Jökull is a wandering nature spirit with a natural affinity for ice and winter.

He is played by Jim.



Jökull retains a perpetual youthful appearance, never seeming to age. As a result, he is stuck in the form of a young man in his late teens/early twenties. Jökull has a rounded head, and high-risen cheeks, atop which sits wild, untamed snow-white locks of hair, partially spiked. Beyond the white hair, and usual playful smirk, Jökull bears a pair of pearlescent wintry-blue eyes, which depending on his mood can be as soft as snow, or as hard and bitter as ice.


With a gentle build, and wiry frame, Jökull reaches a height of 5'11". Generally adding further confirmation of the seeming youthful appearance of him His complexion boasts that of a largely pale one, lacking in near tan, yet not entirely white; indicating his cold, Northern origins. The many years of solitude has given Jökull his own odd sense of fashion, largely consisting of whites, greys or dull blues.

His current and most common attire tends to be a simple grey long-sleeved, loose-fitting shirt and a pair of elongated grey shorts. He most often goes barefooted, as cold weather and terrain tend to have little to no effect on his overall being, though on occasion he can found donning a pair of sandals. To the right of his waist hangs a leather-pouch, in which he carries an assortment of trinkets ranging from coins, to twigs and leaves; simply whatever he likes.

Jökull will often be found with a silvery white hat, with a red feather in it, along with a large white wolf-fur cloak. These tend to be more stylish than effective, as Jökull picked them up in his time alone.


Ever the wanderer, Jökull's curiosity, often and usually always, gets the better of him. 500 years of living alone hasn't quenched or dulled it either, especially with him being on the mainland now. Jökull's naivity, combined with the curiosity often leads him into odd and sometimes dangerous situations that he is unaware of.

Jökull means well, and retains a playful, outgoing demeanor and fails to often see the negatives of people in most situations, even if it stares him in the face. His playful nature can lead to him often annoying and irritating others (with pranks included), even though he means well.

The years alone has left Jökull lacking in social norms and customs and he is unfamiliar with those of the mainland and anything beyond Fremennik. He tries to impress everyone, in hopes of forming some kind of friendship with others.

Jökull doesn't seem like one to become angered, though if he does, it's like a full on blizzard. He loses all fun, taking on a serious demeanor and ready to do what so is needed to accomplish the task.

Skills and Abilities

Being a nature spirit, Jökull's primary skills lie in his ability to manipulate ice and wintry weather.


Jökull is proficient with ice, to the point of being able to freely manipulate and freeze the moisture in the air. When he steps into water, it freezes below him with each step allowing to freely walk over it.

He is able to freeze large volumes of water at once, as well as rapidly produce ice from his own sheer will. He often manipulates it and sculpts it into shapes and objects out of boredom and fun.

Winter Weather

Along with ice, Jökull can create and summon weather commonly associated with winter, such as snow, frost, wind, fog and hail. He has enough skill to allow it to snow indoors, and manipulate the wind into allowing him to simulate flight.


Around the late 1600's of the Fourth Age, in an unnamed island to the far north of Rellekka, not far from Acheron in fact, a meteor shower occured, raining down the rocks over the island. To the locals, it was an omen from the gods and spirits they worshipped, but at what they could not understand. A hunter, Fjorn was out in one of the many forests that covered the island,hoping to get lucky with some catch. Through a clearing, he caught sight of what he assumed was a deer, he approached it, only for his smirk to turn to shock as he found it was a young man. Checking to see that the boy was breathing, Fjorn brought the unconscious boy back to his cabin, where his wife Astrid quickly made up a warm bed for him. The boy lay unconscious for days, before finally awakening.  He had no memory of how he had gotten there, or who he was. They named him Jökull, meaning "glacier", due to the odd colouring of his white hair, blue eyes and cold skin. They considered him a blessing from the gods and spirits, that their prayers for a son were answered. Fjorn and Astrid took the boy into their care and raised him as their own, having longed for children but having been unable to do so. Jökull was happy all the same and settled into his new home.

As time went on, it was clear that Jökull was no ordinary boy, as if his appearance wasn't enough, he seemed to be able to control and manipulate ice and the weather. At first Fjorn and Astrid were horrified and unsure what to do, but after Jökull promised never to do anything bad with his abilities, they accepted it. Next was the fact that Jökull never seemed to age. He was as old as the day he met them, yet Fjorn and Astrid continued to age as the weeks turned to years. They loved him nonetheless and Jökull did too.

And so, after 55 years of living with his parents, Fjorn and Astrid both passed away at the grand old age of 82, and 76.

Jökull was at a loss of what to do, he was alone in the world. He eventually got up and left, and decided to travel from his home.

Centuries passed, and Jökull travelled all over the island, learning from the customs, and playing pranks on various people. During the time he learnt of a spirit known as Jokul Frosti. With a description closely matching himself, and oddly similar name, he believed himself to be so.

Now it being the year 1, of the Sixth Age, Jökull has grown bored of his island and seeks adventure and fun elsewhere. Calling on the Northern wind, he finds himself travelling south towards the mainland.


  • Jökull is based on both Jack Frost from traditional folklore, and the character from the children's movie Rise of The Guardians.
  • Jökull is Icelandic for "glacier".
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