dog inn, but happier, there were lots of people in the room, several Jacob recognised. It was mostly women, they all appeared to be crowding around the bar area, Jacob walked forward, not sure what he would find. As he pushed past the crowd he saw a struggle going on behind the bar on the floor, suddenly Ruthven jumped up off the ground, he was wearing his adventuring gear and a cape that seemed to move like it was being blown by the win constantly, his face was smiling and covered in lipstick. "You look beat achey, why don't you get a drink and I can tell you again about how I defeated those 7 dragons" Ruthven said, towards the ground. A woman stood up in fine metal armour, Jacob recognised her, it was Achiettes the leader of the Heroes Guild. "I look forward to it Wolfie" she said, walking off. Jacob was cringing really hard, this was exactly what he was expecting to find and it still shocked him. "Alright who wants to go next?" he said, looking around pleasingly. "Ruthven!" Jacob said, staring at him with a slight anger. "Sorry sir, I don't swing that way" he said. "It's Jacob, Ruthven your dreaming!" he said. "Jacob! I'm not dreaming, this is as real as it gets" he said. "With women lining up to shag you in a public place?" "Your just jealous, face facts this is the real world" "Ruthven, there is an abbysal demon in the corner and no one is reacting to it" Jacob said, pointing to 'Ruthven' who was also chatting up Achiettes. Ruthven looked mad. "Oy she's mine!" he shouted, jumping over the bar and rushing over. Jacob walked up to him. "Look, there's a nightmare somewhere, trying to put you through an endless mental torture" "Don't worry, nothing scares me, Drakan himself could walk through that door and I'd headbutt him to the ground" he said. Suddenly the doors opened and out walked a woman with long curled brown hair, emerald eyes and 5 rings on her hand, she wore nothing else. "Hey everyone, has anyone seen my fiancée?" she shouted. Jacob rolled his eyes, Ruthven's fantasies were out of control, Jacob turned to punch him but Ruthven's smile had suddenly disappeared, he had gone pale and was shaking. "Sc-Scottie?" he asked, she turned to him and a creepy smile crept across her face.

"Jacob, hide me!" Ruthven shouted. Jacob was actually enjoying himself and pushed him forward. "There you are... the man who left poor little old me at the altar" she said, she started to cry. Ruthven leaned forward. "errr.... it's ok..." he said. She suddenly turned red with anger and appeared to suddenly grow a foot taller. "It is not ok! Do you know what happens to men who leave their wives at the altar?" she asked. "They go to live happy peaceful lives?" Ruthven asked. She shook her head, a dark aura surrounded her. "They simply get stabbed in the throat, by me. But not before I castrate you" she said. The bar disappeared and they found themselves in an old rundown chapel, a bloodied altar stood behind Scottie. Ruthven looked like he was in a state of panic, Jacob was really enjoying it, until 'Ruthven' ran up to him. "What are you doing? Your laughing at my suffering!" he said. Jacob smiled. "So what, it's hilarious" he replied. "Your succumbing to the spell, feeding off his fear, you need to stop this or you'll lose him forever" he said. Jacob stopped laughing, he looked at himself and he too was bathed in a dark aura. "What do I do then?" Jacob asked. 'Ruthven' smiled. "You need to provide him with support, to raise his hopes blah blah some nonsense like that" he replied. Jacob nodded. "Ruthven you need to stay strong, look she's not even armed" he said. Ruthven looked up, as if it finally dawned on him, he could beat her. He ran forward, swords drawn and slashed downwards, a fur covered claw caught it, she had changed into a werewolf, she pulled the swords away and threw them into non existence, she then slashed across his chest, his shirt getting torn apart, he was propelled back and slammed against the wall, blood poured from his wounds. Ruthven was once again panicking, Jacob resisted the urge to torment him further "Come on Ruth, this is your dream, think of something" Jacob shouted. "Like what! That's a bloody werewolf!" he shouted. Jacob thought, he looked towards 'Ruthven', "What about that" he said, pointing at 'Ruthven'. Suddenly 'Ruthven' smiled. "About time" he said. He teleported in front of Ruthven and turned into a mask, Ruthven put it on his face. He started to shake, the flow of blood on his wound turned black, Ruthven got up and charged, Scottie ran and slashed at him again, he suddenly disappeared, 'Ruthven' appeared behind her, he grabbed and started to consume her. Jacob could feel the fear coming off her, yet she was nothing more than an illusion, he realised that must be the mages form in this world. She finally disappeared and 'Ruthven' smiled. "That felt good, now to head back to the bar" he said. They had all returned to the bar, the girls still lining up for Ruthven. He beckoned the next one over, but hadn't changed back to human. Disgusted by the prospect of what was about to happen, Jacob immediately left.

Jacob was back in the hall, 'Ruffven' stood waiting for him. "You did good, did you feel your power grow" he said. "I felt something, the fear from that mage felt much more... nourishing than Ruthven's" "Remind yourself of that, it'll remind you to finally defeat him when the time comes" he said. Jacob looked at the doors, another one was covered in Shadow, it was old and worn, a strong scent of salt from it. "Is that... Daggers?" he asked. "Even monsters dream, they also have fears" Jacob nodded and walked through.

There was a loud rushing sound coming from around him, water sprayed into his face as a warm wind brushed against it. Jacob covered his face and moved away from the noise, he looked around and saw several waterfalls crashing down, it gave the effect of rain yet there were no clouds in the sky. The whole thing surprised Jacob, he was expecting the gloomy coast of Relleka. He saw Dagger staring out to sea, sat with Charron. Jacob walked over and sat down next to Dagger. "You really enjoyed Wushanko didn't you?" he asked. Dagger looked to him with surprise. "Jacob! Why are you here?" he asked. "Your dreaming Dagger, and a nightmare is coming so I'm here to help you stop it" he said. Dagger looked towards Charron, he turned and smiled. "The Teardrop isles, it's so warm here and the water is nourishing, the fish are huge and taste great as well" he said. "Would you leave us behind to live here?" Jacob asked. He shook his head. "I've been thinking, if I outlive you lot, I would want to spend the rest of my life here, my life without Charron..." he said.


All good things come to an end

((Being rewritten)) The day the 4 tasks came at once Jacob didn't suspect anything, he had no need to, the closest thing the group had to an enemy had been killed. There was some recent activity about a cult or something similar but nothing to be concerned about. In fact Jacob has finally read all the books in his room so he had taken to writing his own. Surprisingly Jacob's first work was a collection of pictures with very little text, similar to a kids book. The book was called 'For Dagger' (Working Title) and was essentially Jacob's gift to Charron. It was supposed to help inspire Dagger to read more, something Charron had been trying to help humanize him. Jacob smiled to himself as he shaded in the background for one of the pictures, but the arrival of 4 tasks at once meant he had business to perform.

"So which one are we going to pick?" Charron asked. Ruthven smiled. "I think we're capable enough to do 1 each, none of these look particularly difficult" he said, particularly eyeing the one with girly handwriting. Ruffven gave a slight smile. "Ruth's right for once, I think we're ready, who should do each one?" he asked. Jacob sifted through them, giving each a quick run through. "Well this seems simple, this ones elementals so you can do that Charron. This one is deep in the swamp so that makes Ruffven the most suitable." Jacob paused. There was 2 left, and Ruthven was still eyeing the same task, Jacob sighed and passed it to Ruthven who pumped his fist into the air. Jacob read his, the task was simple but it was in the Wilderness, Jacob never really liked the place but he had to prove himself.

Jacob, Charron and Dagger left together to cross the Salve, Charrons task was in Silvarea and he had taken Dagger as well. The 3 talked with each other along the journey, eventually parting ways at Charrons destination. Jacob carried on alone, as he reached the ditch that marked the start of the Wilderness Jacob pulled up his hood. He carried on walking, after about ½ hour something seemed off, Jacob thought he could hear footsteps behind him, many footsteps, he didn't stop but casually brought up his buckler, the reflection was blurry but he could see legs following him. Jacob gulped, he continued to move forward, however as he did so he casually took out equipment from his bag while moving, he drunk some potions and loaded his crossbow, he quickly turned around, he could count 6 of them, 4 heavily armoured with swords and 2 light armoured with bows. Jacob quickly aimed at one of the armoured mens heads and fired, he then turned and ran. He heard the sound of a bolt pinging off metal but he knew the force of the impact would at least slow him down for a bit. Jacob quickly made for a outcrop of rock which he his behind. He assumed the rangers would reach him first, if they had any strategy they'd both travel round different sides at the same time. Jacob caught his breath and waited, grabbing a handful of powder from a pouch.

As expected they did indeed come from both sides, Jacob threw the powder at the man to the left, it was flash powder and it disorientated the man, at least for a few seconds. Jacob then fired a bolt at the other mans arm, the man yelled out but Jacob quickly rushed forward and slammed the stock of his crossbow into the mans skull. The man fell to the ground, Jacob quickly turned back on himself and threw a throwing axe at the first mans arm. The man yelled out louder then the other, Jacob grabbed another axe and slashed through the bow string and then slamming the blunt side into the mans head. He fell but wasn't knocked out, so Jacob quickly pulled out his Keris and stabbed him through both hands and once in the ankle. As expected the man screamed but didn't get up.

Jacob suddenly found himself surrounded by 3 men, heavily armoured and with swords pointing at him. Jacob knew that even with the potions it was going to be tough. Jacob quickly took out a smoke bomb and threw it against the ground, he then pressed himself against the ground, the men swung wildly in the smoke and shouts were heard as their swords collided with each other. As the smoke cleared Jacob managed to pulled the helmet off of one and quickly slam his head in with the stock. The other 2 had recovered from their blows, so Jacob ran backwards and fired his crossbow once again, this time into one of the knights helmets. The other knight swung, Jacob managed to dodge and he threw a throwing axe towards the knights sword arm. It collided. The knight dropped the sword and shouted, Jacob then furiously stabbed him in the joints of the legs repeatedly, this managed to down the knight at least for now, Jacob turned to the other knight who was still clutching his head, Jacob quickly decided to make use of another tactic by grabbing his chloroform and placing a rag over the mans face, the man slowly collapsed towards the ground. Jacob took another deep breath, there was one more, he turned to face the last one when Jacob suddenly realised he was gone, there was just a body on the floor in his place. There was a figure behind him though.

As the figure stepped forward he saw a woman spinning a wand in one hand, whilst wearing a gauntlet on the other. She had long black hair and looked much older than Jacob thought she should be. "Very good, I can see why Julius had so much trouble" she said. Jacob loaded the crossbow and pointed it at her, she laughed. "Go ahead, I know you won't kill me raptor, don't want to break your oath" she said slowly walking towards him, Jacob continued to point the crossbow slightly unnerved. "Well then come on, where's the book?" she asked. "What book?" Jacob responded sharply. "Don't play coy. I know for a fact the vyres don't have it so that means your the only ones who could have taken it" she responded. Jacob chuckled to himself, finally getting it. "What! Shut up or you'll end up like your friends!" she shouted. "What, living? I can read between your lines, this was all a trap and now because you couldn't kill the others the only way you can through to them is by my help" Jacob said. The woman stopped walking towards him, she suddenly face palmed with her metal gauntlet leaving a large bruise on the head. "Your not the only one, that damn mahjarrat has it, it all makes sense, you couldn't kill him, which means this is all 'your' fault, your going to pay now!" she said. Jacob was getting worried, he wanted to pull the trigger but he couldn't. "That book is too powerful for a human!" Jacob shouted. She laughed. "I am above humanity, I have lived for thousands--" she said, Jacob interrupted by firing his crossbow, his conscience at ease upon learning she wasn't human. However as the bolt soared a plume of smoke blew suddenly in front of the woman, blowing the bolt off course and into a tree. She chuckled.

Jacob reloaded quickly, suddenly finding a ball of smoke flying towards his face. Jacob ducked but the ball turned around, Jacob quickly brought up his buckler to try soften the damage, which it did, however it still hurt. Jacob turned round to see her charging another spell, Jacob quickly threw a smoke bomb down. However the girl laughed. "You can't use my own spells against me" she said, she pushed forward and the smoke quickly dissipated, but she found Jacob lying down on the ground with the crossbow pointed at her, he fired and it went into her wand arm. She didn't yell, she just seemed to grunt, she pulled out the bolts with her gauntlet and held the wand with her gauntleted hand. "That's not going to work next time." she shouted. Jacob gulped and grabbed a throwing axe, throwing it, a plume of smoke came upwards as the axe moved forward, it suddenly stopped moving, smoke swirling around it, then it came flying towards Jacob.

Jacob quickly dodged out the way but it continued to travel, eventually U-turning and coming back towards him, Jacob swore and once again dodged hoping it might travel into the woman, unfortunately it stopped right in front of her, a look of concentration on her face, suddenly it turned back towards Jacob, Jacob quickly grabbed his last throwing axe and threw it at the one coming towards him, they collided with each other and both fell out of the sky, the woman appeared to growl, Jacob fired the crossbow at her, she blew it away once again, Jacob grabbed 3 knives and threw them at her, she suspended all 3 in mid air and began to spin them. "Your... moves are... beginning to get old..." she said, concentrating, but while she was concentrating Jacob rushed forward grabbed the axes off the floor and threw both of them at her chest, suddenly the knives dropped onto the floor as did the woman. Jacob walked over to inspect her, she was still breathing. "No I can't believe it..." she said. Jacob pushed her foot against her gauntleted arm. "Looks like this chapter is coming to a close" Jacob said. She chuckled. "Yes but with a twist ending!" she shouted, she quickly rolled towards Jacob and sent a concentrated ball of smoke into his ankle, Jacob swore loudly, the smoke felt like it was burning away at his skin, he fell to the ground, but quickly loaded his crossbow, suddenly smoke started coming out of the woman it began to form above her, suddenly the woman stopped moving and the smoke began to form into a shape.

It looked like a man at first, composed of fine particles floating above the ground, however as the particles began to take shape he started to look more like a demon, the thing laughed. "I'm sorry but I'll have to make this quick before I begin to perish" it said. Jacob fired the crossbow, the bolt soared straight through. The thing laughed. Suddenly it stopped, looking at Jacob. "You have 'it'!" it suddenly said. Jacob coughed still in pain. "Speak clearly" Jacob said. "'cuse me I just have to borrow something it" it said chuckling, a large plume of smoke suddenly covered Jacob, Jacob fell unconscious.

In his dream he was falling, there were books falling along with him, brief images flew past him of his family and friends, suddenly Jacob saw the floor, it was covered in vines, Jacob crashed through it. He found himself in a room, the floor was dirt and the walls were covered in vines but the room simply contained bookcases loaded with thousands upon thousands of books. In the centre there was a man in robes and long black hair, reading through one of the books. "It seems I have plenty to work with, using this I can get to your friends in no time, but first back to the desert to get Grohiik" he said. Jacob pulled out his crossbow and fired, the bolt soared through the air and suddenly stopped just before reaching the man. "I'm afraid I'm in control here, you are merely a bystander, go ahead pull up a chair watch it all unravel" he said. Jacob swore, suddenly a small Jadinko ran up to him with a book in its mouth, Jacob stroked it's head and picked the book up, Jacob recognised the book, he had read it a few years ago, there was a bookmark on one of the pages, Jacob opened and read the contents, something that was once in the back of his mind had been brought to the front. Jacob sighed and looked towards the Jadinko. "I'm not going to let another author define my story..." Jacob said to himself, suddenly the vines split off the wall and crashed through the bookcases, pages went flying into the air and the room started to shake. The man in the centre shouted. "No! What have you done, you havn't stopped the inevitable only delayed it! You will regret--" suddenly a bookcase crashed into him, the room started to shake even more violently. Jacob walked over to a table where he saw the book he had been writing, the next page had a picture of his friends, all geared up and ready for another adventure, it was also one of the rare moments when Charron smiled. Jacob sighed and closed the book.

Jacob woke up in an inn near varrock. Not wanting to stay any longer Jacob immediatly searched his bag for a Teletab and went back to his home in Yanille. As Jacob treated his injuries he caught some sort of infection. It didn't affect him physically, but did a lot of damage mentally. Jacob was overcome with an extreme case of paranoia. Not just that but for some reason it was etched in his brain that Jacob could never weild a sword again, even so much as holding one caused him to have panic attacks. For almost 2 years Jacob never left his house, surviving on food he grew himself, filling his house with traps, reading through all his books. He would wonder the halls either wearing only his hood or his Jadinko mask. Charron visited once and Jacob almost tried to kill him. This changed Jacob and he decided to try and cure himself. Jacob eventually managed to devise a potion that could help him. His paranoia ceased, his ability to handle a sword did not.

Things did not turn out well for the other 3 questers. Ruthven ended up with Shrapnel and glass lodged in parts of his arm and skull. Charron suffered severe burns all over his body. Ruffven was put under huge torture, that doesn't show unless he's in wolf form. Jacob may have suffered the least damage physically, but mentally, he suffered the worst damage of all of them.

Fortunately, Jacob still had connections in Yanille. He officially retired as an adventure, sending in his notice to the Questing Guilds and Slayer Guilds. He then became the town doctor, life was good, but dull.

Recent RP History

Early retirement

During his time in Yanille it was controlled by (Umbra Magas) then later controlled by Eden Syvian. Using a white cane to keep himself upright as he struggled to walk, he would often be seen in the pub drinking an asgarnian ale whilst reading a book. Jacob took control of the library, because noone ever noticed, he would often steal books from there and take them to hims house. After a few months of this he then decided to work at Port Khazard, he managed to make a load of money buying and selling goods, and he also

Yanille 2

Dr. Jacob Southmage of Yanille

got to sooth his taste for adventure by learning to sail and by going to different places. Jacob then got the oppurtunity to sell his business and he made a lot of money because of it. He still has 1 ship though which he calls the 'Smoking Glory', on the basis that it caught on fire 3 times in the first week he acquired it.

Jacob still got up to plenty of adventures, Yanille at one point was invaded by trolls and Jacob healed the wounded soldiers. He helped stop a murderer using his handy bottle of chloroform. He actually had a live dragon on his dining table. The dragon belonged to Ella Syvian and was dreadfully ill, unfortunately it didn't survive. Jacob also commisioned a town census and temporarily worked in the Yanillean military.

One day during a trip to the kharidian, Jacob was trying to secure a deal that could make him one of the richest men in Yanille, unfortunately it was a scam, and he was kidnapped by bandits run by the mahjarrat gro'hiik.

The book of smoke

Jacob was captured and his cargo was taken away, he was then interrogated by the mahjarrat. It turned out he was after money to launch an army against another mahjarrat. Jacob studied the mahjarrat carefully looking for a way to get out. One day he noticed a strange book on the dresser in the mahj' room. It appeared to be smoking and jacob thought it was probably worth a lot. After 3 weeks of slaving in the mines a fight broke out between the miners, reinforced by a rival gang, and the bandits. Jacob was called to help but instead he chose to make his escape. Jacob found his Amulet, Keris and Crossbow, but his waterskins, throwing knives and cane had been taken and presumedly sold. Jacob thought in exchange for his cargo and knives he would sneak into the mahj's room. Inside jacob stole 3 books including the smoking book, and a bag of coins he'd know he'd need for bartering. On his way out jacob was attacked by the mahj who realised he was losing and was falling back. Ro'hiik noticed jacob and attacked with a large ice spell. However the ice weakened the rock above and knocked it loose. It seperated the two leaving jacob on the outside. Jacob presumes the mahj was crushed, but its quite difficult to kill a mahjarrat, and jacob knew that.

The long trek back

Luckily for jacob the base was by the river so jacob could follow it, knowing he'd either reach sophanem or Pollivneach. Jacob arrived in pollivneach and went to ask Ali for directions, he was pointed to another ali, who said ali's bar could give him a room. So jacob went to speak to Ali and jacob was lucky as the previous guest, Ali, had just left. Jacob spent a week getting his strength back and reading his new book. Through jacob learnt about smoke magic and after a few months he'd be able to make smoke wobble a bit more then usual, but you don't learn a whole new spellbook in a day... Jacob, realising he can't stand the taste of kebab, left for al Kharid. He found his ship being sold at auction by the bandits who took it from him. Jacob went to 'persuade' the men to give it back but this ended with both bandits being killed. Realising he would get in trouble, he ran through the market. His hand got caught on some black cloth and jacob escaped by hiding behind a cart of hay. Jacob fashioned the cloth into a hood so he wouldn't be seen and then promptly stole his boat back. All but 2 crew had survived the bandit attack but it was just enough to get them back to yanille. He paid them with the sack of gold he'd recieved which was worth 2 years salary to them. But Jacob liked his hood so he decided to keep it. Jacob clutched the book in his hand and walked back to Yanille.

Retired no more

  After 6 months jacob was still wearing his hood. He had closed down his doctors business and had learnt some basic smoke magic jacob was bored. He had enough money to retire happily but he was bored. Since he'd gotten his book jacob longed for more adventure. The next day Jacob headed off to falador in the hope of joining the white knights. However he was given a rude welcome by 2 white knights, due to the fact he didn't worship saradomin, so jacob left after 1 day. He decided to join the Kinshra instead. They weren't so sure about accepting his at first due to him being guthixian, however jacob said 'There is no balance, the scales tip towards the white knights, its a guthixians duty to make sure they are put back in place'. Jacob was inducted as Squire Dr. Jacob Johnathon Peterson Brian Southmage.

We're the mother ****** Kinshra

Inducted in the Kinshra jacob was forced to wear chain mail, which he hated as it didn't provide good movement. The current baron at the time was Atrum who was considered quite popular within the ranks. Jacob however being a squire felt excluded from the other kinshra, also due to his religion. However he persevered and after a year's service he was promoted to Knight. Shortly after this time he built and constructed his buckler. He was now allowed holidays which he spent in Canifis. Jacob liked canifis, as it was the only place that served his favourie drink, moonlight mead. He was always prepared th
Kinshra roof

The spot where Jacob relaxes.


Some time into being a KInshra jacob was attacked by a former Kinshra with a grudge. Unexpectedly jacob was slammed in the stomach with a fire enchanted shield and was left with burns. However he teleported away just in time. a few months later Jacob would rise to the rank of Captain, being in control of the rangers division. This made Jacob the highest ranking non zamorakian in the Kinshra. Jacob also took part in many great kinshra missions, including keeping the alliance with Yanille, sneaking into the Sicarius mansion, and taking part in the Kinshra occupation of Port Sarim.

After the loss of zamorak during the battle of lumbridge, the morale of the kinshra was low, so Jacob came up with the idea for his first event. Pie night. Jacob loved pie as it could be a dinner & a dessert. He organised the whole thing which was then made public causing a huge party, food fight and brought the white knights and the kinshra closer together.

Change in Faith

After the death of guthix Jacob didn't know what to think. Jacob realised he didn't know who to believe in, but he knew it wasn't saradomin, zamorak or bandos. Jacob spent a lot of time researching gods beliefs and eventually after 3 months came to the conclusion that he was most suited as an armadyllean. Jacob is now currently helping armadylls effort by escorting caravans and encouraging the diviners. During this war Jacob was promoted to imperial knight, by Baron Magnus, meaning jacob has passed his goal of where he wanted to end up in the Kinshra. Jacob has represented the kinshra in many events, sometimes just appearing on his own, one account of this was at the zamorakian Brigade ball, here he represented the Kinshra alongside an elder Demon who later left. Also at the party he encountered a man who also called himself Sir Jacob, but appeared to be from a parralel dimension. He was promoted alongside his best (and sometimes only) friend in the Kinshra, Ryder Steele. He is also quite good friends with Pierre, the suspicously french Kinshra. Jacob has also been training Divination secretly, believing to one day be able to use the power to his advantage. With the banning of Humans from canifis, Jacob tried but failed to get a supply of the moonlight mead which he loves so much. Jacob, along with Ryder and a few others, were later promoted to an Elite Part of the Kinshra Knights, forming a group of Knights who were superior to the rest. This group was provided with a better standard of equipment and with commbraces, a revolutionary new bracelet comparable to a commorb.

On the run

Jacob splashed the water onto his face, the water dripping off his leather armour. Ryder stood next to him, slashing at an invisible enemy. "What an idiot." Jacob thought silently, he reminded him of Ruthven with less finesse and looks. They were one of the few survivors of an attack on New Kinsport. Jacob was prepared to stand and fight, but a voice inside him said "Flee, they will not survive, you'll come out of this stronger", so he fled. Jacob checked his commbrace and found it wasn't working. "Figures" he said, and threw it down the well he'd acquired water from. "We ought'a scavenge for supplies back at the port" he said to Ryder, who was in one of his psychotic killer moods. "I'll gut the guy's who did this to us, stick the sword up their arses and they'll die from internal bleeding" This talk lasted for ages as the 2 wondered down to new Kinsport. There they saw the aftermath of the battle.

Half the port was submerged in the water, you could see various parts of ships pointing out towards the sky. One part of the water was stained black from a load of gunpowder spilt into the water, another part was stained red. Most of the buildings were now rubble, save the barracks and the quartermasters quarters. Corpses and burning rubble littered the area. A looter was found scavenging supplies and a mage who was actually a mahjarrat in disguise was teleporting bodies to an unknown location. Ryder attempted to 'deal' with the looter but was 'persuaded' to let him go by the mage. Whilst this was going on Jacob collected the supplies from their division from the barracks and any other useful equipment and food.

In the quartermasters office Jacob found Roken his pet Raven sat on the bookshelf, he had managed to survive as well. Whilst Jacob had a quick reunion Ryder spent a while gathering any and all weapons he found, including crossbows and wands. In a chest in the back Jacob found the commbrace belonging to the quatermaster, it was still working and was much better then his previous model. Upon turning it on another Kinshra warned them that the invaders were still after them and that they should run. Jacob and Ryder stripped themselves of any possesions that might relate them to the Kinshra and they set off north to taverly. Jacob wondered briefly if Pierre survived.

Later that night they arrived at a bar in taverly, one of the occupants seemed suspicous. Ryder went to investigate, and he was then knocked to the floor and attacked with a barbed whip. After a scuffle, Ryder managed to remove the helmet of the man, which turned out to be some sort of construct as there were multiple gears and switches where his face should've been. Jacob managed to take a wooden beam and smash it into the gears, causing the construct to malfunction and then explode. Jacob and Ryder managed to get out just in time.

They were then approached by the Dread Lord Deracot who had seemingly regrown his head and had come back from the grave. After a brief discussion, he allowed the 2 knights to come and hide out in his cave. Battered and Bruised, Jacob and Ryder rested, not knowing what would happen to them.

After about a week or two on the run, the Kinshra was taken over once again by Baron Atrum. Lord Deracot heard of this and brought Ryder and Jacob back with them to the Kinshra fortress. They met up with their friend Ivan and set about life as normal.

Knight Guardian Captain

Jacob fell into the routine of doing boring Knight jobs. However one day Jacob, along with Ryder were called up by the Baron himself. They were to guard the Baron and a few of his lords at a meeting with the Camelot council. During the meeting, Jacob found himself bored, resting against the doors. Eventually Lord Venice showed. "Fabulously late as always." Jacob said. The lord smiled and asked Jacob to open the doors for him. Ryder punched open the doors and Jacob shouted "Introducing the Great Lord Venice!". Little did Jacob know this act would help him rise further up the ranks than he could possibly imagine.

Jacob was on the roof with Ivan and Ryder. They were discussing promotions. Jacob had always thought he'd probably never get higher then Knight Captain, his religous views held him back, as did his age. However the 3 noticed Lord Venice talking to himself. They walked up to him and Jacob introduced them. Lord Venice recognised Jacob for his introduction and decided he could use someone like him. He also said the same about Ryder and Ivan. He promoted them to be his Knight Guardians. A rank highly sought over as it was the highest rank one could acheive in the Kinshra without heritage.

The lord set them a challenge to see who could clean his chamberpots the best. Ryder simply through the waste out the window, then gave it a quick wipe. Ivan used a water spell to clean it. Jacob used the potion he used to clean his boots. He also managed to steal some lavender from one of the female lords quarters, which he spread on the pot. The Lord analyzed the 3 pots. He threw Ryders off the fortress roof, disappointed with the lack of effort. He gave Ivan a B -. However he was most impressed with Jacobs, especially the smell of lavender. He promoted Jacob once again to Knight Guardian captain. He also gave him a weeks vacation in Crandor. Jacob was teleported immediatly and had to spend the rest of the day trying to survive.

As a Knight Guardian Captain there were more perks. Jacob got a rise in salary. He was ranked higher than even the Elite Knights, which included Pierre. Jacob was entitled to his own room as well. Also he was able to boss Ryder about. Finally and most important, he was able to stand in for Lord Venice in case of an emergency. Life was looking great for Jacob.

The Ritual

Ryder came back one day with several holes in his head through a recent battle, Jacob healed him up and decided to ask Ryder Steele for help with a project that he said 'Could improve our chances of promotion'. The 2 headed up to the roof where they began to construct a ritual circle, despite having no magical knowledge what so ever Jacob trusted Ryder with reciting the words. Jacob stood in the centre along side his pet Raven 'Roken'. The ritual proceeded to go as planned though there was a sudden explosion half way through. Jacob and Ryder were both slammed against a wall whilst Roken disappeared over the battlements. The 2 were reprimanded for their behaviour by a senior knight, as they left Jacob started to laugh to himself. Ryder asked what was so funny.

"You have no idea how ironic this situation is, neither should I physically, but mentally I do. What is it now, nearly 5 bloody years being held back by him. Him. Hmmm, you have no idea what I'm talking about, I guess I shouldn't either. Excuse me, I have a call to make Ryder." He replied, before walking off smiling to himself.


A few weeks later Jacob went on assignment. His patrol was ambushed by a group of strange individuals who captured Jacob and killed half his patrol. This event is believed to have sparked an argument that eventually lead to a revolt against the then Kinshra Baron, Deracot. He was ousted by Cpt Vallen and Cpt Donovan who announced themselves the new head of the Kinshra. A search party was organized by fellow captain Ryder Steele, but to no avail. Jacobs whereabouts still remain unknown, as do the identity's of his capturers.

A few weeks later, Cpt Vallen and Cpt Donovan are themselves ousted out of power due to a number of losses that occurred under their reign. Deracot was being searched for to head the Kinshra again, with Lord Samael taking the throne. Samael's reign consisted of 3 missions and 1 battle (Victory) before mysteriously being replaced by another group of people for seemingly no apparent reason. All searches for Jacob were cancelled and his fate was left unknown.


Jacob made a return several months later, appearing outside the fortress during a meeting with Commander Delrith and a young mage. Jacob claimed that he had been captured by Lord Samael after discovering a fact about his lineage which made his Lordship false. He said Samael found out about this and had him captured. He explained Samael was trying to take over the Kinshra and that the 2 should be careful. He later left teleporting away so he couldn't be followed.


"This is turning into quite a page turner"

"Don't worry, once you tell me what you know I can patch those wounds up"

"Talk about a cliff hanger" - Whilst hanging off a cliff

"What did I do to wind up with you as my best friend?"

"Of course it's interesting, tax rates in 2nd age settlements in the Ancient Empire is an enthralling, exciting... by Guthix just get me a new book"


When Jacob was first created , he was a former adventurer hoping to become a great wizard. He was planned to join the Dagon Hai, but the clan only lasted a few days.

Jacob was later designed as a man who joined the Legends guild, suffered a great injury and was forced to retire early and become a doctor. He was designed to be disgruntled, rude and continuously moan about the 'good ol days'. It was based that Jacob lived in Yanille all his life and that was why he had such a big house as he had continuously worked on it.

During his time in Yanille Jacob was developed further, he changed from a mage to a ranged user, mainly using throwing knives, his Keris was introduced, he became a guthixian, and his injury healed causing him to have a desire to return to adventuring.

Jacob's personality was fully developed after his creator got 70 ranged and Karils armour. Jacob's change of look would come about through a roleplay where he acquired an ancient book and learnt about smoke magic. Jacob's ability with smoke magic changed from being able to make items from smoke, to being able to throw smoke in people's face to, after 3 years of training, being able to make it into various shapes (usually clouds, mashed potato or hills).

Jacob's look was changed to full Karil's, his signature guthix staff being replaced with the Keris, a yanille cloak and a grim reaper hood.

The reason for the hood first started that the book was cursed, that if anyone looked at his face he would die. This was later changed to his face was scarred and he didn't want anyone to see it. Then it was changed to make it like he was embarassed by what he did in the desert and wanted to hide himself. The current reason is that Jacob had to hide himself after the adventure and got used to wearing it, and now constantly hides his face. The real reason he got used to it, is still being planned out. The ooc reason he actually wears it was because it matched his armour, and he didn't have a coif.

When he left yanille Jacob was developed so that he loved books, he collects weapons, and spent some time on a boat, it was also revealled he was actually born in burthorpe.

Upon joining the Kinshra, the story of how Jacob joined the Legends guild still hadn't been planned out, nobody ever brought the fact he joined the legends guild up, so he never spoke about it. Jacob's signature weapon now became the bone crossbow, along with an armadyll buckler as a shield.

After a few rofl sessions, it was decided that these rofl's that were created should be former friends of Jacob. These included Ruthven and Charron. His parents were also named as Johnathon and Jacqueline to keep the 'J' theme in the family. It was then revealed he had a brother who was planned to be alive and fight Jacob in a future rp, but this was later changed to him being killed before Jacob joined Yanille.

The majority of Jacob's past was updated with the creation of the rp wiki, he now had explantions as to why he joined the kinshra, he became an armadyllean, he now had origin story's for his weapons, and his favourite drink was changed from Asgoldian Ale to moonlight mead.

The creation of the family tree provided more backstory to Jacob and also created Ruthven's 'brother'. Jacob's inability to weild a sword was changed to a mental illness. As of now Jacob's backstory is at its final stage of development, there are still 1 or 2 stories missing from his past but these will be filled in at a later date.


  • Jacob's original name was Brian. The name was changed due to people calling him jake due to his username (magejake) and Brian became a middle name.
  • Jacob's middle name is based off the character 'Albus Percival Wilfred Brian Dumbledore' from the Harry Potter series of books and films.
  • Despite not being able to fight with a sword, he can fight perfectly well with a cane, but not a cane sword.
  • Jacob's was originally going to be a mahjarrat, but due to knowing more about humans it was changed after a week.
  • What does he look like underneath his hood you may ask. It started as having no face, then a face covered in scars, to the face of a Lizard, however Jacob face is currently the same as before, but dirtier and with more stubble.
  • The M.L.G stands for Member of the Legends Guild, Jacob invented the title himself as it makes him sound more important.
  • Jacob was Denied entry into the rangers guild as he couldn't use a bow, and they didn't believe a crossbow is a proper weapon.
  • His favourite animal's our birds.
  • Weaknesses: Jacobs weakness is darts, if they're thrown fast enough you are likely to hit him.
  • Jade vine pie, is jacob's best dessert.
  • Jacob has been rp'd for 4 years now.
  • Magejake50 roleplays numerous characters including Jacob, Ruthven Galand, Ruffven Galand, Charron Armen, Roken and Annabelle. He has also played 4 rofl's for the Kinshra, Zarthan, Chronaeus, Joseph and Ballen. The interesting thing about this, is that all of these Characters are related (Either through adoption or Blood relative), Jacob and his best friend Ruthven are actually 5th cousins.
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