Jack Arroway

Jack Arroway, outside Falador.

Jack Arroway is a middle-aged beggar played by Jack Arroway. He is what the player likes to call a 'blank slate.' Jack has no previous skills, besides his basic education. All his wealth is kept track of to the coin, exactly. He was started out with nothing but the clothes on his back,


Jack Arroway stands at around 6'0 with a svelte-esque frame. (He does have some muscle weight.) He is rugged-looking, not only in his face, but also his clothing. He has pale blonde hair, quite unkempty and roughly-cut. His face is often dirty and unshaven.


Jack is a mysterious and quiet man who seemingly has seen a lot in his lifetime. He believes in 'passing it on.' However, religiously, he is more in favor of the Godless. Though, he has never proclaimed his loyalty to them. Jack is always thankful for all around him, respects all ethnicities, cultures, religons, and races. He takes no place on the moral scale. Also, he is a great story-teller.


Little is known about Jack and his past. (Waiting on a chance to come upw ith something.) He is an old manual laborer, but lost his job due to the mine he worked in closing down. He woke one morning in his house, which he was bound to lose within days, to find a note. The note read,

Dear Jack,

I've taken the kids. It has come apparent that we can no longer depend on you as a family due to your laziness and lack of a job. We're going to move in with family.

Goodbye Forever,


Jack saw it as no surprise, Lucy was always a cold-hearted wife. Very straight-forward and vulgar. He rarely ever saw his kids, as they were put into work in the fields at the age of 10.

This is how Jack fell into the rut he is in today. He has lost everything. His belongings, his love, his family, and his gold.

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