Iullis Istruvator is a powerful Saradominist demon hunter played on World 42 by Icriulis. He is known for his constant tracking of Demons, monsters, abominations, and so  forth. He even trapped a giant centipede before, which he now holds in his private jail room.  His origin and race is unknown, it is rumored that he is a spirit of holiness that has manifested itself into something. He has faced creatures from vicious giant Demons to creatures of the Abyss itself! He also hunts things of "Unholy nature" and is quick to defend Saradomin's lands from invaders.

Iullis Istruvator
Old mage in archives of azgar by wailode-d3d0ke3
Iullis observing a situation.






Appears to be male






Demon hunter.


Alive and hunting.


Tower on an isolated island.


Lawful good.


Bane of the abyss, wiedler of the Lightbringer, that old man.

Third Age - Service to the Lord

Fourth age - Battle with the Abyss

Fifth age - Period of rest.

Sixth Age - The bane of the abyss

Meeting royals:

Abyss in Varrock:

Fighting Zarakoth:

Confronting the drummer demon:

Encounter with the Worshippers of the Dragonkin:

Establishing society of Religious heroes:

Meeting St. Weatherby:

Meeting Jandres and Kaboto:

First meeting:

Confronting Trakathor, the Demon of Flame and smoke:

Confrontation in Edgeville:

Captured by the Cult:

Powers and abilities:

Iullis Istruvator is well adept in telekensis. He has favored using telekentic strikes, grabs, and blast backs in battle to stagger his opponets.  Iullis's most favored power against demons and monstrosities is Holy water. He always keeps a vial of Holy Water on his equipment belt, and incase he runs out, an extra reserve in his pouch. His interest in holy water has propelled him to gain an interest in water magic, with as a result and with training, he has mastered. He still favors using other elements, such as Earth and espescially fire.

Iullis is adept in telepathy, being able to communicate with indiviuals with his mind, if he's able to enter theirs.

Other than his magical abilities, he also is adept in melee, being able to use his staff as a blunt force object to  knock out his opponets if need be.

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